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    you ask i deliver
    i did not create anything in this compilation - full credit goes to each creator NOT me, they are amazing :’) if you'd like your video removed from the compilation please don't hesitate to drop a comment and i'll take it down immediately!

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    1. rueclouds

      9:47 *all genders (i meant to edit it in but totally forgot oopsie)

    2. Michelle F

      really nice to see accepting south asian parents, that is what i'm talking about folks

    3. Anna Gabe

      When I first found out about bisexuality, I thought that it was the best thing ever and that people who were bi were so lucky because they could choose from sooo many beautiful people I hadn't taken the hint yet👀

    4. Paris Benson


    5. Lili F

      6:41 omg i literally had avocado toast today i feel do called out

    6. Elisa Espinosa

      9:09 Is that a fucking cow on her head???

    7. Bonboza

      Coming from a girl, I think feminine and or bi guys are cute. Just wanted to let you know :) Remember, you are valid :D

    8. Bonboza

      Coming from a girl, I think feminine and or bi guys are cute. Just wanted to let you know :) Remember, you are valid :D

    9. The Tulips

      2:01 “Who’s gonna tell him? I can’t because I need a home but somebody has to tell him” 😂

    10. Anisha Sheth

      The “thik hai bisexual is good” tho🥰🥰 love the brown dad acceptance💕

    11. Chubby Bunny

      Me, a bisexual in colorado watching that one tiktok that was mad homophobic. "I'll pack my pride flags and move to Arizona then."

    12. Just A TRex With Glasses

      My coming out with my parents didn't go super well so this is how I've been coping lol. Thank u for these :)

    13. meow & woof

      How do I know if I'm lesbian or bi but super girl leaning? I have attraction to men ig but my attraction to girls is stronger but more intense. Is bi even supposed to vary like that? I thought bi is supposed to be mostly men because I haven't really got exposure to girl leaning people unless they're lesbian. I've had a girlfriend before but even then I haven't talked about it much. Also I came out twice to my parents. (bi, then pan, still questioning though) My attraction scale on a daily basis is usually 90% (women) to 10% (male) or 80% (women) to 20% (male) but it depends on the day though lol and most of the time I'd rather date women. Tbh when I'm interested someone I'm usually like "hm do I feel like dating (*insert their gender here) right now?" but idk if it's because I might be omni (basically pan but with gender preferences) or a little homophobic. Wth is this madness...

      1. Earl Unger

        i think you're omni! omni means you like both genders but have more of an attraction to one of them!! pan means you don't care what gender someone is and are attracted to the type of person they are rather than gender: omni is basically bi, but with a preference to one gender; you sound like you're omni with a preference for girls!! :)

    14. johanna w

      that message in the end made me feel so fucking seen 🥺🤲

    15. Rhayne고요한

      Am I the only 13 bi girl here?

    16. Junk

      I felt the last one

    17. Snigdha Pandey

      The third girl, finally Desi people 🏳️‍🌈❤❤❤❤❤❤

    18. Denki K.

      Ok bisexuals how did y’all find out your Bi? Because I can’t tell if I like girls or if I’m pretending to/looking for attention since I unfortunately like the spotlight. And I think I have a crush on a girl but I can’t tell if I just see her as a friend or that I like her. I’m very confused so help if you want 🤠

    19. madi

      the way i would worship my girlfriend if i ever had one:’)

    20. Huffleclaw Girl

      Bisexuals should date other bisexuals because then we wouldn't have to deal with the biphobia and we could just live in harmony with our bisexual partners.

    21. kwkialvkaiak skere

      that last one spoke directly to my soul

    22. DankMemes AreGud

      Is the discord out? And how do we join

    23. cactus juice it’ll quench ya

      2:02 This took my out- I can see myself myself being in this situation. Especially when he said “I can’t bc I need a home-” 🙈💀

    24. mila -


    25. Rocking Mona

      That girl at 6:55 talking about dating and relationship I relate to that

    26. Maya Delaney

      who remembers when she only had 2k? your channel has grown so much so fast congrats!

    27. Aayushi Raj Singh

      6:53 personal attack

    28. Elena Smith

      Idk if I’m lesbian or bisexual, does someone knows how to know?

    29. Mariajosé Isais Gutiérrez

      7:38 this person is me, minus the fact that I have dated ONE man, and 0 women and I'm crying.

    30. Lüane D.G

      0:43 literally me but I think I’m definitely not over the six years...

    31. ChlxeCxmb

      So now I’m either bi, pan, or lesbian. But there’s this thought in the back of my head that’s like “maybe you’re straight and you just want to be relatable and shit” but then I think about women and ✨tiddies✨ And I get tingles all over my body. Also like no one asked ik but I could never date somebody with big lips cause my tiny lips won’t please them 😀

    32. Jexie Camron

      That guy at 1:20; Sweetie I'd eat you up you're so cute. Come be bi with me and my other bi boyfriend.

    33. Cutie Slurp

      2:27 STAAPPPPP! I didn't realize that I liked those girl characters! I just thought that I thought they were super pretty ahhhh!

    34. Baby Skittle

      10:24 FACTS LMAO!!! they don't understand!

    35. lizaiscrying


    36. Tipsy Art

      As a bisexual woman I love and respect you bisexual men. You are valid in every way.

    37. HannieFaerie

      Ah yes, this is where I belong 🥰

    38. abbey p

      1:55 wait is that music from that scene at the end of your lie in april??

    39. pathetic_butaesthetic

      my female celeb crush is: winona ryder and my male one changes every few business days so ill just say: adam driver

    40. Gabby Finley

      That dad saying "you get to enjoy the best of both worlds" deserves everything. PREACH

    41. Gabby Finley

      I have a bi friend, though I don't talk to him much anymore, but people used to call him gay a lot, pretty much the same people, and he'd always say that he was BI, not GAY. But everyone always ignored him and I hated when that happened.

    42. anShiKA

      0:24 damn i wish my dad was like that


      I feel bad for the bisexual men that get shit from straight women but honestly don't be afraid just shoot your shot and if they say no then try not to think about it too much and wait for the right person to come along because before watching this video I was simping over women, non binary people, and feminine men (and etc cuz I'm pan) because my type is just when people are feminine whether in personality or looks but I just love feminine people so there's gonna be people out there who do love feminine men 😌✌️

    44. Sadie Ava

      2:20 why is it so accurate ahhhhh🙃

    45. PrettySadJade

      6:52 if this isn't me, i don't know what is 😅😅

    46. Carson Wiggins

      If ur like me you'll tell ur family your bi and then pan and now ur questioning if ur just a raging lesbian.

    47. Brianna McLean

      1:15 bruh im so into feminine men

    48. Hippo That Likes Disco

      0:46 omigod ✋

    49. MA k

      They're is a B in lgbtq for a reason!!!! And as a Bisexual woman I would totally date a bisexual man!!!! We are valid bitches 😎

    50. Christy Clarisse Mercier

      Wow I heard about the biphobia in SATC but it's reputed to be 'aesthetic' and I almost watched it. That clip made me really sad as a bisexual.

    51. ?kokichi ouma?

      I refuse to believe people are still straight.

    52. Moody Niessuh

      8:55 🤮🤢

    53. Something Something

      ty for feeding us

    54. Scarlett Rose

      These are the most bi looking people I've ever seen

    55. Orxngebliss

      As a bi female, I always get the urge to slap tf out of females when I come out to them and they assume I have a crush on them🤦🏽‍♀️ Like no, I have this special condition called ✨Standards✨

    56. Hannah Jean


    57. Ivy Whitehouse

      if you search up tiktoks for kids this is the fourth thing

    58. Seviana monforte

      any other pans here?

    59. Du Súndavar Freohr

      0:50 makes me so fucking sad like... Black guys are still not allowed to feel or act feminine y'all! And I'm not even talking about white peoples. It takes a lot of fucking courage to live as an openly feminine black dude, no matter the sexual orientation.

    60. Ivysaur :3

      Dear feminine bisexual guys, I hate how there's such a stigma around bisexual guys, and I want you to know you're amazing and as a bisexual girl I would gladly date one of you :))

    61. Mari Balde

      Not her calling me out for my crush on Vanessa from Phineas and Ferb 😭✋ you fed the bis today 💜💙💖

    62. Coko Fleischer

      I love the message at the end. Baing bi is really confusing...

    63. CLetícia A S

      Ok, so what is this I keep hearing about girls not wanting bi boys because they're "too feminine"??? I literally go out of my way to find guys who would be considered more feminine. The last two guys I've been with thought they were bi but turns out they were just straight and liked some stuff that could be considered feminine. Bi boys, especially the femme ones, you're valid and special, don't let other people's own issues mess with you. They don't know how to appreciate what's beautiful in you but I'm here to say that theres gonna be someone who will. 💖 you all.

    64. OddOne 34

      We need more ✨bisexual men✨ representation

    65. Three Wishes

      Feminine guys are the BEST!

    66. Amanda King

      I identified as bi for several years and I still kind of am but I decided this year that I don’t want to date or have sex with men, but I’m definitely still attracted to them. Although usually only men that are very fluid with gender because I am also attracted to trans people and non-binary people, regardless of gender assigned at birth. I love you bi community and I am so grateful to you for helping me discover who I am. But if any of you know a word that means “attracted to everyone except straight people” please let me know😂 GIVE BI MEN MORE VISIBILITY AND LET BI WOMEN BE BI WITHOUT FETISHIZING THEM!!!! That is all.

    67. Anna

      Gay women and bi men are just hidden in the dark because even though we are making progress with sexuality, we still hold on to gender stereotypes and it sucks

    68. Sophia Kuhn

      I need help i came to my mom AND SHE DIDNT BELIEVE ME AND NOW SHES FORgotton

    69. I got beans greens potatoes tomatoes

      I love that your compilations don't just consist of thirst traps :)

    70. anti-karen squad

      this is so disgusting. only 26k subscribers wtfff u deserve so much more!!!!!! this is so unfair smh smh smh

    71. maddy

      im sorry willow smith and CONAN O' B R I E N ? ?? ? / /?

    72. ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ ,

      if ur a fem bi male ur so fucking sexy hmu pls - bi girl

    73. confused

      why am i here im a lesbian

    74. fluffy 312hd

      9:19 I so agree with you’re point of view.

    75. fluffy 312hd

      7:00 of course it’s normal!! You are human.

    76. Artistic _dinosaur

      I’m really confused with my sexuality rn and I’m pretty sure I like girls in some way, but I think i’d be down to be with a feminine bi male. Bi men exist and it makes me so sad to see all this biphobia, homophobia, and transphobia in the world.

    77. elise kate

      5:52 someone did this to me and I blurted out a list of women and 0 men... that was very much a questioning my sexuality day.

      1. elise kate

        but literally everyday is questioning my sexuality day, so whatever

    78. Autumn

      Anyone know the song at 1:37?

    79. Your friendly neighbourhood possum

      1:04 i feel bad for this guy- like he just wants a girlfriend and no one can realise guys can like women *and* be fem

    80. Mrs.Sanlearning J . . .

      The last one hit hard. XD

    81. Priscilla Sardi Sánchez

      7:01 i have never felt this identified with something before.

    82. Nameless

      I watch these to reassure myself that I ain't going through the same bi issues alone 😂 especially as a woman who is dating a straight man, nobody sees me as valid because its heteronormative ✌🏻

    83. Jessica Delgado

      @rueclouds you got the best lgbt++ tiktok comps to watch as I rest my rose quartz wand on my sacral chakra to heal my past sexual trauma

    84. Jessica Delgado

      Not gonna lie babes, almost cried in the middle of this while vaping in my bed with my doggos after an intense work out

    85. Freddo Grosso

      God. I love each one of these. Except the one with the psychologist. That one scared the crap out of me. Too close.

    86. Wewora Asinah

      I'm pan and I was hoping we could also get some representation

    87. lizzie


    88. Gabby

      2:27-2:41 wait this is so true

    89. gay but a h03 for chuuya and kiyoomi

      was that tv show sex in the city??? They actually allowed that to be aired? Don't they have staffs who were members of the lgbtq community? Never watched the show (and i am fucking glad cause it always pops up in one of the channels) but that really enrages me. Please tell me the actresses there weren't homophobic irl.

    90. Madeleine F

      Ok just a quick story, (bi related) So I met this kid from my new school and he was alright, he was fun to hang out with and me and my friend group from my old school played video games with him. There were two bi people in my friend group (me and this other girl) and we always expressed it whenever we would all talk about relationships and what not or just talking about our childhood crushes. So one day I decided to come out to my new school's class (they were supportive it was sweet) and I asked the guy friend I met to do it because I was nervous, and right after he did it he came out to me as bi as well and I was so so happy for him!! I told him he was valid and that I loved him for who he is. PS. just a reminder if you are a cis or het person please always express love and support towards the community if a friend mentions it because they could be part of the community as well. Also to anyone part of the community reading this, you are very much valid and I love you.

    91. Warrior Princess

      Thank you for the last slide. It makes me happy. I exist. Wait I exist nu-

    92. e

      Hey, I’m currently questioning my sexuality and have been for the past couple years but the feeling of being lost has gotten way stronger this past year. I was wandering if anyone has any tips that could help me sort out this whole mess so I can I stop silently arguing with myself about whether I want to kiss that girl or just think she’s pretty and want to be her friend.

    93. Hannah Thomas

      Meg from Hercules....need I say more?

    94. tisblamestiches

      9:16 i always see these kinds of stuff like bisexuals being horrible at math but good in literature and i’m just sitting here being good at every subject in my school especially math as a bisexual 👁👄👁

    95. Danni

      8:16 Cynthia Nixon (the actress w/ the short red hair in that clip) is literally bisexual so that's an even bigger oof

    96. mMeFlora

      1:03 this makes me so sad :( girls, no matter their orientation, get ridiculed and harassed for being too feminine yet not feminine enough, for literally every interest they ever have so i really don't get it when they turn around and do it to somebody else WHEN THEY KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE, IT MAKES NO GODDAMN SENSE

    97. Amy Frost


    98. Xion Nation

      I’m not bi I’m just watching

    99. Chat Noir

      Okay but the bi guy with the nose ring and the lashes... Swoon...

    100. mike mati

      to be honest i hate gays and trans and i dont give a shit if you are offended or not

      1. rueclouds

        @mike mati thats what i used to say too, before i came out to myself :( it’s okay to want to kiss your friends!

      2. mike mati

        @rueclouds i do not watch gay stuff all, the time just one day this shit come on my rocomemended on youtube and i watched it. its ok, but you can be frutiy.

      3. rueclouds

        this breaks my heart :( i can see youre in the 'watching gay content all the time but saying homophobic stuff to convince ourselves we *definitely* arent gay' stage of our coming out. listen, being fruity is okay! we accept you