Angry stray cat goes viral after woman documents their unlikely friendship | GMA

Good Morning America

2 Mio. aufrufe320

    Anastasia gained a following on Tik Tok after she recorded videos of an angry stray cat, Tiger, who kept coming to her window.
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    1. Sharon Stanley

      Yay you're adopting tiger!!! Thankyou Jesus

    2. Sharon Stanley

      Oh baby I just got to the part where the neighbours stuck their fat noses in!

    3. Sharon Stanley

      You're special ❤️🐾🐈💚🏞️

    4. Todd Cooper

      We need more people to do this toward other people, too.

    5. MtnLiner

      Does the carpet match the drapes? Oh baby! You are beautiful inside and out!

    6. Chrissy Carter

      I've had 3 female tortoise shell tabby, they are the sweetest most affectionate cats I've ever had. There names were tigress, Tabitha, and my 2 year old rescue I have now, thomasina. You will have many years of love and laughter.

    7. cocteautwinned

      And the soul mate kitty enters the picture....

    8. Colette Hoser

      What a lovely and lovable woman and cat you two are. Everything is going to be good for the two of you from now on. Love conquers all.

    9. Mandy X

      Love how his eyes go from angry scared to relaxed happy ❤️ when he was able to come home, he was glad you can tell! Hissing at her when visiting like “take me back with you” hehe xx

    10. Mandy X

      Aw this almost brought me to tears when he was in his little house and then realised she was ok ❤️❤️🥰🥰

    11. Iam Jaydee

      I love happy ending..

    12. tTari Ann

      When I saw tiger in the cage, scared & circling, I had a terrible panic attack!!! Couldn't breath, shaking & yes, tears. My friend watched it till the end and thankfully it was a happy resolution with both parties being happy. Now, as to the jerk neighbors... may they suffer the fires of HELL for all eternity.

    13. D Grady

      This makes me so happy

    14. Sultan

      came for the cat stayed for the cat

    15. ROGUE DOG

      Holy crap! That made me cry like a baby. ♥♥♥

    16. Angela Valentino

      God bless!!!

    17. Chantal Simonetto

      Congratulations!🐾. Save your best friend.🌟🥰💋

    18. Annie Darkhorse

      Some humans and animals are meant to be together.

    19. James Burton

      Best part at 3:25

    20. Rita M

      We need more HEROES like this!!! ; )

    21. Wrektum

      Congratulations! Cats are such fun. I have always had cats and I enjoy their personalities.

    22. J r


    23. lisa myhre

      Bless you for taking care of him

    24. T N

      omg i dont know my eyes became wet 😥😥😥😥

    25. Luis Salazar

      I don't understand how people could get some emotional over an animal?

    26. Mr. A

      1:37 Congratulations! You've made a new friend. ❤️❤️ Also, awesome job with the cat house. Can you build me a new bed, please?

    27. Rosa Harris

      God bless you Ms. Anastasia Thank you for loving Tiger 😻😻😻

    28. John Crimmins

      Two good souls united!

    29. Descendant of American Slaves

      When I'm sad or have bad days I ALWAYS look for videos like this to cheer my day! The kitty just needed your love. Thank you.

    30. Eladio Olaer

      So adorable.🥰

    31. White Sox

      Omg!! That video made me cry:/

    32. frances womble

      Ye hi Ye hi! SMILES congratulations! I was getting sad for a few seconds. SMILES

    33. BigBoi5T3V3

      social reject meets social reject wow

    34. J C

      special moment🥺😭

    35. Prayer Warrior 777

      3:30 kiss me you little dragon. I want the baby kitty now

    36. Brian Burnham

      Its human beings like you that still give me hope for humanity. ❤

    37. Shavone

      “ Be patient and try your best, it’s well worth it “ Love it!!

    38. Mentagasm

      I am so glad she got him.

    39. A MUSER VLOG

      So adorable

    40. JaneDoe Ghost1111

      Lord, he reminds me if that hateful cat in the book Spider

    41. Cardi B Updates

      I love her hair color 😍

    42. Bring The Rain

      He was free before, now he just looks angry and scared...

    43. Juliette my maine coon

    44. Trey

      I've watched this about 4-5 times now. I'm in love with this girl :)

    45. Call me Murph

      So glad you got to adopt tiger..

    46. Hong Hong

      God bless America.

    47. Sean Hurley

      A flat is an apartment right?

    48. She F

      Beautiful Fubu tiger dragon cat 🥰🤩😎❤💘💋💝

    49. Ann

      Why didn't you keep him?? I can't watch this

    50. Judy Gwen

      He seemed to be trying to lead you somehow, or at least tell you something with all of the meowing. He's trying to tell you something.

    51. Mondrian

      Yaaay!!! ☺️

    52. David Morse

      Wow, great neighbors, not. You did a wonderful thing young lady.

    53. 4NN13 H

      The world would be unbearable without people like Anastasia in it.

    54. Donna Dumas

      I'm so so happy you are Tigets mommy.. Thank you so much for being such a great loving beautiful person you are.. Lots of love to you and your Tiger😇🥰🙏

    55. Natassa Markessini

      Hi, very nice video, a lucky cat and a happy young lady who has adopted it!!! Anastasia you are a sensitive young girl. I am sending you my best feelings and wishesLove from Greece.

    56. AppleBomb

      If you really look at his face, Tiger softened rigght on up like warm butter, once he got on that warm, soft bed.

    57. Jaqqie Du

      I just want to say that Tiger is such a pretty boi

    58. Foxiepaws ACAnderson

      youre an angel♥️

    59. Leo V

      She's a great Human Being

    60. V T

      I’m so happy for them also theyre so pretty!!

    61. Hiji土方

      I'm not crying, you're crying. 😭 I have a pedigree, a rescue, an elderly stray and a stray kitten living with me. I love them all, even though they drive me insane.

    62. Laky Khatoon

      Awwwww he did the thank you blinks from inside the cat house. So special.


      I rescued three from my yard - I can’t imagine my life without them and my girl cats name is TIGER !!! 🐯💖

      1. mandi mitten

        me too, 3 boys, Kiki, Sooty and Sweep. Sweep has recently passed away :( but all 3 have been loved totally.

    64. Hoji Ariana McDavid Barrett

      😭 I cried and cried!

    65. Porshe15

      Sad thing is there probably gonna put him down. 😥

    66. Elaine Sewell

      If only we were more patient for people this world would be a better place, because we’re all in this together!

    67. gloria

      Such beautiful cat.

    68. Juliana Quadrozzi

      Do you see the way he's blinking at you? That's cat speak for "I like you & I feel safe with you." Blink back at him.

    69. Tammy Campbell

      What an amazing love story! Thanks for sharing ♥️

    70. David Smith

      we need more stories like this not the crap and propaganda we see on the news

    71. Nana


    72. Pauly F.

      She took time, effort & used distance to gain some trust from "Tiger". A wonderful exception was made by the property management - Props to them & Anastasia Red. Positive prevails!

    73. Carter Family

      You did a good thing 💞


      What a wonderful story I'm crying first tiger was a hissing dragon now you and him is inseparable ❤

    75. Tracy Lee

      Ohmygosh Anastasia I am so happy for you and Tiger. What a wonderful story. I wish you would start a channel so we can keep up with you guys

      1. Tracy Lee

        When he blinks at her that's his way of saying I trust you and I love you. Try trading eye blinks with your cat. It will change your relationship forever

    76. Ewelina Dudzinska

      You are a great person

    77. Sierra francis

      Awww this story made me cry . Im so happy for you both.

    78. Natalie Vallette

      God Bless you for taking him in....

      1. Natalie Vallette

        He will never forget

    79. Mitzi Ridge

      Love this story, I to rescued my cat and she had been mistreated. I'm the only person she will show affection too. I'm the only one she trust. She my fur baby and I'll always take good care of her and show her nothing but love, she's my Angel on earth.

    80. Morgan


    81. Elizabeth Abbott

      inspiring story! thanks for sharing.

    82. fullmoonfool

      I noticed some kind of thing on his nose does anyone one else? Like a staple of some kind. Maybe that is causing distress. Just hope everything turns out for the best. Thank you foe your compassion young lady God bless!!

    83. Justin Graham

      Awww this is a very heart warming atory she have such a great heart

    84. gojewla

      What a great hair color!

    85. Forever Jag

      It’s feral duh

    86. Sea Hawks

      Fuck The Neighbors! Call Human Control & Have The Neighbors Removed! This story reminded me of a joke my buddy told me in high school! To understand the joke Its important to know that I am white and that my buddy who told the joke is black! That said my buddy came up to me one day and said; hay do know how white neighbors snoop and spy on you? I said no how? He responded THEY GO OUTSIDE & PRETEND TO BE DOING YARDWORK! LMMFAO! Turns out from my observations that his joke was actually a pretty accurate truth!

    87. Bruce Campbell

      3 days later ,Tiger scratches her face and gets thrown out the same window he used to come up to and be fed.

    88. Lottafandoms

      where's her neighbors? i'll beat them to a friggin pulp

    89. Karen Skinner

      Yay!!! I am SO HAPPY for both cuties!!

    90. Karen Skinner

      I love this woman! And her new buddy!

    91. パイセンねこ this cat a tsundere??(ㅎ.ㅎ) ☺️

    92. wahid sakhi

      If the woman of this time would take more care of their children than the animals. Everyone would be happy and also grow up and look more like an adult and not a Manga Anime Character.

    93. 花khrnnisast73

      Im cryin😭

    94. Bobbie Viszolay

      Ah I am so happy for you and your wonderful new companion. Very sweet!!

    95. Tracee Glenn

      Have you considered adopting him if you are able?

    96. sophyank


    97. L H

      Awww...I strted to turn the vid off,bc I didnt want sadnews,but it ended beautifully 💗🥰🥰

    98. T. J.

      This made me cry. At first when people came an took him away and he was fostered out I thought she was abandoning him to others...come to find out she adopted him. Made me so happy😊 #AllLivingBeingsNeedLuv

    99. Zannelle Richardson


    100. Tasha

      Tiger's so cute!