An ITX MASTERPIECE? Lian Li Q58 is Here!

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    The Lian Li Q58 is aiming to be the best ITX case of 2021 with a ton of new features, great cable management, full size GPU support and some interesting airflow. But in a market with a lot of competitors like the NR200, the Q58 price and availability are probably two of the most important things. In this preview we look at where it stands.
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    1. Isoquant

      I don't like the tempered glass, but looks like a promising ITX case

    2. Penetration9000

      you wouldn't mind sending that Asus TUF to this no-name dude over here, would ya? :c

    3. goatee01

      ship it

    4. SpadeAce91

      awesome product! anyone know when will Lian Li actually roll this out? can't even see the product on their official website for now

    5. Shyamsundar Gupta

      Hey i need to a purchase asap I need a good laptop on which I can game too and has the capability of handling 30tabs of chrome at one time. My budget is $1500-1800

    6. Alec Scronz

      Waiting to buy this case

    7. mid9sun

      Love this case, but is it too difficult for a someone building a pc for the first time?

    8. Brian

      When will it be available?

    9. Alejandro

      bro if your going atx psu and full size gpu just go micro atx case and board which is cheaper and more options than mini itx...

    10. kikkihiiri

      It would be awesome if the side hatches would be freely configurable, like put the glass below or two glass hatches on one side and two mesh on one side. Either way I think will probably pick this up for my next build! Nice work!

    11. A M

      le luci e le immagini stanno cominciando a essere eccessive. Questi ultimi video sono troppo spettacolo e poca sostanza...

    12. Łukasz Gałęza

      WOW! i want this case!

    13. Ahmed Fawaz

      It looks like an XPS

    14. Luke Figlia

      The handy organization collaterally wail because underpants perceptually crash sans a special camp. unnatural, chunky toe

    15. Not Bios

      Basically an NR200 with added back some more of the Ncase M1 ideas.

      1. Not Bios

        @reintrandininskia I noticed the smaller size, it is very much Ncase M1 size. I like the use of magnets, not fond of riser cables compared to direct connect. The tempered glass location is odd, I didn't know what they were going for on that one.

      2. reintrandininskia

        There's quiet a difference. This is a sandwich layout type case at around 5 litres less and better build quality and materials whereas the NR200 is a much more traditional approach.

    16. aurora3957

      Looking forward to see this product soon. Not a fan of dual tone blacks, maybe it will look better in white? When I was done building my previous rig I don't see the tempered glass side. I would go with a vented aluminum siding.

    17. Jas Bataille

      I need this just for the SSD hot-swap at the top. Yet another reason to wait until the market stabilize to build! I feel the future pain of people who decided to build an ITX in early 2021...

    18. Sean Clayton

      There goes those overpriced boutique itx cases lol

    19. Tech W

      Дмитрий, можно ли менять расположение этих боковых панелей, стекло вниз, сетку наверх ?

    20. Yoddy Agung

      On June??? What the fvck!!!

    21. Cable Cult

      Just here for the B roll baby 😈

    22. Dana Goyette

      Is there a version with a PCIe bifurcation riser? Ideally one with the extra slot behind the GPU, not in front of it...

    23. HCI Yeo

      what is the weight of the case?

    24. Paul Sim

      Looks good, thanks.

    25. RAIDEN2000

      I didn't knew Chris Patt is a tech nerd

    26. Schön Elitäre

      Though of buying NR200P or dlh21, but gonna wait for this. Seems perfect for me.

    27. lizadonrex

      If they have glass panel on both size, I will get this one over SSdup

    28. Denis Ionov

      this gray and black case should look great with my logi mx master keyboard and mouse )

    29. Dominik

      Looks sick

    30. Benjamin Stempner

      Great Video! The Case looks nice. But in my eyes the TG Panel makes no sense at this position. Maybe for ventilation of GPU when its open. It would be great If the sidepanel in front of the Motherboard would be made of TG. So you can show AIO Display and RGB RAM.

    31. Frykauf La Kosta

      The window is a bit ugly, but otherwise seems like a cool case.

    32. Brandon T

      They should have options for choosing what the side panel looks like. Half Mesh, Half Tempered Glass Full Tempered Glass Full Mesh Different configurations for different folks. It'd be a win then.. but I guess TG might mess up that vertical GPU orientation :l


      I wish they had the orientation with mother board and gpu on same side with gpu horizontal mounted. All these itx cases always have them on separate sides with gpu vertical mounted, other than the nr200.

    34. Jeremy Archie

      I like SFF cases, but I think the Cooler Master really nailed it with the NR200P. All these other competitors' cases just make too many compromises on what you can install, or are just too expensive.

    35. Tech Tonic

      I came to drool at that white ssupd meshlicious :p haha amazing review as always Dimitri

    36. Abele Deron

      Hi! Thank you so much for the review! Two questions: Will the final version have the PCIE 4.0 Riser Cable? Hopefully good / very good quality? I saw you had a problem with the Rad .. May I ask, what overall height do I have for this? Thank you very much!

    37. Ilikecereal 15

      Lego Jeep overview when?

    38. Angelo Grimaldi

      What’s white cases’ name at 0.33 seconds?

    39. Luke Pearcey

      Is the June release just an rtx 30 series restock

    40. DOWER

      We want to be able to put a mini-dtx motherboard like the Asus one !

    41. cy-one

      Lian Li kinda outdid themselves here. This case has some quite ingenious options.

    42. Mutasim Rahman

      Kind of reminds me of the Lancool 2 mesh with its mesh side panels, and its competitive price point, oh and that Lian Li build quality that we all know and love.

    43. Corey Alpago

      But but but... can you do a full loop in it 😎

    44. Rashad Robinson

      this case needs to be full mesh please pass this along or a option to buy top mesh panels

    45. Karl E

      This is perfect for me! I use an ATX PSU, ITX motherboard and 120mm AIO. This would allow me to downsize my current system without any additional cost and allow me to switch to SFX + 240/280mm radiator later on. Can't wait! Thanks for such a thorough first look :)

    46. Sageci

      So can you use a 3 slot gpu with the act psu, with the 280mm radiator?

    47. M.42

      It’s like a stubby NZXT H510 elite, only with actual airflow.

    48. Nate Rice

      @hardwarecanucks: very cool case. i need a horizontal case for my set up next but this is a good option

    49. Skremert

      Sometimes i just need to listen to Dimitrys calming voice.

    50. Savage

      This case is game changing

    51. Savage

      Will this be able to fit an asus rog strix 2080ti ?

      1. Hardware Canucks

        Triple slot up to 320mm in length 👍

    52. The Warlock

      Finally lots of new and good options for the SFF community

    53. Elias Gudsson

      decent looking case

    54. David J

      Thank you very much. Great and well produced video as always. I'll add this to my 'look at' list, along side the NR200. Someday, when I build my next computer. I would like to see the power and other 'outs' at the top.

    55. Brim Ski

      Gonna be in stock and how much in Canadian ??? 250$ ??? Cool another premium itx cases

    56. Gertsch

      ths kinda looks like the bigger not as cute brother of the fromD T1.

    57. Tony Ko

      There is a lot of inspiration here from the formD T1

    58. toubi

      i think lian li pc-o5 is best itx case

    59. C J

      If I can fit an Dark Rock Pro 4 CPU Cooler and Raijintek Morpheus II Heatsink in there, im sold.

    60. Rajshekar Kulathu

      Full Build Tutorial Needed!!!

    61. y x

      I miss aluminium Lian Li cases. This one is very far from my needs.

    62. Arch

      I hope there will be a possibility to have all mesh sides because that would be clean.

    63. Extra Bass

      About time doe a matx case review 🤔 maybe one under $50 or $70 🤔🤔🤔

    64. Hoang Le


    65. E Wright

      Needs a handle

    66. NuffxSaid

      Looks dope

    67. Ryzen Division

      i Love it.. i want one, i m ay swap out from my Lian li LancoolII mesh to my itx X570 I aorus pri wifi itx from my Aorous Master x570 atx?? with my 5800x And RX 6800XT (i have many itx/ATX options laying around to find my optimal build and i cant settle on any for log term, got i hate you lian li, u just made the best itx/atx case EVER!!! drop the price to 89 and im sold

      1. Ryzen Division

        its 2021?? cmon, cases need to stasrt coimg with pci-e gen 4 rizers now in 2021 ill pay the $120usd then. if only gen3 only 89usd

      2. Ryzen Division

        gen4.0 rizer

    68. Kimi Kyllönen

      That looks really good!

    69. Excalibruh

      $119? What are Lian Li's margins holy moly they keep bringing out bangers

    70. Josua D

      1:58 "High-performance metal mesh"... what the fuck is that even... C'mon dmitri. I know it's a metal mesh, so let's just call it simply, "metal mesh". calling a metal mesh "high performance" just sounds really dumb. I get maybe lian li put it on their marketing talk point but come the fuck on, *it's just a goddamned metal mesh*

    71. Scott Clarke

      This case is PERFECT for what i need! i love that they support 280mm radiators

    72. Jon Buringrud

      Would love to buy this and install my imaginary GPU.

    73. Crizpys Corner

      This case is amazing hot swap drive blew my mind

    74. Isra men

      is the gpu riser cable gen 4? thats prob the most important thing to know

    75. Nothing 2 do

      Does the metal mesh have a filter?

    76. James Belcourt

      I'm in love.

    77. ok

      This video shows why lightings matter

    78. BuffaloBuilder

      Xtrfy branding galore lol

    79. Chad Coker

      Based on what’s listed in the specs, will a 3090 FE fit ok in this? Looks like it might.

    80. Jung-han Wang

      Does it come with pcie4.0 riser cable?

    81. the cake is a lie

      I love it, cant wait for June now, I hope we can interchange the glass and mesh panels, or have a thin top and bottom mesh and a middle larger glass panel, dope

    82. Pete Cotton

      I love the aesthetic of this case, and I bet it's going to be really good for thermals compared to a lot of other ITX cases as well.

    83. Pete Cotton

      Was the front panel gouged on your unit?

    84. Huzaifa Savage

      They should definitly keep the hinjed side panels

    85. Dipo Ogunmodede

      I was all ready to buy an NR200P for a build this year then I saw the SSU Meshilicious, but now I've seen this and I can't decide. Good thing nothing is actually in stock and I don't actually have to pick... 🙄😅

    86. Jae Park

      15Liter and only 70 mm CPU cooler height? Looks like air cooling was a completely afterthought for them and gave us air cooling users a middle finger.

    87. Digital Mike

      The new NR200

    88. zodiacfml

      old school itx. it is too large for itx these days. the mesh side panel not required, as already mentioned, it prevents the GPU from being seen. I guess they really opt for a unique look

    89. Bradford McKnight

      This case would be fantastic if it just had mesh on the sides.. 3 Slot GPU!! Atx PSU!! in that small case. Everything i want, except for the random glass panel..

    90. Eric S

      This looks like a really appealing "kids "on the desk" PC"

    91. merdzd

      One usb 3 on the front ? Do they look on mb specifications?

    92. giddl

      this thing is dope! would make a perfect LAN party pc if it had a top handle

    93. Flea

      Is the riser cable pcie 3.0 or 4.0?

    94. FarFromLogic

      please tell me this is a pcie gen 4 riser

    95. Bobby Bright

      Дмитрий русский???

    96. Mike Charge

      Piecing together a 5600x and 3060ti build and it looks like this is the case they're going in.

    97. Sami Hyppia

      Man next gen itx motherboards and apu's need redesign immediately!!! 15 L for an itx is just sad!

    98. Javier Perea

      It looks like you cant have a tower cooler, what's the maximum height?

    99. Brechan Fraser

      It would be interesting to see a custom water cooling system in that chassis, I think it would work...

    100. zephyr r

      its almost like a formd t1 but half the price and 50% bigger