AIO vs Air Cooled Video Cards... worth the extra cost?


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    1. Catfish

      I personally love my 120mm aio with the kraken g12 mounted on my 1080ti FE. My stock card was running 82c at full load. With the aio on runs at 55c at full load.

    2. Le Kal

      nice to see you turned the fans on the rad the right way

    3. Angel Torres

      Guys, could you please make a video where you talk about Test Benches & Test Bench frames and uses? I'm looking to build a small portable test bench with a couple of old RTX 2080 I have from previous builds. I plan on using that as a quick plug-and-play 3D rendering machine. I love your content and I would love to get @JayzTwoCents on this! (you saw what I did there, right?) lol. Thanks! you guys are great.

    4. Chris Fraser

      I have the NZXT bracket and an H110i on my 1070 that's been running at 2030MHz and no higher than 46*C for 2.5 years now.

    5. satsun

      Started using AIOs with the 1080 and was fortunate enough to get an EVGA 3090 AIO. They stay cool and quiet and take an OC better. Can't see myself going back.

    6. Ian

      Having had both, yes, they are. I've had water aio cards since the 1080ti. I have two evga 2080ti hybrids now. Evga does a stellar job and it allows you to push the cards much farther than air.

    7. Kirk Boon

      Hey Jay, Tell the truth man.... You were able to beat COVID 19 because of all the RGB you have around you, lol. Glad you're feeling better man.

    8. JKuda

      As much as I love 3000 series, I wish the AMD 6000 series got more love and camera time.

    9. R

      can you tell the camera man to focus more on the product other than this guys mugshot half the time

    10. Mikki Wright

      Enjoying my EVGA RTX 2080 FTW3 Ultra Hybrid (Overclocked). It only has a 120mm AIO and never goes over 50°C.

    11. Michael Mutig

      I find the AIO version not really safe...what happens if it leaks for some reason?

    12. Abdul Malik

      My main man Jay , you are too kind to announce as many times as you have about the give away ... Kudos to you and all the best to the rest of us :D

    13. Sean Miceli

      if i did it all over again, cpu aio, and hybrid gpu... temps will be way better.. esp for cpu

    14. Michael Mutig

      I'll stick with the Air cooled cards.

    15. Sean Miceli

      theres not really an extra cost.. barly like 50 bucks..

    16. DjinnGSXR

      You can buy a graphics card, just get one from someone who has one and is reselling. The extra couple hundo wont kill you.

    17. Justin Wagner

      On your graphics card giveaway, I have already registered. Regarding the question you asked on the other video which I was a slacker and failed to comment on. If I was selected and could pick I would choose the Merc 319, mainly because it's a super awesome card, and way, way, WAY, better than anything I could afford.😁 also I do fall into team red.

    18. Juventino Gaytan

      I recently built a new PC and have seen some other videos you have that have led to top software to download after a build and what to do after a build but what I’m missing is a how to on running the various benchmarks as you do in this video as well as how to interpret the results. This would greatly help your viewers in establishing and understanding a baseline for their PC. Great content!

    19. Bjørn Bentsen

      Would love to watercool my GPU aswell.. my current TUF 3080 is getting pretty warm and loud at times.. :) Nice video Jay :)

    20. andrewdeanwood

      I would rather spend the same money on a full water block for an air cooled card then the AIO option.

    21. ZUBKA: T

      Ok sooooo what's an AiO?

    22. Dan Jennings

      Jay: It's called Neptune for some reason Neptune being the Roman counterpart to the Greek god of the sea Poseidon. The god of the sea/water.

    23. Kindanyume .Kindanyume

      WC AIO for GC is vg IF you use one thats easily adaptable to different cards.. uf its only good for the one model then its NOT worth the $. better to spend a few $ more and get one that you can use when you upgrade etc same as cpu otherwise the price just cannot be justified

    24. Mr. B

      Ooooh the 5000 case looks like a wonderful upgrade from my 450D And im also really grateful i was able to score an rtx late last year off of reddit. The price for even 1660s are atrocious.

    25. tutelarius

      Still running the 2080Ti kingpin card, fans replaced with NF-A12x25 + it's great.

    26. Your favorite Stepson


    27. Xeroeth

      13:20 Jayz looking for food haha

    28. Steffen Müller

      YES! Yes it does! (Rant without seen the video yet) BECAUSE! I had to change resolution to FHD (from QHD) Because the KFA² 2070 is so freaking loud and noisy once you put a little load on it. Had a hard time searching a capable AIO cooler for this specific card and found one at least oversea in the US. The Card itself is good, but everything over 50° is a noisy hell.

    29. Nelson Piedade

      so ey.i have one of tath cooler master 240mm fans on 1 frame and one cable for pwm and one for rgb since 2019 mounted on one cooler master aio and i can say is silence and eficent cooling my 2600X well anove 100w of raw power.and my RTX asus dual 2060super OC V2 can OC to 2100mhz nice an so so much of an issue with noise cause the two radial fans are very eficent on average speeds. but ye on air they are always on 65+Cº when ive been tinking in doing aio on the gpu. just for the temps go a litle lower then tath.cause i dont like the idea of it always being bellow 60Cº.but maybe im crazy.i dont know tath.but i am 46 years now and been playng hardware wsince the Spectrum 48k and timex sinclair.+

    30. peterjordan1977

      i used to have a cup of water on my cpu when my cooler failed i used a metal tub filled it with water thermal paist on and it worked fine until the new one came

    31. Flame

      Sad no graphs I can't really watch the whole vid

    32. PiSt0nZ1

      Jayz flex on the entire world.

    33. Garry Stewart

      LOL, yes slow and easy over SHOVE IT IN THAT B*TCH. As usual, always enjoy your videos and find them quite educational.

    34. Mrx7tloma

      I have the nzxt bracket I used it on my 1060 and then transferred it to my 2070 when I got it. Made a big difference I’m waiting on a 30 series version or hoping the current one is confirmed to be compatible.

    35. Gruxxan

      I have transcended the situation by acquiring a RTX 3070 Suprim 😁

    36. Riley Shotwell

      Jay. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a aorus master 3090 from best buy! I have a 5950x that is water cooled with ek products and a asus x570 formula water cooled mother board in a 011 xl. I am wondering if it is worth adding in the water cooling for the 3090? Idk if possibly voiding the warranty and the risk is worth the reward for this graphics card? I am on the fence and would love your pro advice. Thank you for all you do!! Love the show man!!! @JayzTwoCents

    37. Tixsi11

      Not worth it imo. It's cool though 😌

    38. MrDeathknight1

      I have a aio on my card it's good I just see heat and think heat bad cool good so that's how I roll mines a gigabyte water force xtream with aio on a 1080ti it's seems good so far and it's been running a couple of years nearly

    39. RaginGingaNinja

      lol i was 2yo in '95

    40. DTA Samurai

      Damnit!! still showing us cards we cant buy - arghhh. Even here in the UK we're stuffed when we try to buy a 3080. sigh ... : (

    41. Tom Welsh

      In my experience yes. I have the NZXT adapter on a 1080 Ti and it's exquisite! Admittedly my stock cooler was a blower fan but the temps have dropped from over 80'C to 55'C. Plus it can run at 2000Mhz now as well.

    42. Zeldaimnot

      Full loop because I could control the parts and mainly because I had a few aio pump die on me and swapping a pump from a custom loop is much more easy, even though no custom loop pump had died on me yet.

    43. Shoff 29

      I feel like if you’ve got the highest card that makes sense then sure. But if you can get a better card for the money, do that

    44. Christopher B.

      I've had several EVGA cards with the hybrid cooler. I ended adding fans to the other side of the rads to make them run in push pull and it dropped the GPU temps even further. I put an EKWB GPU block on my MSI Gaming X Trio RTX 3090 and its stable at 2295 MHz in some benchmarks.

    45. Larry Foster

      @JayzTwoCents Finger prints dont just float over to parts of the GPU you need to touch it for the finger prints to show!!!!!!!!

    46. MrMojabo

      I run 2 1080 it's on water. 45 is the norm. But even they are relative to ambient temperatures. When room is 75 card 45. When 100 in room . Card is 50. Without any water card was in 80's. I ran them as straight founders for 2 months before switching to water. My humble opinion. Water is the way to go. As far as fluctuations in temp because of CPU pwm controlling GPU. No problem at all. CPU always gets much hotter than GPU. I can game 10 to 12 hours a day. Redemption. Assassins creed, witcher,

    47. fenrys fenir

      TBH no I don't think it's worth water-cooling your graphics card neither the money and the hustle

    48. Assirra

      You mentioned the power limit not doing anything but for my 1080TI there is a clear boost when i up the power limit. Dunno if this changed over time with a different generation or something.

    49. Yoga Susetya

      that score in 3dmark even beat 'ordinary' 3090

    50. TurtleSauceGaming

      Lmao. We've come full circle. PCs now have turbo buttons again, expect these actually speed them up.

    51. TurtleSauceGaming

      6:32 YO JAY! We got the same Wallpaper!

    52. FischiPiSti

      Jay, check the vram temp in the new versions of hwinfo64. I have an aorus 3080 waterforce(aio), another non-hybrid aio(no fan on card) card like this one, and my vram temps are at 98C, even tho the components are all hooked up to the cold plate. Gigabyte cheaped out on the thermal pads, so even tho the cooler is great, and gpu temps are around 50C, the vrams(and probably the vrm too) are cooking themselves. Apparently, this is an issue with all gigabyte cards, but with an aircooled, or hybrids like the EVGA cards it's not that much of an issue because at least some air is going through the components while my card, and this one too are sitting in a box with no air, and those thermal pads are the only way to cool them. I'm ordering some thermal grizzly pads(crazy expensive, but only ones available here right now) to see if it improves. I saw reports of people getting down 3090 vram temps from 110C down to 60C just by replacing the thermal pads...

    53. miinyoo

      Hope you are feeling better Jay. You seem like you're taking the plague well.

    54. Phillip Angle

      I think it is worth it if you like to tinker more than you like to game.

    55. 2k science தமிழ்

      Jay upload video about cheap procesor

    56. Tiyawn

      Can't wait for Nvidia to reduce the efficiency of the cards when it comes to mining crypto-currency. These things belong to the gamers!!! Screw your crypto mining!

    57. w Hine

      I got a 2175 core and 9000 memory with my dual oc 3060 ti. Maybe I just won the silicon lottery

    58. MXMoondoggie

      "Things you can't buy, but I get for free because I sell my soul and tell people to buy dangerous products that I don't properly test"

    59. Jason

      but what if 1 fan breaks. your left with 1 working fan, and one broken fan all constructed together. Erm no Jay

    60. Chaz Devereaux

      Question: I noticed when Jay replaced the Cooler Master fans with the Corsair mag-lev fans that he mounted them in a pull configuration. Was there a reason for that?

    61. Morse Code Reviews

      I don't have the foggiest clue what all this means but it sure sounds good.

    62. dobermann18

      My cheap manli rtx 3070 goes under air to 2200 MHz and stable at 2170+- MHz stable whit 1050 on ram. Whit 60-70 Celsius 🤙

    63. RubiiX

      Worth the cost? No. Not even close. I've owned two AIO GPUs. They were never worth the money. You are still limited by the silicon in the chip. The thing is, the card may run cooler, but the noise from the radiator fans is going to be the same if not louder and the heat still has to go somewhere. Into your room. So it makes no difference. Waste of money because top end air coolers can keep these chips under the throttle limit with no problems. So why waste the money on an AIO? I will say, that they do look cleaner. My 1080 xtreme waterforce looked fantastic and tidy and the cooling also cooled the memory chips and the VRM so it was great, but the price I paid for it wasn't worth it because the card never achieved a decent overclock. I had people with air cooled GPUs beating me. So really it comes down to if you want to spend the extra money for the look of it, rather than performance and/or noise.

    64. MikeG's Gaming Pub

      I wish there would be more products like a Kraken G12.

    65. Klockwerk89

      anyone jelly that they get sent these cards whilst us poors have to deal with scalpers

    66. False Prophet

      Why not toss a water block in the mix too? That price to performance ratio is way out of whack, but I love it. You’re also paying for silence, which is golden, so technically you made money, it’s like mining for sound really 🤷

    67. Cory Spinelli

      Im against anything that puts water near my Computer

    68. LexlCZl

      So, you're not alone in the studio while having covid? yikes

    69. RoyaJoha

      It’s kinda getting annoying nowadays.. “Let’s check some shit you can’t get but I have ten of” And buy my sponsored items..

    70. Banditt

      Honestly I am getting a little fed up with video cards being sent to DEfastsrs and reviewers when the public can't get any.

    71. RB Ching

      I think a hybrid approach like what asus did with the 1080ti poseidon plat cards would be best for the consumer. At least we then have the option of watercooling should we desire it, and also have the extra oomph of an air cooler for the other components.

    72. deelkar

      I notice you have a cameraman. Old footage? or defeated the plague?

    73. Sander cassiers

      Hey Jay, A thermal image of the GPU under load would be nice to see.

    74. Ramon 079

      I think i like you more than linus

    75. Sándor Antali

      Short answer: yes, it s worth it! Lowers temps, extends lifetime, and makes it virtually silent compared to factory..

    76. InsaneJ

      Less than 3% faster than the air cooled card. "Which is not bad". It kind of is though.

    77. Donald Darbonne

      Subversive cooling is still Supreme.

    78. Mo A

      Imagine being the person to win the comp when there's almost 1.5 mill entries

    79. raventhorX

      When it comes to cooling it doesn't really matter to me personally long as it gets the job done. Personally though air cooling seems to be less of a hassle and I won't need to worry about radiators and such. I dont need a cooling solution that can get me the absolute top of the line performance so long as the game runs good enough for me to enjoy the visuals and not get yanked out of my immersion due to framerate issues. If anything even despite this there have been some cooling solutions already proven to work just as well as liquid if not better so if I ever want to go top of the line I could always try those.

    80. James Wilkins

      So I managed to grab the 3090 waterforce. What I found interesting is that they say it should be setup to intake outside air, but the fans are setup to push air through the radiator, so it’s impossible to Mount as an intake. Also, the fans are wired directly into the GPU somewhere, so you can’t use your own fans. And the hoses are about an inch too short for me to mount the rad on the front of my case. Quite a pain in the ass.

    81. ndc55

      Thanks card manufacturers for sponsoring videos about GPU with almost zero availability and about 50-100% markup over retail price. A 3080 is about 1200€ right now while some 3090's are double that.

    82. DUE ALIAN

      I would really love to watercool my rtx 3080 with an AIO just like i did with my gtx 1080ti back in the days with nzxt g12

    83. Leslie Gauthier

      I've got a brain buster for you to try to speed up. Compaq HP Presario CQ-56. One core, one thread, only 2 gb of ram with mobile express intel 4 graphics card. Originally a Windows 7 device upgraded to Ghost mod spectre super light version of Windows 10. Cannot run games without lag unless lowest graphics settings are selected within each game and even then at lowest graphics settings games will still lag. All emulators besides pc games lag horribly. Any suggestions?

    84. Drop Heaven

      Love it how all these companies have all these graphics cards to send out to hundreds of DEfastsrs for reviews, but can't keep them stocked. Not only that, but I'm seeing 3080's and 3090's listed on Amazon for $3,500. Ridiculous.

    85. Steve Colby

      That card looks pretty sweet

    86. eaSy_cM

      How much more power does it take over air cooled?

    87. Dimtiri

      How in the hell does he get a graphics cars that nobody can get 🤨 its like looking for gold

    88. Chris G

      It's really hard to see what the use-case is for these cards, other than the 'cool factor' of having an AIO cooled card. In the real world, you want to buy a graphics card, fit it into your system, maybe up your power limit and put on a stable OC, and then forget about it for a few years. The difference you're going to get, realistically, you're barely going to notice in any real world gaming situation. A few FPS maybe. It's not like you're going to be able to chase high end OC benchmarks, as it'll never perform like a custom loop. It's really just spending money on almost no additional performance.

    89. Nakatomi Uk

      Would do you a fancurve video because I would love some tips on the and driver fan curve, I just wish the wattman thing would stop apparently crashing and resetting stuff even though it never reports anything until I go into the driver and see the red dot at the bell icon and then it says it crashed once apparently

    90. James Nollase

      did my anti aliasing too low or is it in the video?

    91. Mike Jov

      Maybe I should do the ultimate cheapo build! Jay do you think you could do the ultimate CHEAPO BUILD that you would be proud to show off. :D

    92. m j

      woo hoo Phil is back

    93. Tarel sun

      For that Price instead of having a cool "Neptune" Logo with Adressable RGBs you have... a blue Print... wow...

    94. Kevin Kirkaldie

      So... a consumer protection card that lacks engineering? All flash, no gas. Finding one isn't the issue, I'm at the afford one lvl. Thanks again for the info.

    95. Marc Reis

      Hmm I was thinking about Watercooling my Palit 3090 GameRock OC - quite an Amazing 3090 - boosts like hell out of the box. I wanted to use a kryographics NEXT RTX 3080 Extended but not sure if I should take the "risk".

    96. VeniVidiVici

      Where to buy them? Since last year when the first images showed up. I would like to buy a neptune. But cant find it in EU or everywhere outside asia.

    97. Dee'sNutz

      I have one of the Kraken G12s on my 1080. Never gets above 40c

    98. Benpin

      Did anyone notice that jay body language and expression look so excited to be back recording with hjs team?

    99. Cohan Haworth

      Can you stop 3080 videos until they are available? Kinda salt in the wound..

    100. Krispin Wettig

      Alphacool makes excellent aios. I have one on my vega FE and its overclocked and running smooth at like 50c