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Viral Wind

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    Credit is in the title.
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    1. Yanish Yan

      bro use your fucking hands

    2. Krux Smith Pac Jr.

      Wow a fucking ramp

    3. Kiera Rieve

      When I was like 12, I built a ramp out of whatever I found in my backyard so my pup could play with me in my play house

    4. vP-Yttrium

      he didnt build shit he just put a platform down

    5. MavicX

      Cute but that robotic voice is just cringe

    6. ZackAttack541

      Title: “anything for my fur babies” My dirty mind: “so you fricked a dog got pregnant from it then birthed it????”

    7. Matthew ᜲ

      That's just a plank with a cloth stapled to it

    8. Susannah Thibodeaux

      That was such a kind act that you did God bless you I'm an animal lover I have a rescue pit lab he is amazing thank you for sharing!

    9. Kenny Powers

      Nah no animals in my car too much dang fur and they smell

    10. 576 inches

      Thos is cute in all but u dont have to bild it it's a piece of pliwood

    11. Skull

      "Built a ramp" You mean he bought it from home depot

    12. Joylove

      Im sick of these robots talking on the tik toks!

    13. Sill Pill

      It’s really just A big piece of wood with fabrics it

    14. Mia Ronchetti


    15. Lucas 31

      Stop with this shit fake voice please

    16. chuchonation

      Built a ramp? It’s a damn piece of wood

    17. słodkagangsterka1 BSP

      Is no one gonna talk about the song

    18. Llama Boy76

      Why is this in my recommended

    19. Alex Frank

      I had one of these for my old Great Dane Lucy and it rlly helped her out

    20. Social Hand Grenade


    21. Mike Bergmans

      Id call my banbies skin dogs

    22. Mermaid

      Congrats, your dad is actually gay!

    23. Mr1 Wafflez

      I remember this song I hated it

    24. Malem Lasiz

      Plz name of song I used to hear this 6 years ago when I did acid never remembered the name plz help

    25. Kelly Kel

      Awww I love Daisy!

    26. Joe M.

      Every singel tik tok gets a dislike!

    27. Plutonium Screwdriver

      I’d rather hear the dog bark then listen to that stupid Siri knock off of a voice.

    28. robert bogert

      Who gives a rats ass man! Wtf is with everyone posting everything about their dumb ass lives

    29. Neu7r1no

      “Builded” puts a plank next to the car 🤣

    30. R.I.P Geno Cultshit


    31. Tracy D

      Great idea. My dog is 11 and having rear leg issues and I lift him in the truck. He will be so happy to walk in himself.

    32. Matty M

      He didn't really build a ramp rather than just drop a piece of wood on the step. Not much in the way of building taking place there.🤣

    33. Kimberly Gabaldon

      This really saves their backs! If they use it when they're young, it can spare them some pain in their old age. 👍😁

    34. Lily

      Guess I'm a dog now-

    35. Empty Olive

      tf you mean he "built" that thing lmao its one board

    36. froggyoツ

      Imagine having such cute dogs🐶🐕

    37. cavman go

      Your dad reinvented plank

    38. nathania mabelle


    39. James B

      Anyone agree that the robotic text to speech voice is the worst sounding thing ever?

    40. Ghostrider Styxx

      Question: who the fuck cares

    41. Aria Collie

      My dog jumps into the car as soon as the door opens

    42. Leticia Ledesma


    43. Matthew Balaski

      built a ramp? you mean covered a plank in carpet lol

    44. Matthew Smith


    45. Raccoon_Lord


    46. Ianna Yohan Chloie Lacson

      Aww the dog is socute

    47. Rūben S

      Pointless at

    48. R2D2 fromstartrack

      That's just a waste of materials they're dogs

    49. TOXICxLoneWolf

      "BUILT" huh? 😂

    50. Johnny Rocket

      "Built a ramp..." It's just a God damn board!

    51. Puppycup


    52. lueberry lilly

      What kind of damn name is that old lady Daisy

      1. Richard kill

        Her name is daisy but she is old so they call her old lady daisy

    53. Chris Sauve

      your dads bored of your mom

    54. Franco Fernandes

      Dad: I don't want dogs Family: *Gets dogs anyways * Dad and dogs:

    55. Bob Green

      I was expecting a chihuahua lol

    56. Lydia

      I hate this stupid TTS Voice.

    57. Jared !

      Me an intelectual: Uses my hand

    58. Dominic Ramos

      It's almost as if they asked they're dog if they loved the ramp or didn't

    59. Yorick De Lange

      Its not building its just grabbing a plank and place it on the back of ur car.

    60. elise Mischnick


    61. elise Mischnick

      Good for them

    62. Fight4skyrim

      Who tf cares?

    63. 6-4

      wOW So COoL!!1! He toOK a PIeCe Of WoOD and wrApPeD It iN FaBrIC!!1! SO eAsY!!! WOw1!1!1!

    64. Tyler Doss

      Second dogs like "fucking finally!

    65. oʟsen marᴛınez

      these dogs are more previleged than all of the karens.

    66. Chandramouleshwara Lingam

      Good dad

    67. xbox clips

      Ya i have a 15 old chwawa that can jump 2 feet i don't think she would need this

    68. r_unfounded

      old lady daisy ☺️

    69. Raymundo Yparraguirre


    70. Sashank Krishna

      What do you mean built? He just put a fucking board. Tiktok is very stupid.

    71. Monkey-Man

      Are you sure he built it

    72. mox box


    73. Mr. Jokso


    74. Kinberly Sanchez

      So cute 🥰

    75. paris Hernandez

      My Mom before:no cat and thats FINAL My Mom after seeing cat pictures:So which one do you want?

    76. Adam Ryan

      Bruh my dad gives my dog the same eye fillet steak as me lol ( eye fillet steak is the most expensive and best one btw)

    77. Quinnton Bogue

      I thought you had disabled dogs like who can't jump but it just seems you wasted your own time

    78. Mylee Abbott

      Can we take a sec to say how cute they are

    79. Claudio Coto

      My dog is tiny and has no problem jumping on the truck

    80. Daniella kozume

      She was really on it like a red carpet 🤣😭

    81. Bradley Forster

      I have a black lab named daisy too

    82. Rvince

      If I hear that text to speech voice again I'm gonna make a terminator to destroy tiktok

    83. art moore

      Built ??? You mean cut some plywood and cover it with scrap rug

    84. HYPEZ - 466

      Lmao why!!???🤣🤣🤣

    85. Nemanja Malinovic

      Much build such wow

    86. Boris Samardzija

      No ur dad put a plank on the skirt

    87. snuker doodle

      He didn't build shit that's just a plank lol

    88. Adrian Gutierrez


    89. Francisco Piedra

      What is this song it sucks

    90. L.A. RC

      What the fuck is wrong with people? You are catering too much to your animals. Animals are not meant to ride in vehicles, so leave them the fuck home. I have No respect for idiots like this.

    91. Gamersick Dk

      Fantastic idea!!!!!! I was always struggling with getting handicapped kids in the van

    92. Alexander Rojas

      For a reason I couldn’t leave the video until I liked ??? and I don’t want to like

    93. xXxSINNER1818xXx

      Build a carseat for the dog too haha

    94. Ashmeet lubana


    95. Siddhant Patil

      Built ?

    96. Donald Douglas 9&10

      That's something I would do!🐾🐾🐾🐾

    97. E71 G71


    98. Scp 049

      Dosen't need it but still uses jt

    99. Asa Nole

      Built? More like placed.

    100. Aty

      I got a daschund that is 12 years old, she still moves and runs pretty good, idk how im gonna react when she will struggle to run or even walk, i just love her so much