Adam Savage Tests Boston Dynamics Spot's New Robot Arm!

Adam Savage’s Tested

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    Spot has received a massive upgrade in the form of its new robot arm! Boston Dynamics upgrades our Spot with its new arm and Adam puts its gripper to the test to see how well it can grab objects littered around the Tested studio and even open doors! We show how manual operation of the arm works, the dexterity of its movement, and get a sense of its potential as a platform for developers to create dynamic and automated tasks.
    NOTE: This is not a sponsored video. Boston Dynamics has leased Spot to Adam Savage as part of their early adopter program. While Tested is chronicling some of Adam's experience with the robot, there is no obligation for Tested (or Adam) to publish videos, photos or media of any kind.
    Shot and edited by Gunther Kirsch
    Music by Jinglepunks
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    Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
    Set design by Danica Johnson saysdanica
    Set build by Asa Hillis
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    1. Adam Savage’s Tested

      More Spot videos here:

      1. RPRsChannel

        That's one expensive videogame

      2. He1Io

        @Red4 I'm not sure if this is a joke or something else.

      3. Red4

        Adam, unfortunately, the research you're conducting with Spot is being used to improve surveillance robots used by the police to oppress minorities and underprivileged communities. You cannot in good faith continue to give feedback to Boston Dynamics for this project. Don't forget what the political atmosphere of 2020 did to the country. The research you're doing with Spot is being used to fortify that atmosphere.

      4. He1Io

        I find it strange this only has 10 likes.


        Adam can you measure how much radiation you receive from the robot ?

    2. Accendance

      Why has not added googly eyes!

    3. Shawn Hunter

      i would buy this just so i dont have to go get another beer from the kitchen.this would be so cool to have around

    4. rmw315

      Hey, you know no matter how cool these robots are, they're going to get used for police and military applications. I know they're not meant for it, but some police departments have already started using them, and there's no way they wont eventually make a special police or military version. I get that robot dogs are cool, but this doesnt really fit with the channel or its kinda wholesome maker deal. I enjoy your content, but the boston dynamics videos you do make me a little uncomfortable.

    5. Daffy Duck

      Spot as the next NASA rover🤩

    6. Jani Kärkkäinen

      Outswing, Adam, outswing. Ah, well, no-one's perfect and everyone has mix-ups every now and then, so not a big deal really. Was really frustrating to watch is all.

    7. allen R

      why dont you mythbuster about if mask work or not

    8. David Barker

      Hey adam, being a welder my self this form of join is called vulcanization, using a chemical bond to mate 2 of the same materials...

    9. armr6

      Sets door to inswing.

    10. Python GUI


    11. C O

      Has anyone ever considered, why these movements are easy for humans/animals, but so really difficult for machines might be because it is done in a completely different way? Animal's have tremendous sensory systems. For instance I can get up in the dead of night, walk over to the door, open it and such without every seeing it. And who actually looks at the coffee cup, plate and such they are holding while walking around, up and down stairs and the like? The more you do look the cup the more likely you are going to spill it. We do most of this using great sensors, and "well trained muscles./response systems". The robot on the other hand is got a camera in its hand! Yes the human's have fantastic visual systems (and a lot of our brain is dedicated to it), but if it wasn't for the fact that a lot of that can be "offloaded" to more "automatic systems" we would never be able to function in this world. Robots need to get the same for them to become "fluid" like a human or any other animal for that matter.

      1. C O

        Another example of the difference. Who has every lost where their mouse cursor is, and have to move it around to find it? (probably everyone). Who has lost the location of the tip of their finger? (no one) We know where it is and other parts of our body is at all times. And when we touch a door handle if we miss it by a bit we know instantly how to correct to grab it correctly.

    12. Christa Dorsey

      I would love to see a seeing eye spot. Manual brail buttons for actions or headset voice command.

    13. Suzanne Pfonne

      Spot now needs a dinosaur skin to complete the look.

    14. Thomas Haakonsen

      arent Adam Savage dead? i remember that was in the news...

    15. TheMsLourdes

      Annd.. do you have the urge to scratch the arm tip like its his head? Cause I do ;)

    16. TheMsLourdes

      Is it just an arm or meant to be a head like a dog for example.. because spot is alot more interesting with a neck and head. do they have any, essentially, animal modes so when he walks, he moves the arm like its a unified head for the unit?

    17. WiniestAunt6565

      Put a gopro in spots mouth and he is a pro camerabot

    18. FVMoDs 112

      The worlds most expensive claw game lol

    19. E D.

      So they can open doors to shoot ppl now.... That war with china in bout 5 years gonna be worse then ww1

    20. Truth or Bust

      That awkward moment when the robot is smarter than the human. Outswing... OUTSWING! That door opens outward! 😂🤣👍

    21. Randal Denver

      Pretty awesome they are using this stupid thing to patrol poor neighborhoods in NYC. Good usf of tech.

    22. mayhem1712

      Perhaps a little too scary, or even tempting fate, but I’d love to see spot wielding on of those swords or even the stave!

    23. RoliTheOne

      Maybe they should just ask "push" or "pull" instead. :D

    24. riftalope

      INSWING?!? I would have put strips on the outer struts to box in the design. But that's me.

    25. crazedSquidlord

      spot needs a french maid outfit if youre going to have him clean up after you. though with the yellow, hes going to look like spongebob in that one episode.

    26. P1psk1nt1nkl3

      There's several mini Spots on thingiverse, is it possible to do a review on those?

    27. Jon Riordan

      Did the arm come out of Boston Dynamics, or does Hyundai have some hand in it?

    28. Jayee

      What kind of mask does Adam use? I've been trying to find that mask since it contours around the bridge of his nose so well, giving it a nice seal.

    29. 2AHD Cat

      Adam... You're so dorkalicious, lol

    30. Quinn Oyer

      Why was I waiting for it to grab a sword off the rack and start swinging it.

    31. Rafael Rigues

      Wait a minute: do you have a RULER tattooed to your arm? 😱

    32. Puxy Dow

      Is it weird that I was thinking that this would be an awesome documentairy of robototica evolution and history? Imagining sentient robots looking back at this, comparing themselves to the past.

    33. CrunchyDogs

      It won't be too long before this amazing achievement in robotics will seem quaint

    34. Russell Lucas

      Dear Adam Savage, please make it a scorpion costume! Thank you

    35. john haggett

      its awesome but one thing im getting thats freaking me a bit is that edgy creepy feeling off when you first see that huge spider ,i have a fear of largish to crap spinal chord out size ones ,this triggers that ,omg but i cant stop looking....

    36. ian pershing

      put googly eyes on the bot.

    37. JD Russell

      I'd like to see them build robotics for space mining. Make a bubble around an Astroid,warm it and gather the nitrogen out of it for Mars.

    38. Henry Livingstone

      Give that thing voice recognition and ai and soon WE will be serving THEM 😂😂😂

    39. David Jackson

      It was an outward swinging door! Error found between keyboard and chair lol

    40. Zak

      go to 21:09 and pause xD

    41. Tim Long

      You're definitely right about the uncanny valley thing. Without the arm Spot was outside the valley. The arm puts him firmly inside it.

    42. eXa12

      incredible technology that would benefit all kinds of people remarkably... and it's going to be used by pigs to attack marginalised people

    43. Jonny Boy

      Am i the only one thinking it was going to reach out and just grab his junk at any moment...

    44. Richie Johnson

      I'm surprised the military hasn't picked this up

    45. Harkins Aquatics

      I still want to see one dressed up as a baby Brontosaurus. It's the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

    46. theaceofhearts36

      Man, imagine--someday people won't need highly-trained support-dogs, they can have robotic support animals to pick up trash or open doors to help the disabled! Perhaps someday something like Spot could even double as a movement device, riding it like a robot-horse. :O

    47. Thijs Peeters

      This is a link to a lego site if we get 10k votes we spot might become a real lego set

    48. Gerard Gallagher

      @8:14 -"After taking out the Iron Giant,Wall-E is next"!

    49. Laura Haaima

      Dog thinks, I'm replaced, never seen my boss so happy :(

    50. UnicornHunter MC

      Inswing means it should swing towards the robot

    51. UnicornHunter MC

      Make tiny roller skates for it.

    52. Rockwell Secrest

      Creeps me the fuck out haha

    53. j.k.b

      This looks like a demodog

    54. Johannes Dolch

      So let me get this straight: You are showcasing the new arm in front of a row of Sword and at no point does the Arm grab a sword. Talk about blue balls.

    55. rip snort

      Get a room man me next though 🤪

    56. CyberWolf

      Its too bad they're already selling these to police departments. I've lost all respect for Boston dynamics

      1. KnuckleHunkybuck

        It's just a matter of time before they become the real-life equivalent of the robotic guard dogs from the Black Mirror episode "Metalhead".

    57. datanotfound

      doggy :)

    58. Arcade Alchemist


    59. Red Baran

      The military industrial complex thanks you

    60. Barbara Smith

      My I conjecture that he Uncanny Valley component is what may stop us from being lulled into a false sense of complacency and then allowing them to become our overlords? Spot is lovely. Spot is magnificent. Spot is a lethal weapon. I am good with Uncanny Valley.

    61. Ayden Beeson

      i felt that "kids not picking up their own shoes" comment deeply

    62. Marlin Somers

      Giraffe dog

    63. Standard AI

      Imagine this thing with a machine gun that moves instead of an arm... We could send them in to war zones instead of soldiers.

    64. ArchieRM

      Then give me one of those large enough to ride.

    65. Benjamin Morgan

      This robot is smarter than some member of congress. I for one, welcome our new robotic overlords.

    66. Rick Rubenstein

      Boston Dynamics: "Hm, these robots are cool, but people still seem to find them unsettling. I know what will fix that! A long, omnidirectional neck with a claw for a head!"

    67. Katy Leanne

      In = towards Out = away from Was an out swing door

    68. masterimbecile


    69. ussarn g

      Spot is one of the coolest I've ever known anyone to have.

    70. feranoks

      Epidemy of "GOOD BOI"

    71. Mike Vegeto

      these are way less coll now that they're being used as police surveillance robots

    72. Yao Ming

      Adam is smart. But trying to pick up rolling tape was the dumbest thing u could've first tried lmfao

    73. Bravo 12 Productions

      Give him a sword. Give him a sword! GIVE HIM A SWOOOORRRD!!!!

    74. BlackCell22

      Does anyone remember the gaming glove fom the late 90's? Or the "hyper reality probe" glove controls from SeaQuest DSV? I cant believe this robot doesnt have immersive VR augmented reality controls like that yet. Imagine controlling his arm and head, with your arm and hand and puppeting your fingers open and closed to control his mouth, with force feedback vibration ion the gloves to simulate how tight you are gripping something.

    75. zebedie2

      Why does this remind me of that movie Runaway with tom selleck in? I wonder if it can hold a gun

    76. Blane Bellerud

      With that arm Spot looks like one of the puppeteers from Larry Niven's Ringworld universe (albeit with one arm and 4 legs instead of 3)

    77. Spikes Hostage TV

      I bet his wife is jealous now when he said he's falling in love with spot lol😂💖

    78. Sirius Gray

      Is it just me or does the arm look more like spots new head on really nimble long neck?

    79. Dragonbait

      lol the robots better at telling the difference between and inswing and an outswing door than Adam is!

    80. Cosmic Rider

      _Adam's pets smell spot on him when he gets home, and get jealous._

    81. Teal Cyko

      Spot needs a load sensor in his jaws to automatically determine if he's grabbed something. He'd also be able to grab more if his jaw was in four pieces that could articulate independantly. Even just three pieces would be a vast improvement. That top jaw LOOKS like it should be able to split in two!

    82. Mike Muniak

      What kind of glue is that ,that works so fast dam I want some where can I get it

    83. Uki Malefu

      So cool and so creepy at the same time

    84. Katherine Rieden

      I love that he instinctively uses his tattoo ruler on his arm 🤣🤣

    85. pav admin

      Idea! Lets make dynosaur costume to pair with your cosplay dino :)

    86. Zim Zimmerman

      I was very skeptical of the Boston Dynamics video but after seeing this I am fairly impressed howvere kind of pointless if you have to place markers on the ground from him to orient from, unless their unrelated

    87. Tey Treet

      Pick up egg?

    88. SAS Doku

      Boston Dynamics is a criminal bunch of potential killers! These criminals build murder machines for the military and gunmen!🤢🤮👎

    89. Draugo

      It looks more like a head than an arm to be honest.

    90. IntersectionalOdysseus

      I love these videos

    91. Ian Wirtanen

      'Two cantilever offset garbage can for my robot dogs butt' 28:22

    92. Elena Schmidt

      This thing is going to be used tp murder people, it should not be celebrated

    93. Freckris

      .... the door was an outswing Adam....

    94. Bhuvanesh s

      please put Googlie eyes on the hand

    95. Kevin Hammond

      OK, I see Adam checking out the Spots arms, and there is a sword rack in the background. Who else wants to see Spot swing a sword? Both an awesome and terrifying idea at the same time...

    96. Andrew Kay

      The head on that arm reminds me of the Raptors in Jurassic Park. So cool

    97. RNDM

      gotta be honest, i am not a huge ropotics fan but seeing him attempt/figure out and learn to open the door, made me smile

    98. Space Griffin

      the beginning disclaimer reminds me of movies where the big corporation has a sentient death machine they don't want people to know about.

    99. Michael Balli Joshua

      21:05 *me when trying to break a CD in half

    100. Snowbii

      What is that block with holes in it, its original use?