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    An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...

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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: )

      1. No Shit!

        Hahaha he said " who is this redneck? ". I love your content but with that face and hat, i feel like uncle jimbo from southpark talking smart. I guess if uncle jimbo got a little smarter everyday since the show started, he would be smart by now and become a true cartoon of you. 🤣

      2. E

        Bro you are big brain

      3. G-3R0

        Meat servo... Thanks a lot Destin, I hate it.

      4. redy setgo

        I knew the third patreon face looked like you

      5. YK cam

        honestly you suck at pool if you need a robot

    2. Nicolas Mossu

      7:44 florida man

    3. itsVolatile

      its scary how smart this boi is

    4. bibo benabda

      Love your work and ideas

    5. Sam

    6. LickMyFeet

      “I wanna play pool how it was suppose to be played” Builds a robotic pool stick thing.

    7. Downstruck CastingOG

      This is the new micheal reeves

    8. ashraf elmahdi

      Better than se*

    9. Jonas Spieß

      Can someone spell the name of the "funny little tags" at 5:52? Thank you :)

    10. Dark Wizard

      Mate have someone told you you're a genius?

    11. Jacob Rosey

      No way he does all this shit himself

    12. Ghosty

      This is gonna be on ur recommended

    13. Jan Schneider

      now sync 2 tables over the internet.. both players play physically and execute the shots of the other poerson with their robo stick

    14. Sudhanshu

      15:45 Time complexity : O(n^999999)

    15. Antonios Giannopapas

      Imaging traveling back in time to the far West, go to a saloon with that stick and play bet with the wild guys.

    16. Jai Tropik

      Robots are not better than us nor they will never be because of who we really are.

    17. Shlok Dobhada

      The 1 guy in the line to go to Mars

    18. icedlatte

      All that work for a determined man to best his wife, and in the end it still feels like he lost. Women are scary

    19. Shlok Dobhada

      This is how an engineer should be

    20. Isaac Maciel Gomez Carvalheiro Carvalheiro

      What's the editor/app that he using when he showed the equations maths?

    21. Dylan Muters

      I could see this on roobet like a live pool game cash bets

    22. vinsen patrick

      This guy... 💯

    23. Damian Poma

      That fist bump LMAO

    24. TN.

      I love that you're using CONCEPTS app

    25. japphan

      I wanted to see how he would solve the side spin. I guess he quit once it got hard. Everything else looks fairly straightforward (but lots of work, and a fun result anyway).

    26. ArtificialWay

      I’m doing the traveling salesman problem in my unmanned systems class so the algorithm for optimal shot selection is topical and awesome!

    27. Mhmd Fakhro

      people like you, my brother, have extincted

    28. John R

      If you, Mark Rober and Destin Sandlin ever started a company, it would be valued more than Amazon in under 5 years.

    29. Kumar G Bankapur


    30. Wiebittewas

      if you do this in your freetime what is your actual Job? :D

    31. muay thai

      he´s a very smart gay i cant imagaine how much work that was but both he and his wife look and sound dead inside

    32. Luis Otero

      no microcenter in florida so it's poop.

    33. Mark Eikel

      I really want to see this system try to always make a 1 shot game win. I doubt the tolerances would allow crazy shots, but you could totally have it prioritize sinking multiple balls per shot.

    34. Seyi Ayoade

      What’s the iPad app name?

    35. Eric B.

      Just the magic robotic tip.

    36. Peter Kleppe

      Now just make robots instead of people and put like 100 tables in a ware house and employ engineers to do repairs and make it where they can spend money on the game

    37. The Dude

      Very cool~🤓

    38. Felipe Almeida

      is it possible to sync the lines with a google glass?

    39. Siddhant Jain

      go get a kid😂

    40. Justin Pegues

      Robots are better then you, probably get more play then yo lame self

    41. Yash

      I love how humble he is

    42. Dheeraj Kumar

      You are Dope !!!

    43. divertechnology

      this is the kind of guy that can beat china in tech.

    44. SelfTaughtArtist1

      Brother. That was one of the best videos I’ve ever seen that simply describes an arduous process in an entertaining way. I can dig it.

    45. Ilkka Hiltula

      I have never felt myself so stupid as watching this 🤣🤣

    46. divertechnology

      love that woman from the beginning. the robot is amazing.. thats another level definitely

    47. Lanny

      well, i guess im not smart anymore

    48. BullFree Gaming

      Challenge met: Back in the Aol area we had access to pogo pool now known as pool shark? The physics engine calculates all of this but also includes gravity so you can realistically hop or bounce shots. But who's counting right. Doesnt matter, this is a cool project.

    49. wadle dee 7986XD

      7:44 Lmao

    50. WoofyDoggie

      It'll be good and make me happy If there is Micro Center Store in my Country😒😐🤔

    51. Mane Volent

      brooo0... i need you to help me with my life

    52. Adham Khaled

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      Playing pool now

    54. Stuff Enzo

      Ads and sponsor shit. Blacklisted!

    55. Muzammil Muhamad

      11:28 "Sometimes It's Best To Move On" 👀

    56. Logan

      this is so fake

    57. zamichu

      This guy took “Work smart, not hard” to a whole new level.

    58. Qrisys

      youtube was made for videos like this to be made

    59. Dan Datiles

      He is pure genius that I am only waiting for him to reveal that HE MADE HIS WIFE.

    60. Jeff Smith

      Could you potentially program a perfect repeatable game

    61. PBerni Music

      Your whife is cute. 🙃

    62. Jendl Irlandez

      But can that bot do the Efren Reyes signature shot? If not then it’s still not as good as the best.

    63. Aytunc

      What the genius

    64. amph3

      The effort behind this is just rediculous and really fun to watch. Thumbs up!👍

    65. Tyler Scales

      my brain feels like its getting massaged while watching this

    66. Tyler Scales


    67. violet paul

      i'm hoping my little comment could help his video get into someone's homepage because this is just amazing.

    68. Ghanshyam Thakur

      You are genius

    69. Hyungjun Kim


    70. Slim

      Thanks now i feel stupid

    71. Debprasad Banerjee

      who is this guy? My inner nerd has the biggest crush on him.

    72. Dmytro Rohov

      Holly fuck! Beyond impressed.

    73. Ladi Ladi

      A social distance pool game have players play over the internet & not in person how unique

    74. Abdul Razif

      u are wrong,the robots is higher intelligent but human become more smarter

    75. Ladi Ladi

      Such dedication & a tedious, very to me consuming process I actually admire it

    76. kholio 123

      you should collab with Mark Rober Channel!

    77. LC Saiyan

      I wanted to skip to the end just to see the results But then I just wanted to see a bit more ...and a bit more...and a bit more It was VEEERY interesting and smart Nice

    78. Reece Coad

      You should see if you can beat a professional

    79. Fuck You

      This Video Sucked

    80. ronnette harvey

      I really had to sit back and think about this. I love the technology and this is my favorite game. I've won a lot of money through the years and watched a lot of bar fights mostly because I was a woman beating the men. Did you know as little as 50 years ago the women were not allowed to tournament with the men? Probably for good reason...I hated playing with the women back then almost none could barely hold a stick correctly but wanted to compete. I've won at the women's tourney and walked up to the winner of the men's and put my trophy beside theirs and announced loudly... ONE GAME, HEADS UP,. MY TROPHY FOR YOURS. I started a lot of laughs but after leaving with their winnings then soon the women played with the men. After that women began to get better. Fast! Once I was in a billiards club and a police officer was called in. I knew I hadn't been gambling so I wasn't scared. Come to find out they called him in to play me. It was best out of three. He was very good. But I was much better! Wish we would of had cell phones back then. I would love to watch it all over again. Even people who didn't like me have given me more encouragement than what I see you get. You are brilliant! Wish I was there to pat you on the back. You deserve it. And by the way, I've had a baby. What you went through May not have been painful like delivery but you definitely had stress, concern, watching the development of your creation. ( I know only God creates. But for lack of a better way to put it). Anyway...I'd call it your baby. Sure do. Thanks for a video that totally enthralled me. It's really been a long time since I had such interest in such mundane things. And thanks for the memories it gave me.

    81. Keigo Gaming

      "The robot is not your kid. We've talked about this..."

    82. Michael Bringloe

      Ronnie O'sullivan built this 30 years ago.

    83. Ingala Sacha

      This dude knows math, coding, electronics, engineering, forging, filming, editing, pool, at least I'm almost 27 and I can't figure out how to move out from my mom's house This is the kind of effort that makes technology progress

    84. Zebbiez

      Stuff made here fans: no he skipped the Science part. Mark rober fans: no the science part☹️

    85. nitin

      Damn man. Your dedication is on another level

    86. rich4444hrsm

      Shane, a couple pool things to aim for... I also think one very cool commercial application would be to make a small brainbox (Raspberry PI HDMI out) to power a projector, sell the software easily, using it as a tool to learn how to play pool (and/or built in games). The display on the table is very nice. I think that could be a cool buy, especially if you have it built into a table light you hang above the table. I realize setup would be challenging, just a thought, I think it would be pretty trendy. Anyway, the trick in pool (let's say you want to run a table, really the ultimate goal, never give your opponent a shot), is to find the order you want to shoot the balls in (if possible) and then you use spin to put the cue ball in the best possible position for the next shot. Every shot is as easy as possible that way (it isn't about making a hard shot, it is about giving yourself an easy shot). Practice just using a ton of back spin to start. Try and hit a ball straight into a pocket, and use backspin to back the ball ALL the way down the table (you get a feel for it, it is like "following through" the shot). Then you can experiment with top and side spins, but they affect how you hit the ball FYI. Mostly, if you aim through the ball though, the point follows on contact, so if you aim with a little english on the ball, you are just aiming differently and have to account for that. The balls will really move off the rails differently, and different quality rails also matter (some are stiffer or looser). Different felts or un-level tables also can make a huge difference. Often when I play (I'm a mediocre player, just for fun no competition) I look about 3-4 shots forward. Then, another big trick is if you have a ball that is impeded, you actually use english to free it up (knocking it away from other balls). That can get challenging, but it is often necessary to run a table. You will have at least one ball you will need to break free. Last but not least, when it comes to bank shots, it is much easier to make a shot hitting the target ball off the rail vs. the cue ball off the rail then into the target ball, and some rail shots (3 rail, 5 rail, etc) are easier than others (2 rail, etc). hope that helps :)

    87. Clayton Johnson

      Closest microcenter to me is 301 miles away. Who ever runs their company does a crappy job of picking new locations.

    88. Dave Auburn

      Earned yourself a sub. Great video.

    89. Robert Lim

      0:04 thats how villains born

    90. Ryno Art 88

      No micro center in Wisconsin :(

    91. владимир елизаров

      why am I feeling so proud for the success ,man computer engineering is something

    92. Ryno Art 88

      In high school this man was a top tier dork. But now he's the fkn man! I bet all those ppl who made fun of nerds, feel like dumbass' now.

    93. Matthew Steinhardt

      Absolutely insane. Although the hell he went through debugging the entire thing gives me a new appreciation for test-driven development

    94. Тарас Горб

      Пусть такую тему попробует для русского бильярда (пирамида)

    95. Alexander Tsiolkovski

      Looks like Jeff Goldblum's grandson

    96. Luke Stein

      projecter turns on** “Florida Man”

    97. Migindu Sinhalage

      Also available

    98. OKH

      "I'm an idiot" he said.. then I'm a potato.. LOL

    99. Eric Gao

      I love how the QR code at 6:02 goes to "you have too much time" lol

    100. Thiccatron

      he’s hacking in real life