Big Sean - Wolves ft. Post Malone


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    1. Chewang Namgyal Lachungpa

      Listening this song because of ❤POST MALONE ❤ Any one else.??

    2. Siyabonga Cimela

      I love this song man

    3. IndigoChildTarot 11

      My favorite time to come through is the clutch last second with a rush 🙌 spirit guides be like save em he part of the pack and im like yall done giving him karma yet . They are funny

    4. ABEL Ha

      Japan yes! 🇯🇵💓

    5. Johnpaul Marciano

      post malone: superman villain ( lex luthor)

    6. RetardedSkull SD

      I still cnt get ovr this heat by Trouble (@bigsean) ft P.Malone🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥💯💥

    7. Cooper

      Damn these two went innn

    8. huttio srreu

      Who else repeated this song more than 10 times??


      Raised by what😳😳😳😳? Me raised by🐑🐑🐑🐑

    10. Sarah Labiche

      They shuld hve used this song in jungle book😘

    11. oshadhi kodithuwakku

      This is dope ya all

    12. Camo Savant

      The video is fire

      1. huttio srreu


    13. Leena Iiyambo

      The only problem I figured out in this song is that it ends.

    14. Фозилжон Салихов

      Plain Jane)

    15. Jhakline Rosário

      Wait, OMG .. Mogli is that you??!

    16. Mangboi Tanghau

      Post..please grow those hair back

    17. 서준필

      02:06 I really like this part

    18. Real Talk

      Post killed it

    19. Kodie swerve

      If you are here in 2025, I was here first 5 years ago

    20. BiG MeRO


    21. Dominga Doflaminga

      For some reason, this sound fits BTS, I wish they could release a track of this vein

    22. Olatubosun Riberio


    23. J. MARIE


    24. Kevinche Palomo


    25. froshlite

      i was raised by mom, till am 21, now you see me shine............ subcribe for

    26. Omar Colley

      Am only here for post Malone

    27. Juan Ignacio Arriagada Würth

      im goin to meet post malone and big sean

    28. Khwadjo Arthur

      Post Malone on this one makes it fire 🔥 more ❤️❤️

    29. Kenneth House

      These folks sleeping on this ho noyap💯

    30. Kishore Mishra

      "Always in the game and never played by the rules" 🔥🔥

    31. Warren Toles

      "let's sing and rap about wolves so we don't get bit."

    32. Justinci Beyza


    33. Verdictions -

      Post Malone put here looking like Walter white 🤣😂

    34. Shitposter

      holiday by "little nas x" got 30mil in 1 week, this masterpiece only 2 mil(imma go kill myself)

    35. Savingsbytheshell

      I play this everyday! 🥰

    36. Leonardo Lara

      Big Theweeknd metro boomin Lol 😂

    37. Nsikelelo Mthembu

      The video effect when the beat drops is the most satisfying thing ever

    38. Rohit Kumar

      Wolves lyrics below "I've been running through the jungle" "I've been running with the wolves" "To get to you, to get to you".......

      1. Lil Nas X

        Rate the 2nd verse:

    39. Phoenix Fiery Films

      Damn Big Sean do be looking like KSI if he could actually grow a beard!

    40. Onix

      Acabo de estrenar mi nueva canción, si te gusta suscribete, te lo agradezco, que dios te bendiga❣

    41. frickipiki X.V.I

      This a really weird music vid

    42. Adrian dash

      One of the best songs on the album

    43. Bleik

      Te invito a escuchar mi grasa 🔥

    44. Natasha Mason

      Wolves don't bark

      1. Romare Taylor

        according to a google search: Wolves' vocalizations can be separated into four categories: barking, whimpering, growling, and howling. Sounds created by the wolf may actually be a combination of sounds such as a bark-howl or growl-bark.

    45. Sara L.Shəaron


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    47. Precious Olaofe

      “I’m the type to talk to the stars, These ain’t tattoos these is scars”

    48. gabriel perez

      NBA MUSIC !!!

    49. Nicker

      Malone looks like a evil boss

    50. stephanie bush

      Surrounded by a red dot, wearing a target too he told me to SpeckT •/


      THAT'S RIGHT 🤘

    52. sean lawrance


    53. E Major

      December 21st, 2020 so much symbolism in this song

    54. Jye Govan-Smith


    55. David Tharp

      Big Sean x 21 Savage would be a 🔥 collab!

    56. Kimmy Head

      Big Sean proving he's relevant again 🔥🔥

    57. Frannie

      why did i think this was wolves from TLOP

    58. Opochtli


    59. Jayvvon

      The hook go crazy with this beat

    60. Khai Rizkalla

      I know post Malone usually looks homeless, but in this video he looks like a cancerous alien


      THIS DOPE..💯🎼

    62. Footievids23


    63. Arina Gimranova

      Пушка🔥🔥🔥на репите

    64. Sinsevents 505

      Post doing some fire features!! This is a dope track. They both killed it

    65. Thajzz media


    66. Michał Gotowała


    67. Drazahneon

      Post Malone looks like a Russian villain in this video

    68. El Chlebek

      Greetings from Poland!!

    69. BRUU UHHH

      It has 2000s hiphop vibe

    70. Big Difference Music Group

      Wow. Incredibly dope visuals for a bad ass song. Nice man.

    71. Manuel Constante

      Big Sean is trash

    72. Debaditya Dey

      100%banger...that mumble shit murdered my ears, juice,x,pop gone...bruh needed this shit#wolves

    73. Debaditya Dey


    74. Debaditya Dey

      100%banger.. that mumble shit murdered my ears, juice, x, pop, gone...needed this#wolves

    75. Lilboy


    76. Superdark HoodClown

      Ngl Posty looks pretty dope with the baldness action

    77. ahahaha UvU

      posty looks amazingly slick sexy as f#$$

    78. Matthew M

      i miss old sean tbh

    79. Jake Warner

      That splice sample though lol, pretty sure it was splice i got this sample they used from, that or looperman. But i know that sample from the intro

    80. MrMysteryy

      I posted a video about how this song referenced the flows of other songs. There's just so many parts of it that sound familiar

    81. Su Man Adhikari

      I think it's better Chase buy a rat 🐀

      1. Gloria Austin

        Old Lady Love thus So Truth Be Known Sean In the Zone old Glo Gonna learn every word and rapp every verse. at 79 Sean Help a 9ld lady bucket list

      2. Gloria Austin

        OldvLady loving this

    82. Anthony Avril II

      Big Sean... u used to be one of my fav lyricists.... now look at you... rhyming a word with itself

      1. Romare Taylor

        woooow he rhymed life with life in the CHORUS! WHAT A CRIME! yea i sure do miss the big sean who said "Tippy tow tippy tay you gon get a tip today!" or "she a 7 in the face but a 10 in the ass". listen to the songs deep reverence and lucky me off his newest album for the actual bar heavy shit


      Having his mom in the video that’s the dopest thing in the video. 🐺

    84. Heang Sila

      Post malone ♥️🙏💗

    85. Tyrone TPR

      Post ‘s verse was like Nf’s songs in lyrics (rhymes)


      If Big Sean wasn't on this it would be a hit

      1. Romare Taylor

        Bounce back had no features and that was a hit, so was Moves...

    87. King Akira


    88. Kaserandu Katjikara

      This song makes me wanna go full speed on whatever🔥🔥🔥😈

    89. BenjiEnergy

      Big Sean kinda looking like Ricky Jerret with them glasses on

    90. Allie Davidson


    91. 조준서

      bro the Music Video is sick af

    92. Ayo Duke

      Fav song of the album

    93. Charley Farley

      Big Sean back on his grind. Post dressed like a hitman. Good shit.

      1. I AM MOOYOUTV

        Lol 👍💯💯💯

    94. Erick Garita

      Donde están los latinos 🔥🚀???

      1. Erick Garita


    95. Freddie D.

      When there’s more talk/ comments about Post Malone than Big Sean on his own page....

    96. kyubi18

      Sooo I'm just tryna find out who the model is in silver paint

    97. Brandon Hatfield

      Okay Big Sean we get it....You’re Goated af 💪🏽