At Home: Solar Hardware


552 Tsd. aufrufe35

    Learn how Tesla hardware works together to capture, store and distribute clean solar energy.
    Order solar and Powerwall:

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    1. mark pape

      You realize the moter dinimo set up work anywhere.

    2. Mohammed Hamid

      Imagine having a tesla house and tesla cars 😳

    3. Nerfamus

      Texans be like

    4. Pasi

      0:07 Why does Elon even try flying to Mars when you can have the whole solar system integrated in your house?

    5. Charles Lanier

    6. Chevy Lui

      must be expensive as shit

    7. Javier PLAYZ

      people who live in apartments/flats: -_-

    8. Iulian G.

      Tesla ❤️

    9. Swaroop

      I want a Tesla phone...

    10. ItsKapow

      Sneaky Tesla Model 2 cameo.

    11. JOEGE


    12. Rick

      This is a great idea until you need to replace your roof

    13. Tomas Nochta

      I love my solar roof. Look at my channel.

    14. Tomas Nochta

      There are still no news about the update app seeing in this video.

    15. Layla Free

      Texas has proven, this last week, to not put all of your eggs in one basket, or at least have a big a$$ battery system. Enough to store power for a couple weeks. I'd want enough for a few months.

    16. Roe Jogan

      Great for india .. we get sun pretty much the whole year.

    17. Mudit Agarwal

      Can I purchase one of those in india?

    18. Kamil Stasiewicz

      Zainteresowani? współpraca czy dalej przeciąganie?



    20. frisken1

      the bike at 0:16

    21. A. Az10

      I Bought one little solar panel for charge my phone with it because I believe that anyone can help to save the nature and decrease the pollution which created by fossil fuels and anything like that even if it is very little and because of that I have to hear sentences which make me so sad(people think I’m dumb for doing that).some times I think about the place which we are in and how bad it is...

    22. Maxi SpeeltSpellen

      A solar roof... Nice. Why didn't anyone think of that before tho lol

    23. lumumba home

    24. Aryan Tech Gamer

      I think they are the texture packs of mine craft 😂😂

    25. Jesse

      Love Tesla from South Korea

    26. GreenPlayer0329 Lu

      no money? work for it.

    27. Agent 47

      Future of Tesla Why everyone loves The company Tesla? It's the ecosystem mannn (Apple technique)

    28. Aryan M.D.H

      Tesla roof project didn't work???!!!

    29. gratesReam

      But im pretty much sure that solar hardware be very costly

    30. terminal2004

      Not enough for melting snow.

    31. AskCase

      Sorry, but After almost a solid week without electricity for a EV in Texas with two little kids in the cold (44 degrees Farenheight in my house) with electricity outages caused from what I would consider mild winter weather, I’m drastically rethinking any future Ford or Tesla EV purchases. Maybe i’ll go plug in hybrid instead.

    32. Jason Veith

      You see the Tesla bike at :27 seconds

    33. Adam Iksan

      PLN : "this is illegal"

    34. econojon

      This needs to be advertised in Texas as soon as they get power back online.

    35. Tom Jonkman

      Didnt they present this already years ago and has still no real world implementation?

    36. MashAllah Food Secrets

      But not for poor

    37. Lorenzo Gaxiola

      That grass is dead af

    38. Tarun Wadhwani

      Tesla is 10x times ahead ❤️love the way they work.

    39. RoyalGobah

      In the future breathing is energy

    40. Александр

      В России по любому , просто миллион процентов, что сделают налог на солнечное индивидуальное электричество 😂

    41. notsecure

      TEXANS need this now!

    42. Younes Ten

      Is this a ceiling product for electric power?👍

    43. Tushar Dhanke

      Tesla is Future 💯👍

    44. NIRMAL TOM

      Bring this to India 🇮🇳.. You will make millions.

    45. Deepak Gupta

      Please use solar panel in cars so that it charged over time

    46. Jupiter

      Great, now I just need to be rich enough to afford it.

    47. denzel270

      Try reading 'The Rare Metals War: the dark side of clean energy and digital technologies’ by Guillaume Extracting rare metals is a pretty polluting process. We are going to have to mine a lot lot more if we are to meet the climate change targets agreed at the Paris 2015 summit. And the news just gets worse from here. There are disputes over access rights, the messy business of mining and purifying the metals, to their trading and deployment and on to efforts to recycle them (and dump the toxic side-products). Each of these stages is inefficient, toxic and comes with a murky hinterland of black market practices, geopolitical espionage, corporate pollution, and coverups. None of this is in our minds when we think of green energy and no country comes out of this looking good - those that stopped toxic production for environmental reasons, just bought it in from, and dumped it back in, other countries without regulation. The message is that the worst aspects of colonial exploitation never went away and are being more intensively pursued under neoliberal conditions than ever before. Then he moves on to explain the nationalist protectionism that is, in turn, weaponising chemical elements and industrial knowledge. For Pitron, China is a vital centre of mining, manufacture and application for such future technologies and with its readiness to engage in long-term planning to maximise its dominance that is already shifting the balance of geopolitics.

    48. chwoszczyk

      Is it a Tesla Model 2? 0:08

    49. Vivek Pandey

      Solar Hardware: Exists Tesla: Lets make it seem cool!

    50. Dee Dart

      This would be really nice in Texas right about now.

    51. SlingTrue

      You all rock.

    52. Norway Countryball

      Well I’m in seattle so no

    53. aola wili

      Thank you tesla workers, very cool

    54. Itachi Kun

      Imma be smart and invest in the sun before Elon Musk Buys it

    55. Meron Esho

      Hello, I've heard that the materials for solar panels are rare and solar panel production creates a lot of CO2 emissions. Someone please tear this argument for me so I can debunk some peeps.

    56. Cok De

      Is this legal in other country? Just asking

      1. Cok De

        @aola wili what?

      2. aola wili

        I fucking knew it

    57. Drenald Tibay

      I wish this is available in the Philippines.

    58. Johnny Spacer

      hmm Tesla is starting to advertise ..... kind of

    59. Abdulrahman Helmy

      itsyeboi did it before tesla

    60. Aapo Ihminen

      tesla 2030 now u can fly mars with your tesla

    61. Zesty Lime Studios

      This is great when uve got great big American houses with lots of space, try doing this in cramped UK streets

    62. Mickey Fantasia

      Why was this in my recommended 😂

    63. uzzie88

      Is this actually here now? Or will it be delayed for another century?

    64. Sarthak Madan

      Solar energy to the moon 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🌒🌒🌒🌒🌒

    65. Eric Cho

      If Tesla and Audi join an alliance you can monopolies the Car-Sedan Market in Asia. Just my 2 cents..

    66. Dracogame

      Yeah cool now can you actually start offering the service?

    67. Constant learner

      Bring this to INDIA

    68. Yusuf Alrasyid

      "With our revolutionary technique, you can now convert sunlight into energy"

    69. Robert Wallin

      2013 real test on efficieny was 33 % but most solar panels thar are sold are 18-22 %. Last year (2020) real life test showed 40 % efficiency. How efficient are your solar Panels Tesla. If under 33 % why should anyone buy them..?

    70. Matt P

      Was that a Tesla electric mountain bike in the garage?!?!?!?!!! Tesla dropping clues!!!!!

    71. Jerry Vale

      I fucking knew it

    72. Adonis Top of Men

      great .......

    73. Zack Fair

      Tesla Stonks rising in 3...2...1... Also. Put some Doge in a Wheel to Produce even more energy.

    74. Igal Neshto

      Hey! Come over to Israel PLEASEEEEE! (We pay aroung We got plenty of sunshine! 300 days a year good enough for ya?

    75. Bob Broodje

      Tesla , the new tulip bulbs.

    76. blue mop disaster

      So can I buy this solar roof for my house or do I have to pay a lame monthly fee?

    77. ZeroTwo

      0:25 wait I thought nothing could be installed above the battery?

    78. Lightning Automobile

      The Future is Now ⚡

    79. Jojo N

      Repent of your sins, Confess your sins to God and Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour before it’s too late.

    80. Neil Shiralkar

      Elon Musk you can make better car than Lamborghini terzo melinio

    81. Strawhat KV

      Rain:i'm about to ruin this solar roof whole career

    82. Benjamin Titcomb

      Genius business idea creating a product that every one needs !!!! Changing the world.

    83. mikea hiooi

      I'm waiting for Musk's new engineering masterpiece: The E-lawn-mower

    84. Eric Cho

      I like much better your Cars. When will you make it available in Asia?

    85. David Sinar L


    86. fourtrifiveO

      i thought this was a minecraft mod review

    87. Andrew Sisson

      Ethereum blockchain

      1. mikea hiooi

        Tech released by Tesla: 100/100 Tesla Support when things go wrong: 0/100

    88. Human

      Not bad


      I peeped the road bike😲 will tesla make 3d printed road bikes?

    90. Nikoapp SMUGGRED

      would love it but you arent in south africa.. or most of the world for that matter.

    91. Louis Saucedo

      $30k solar panels? Hard pass. This aint it Elon

    92. AbdulSukor AbdulRahman

      how the frick do you have good homes.

    93. pak man

      When the tesla will be launched in Pakistan?

    94. Jerb Sherb

      This is around 40 to 50k. Even with the tax subsidies, it will take a long time to recuperate the cost. Just keep that in mind before switching with the expectation that you are saving money.

    95. Jamie

      it would be difficult for someone who lives in snowy biome

    96. bhushan sathe

      Make it cheap so we can purchase it in india 👌

    97. dassad dassad


    98. Zedco

      When this available in Indonesia ?

    99. ZappyZap

      This is really cool! I hope this works Tesla!

    100. anonymous

      There are comments from DEfastsrs how have tick They are also concerned tought about 🌎