Best Stopgap GPU? Are Future Graphics Card Launches Doomed? Hot 5800X? February Q&A [Part 3]

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    Video Index:
    00:00 - Welcome Back to Hardware Unboxed
    00:36 - Does the Ryzen 7 5800X Run Hot?
    01:49 - Are Future Graphics Card Launches Doomed?
    03:06 - Why Did We Switch to Testing with 32GB of RAM?
    06:03 - Best Stopgap GPU?
    07:56 - What Monitor Does Steve Want to Be In?
    08:34 - Issues with Flashing Nvidia GPUs for ReBAR?
    11:24 - What Does it Mean for Future of PC Gaming?
    12:51 - Why are Radeon RX 6000 AIB Cards Better?
    13:51 - Are People Complaining About GPU Supply Wrong?
    15:53 - Thoughts on NXZT H1 Issue
    19:18 - Lack of Topics?
    23:10 - Current Most Demanding PC Games
    25:58 - Outro
    Best Stopgap GPU? Are Future Graphics Card Launches Doomed? Hot 5800X? February Q&A [Part 3]
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    1. Chef Trotz

      I RMA my Sapphire 6900xt two days of usage...the store I got it from gave me a 6900xt Asus TUF because Sapphire would have took 3 months to get a new one

    2. Dorkside Systems

      The reason you need more than 16gb is not the games. It’s because I usually have ALOT going on in the background, second monitor with lots of tabs open, Amazon music, multiple gaming apps etc depending on what games being played. While I didn’t struggle with 16gb if your a user that has multiple displays or tend to have a lot of open stuff behind the game the increase certainly helps

    3. Nick V

      ...a desolate wasteland... a note of positivity from Hardware Unboxed!

    4. Ceil Yurie

      Nothing for stopgap then. RX 570s used are still like 400+ used, seen 500+. And how the FUCK do I get a bot that won't fuck me over with buying a fucking picture? And what discord bot, I never fucking heard of any.

    5. Neil Ogaard

      Even bots are useless to get a GPU at realistic prices. Anyone who claims to be getting them are paying massively jacked up AIB prices. Others simply never show replenishing stock. I've been tracking bots for weeks now and they're useless for real pricing, only for massively inflated pricing but _available._ As a gamer that also pays attention to mining forums and has my cards mining 24/7 when I'm not gaming here's the skinny. Miners can't help but brag when they get their hands on such hard to acquire GPUs so it's easy to see which AIBs are doing what. Asus, XFX, and Powercolor are the biggest offenders for jacking MSRPs on their own stores through Amazon. Tons of mining rigs are surfacing with racks of identical Sapphire cards bought directly from Sapphire while zero stock is going to etailers. PNY and Palit are sending all stock to miners as well. Gigabyte shows a tiny trickle to etailers, also at massively inflated prices, but vast amounts of them are showing up in mining farms as well. Only MSI and EVGA don't seem to be selling pallets directly to miners in any real form but are definitely jacking MSRPs to 220%+ of reference pricing, and we all know MSI was caught scalping cards even before the mining boom blew up. There's no good guys, just different levels of evil spitting in gamers' faces. Your only option is reference cards which AMD bold face lied about replenishing but Nvidia DID restock Best Buy with 3060tis, 3070s and 3080s as recently as Feb 25th, and that's at MSRP. Problem is I guarantee scalpers watch Best Buy like hawks to snag those cards asap for maximum profit. Even if it's just marketing along with nerfing the 3060 at least Nvidia is _pretending_ to care about gamers while everyone else straight up tells you to pay up or fuck off, or just straight up fuck off cause they send 100% stock to miners.

    6. V B

      The hole wasnt THROUGH the power on the PCB. It was just very very close. And a screw put in repeatedly would strip the plastic away

    7. Steven McCluskey

      A big Cities Skylines map will bring every pc to it's knees.

    8. kingdomkey2011

      I'm liking and leaving a comment on every video from now and going all the way back to January

    9. Sean Crees

      A friend of mine just bought components for 2x PC's, ended up spending $250 and $300 for USED 1050ti's.

    10. Mi2Lethal

      8:46 appropriate response from steve

    11. Jason Hurdlow

      FWIW, People are confused about Stadia. The service is not shutting down (yet), just their in-house game development. I tried Stadia for about 3 months (they sent me free hardware so why not?). It wasn't bad, kids liked it. It was fun to sit on the couch and game (we don't have any consoles), but we all have gaming PCs and just didn't use it enough to warrant paying for it. That being said, if you can't find a GPU or console, or don't have the cash to do so, it's not a bad option. It mostly worked, though sometimes you'd get a comical freeze and fast-forward.

    12. Volfenhaag Jaeckel

      this video came up on recommended play list , looks like you might be back in business guys .

    13. Stian Litland

      GN Support

    14. iTry2Game2

      I've been running a 5800X for a few weeks now, It's at stock with a beQuiet Dark pro rock 3 air cooler, I've been constantly monitoring how hot it gets with GPU-Z. I'm primarily a gamer & usually it sits in the 60's under a gaming load. I've seen mid seventies when I'm compiling a video in the background while I play a game or watch something on DEfasts.

    15. Paul Hopwood

      STILL watching. GUYS!!!! Open a Bitchute account guys. I'll continue to watch you there FREE from political bullshit :)

    16. SUCRA

      Always interested guys, just make stuff haha. Thanks for the video.

    17. Tobe Ebot

      I didnt work as a Engineer ... i also made my own pcbs😂

    18. Earnest Williams

      DEfasts can't shadowban you from my heart!

    19. Vaodin

      this is a comment.

    20. Jay

      Are your video's being blocked in the US? When I search for Hardware unboxed it is only showing videos from 2 months ago. I had to fast forward a 2 month old video near the end to get the embedded link for this video.

    21. blub

      Tim looks like a grown up jimmy neutron. So cute!

    22. Caleb Bruce

      I'm sorry I absolutely love this channel but your response to the stadia question is just an example of why PC Master race is such a toxic and horrible community... instead of welcoming and supporting a way to bring the poorest people in the world a possibility to bring a small amount of fun or enjoyment to their menial lives. It was laughed at would you still be laughing if it were a twelve-year-old asking this question from a underdeveloped country with the benefits of a halfway decent internet connection but less than $20 in his pocket probably all that he's going to have in his pocket for months are you going to laugh at that kid cuz that's the person who would have most benefited somebody who had just enough money for a video game but not enough money to spend on a new console or even a used computer... again I really really love this channel and I don't blame you specifically because the entire PC community did so it's well it was shameful literally shameful

      1. Hardware Unboxed

        Given you need the very best Internet to use a high latency gaming service like Stadia, it's not suitable for any of the scenarios you suggested. We understand the technology, we understand the limitations, it's not ideal for most people or most gamers which is why it hasn't and won't take the gaming world by storm. If your hypothetical was even remotely possible you can rest assured it would be implemented.

      2. Caleb Bruce

        @Hardware Unboxed it's very probable that it is not used that way however I couldn't help what I heard of it but to think back whenever I was a child and couldn't afford damn near anything my parents were working class not even poor and yet still had to make extremely tough decisions financially to gives me and my brother a console and I was lucky many of my friend had parents who weren't so stable they had to play at my house that is the tough reality... and that tough reality has led me to never forget that there are people who would bend over backwards and jump for joy in order to get a little bit of entertainment in their lives, you know the kind of entertainment that doesn't involve standing around on street corners and trying to stay alive. Again I would love to stress that I 100% enjoy your content and completely respect you guys you guys are awesome and it was really the whole community that shunned stadia I just found it really disappointing

      3. Hardware Unboxed

        Is that really how Stadia and similar services are used?

    23. Matty B

      As content creators, what do you think the current lack of topics to make videos about means for the future of PC gaming?

    24. kmmatney

      At least you can get GT710 and GTX1030 cards. You need "something" if you have a Ryzen (or even some Intel) cpus without on-board graphics. It would be crazy if those couldn't be purchased, and you had no way of having graphics with a Ryzen cpu. It does give the intel cpus more value npw, since you can at least use the IGP for a while.

    25. GeneralSouL

      I really think about buying a really basic RTX 3060 for 540 Euros today. If i manage to get one: am i wasting my money? Currently it feels like if i dont take this chance i wont get one in the next 6 months.

    26. Bobcat665

      If y'all are still wondering where the PC components market is heading, word is coming out that we might be waiting as long as A YEAR AND A HALF for things to even start to resemble any state of normalcy - up to a year from now for the crisis to start winding down and then another couple quarters after that for things to normalize. I repeat: A freaking year and a half!!! Imagine having to wait until the autumn of 2022 to be able to buy a CPU or graphics card at MSRP (or less). This is not good. 😑

    27. stephen barnard


      1. stephen barnard

        why is this not a benchmark

    28. Juventino Gaytan

      I recently built a new PC and the only GPU I could get at that time was a GT 210. I bought it and then I later returned it and purchased a Zotac Gaming Nvidia 1650. I don’t really game much anymore although I did fire up my old copy of StarCraft II which seems to run just fine. I mainly needed a competent computer to be able to stream good live video when I teaching uni courses online. I also invested in a 1080P capable webcam for better video as well as a lapel micr. Is the Nvidia 1650 GPU comparable to the 1030 you mention in this video? Thanks.

    29. David VK5PL

      Stadia? what is Stadia?

    30. Christopher Hadsell

      Watching your videos is relaxing for me. Even with all the hardware shortages. I feel more relaxed, so I try to catch one before I head to bed!

    31. spacegamblerjr

      gpu prices are crazy if you want a decent card at a reasonable price right now is the rx 580 going for $260 used on ebay thats a 8gb gdr5 which is comparable to a 1660 which are going for $500 used on ebay also.

    32. revokdaryl1

      We have bigger problems at the moment. The whole world is doomed.

    33. Shini1984

      Using bots for resale - bad! Making profit? Bad! Using it to "buy stuff for friends" - good, thumbs up, especially if friends pay you extra for NOT scalping using bots! Yes, that's not scalping, that's a not bottling and it definitely isn't a problem! Yayz for double standardz.

    34. Alexander Lee

      I absolutely love your guyses q&A series. I wish you guys did a podcast of some sort.

    35. Stratus Axarlis

      DCS as a game benefits a lot from 32 i have 32 ever since3 years ago and even for programming work i do they great

    36. Ethan

      Where's the cat ;-;

    37. Mopantsu

      Welcome to Hardware Unavailable :D

    38. Darth Wheazius

      Tech Ned Kelly and Monitor Man....🙄

    39. brucethen

      The hitman engine is a bit hit and miss

    40. Jeffrey Photonboy

      *BIOS CORRUPTION* My Asus X470-F Gaming motherboard (R9-3900x installed) hung up during a BIOS flash just a week ago. I stared at the BIOS screen thinking I was screwed. I let it sit for five minutes before rebooting expecting a black screen... but I got some text telling me to flash a certain BIOS to fix the corruption... when I investigated online it turned out I could just download any BIOS for my motherboard to a FAT32 formatted USB stick, then RENAME it (even had a handy EXE to auto rename for me). I guess when it's trying to REPAIR a corrupt BIOS it's in some basic mode that only works with one file name... anyway, this time it finished the BIOS update with the SAME BIOS file (latest one) and it worked. Whew! (Not sure if that's common or not, but I assume video cards with a single BIOS may be capable of the same thing)

    41. MozartificeR

      After Lovelace, there should be, PASCQWARL.

    42. Dan Phillips

      GPU's or as they are now called MPU's Mining processing unit.

    43. Ben Sharen Li

      CRT Steve would be nice.

    44. NORDIC

      Couldn't find a new GPU for my new build, so I just bought a GTX 960 and slapped it into the PC and it works like wonders suprisingly 😂

    45. Mandragoras

      Whether said or not, your reviews ARE high quality.

    46. Phoenix

      I guess I'm quite lucky that I got 3080 a month after launch day.

    47. Mattix

      My 3070 brokey so I am using a 75$ gtx 960

    48. Thanny

      17:30 The PCB wasn't designed with the hole. It was designed and built, and then someone realized they needed a way to mount it to the case, so they just drilled a couple holes. As it turned out, on one end, the hole was very close to a 12V power plane (which did not cover the entire layer), meaning it was only a matter of time before a metal screw wore away enough of the PCB material to make contact with the power plane, causing a short to ground.

    49. Thanny

      The most important thing to remember when flashing a new BIOS on pretty much any hardware is to use a UPS. The main reason for bricking is losing power while flashing.

    50. Pure Quality Ice

      Could Dyson sphere Program be a new system tester?

    51. Octane gamer

      With the state of gpu shortage, are gonna you making a benchmark vid on previous gen GPUs and see how they hold up to today's standards and create guide for certain resolution and framerate

    52. Charlymander

      the 5000X line get hot but only if you use like the shitty stock cooler and poor case air flow. Get any custom cooler and you're good

    53. PapaP86

      I would say Control and Metro Exodus to add to the games mentioned (though much more GPU dependent).

    54. Lungho

      At the time of this comment, there are currently 50 heathens. :-) Good job guys. Enjoy the content very much.

    55. Kwai Puak

      Sold the 5700xt in August for close to retail. Ran an old 390x waiting for a 3080, burned it up and got a 5500xt which I can sell for nearly retail now that I got the 3080. It's a weird world... I EARNED money on my r5 3600...

    56. nicodabastard

      God-damn Tim your german porn stash is glorious !!!!!

    57. justinas pocevicius

      Guys you are plain stupid, by debating on nvdia marketing strategy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    58. bback

      Excellent. Regarding games that are hard for GPU and CPU. Check out Star Citizen. Just in alpha though, but the prettiest game out there imo.

    59. QuantumTV

      There are "some" 4GB RX 570/580's in my country being sold used for about 70-80 euros. So if my GPU decides to die, guess i can just get one of those, so not completely doomed. :)

    60. daniel booton

      For a stop-gap GPU, 5700 XT is a good bet - availability isn't too bad either.

    61. Randomly Interesting

      RDR2 looks absolutely freaking the best. After playing Cyberpunk on maxed out settings I went back to RDR2 and was able to unlock all the extra graphics settings in addition to the regular ones to the absolute max and the game looks freaking fantastic

    62. allan wee

      do try potrait mode monitor steve

    63. Bren Louis Surio

      So glad I bought 5700 XT on its release month. I can probably stay here for another year or two.

    64. Peter Vansan

      Still now monitor vs monitor talk? Lame

    65. Neoceres1980

      Hi Guys, love your content, the impartiality, and everything you guys do. But I think that the current situation of the Vcards and hardware availability is getting to a point that it's unsustainable... It's time for me to find a new Hobby, nothing good it's coming from the PC Master Race or Console King race. Thank you guys for all the Years, with well-informed reviews and opinions, I've been following you for over 4 years but I need to move forward, Again I appreciate all your professionalism and effort. You have tried to help the community by informing the manufactures how mad are we with their marketing and selling politics. Good luck in all your endeavours and have fun.

    66. Tech Survival Guide

      As Ethereum is currently one of the most profitable cryptocurrencies to mine, and it's DAG has now gone over 4GB (4.1GB as of this comment), you may find availability of 4GB cards improving, or 4GB cards that have been used for mining finding their way onto the used market. This could make cards like a 4GB RX 570 or RX 5500 XT a good choice as a stopgap GPU. Longer term (18 months+), Ethereum will move to Ethereum 2.0 which is not created by mining, but rather staking.

    67. Erik Schiegg

      I need a double gin, bartender! -Tell me... Found an affordable source, was told I would not have to pay any custom fees or taxes, as it was an inland shipping, shovelled dough to my PayPal account to find out at the last page of the pre-ordering process, that PayPal is not available in my country. GNNN. Another-one!

    68. AwtZ zzZzZz

      I was thinking what if the head is cropped and bounced around like tv screen saver.

    69. Emulation

      Do a vid on old gpus guys, maybe even really old ones

    70. Kameron Baker

      Man the gt1030 is always getting a bad rap, it was my first gpu and now it's in my best friends rig, it literally runs 99% of games we play just fine. I would venture to say it's rare to find a gamer that exclusively plays games made in the last 3 years, let alone them all being aaa titles.

    71. Mathias Bruun Larsen

      18:00 design rules in PCB LAYOUT SW are adapted to the manufacturing process (not using default rules) in larger companies. The holes are also not drilled after the fact as these are usually plated, which would require it being at the PCB manufacturer. What likely happened is that the design rules were set after the process tolerances e.g. via and drill tolerances, but not taking into account that someone would have to fit a(n arguably too large) screw through the hole. As PCB manufacturing is extremely precise compared to that of screws and especially the diameter of the screw threading, this will get into contact with the traces/planes close to the hole. Thus in my opinion this is likely a communication error between the electrical and mechanical engineers. Br an electronics hardware designer (M.Sc EE)

    72. Gruxxan

      I don't care any more, I got my RTX 3070 Suprim on friday 😆

    73. rddr41

      Backlog gaming retro gaming, is the way to go :)

    74. Marky B

      The future of gaming? A Mad Max style wasteland with gamers murdering each other for an RX570.

    75. kelownatechkid

      the idea of using the many unused stadia gpu resources for mining being a better use, now that is a good laugh haha

    76. D. T.

      Only reason I went from 16GB to 32GB memory was my favorite p2p client being an ass and hogging a lot of memory whenever I would download high amount of files

    77. Eternal Reign

      Yes! We need more videos on how us regular users can use bots for personal use. A lot of YT channels talking about how bad the situation is, but nobody offering solutions. One solution might be for retailers to use a unique or randomly generated URL every time they post a new shipment of CPU/GPU's. From what I understand, these bot scripts scan the same static URL all day for availability, so they wouldn't work if the URL's were dynamic. For example, the other day I was on Newegg refreshing the page for a 3060ti and suddenly a new one popped up. It was a refurb with a new URL. It was available for 15 minutes before it disappeared from the page. Randomly generated URL's would work.

    78. ZZstaff

      I find that 32GB is used up by COD MW if played for 3 hours or so, that game is a real RAM hog. [I currently have 48GB.]

    79. SinkingSail

      Hammer On Box and Gamers Nexus are my favorite channels.

    80. suhas0059

      Gt 1030 doesn't have nvenc encoder

    81. Kalark

      I own a 5800x and i can concur that I haven't run into any issues

    82. Martin Badoy

      We need a cable management app that will throw up a ton of errors... :p

    83. JJL AK

      Thumbs up for heathen remark lol

    84. JohnSTF72

      Next do a Real Time Steve and Monitor Tim. At 144Hz minimum please :)

    85. Agnot Wot

      Why does no one ever point out the fact that the underlying chip shortage is doing more damage to gpu supply than miners are. The semiconductor shortage is so bad that auto manufacturers are slowing production because they can't get chips for new cars. Almost everything that requires memory chips is being hit by this and not just the gpu market.

    86. N47H4NI3L Aus

      1660 super and 1660ti are still in stock. Best bang for buck stopgap GPU right now in my opinion


      I have collected hd 7970_r9 290x_ r9 fury_ rx 580_ rx 5500xt_ rx 5600xt and lastly an rx 6900xt but I want to sell them because I need money I am really don't know what to do. What do you recommend me to do guys?

    88. Jon Oden

      How about resizable BAR doesn't make enough of a difference to risk flashing a 3090?

    89. RJ DJ

      Sold my RX 580 8GB for CAD $570 and am stopgap-ping with a GT240 lmao.

    90. Imran J

      that guy bought 4 3080's for "friends" ... yeah right I'm sure he's a scalper.

    91. Mike Bruzzone

      1030 I never reported that deep in the stack and its good primary overage and back in time is clearing on industry with open market channel testing what is the bottom, so primary production knows when to engage ahead on full throttle not destroying worthwhile capital financial accumulated inventory values. mb

    92. Un7ucky

      ok how do i settup a bot to buy a gpu?

    93. Thicc Wine

      This gpu apocalypse sucks for someone who wants to build a first pc. I've literally been forced to get a prebuilt just because that's the only way I can get a gpu at this point

    94. John Evans

      Although it is tempting to become a heathen, but I'll give the video a like.

    95. pdX5M _

      I think you were referencing AC Valhalla and not Odyssey right? Valhalla is definitely a demanding game - even with an i9-10850k and an RTX 2070 it still chugs along at times on the high preset. 3080's need to become more readily available!!!!!!

    96. 257ersSupport

      We really need two monitors talking to each other.

    97. Yura just a guy

      Guys! Why don’t you start reviewing Chinese laptops? MechRevo, Hasee, they has been selling laptops with rtx 3060 for a month now. I was particularly impressed with mechrevo rtx 3060 laptop coupled with 4800h. Just a suggestion in case you need a topic.

    98. Kan Guru

      I have a spare 980ti. I should be able to get $600 for it on eBay, no?

    99. heroofharo

      Best stop gap GPU is Geforce now. $25 for 6 months. Just set my borther up with a year of it. Wanted to build a basic gaming PC with him, but it's obviously cost prohibitive right now. Set it up today and honestly, GeforceNow was amazing. Played destiny 2 at max settings on his phone even with an xbox controller.

    100. Jack Cowley

      Running my 5800X on a 360mm AIO in a Lian Li O11D I get peaks temps of 80, gaming low 60 and idle 40. Seems hotter than other Zen 3 cpus