ATEEZ(에이티즈) - ‘불놀이야 (I'm The One)’ Official MV


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    Release Date: 2021. 3. 1. 6PM (KST)
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    #ATEEZ #에이티즈 #FEVER_Part_2

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    1. Ould ahmed Mima


    2. Bianka Szundi

      As a Choicetiny I'm so touched about the two fandom's relationship. I love you all, guys

      1. King San UK

        Its working so well. Thank u

    3. –Annie woo [ ユウィン ]

      No soy fan pwro no puedo dejar de escuchar esta canción desde ayer ayuda esto no es broma a a a a a a a a a porq es tan adictiva de escuchar y luego el vídeo dios~~

    4. Julia Domańska

      Iconic red outfits

    5. Seymanur D

      Multifandom Army Choice Atiny Moa . . .

    6. Nina Fontes

      L1k3 with all your acc : ) We're close to 1M

      1. King San UK

        And sub s c ribe too

    7. Nina Fontes

      500K let's gooo

      1. Anna Łopuszańska

        Wiesz że ja się uczę ☺️

    8. Ayelen J. Lopez

      "This song deserves bette-" OKAY THEN DO IT AND DO BETTER

      1. Anna Łopuszańska

        Wiesz mam imię nie mam rezerwy do świata koniec dobranoc

    9. M4DeLa Edits


    10. Exlalxpnr


    11. Eman

      This song makes me feel like as if someone put Pop Rocks in my ears.

    12. Take Me Home

      I just think about the song in the end of the mv, that sounds so good

    13. Kayleigh Roberts

      ATEEZ forever

    14. gena melodyl


    15. Dennis yeray

      Pocos días para mi cumpleaños

    16. LoveThePancake

      Choice still here with you

      1. Exlalxpnr

        Thank you choice

    17. flower romashka


    18. Exlalxpnr

      Go away lets do one million this mv

    19. Nicole Pabon

      Hai atiny’s! Lets stream this masterpiece with Ateez’s kingdom performance 🤍

    20. Shary Glish

      Devolviendo el apoyo a house party de SUJU ELF

    21. tutu Olaleye

      Atiny’s I’ve got a question do y’all not like stay?

      1. tutu Olaleye

        @Lizy Fati Oh ok, I was just asking because I’m an AtinyStay and sum of the members of both groups r friends specially wooyoung and Changbin

      2. Lizy Fati

        I'm indifferent, don't hate, don't love lol... I'm only Atiny so only focus in Ateez and not in others fandoms, fanwars... whatever. True that some "stays" come to here to hate, but we know only are inmature girls not is a fault of the fandom.

      3. Incognito Today

        I think Atiny respect all fandoms. Love of music unites. Unfortunately very few stir trouble. Most of us just ignore it. Not worth spending time on futile matters.

      4. Julia Domańska

        We are friends with stay but because of Kingdom some trolls that claim to be stays want to make stupid fanwars

      5. Julia Domańska

        I don't know if I understand correctly? Do we dislike Stay?

    22. Sana최산스타이

      Yalla fighting

    23. Sana최산스타이

      Yalla fighting

    24. Maya

      Choice back with you

    25. Apoyando a ATEEZ en Kingdom

      Atiny yo te amo, gracias por continuar

    26. SHERIIX

      Atiny! Let's create a group chat together. This is my discord link: Feel free ro join other atinys :)

      1. Kayleigh Roberts


    27. Ila stan ateez


      1. Ila stan ateez


    28. Sana최산스타이


    29. Sana최산스타이

      We can do it because we r Atiny

    30. Sana최산스타이

      My every thing is ATEEZZZZZZZ

    31. Leiz Libranza

      Fighting atinys! Choice here

    32. Karla Fraire

      Portando con orgullo el nombre de ATINY a pesar de las dificultades lo mantendremos en alto así seamos pocas pero siempre apoyando.

    33. indian ARMY

      This song really need to get mo views literally they work so hard for this song and we can only make them famous atiny lets give ATEEZ more and more views which they deserve 💜

    34. indian ARMY

      Me not dieing for any other group after BTS but now Ateez stole my heart also🙂💜🔥🔥🔥🔥

    35. indian ARMY

      No one: No one literally: *san shows his abs* Me: man chill chill i don't want to die right now suddenly becz of ur abs holy shit its too hot idk how everyone is being so patience i literally smashed my face 100 time 😶🔥

    36. Mariana Mateo

      Cada vez me gusta más este mv ,no se olviden de pasar por house party de super junior ..Gracias por el apollo

    37. Kayleigh Marie Roberts


    38. ᗪㄖㄥㄥ

      Turkish atiny love you

    39. ᗪㄖㄥㄥ

      Turkish atiny

    40. ᗪㄖㄥㄥ

      I love you ateez

    41. ᗪㄖㄥㄥ

      Wonderful song

    42. Army,Stay,Atiny, Exo-l,NCTzen,Ahgase

      Gente cês viram a foto ot8 que foi postada pelos meninos???? Dormi feliz depois de ver boy

    43. Janet Viveros

      Good morning guys have a nice day or night :)

      1. Corina Wang

        Good morning to you and good night for me . In my country its 8 pm

      2. Kayleigh Marie Roberts

        Good morning atiny have a nice day ♡

    44. Army,Stay,Atiny, Exo-l,NCTzen,Ahgase

      30M 30M 30M!!!!!

    45. Mizz Miza

      I can't imagine how hard they worked during this comeback promotion along with the kingdom preparation :') ATEEZ, you guys are doing great, keep going, keep fighting! Saranghae ATEEZ :")

    46. María del Mar Pastor


    47. 노원구 수색대 [seml]


    48. ทyʍ૯ l¡αท

      Eyy tamo de vuelta

    49. hayden bae

      Who else still obsessed with Bulnoriya??

    50. Dolunaydersiniz

      Proud of you Ateez

    51. Royal Princess

      u still here atinys?

    52. ayona SUJU

      E.L.F str**m with you Atiny ♡♡

    53. Lala Reborn

      ATEEZ has set my standard too high for a kpop group. ATEEZ is not idol, but world class artist

    54. _3v315

      Las canciones de Ateez no se superan se disfrutan

    55. LS 11

      Bulnoriya aee

    56. Brittany Kelley

      As a #ChoicexAtiny, I'm so excited to see both fandoms supporting one another. Fighting!

    57. Florencia Choque


    58. Sana최산스타이

      Y r we so slow plz keep stre3ming fighting

      1. T1419 BEST BOYS

        Yes we are too slow :"(

    59. T1419 BEST BOYS

      1 milyon beğeni yapalım şunu haddiiii Atiny durmak yok

    60. T1419 BEST BOYS


    61. Lee_Choi San

      ELF muchas gracias por la ayuda, al término de mi str34m con ATEEZ me pasó por el MV de los chicos de Super Junior ^^

    62. SHERIIXaudio


    63. Sana최산스타이


    64. Sana최산스타이


    65. Sana최산스타이

      Your own passion

    66. Sana최산스타이


    67. Sana최산스타이

      Plz don't stop fighting

    68. Sana최산스타이

      Keep stre3ming fighting

    69. yooniekissy

      disim aciyor of

      1. yooniekissy

        @T1419 BEST BOYS sen iyisindir umarim

      2. T1419 BEST BOYS

        @yooniekissy Yaa kıyamam :"(

      3. yooniekissy

        surekli agliyorum acisindan

      4. yooniekissy

        @T1419 BEST BOYS valla 3 gundur boyle

      5. T1419 BEST BOYS

        Niye ne oldu

    70. LIGHT_TINY

      Hi Atiny! ;)

    71. Yunni Hwang

      HOW many yall know the show by the name of Kingd0m?

    72. gena melodyl

      Keep stπeaming guys we're moving so slow

    73. Yunni Hwang

      im the one in my zone~~~

    74. LIGHT_TINY


    75. amrhskh

      Omg theyve come so far im not cryingggg

    76. tollpch

      They give off STRONG BTS vibes and that's how i know they will go far

      1. tollpch

        @ทyʍ૯ l¡αท saw it. It was awesome

      2. ทyʍ૯ l¡αท

        I mean, they're BTS fanboys haha They even covered Boy With Luv if you're interested :^)

    77. ⟨Yıldız⟩ #SaveRalph #HayvanlarDenekDeğildir

      Yalnız şarkı inanılmaz derecede iyi

      1. T1419 BEST BOYS

        Bütün şarkıları öyle

    78. Kayleigh Marie Roberts

      I'm back atiny ♡

    79. Yeo Tiny

      Triste que este MV no tenga las vistas que merece :(

    80. Maria Adriani Wirasty Laju ; 7H

      Jongho voice sound like an angel

    81. Yusriya Hardiyanti Gurnita

      i'm here from ateez kingdom perfomance, ateez genre music so make me speechless, this music make me so addicted. i think i wanna crazy right now.

    82. Leiz Libranza

      choices are still str3aming!! fighting atinys

      1. ทyʍ૯ l¡αท

        thank you so much! we'll do it together

      2. Atinyღ

        thank you for your support

    83. Miniktavşan GK

      En kolay yol

    84. Miniktavşan GK

      Akşama yemek yapma isteğim yok o yüzden pizza sipariş edicem

      1. Miniktavşan GK

        @T1419 BEST BOYS sağol

      2. T1419 BEST BOYS

        Afiyet olsun cnm

      3. Miniktavşan GK

        @guybear teşekkürler

      4. guybear

        afiyet olsunn

    85. Miniktavşan GK

      Pp çok hoşuma gitti genelde dark takılmayı severim ama güzel duruyo

    86. Miniktavşan GK

      Açım açım açım

    87. Serendipity.1117

      1M like?????

    88. Gabriela Raz

      Cómo puedo seguir tan obsesionada con esta canción después de un mes?! ES ARTE

    89. minsun park

      1M likes is coming

    90. Dayana Neyra

      Lets go Atiny fighting

    91. Haneul ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      Back here :) the chorus is stick in my mind now ahaha #choicexatiny

    92. kris's wu Fan

      Atiny where's mingi ? Just a casual listener here

      1. Safe and Sound

        @kris's wu Fan yes~ we always wait for him, and he could comeback whenever hes ready

      2. kris's wu Fan

        @Safe and Sound awwwn hope he recovers soon

      3. Safe and Sound

        @kris's wu Fan hes focusing on recovery from anxiety. Based on what other members say Mingi doing well and getting better.

      4. kris's wu Fan

        @Anna Łopuszańska what's wrong ?

      5. kris's wu Fan

        @Safe and Sound why ?

    93. guybear


      1. guybear


      2. guybear


    94. اياز تكوشين

      ATEEZ FAN AND MY BAIS IS MINGI وانا عربي وافتخر I WAS LOVE BTS BUT NOW I LOVE THEY A little BIT thanks for like

    95. Eduardo DIAZ


    96. Error 404

      Good morning

      1. Kayleigh Marie Roberts

        Good morning

      2. Karla Fraire

        Good Morning !!!!!!!

    97. Suria Suria


    98. An Michelle


    99. sh

      “Why are you guys crying?” Atinys: Mingis 'FIX ON'