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    Prince Michael joins Bite Club after realizing he wants to be a dog.
    Turn on Closed Captions for Michael’s commentary.
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    Big thanks to Pescado Dorado in SFS for letting us film in their restaurant.
    Talent: Aaron Benitez, Tae'lor Moore, Arsi Nami, Moriah Boone, Tony Robinette, Biani Benitez

    Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew, Jay W, Mark S
    Sound: Kenji
    VFX: Sam Wickert,Narendra Moond,Natalia Raz,Ben Klewais
    Production: Daniel Benitez, Rhys, Lance W, Biani, Jason,
    Thanks for watching!

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    1. MichaelIsMeName

      Turn on closed captions to see Phil's thoughts!

      1. Anilkumar Singh

        Bro cat is animated ri8?

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      4. Geovana Oliveira

        @pewdiepie vs Jacksucks at life obviosly Jack wins Es Ñ

      5. Mohammad Omar


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    3. Ra Mänd

      How many cats got tortured doing this video

    4. robocik psocik

      very good animacjon :o)

    5. Aneela Noor

      WAIT! Aron if you dont have ideas for the next video i have one Birthday mess how doeas that sound? By the way LOVE UR VIDS!!!

    6. DR7 TECH

      Hmm how to print fake lotto tickets huh are you kidding me

    7. Goyangi Tv

      Cute pets!❤️❤️❤️

    8. Eireee17

      This was actually entertaining

    9. Pak Poh Kuen

      The cat is real or fake

    10. Adam Lewis Jon McBryde

      Glad to see a new vid Aaron I loved it so so cute and I love how he protected his mate

    11. /#*&?%-chan

      I have a Michael *but incredibly fatter*

    12. Антон Покемонов

      Great work man You cool!

    13. Skyler Payne

      ok look: I really love your videos and I just wanna keep watching your videos. oh and I like: can't catch me. Can't catch me 2 nice videos!

    14. CD Begs

      Alguien de México viendo estos videos

    15. WolfmasteR

      Prince Michael 😻 is onelove cat

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    17. Møønłīğhţ G

      How many cats do you have? xD

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    27. Tzeta M

      love ur vids !!!

    28. Hilless.

      Morale of the video : how to be a dog

    29. Mutant

      Are these real or animated

      1. /#*&?%-chan

        Yeye its animated

      2. /#*&?%-chan

        Its animated

      3. /#*&?%-chan

        Or not

      4. /#*&?%-chan


    30. Heli Hillberg

      So funny the cats are so sweet and smart, Thanks love it, LOL 😄💖

    31. viral 0.48

      amazing fun video ...

    32. Lenka Kunhartova


    33. Super Toast

      How to print fake lotto tickets

    34. Hymn Matthew

      Your Videos Are cute

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      "How to print fake lotto tickets" wow what a Sh*


      Hey Buddy Aaron I can't go to your merch it says that is unsafe link put your merch al zach's website.


      Кто с СНГ?

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      Such fun, much nice! Thnx for makin video!!

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      the cat you use is real or fake

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    44. Jeremy Wheeler

      Why did the doomsday change from the 19th. to the 18th? Mistake?

    45. Paz Since81


    46. gustavo adolfo Rueda Ribero

      Aron por que no as subido mas vídeos. 1@

    47. hayley loves god

      Another fab video you are so creative I always look forward to these videos hope all is well. Sending love ❤️

      1. famous I am the


    48. Bomdemaisbbb sbbb

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    51. InxsLEGOrailfan4449

      first rule of bite club you do not hiss at bite club

    52. murali chowdary

      Aaron opens "Steve Jobs", but Phil opens "Mentoring Steve Jobs", savage Phil XD. Michael is adorable as always


      Why u dnt have 10 million folowers

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      so amazing

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