ASMR Mouth Sounds at 100% Sensitivity

Diddly ASMR

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    My first time doing ASMR with the sensitivity at 100%!
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    1. shanice Acacia


    2. Vango Var Emreis

      Super vidéo. Thank you so much.

    3. Emi Castillo

      Nadie en español

    4. Marvellux

      *They have been so kind for giving me mone- a code ❤️✨✨*

    5. Aldrin Duran

      U shud watch gta online twitch streams or do one.. Ur amazing btw

    6. Emma Tyson

      I love your hair!

    7. james

      i’ve watched this at least 10 times, it always helps me sleep :)

    8. Mustapha Musttapha

      it's maeseng

    9. Jasooon

      If Adam and Eve have one kid did they do it more to have another or did they “do it” with their child........

    10. Kaiser Wilhelm 2nd

      The comments are gonna be fun.

    11. Riyadi S

      03:51 feels like she put her tongue into your ear

    12. Eliah

      That makes me aggressive

    13. Luke LaFratta

      “If you love ASMR then you’ll love ASMR Premium”

    14. Leo Sanchez

      This is like the s!mp factory damn

    15. •aminnitt •

      Fun fact for today is: penguins will spend ages looking for a pebble to give to another penguin to propose ♥︎❦ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    16. Wolf Royal Studios


    17. Reagan Blais

      Me exited to watch an ASMR Video with my nine year old sister. At the sponsorship part .. Her: Do mom and dad have toys too! I never knew that there was toys for adults!! Me :😳

    18. Lindsay Bondie

      diddly deserves at least 10 million subs not 286k



      1. Moi Suomi

        @Chloe These bots are here to dislike for no reason, just try to ignore them.

      2. АКСТАР с ЭДОМ ТОП

        Потому что¡

      3. Chloe




    21. Andrew Russell

      Aww! At about 13:20 you can hear magpies in the background if you listen super closely.

    22. Kyair Steele

      Bro imagine getting top from her 😂🤝

    23. Apolektoras Gaming

      nice sounds you look beater

    24. Elena vsp

      she looks always so gorgeous wow

    25. pineapple forever playz

      Never thought a ASMR vid would be sponsored by a adult toy 😂

    26. xX ØverŁørd Xx

      ON GOD you said sex.ed

    27. Ionica Bostan

      Too asmr 😍😍😍

    28. Legoshi

      A testa dela

    29. Ιωαννης Σταμουδης


    30. Ιωαννης Σταμουδης

      you videos it s noob

    31. Ιωαννης Σταμουδης

      mimimii hahaha noob

      1. FivereN Gaming

        Doesn’t make sense

      2. hayami gachas


    32. Ιωαννης Σταμουδης

      noob noob noob noob noob noob noobbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

      1. Cal Whit

        Delete your account fool

    33. Lorbes

      POV: you're here because you want to get mad for no reason

    34. Siyung W

      Diddly your top is gorgeous! Wanna know where did u get it 🥺

    35. Lea-Marie Born

      Noooo whyyyyyy😂😐

    36. Rose H.

      Am i the only one who thinks she looks a little bit like Rosé from BlackPink

    37. _Mikris _

      А чо смысле? Русские,если вы здесь,вам это тоже в реки попало? Или мне одной ,_,

      1. _Mikris _

        @Kira Meow а остальные в комментах не люди что-ли ?)

      2. Kira Meow

        ура, человек!! 😭

    38. savvy guy

      Please do more

    39. Sir Kellen

      my brother just talked in his sleep

    40. Amelie Cerise

      Am I the only one, not having tingles but goosbumps?

    41. pineapple forever playz

      I deleted everything I wrote now you will never know

      1. hayami gachas

        @pineapple forever playz Also, I like the videos you made 😌

      2. pineapple forever playz

        @hayami gachas 😁❤️

      3. hayami gachas

        @pineapple forever playz mhm, ill stop attacking you ❤️

      4. pineapple forever playz

        @hayami gachas nope different wording and emojis lol 😂

      5. hayami gachas

        She said "the sponsor at the beginning, her outfit makes it worseeee 💀💀💀💀💀 no hate tho 😶

    42. heysage

      4:50 i need 1HOUR of this!!! It's sooo tingly❤️❤️❤️🥺please🙏🏼

    43. LeeEvans147

      Totally awesome..... head has gone into complete overdrive 😜🦱💕 thank you

    44. 540_Matt

      Anybody else here for like the 5th time Becuase you can’t find a better vid

      1. bitch * . ༄ؘ


    45. Toria belle

      Get creative with your mouth sounds

    46. Mahdi Hosseini

      Anybody a onlyfans acc that i May use

      1. Sync

        @Ryo Chiang yeah its on reddit to

      2. Ryo Chiang

        Don’t, her only fans is crap. Also, just look up diddly onlyfans free and you will find it

    47. Aham aham

      10:00 10:35

    48. ZellorPlays2k

      bae u are so pretty

    49. Bruno Tavares vlog

      Love you baby

    50. Lauren 056

      My favorite timestamps: 3:20 4:10 4:42 8:15

    51. novax

      Why are my hands knives? Why am I being shot at in Tannenburg? Why is there a panda humping a PC. This heroin is mad stuff bruv

    52. Abdullah Yusuff

      14:23 should be a video on its own.

    53. Ian M

      Please explain to me, WHAT IS LIFE ANYMORE I give up

    54. grant domogala

      So we all gonna pretend that 4:50 isn’t the best asmr ever

      1. Molimau Tasi

        She also does it in her ultra rare mouth sounds video

      2. Molimau Tasi

        These are one of the rare gems in the asmr world and when done correctly, can be lethal. I've actually done some research and some refer to it as tongue swirling or teeth licking. All I wanted to say

    55. Eliasviser Brink

      I Went to sleep listening to music. WOKE UP! to this shit 3 am. I am turning off auto play from now on.....

    56. S.W Sushi World

      Wow it's my favorite DEfastsr is diddly asmr, it's a triggers fantastic wow 💙💙😍😍❤️❤️👏

    57. Elena Ramirez

      Where did you get the harness shirt Diddly? Like so she sees

    58. Obitelj Tolić

      5:24 I felt like she was eating my brain😂😳😶🤭

    59. retarded cia

      POV: You are a kid and you dont know what adam and eve is or what an "adult toy" is. LMFAO GET OLDER MFS

    60. //•yourchild• zeon•

      POV:shes trying to say today not diddly or diddy

    61. Baw XD

      ᵐʸ friend     ʰᵉʳᵉ  ʲᵘˢᵗⁱⁿ  ʰᵉˢ already taken   ᵃⁿᵈ hes     ᶜʳᵃᶜᵏᵉᵈ  ᵃᵗ  ᶠᵒʳᵗⁿⁱᵗᵉ my  guy Uhhh 🥵

      1. Baw XD

        @James Barton joj

      2. James Barton

        @Baw XD huh?

      3. Baw XD

        @James Barton kakapups

      4. James Barton


    62. Baw XD

      Was ist groß, gelb, und kann nicht schwimmen? Ein Bagger. Fandst‘s nicht lustig? Der Baggerfahrer auch nicht

    63. Andy Rainbow

      There's always so much dislikes on these close up mouth sounds ASMR videos... like dude I get that its not your type of ASMR and you find it weird, but just respect the creator ok? :D

      1. Jassy !

        @Head of a thousand sheep's wool ohhh okay now i get the point you were trying to make (:

      2. Head of a thousand sheep's wool

        @Jassy ! True, but maybe you like mouth sounds, just not at this sensitivity, so you dislike it to show you'd rather have the mic turned down in the future.

      3. Jassy !

        @Head of a thousand sheep's wool bc just bc a few don’t like it doesn’t mean she won’t make the video for ppl who do. this is why we have captions that contain of what will be in the video. if you know you don’t like mouth sounds why would you click to watch a video that clearly says it has mouth sounds in it?

      4. Head of a thousand sheep's wool

        Dislikes are literally the most constructive way of feedback? How is it disrespectful to say 'I don't want more of this' when she asks if we want more of this?


      I’m falling asleep 😴

    65. Adrian Cunha

      Cadê os brasileiros 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

      1. angi hehe


      2. Samuel Costa consoni

        Aqui man

    66. Itz_ Asil

      I feel like at one point of her life she tried the Kylie Jenner lip challenge

      1. Itz_ Asil

        @William Dally lmao

      2. William Dally

        Ion know about this comment but your profile pic got me dying 😂

      3. milan. qt


    67. Lucas Pafumi

      Some of y'all need either Jesus or a hug

    68. These Nuts

      Fuck this shit I wanted an RP ASMR and found this 0% sensitive ASMR popping up from no where. FUCKKKKKKKKK

      1. These Nuts

        @The Rat I searched but needed to comment this crap

      2. The Rat

        So click away and find what you want, then. It's hardly rocket science

    69. Idc _tjay

      Shitty boys

    70. Adnachiel Rowland

      100% sensitivity just hits different and I love it 👌❤

    71. Mateo Recenda silva

      No entendí, nada pero sentí una mucho. Jejeje

    72. Melissa Alvarado

      Ii am so so say

    73. BeyonX

      10:36 are you okay (weird)

    74. Liv Rawr

      y’all it’s a shirt- chill tf out

    75. 1 subscriber with no videos

      some of y’all in the comments need to go touch some trees

    76. anna

      ok but YOUR TOP>>> it’s literally so cute lmfao edit: ew y’all are being creeps about it wtf lol

      1. James Barton

        @anna yeah I noticed there is a cloth part of you look closely at 8:02

      2. anna

        @James Barton that strappy thing, i mean i assume it’s a top atleast, i doubt it’s just like some leather strips around her chest but hey, you never know 🤷‍♀️

      3. James Barton

        1. there are no replies on this 2. What top lmao

    77. william stausholm

      One word onlyfans..

      1. CheetahDragon

        Ok and?

      2. Daniel Buoey

        why is everyone so shocked?

    78. ZerzZ

      Lmaoo i was like why is she wearing that around her neck and as soon as i open up the bio it all makes sense..💀

      1. FxLVio


    79. Lloyd Robert Evans

      Go tell your mother i don't mean her any harm i leave now OK..

    80. Pablito Sawicz

      I don't even want to ask what that means if I always have to know such videos

    81. Deadlykiss ASMR

      Well done 😍❤😍❤

    82. Konrad

      Real G´s using Iphone 4 headphones in 2021

    83. Maximilian Pontes

      at one video she should just yell in the microphone



    85. Braeden Firlein

      I saw the words diddly asmr and instantly thought “shes british” XD

      1. Elizabeth Dawson

        She's aussie

    86. Audrey Simpson

      Me: About to fall asleep Add: HeY ItS mE uR DrY SkiN

    87. Amanda Benge

      I love it ~

    88. Grass Hoper

      White noise 100% wak

    89. Julio Pellenz

      Just commenting for youtube algorithm

    90. k s

      It would be better if u cover ur creepy face

      1. Sheet Corn

        Lol Asmr fans triggered

      2. The Rat

        If you want to stay on the video, don't watch the screen and just listen. If you don't want to stay on the video, click away.

      3. CheetahDragon

        And it would be better if you shut up and left this channel😊

      4. Head of a thousand sheep's wool

        It would be better if you didn't take your anger out on others

      5. Loyal Night

        And it would be better if you’d shut your dumbass up 🙃

    91. Veronica Loghe


      1. Head of a thousand sheep's wool

        @Sheet Corn How is it 'triggered'? Being a cock to people who help others is something everyone should call out, not just the people who are being helped.

      2. Sheet Corn

        Triggered asmr fans loll

      3. CheetahDragon

        No you.

      4. Loyal Night

        So is your pfp, ogre looking ass.

    92. Toaster Bath bomb

      D A M N T H A T S H I T G O O D .

      1. Toaster Bath bomb

        @ brooklyn I don’t support him he’s just a homie

      2. brooklyn ꕥ

        @Toaster Bath bomb he lost bae

      3. Toaster Bath bomb

        I love Donald trump he is so gamer

    93. Jean PIERRE

      This it's actually not that bad Why sooo much hate?

    94. 강연주

      한국인들은 좋아요를 누르시요

    95. E M

      I haven’t experienced tingles in soooo long and I’ve just gotten them all back thanks to your video gal❤️❤️ Amazinggggg content xx

    96. Courtney Lucas

      The comments are disgusting

      1. Courtney Lucas

        @Jared Smith have a look for yourself

      2. Jared Smith


    97. walter_does_stuff

      ik when u asked to like the video if u want more mouth sounds but i think most people like because the like ur channel BUT OMG THESE MOUTH SOUNDS WERE AWESOME

    98. Ricky Pareja

      I miss ur bird :(

    99. HIDAN TVZP

      This your asmrs is beautiful and you is cat omg im sorry