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    1. Never Ever

      Tiktok is Cancer!

    2. LizzyKitty127

      Please don't ship this in my recommended again, please please don't show this video very, very weird, disturbing video, my bro gu bcuux9zd Google ya.

    3. Sukma Cs

      Hxjiudnbdii hdu

    4. CrisiBoss Applesauce


    5. ب ب


    6. meysha kriting

      very funny Make me laugh 😂😂 help subscribe to cahenel sha Sha yah🥳🥳

    7. Riki Doang


    8. Keren Martinez


    9. It is what it is

      Why does this make me so mad.

    10. PLnightcore

      Did you know that they are from Poland?

    11. Rayan Ameen

      like song

    12. Kamino

      Look where she put this to him and where he for she. Conclusions?

    13. Codename Gheast

      God Damn Renai Circulation On English Is Annoying

    14. ・Gacha Yai・

      That's a cheat

    15. anima

      Here we have ani cringe juice and anti cringe pills who wants one???

    16. Bronson Olson

      You are a man child

    17. Kopila Adhikari

      Wow nice did

    18. Zooz Ali

      Good job

    19. Josh Harper

      Hate ya bye

    20. Dims 000

      انتم ما لاحضتو

    21. Dims 000

      البنت جاي شويه حوله والله

    22. Tik Tok studia

      Это иногда больно

    23. Basherk7

      His wife is more Manley than him. Sad...

    24. Mentor Arifaj




    26. Норка

      ЛаРиЛаРиЛа ЛаРиЛаРиЛа

      1. Норка

        Шутка (:

      2. Норка

        Поп ИТ фуууу )))

      3. Норка

        Симпл димпл топппп !!!!


      Challenge and the bear brand

    28. Kill Zero


    29. irene ruiz

      Sb ssnnssndndnxmsmms

    30. عبدالله الغامدي


    31. Catfish4Days

      when cringe hits level 100

    32. Analia rafaela Acevedo


    33. GodOfTheWinter

      This song is from a anime where the main characters is a pedo who chases after his younger sister...

    34. Yumekawa yui

      Vì phụ nữ từng bÁn móng tai nên chịu đc

    35. XghostSITE

      If you Tiktokers keep using that song I will make sure you won’t step foot on anything again

      1. WarFlame


      2. XghostSITE

        @your_localweeb that’s what i am saying we gotta take a stand

      3. your_localweeb

        The songs to good for tiktokers and some of them make fun of weebs for watching anime and then they use this song like wtf

    36. AKA Chicken Nuggets

      I just got this goddamn song out of my head, why

    37. Zaphhyre

      Please stop using the English riene circulation it’s driving me crazy

    38. Miriam Edits

      Anyone gonna talk about the music? Renai Circulation English Cover?

      1. Miriam Edits

        @Codename Gheast Japanese is so much better!

      2. Codename Gheast

        Yeah, But I Like The Japanese, And Its Better In Term Of Fact

    39. Guillermina Harrison

      The lady is good but the man is not good

    40. Princessara Sara


    41. Denis G

      If you look closely the woman put the clips on the mans ear LOBES and we all know that the part of the ear that hurts most is the lobe. But the man put the clips on the womans helix which we also know that we barely feel any pain on the helix. Case Closed.

      1. Denis G

        @The Mozzarella Minister Yea. An actor that never acted before could do better cuz ma dude over here legit screamed over some clips on his ear

      2. The Mozzarella Minister

        Its also a fake video. and even if you got a clip put on your earlobe with the lowest pain tolerance in the world you still wouldn’t have that overdramatic reaction



    43. Connell Koba



      Does anyone here know what this is all about?

    45. Ahmadfadil Fadil


    46. Ridin A Shrimp

      Her not reallizing this song is from an anime that a brother and sister f🙄k

      1. DXdombiekiller

        @Hachater I love you now that I know that's what's the anime is about I'll make sure to watch it to see how. Bad it is and properly report it

      2. Hachater

        @DXdombiekiller isnt it bakemonogatari? I dont know the story but the opening is from bakemonogatari

      3. DXdombiekiller

        @Hachater I agree good sir

      4. Hachater

        @DXdombiekiller yes this is really important

      5. DXdombiekiller

        For research purposes what anime ? Also is their a doujinshi for it I gotta make sure your sources are correct

    47. eze gamer tube

      I now want to listen to the anime song

    48. eze gamer tube

      Where is the anime song from

    49. Fuminggrain

      What the fuck did I just watch

    50. Aranza Aranda

      Ella lo puso hasta abajo las pincas tramposa

    51. haruxri

      Pon dylantero cyrculation

    52. Iron Content


    53. Joanne Geeson

      Everyone hate me

    54. Angeles Chavez


    55. TheGatekeeper

      Cap you barely feel anything on ur ears

    56. omar mohamed

      You Mortals have no right to use song that is so dear to us weebs for something is casuals this

      1. hamster edits


      2. CjMendeeezyYT

        i was looking for a comment about this its just cringe in english

    57. W33_Snipez

      What’s the song?

    58. CandyClone

      That is terrible acting 😑

    59. Luke Dragon!

      The boy got it on his soft bit but the girl didnt

    60. Ezekiel SFM


    61. Viviane Patrícia


    62. Raneisha Snowden


    63. Nýf

      Eu gostei dele mais ou menos do que ela =■=

    64. Alpha Eclipse

      And tictok ruined renai circulation... i really hate people

      1. Alpha Eclipse

        @TikToMania if you use tik tok, i automatically dislike you. Cringey trends and stupid people.

      2. TikToMania

        it's tiktok :) please don't hate us!

    65. • OTAK U •

      طبعا النتيجة معروفة

    66. Diman Udin

      Cewek nya gak ke sakitan likee ya yang aku komentar

    67. ARay Vander

      If u have gotten piercings, had tattoos, braided hair tightly, or worn clip on earrings u will pass.

      1. TikToMania

        To bad i have none of them, thinking about making a tattoo though :)

    68. Princess Mcknight

      Heel pure he the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the ththefe them the the the

    69. Roman Pérez

      Guei noooooiioo😂😂😂😂😂

    70. Roman Pérez

      Que pedo

    71. Nadoraki


    72. anime boy

      You guys ruined the whole song....

    73. Sobonna Ou


    74. Miss Dorra


    75. [Dark Mode Bruhify]

      This cover is awful and I hate it The original version is better And the video is bad

    76. loef27

      She looks like the glitter forever or glitter17 girl.

      1. Mr_ TinyLXND

        @loef27 wtf

      2. loef27

        Glitter forever or glitter 17 girl.

    77. Mary Mudcake

      As ss

    78. Голубой Вагон

      Хватит. Портить. Мои. Рекомендации

    79. たりらよこだよ


    80. bilishu aliss

      1 🙇🏻‍♀️

    81. Homar Alexander S. G.

      This is stupid

    82. مراد يوسف


    83. Jared Torres

      Bruh I think the my little pony song better than this song

    84. Hanjabam Shanti Shanti

      How did you do that girl 😯😯😯😏😏😏

      1. bilishu aliss


    85. alida flus


    86. EnjoyFunYT

      Now wtf

    87. Manuel Colin


    88. Trump Obama


    89. Khalsa Albahri

      لا تحاولو تقلد ذلاك

    90. miko foin

      That boy set the clip in close to hair. one clip in ear another on hair.

    91. Beverly Hickerson

      That's rude

    92. Abou ella 2

      Because you put it down in his ear but he phted it upp

      1. Mr_ TinyLXND


    93. ณุชจิรา คงสิบ


    94. Nichanan Nicha


    95. duy pham

      Man is nood

    96. Sunita Timilsina

      I think it is painful

    97. Ayana kiran


    98. Kitchie Marasigan


    99. Tony Gonzales

      That guy is GORGEOUS 😍

      1. Gulten Pan

        @Rosie ఌ why you doin my man like that lol

      2. Rosie ఌ

        are you sure about that?