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    Prince Michael joins Bite Club after realizing he wants to be a dog.
    Turn on Closed Captions for Michael’s commentary.
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    Big thanks to Pescado Dorado in SFS for letting us film in their restaurant.
    Talent: Aaron Benitez, Tae'lor Moore, Arsi Nami, Moriah Boone, Tony Robinette, Biani Benitez

    Writers: Sarah W., Alex F., Aaron, Andrew, Jay W, Mark S
    Sound: Kenji
    VFX: Sam Wickert,Narendra Moond,Natalia Raz,Ben Klewais
    Production: Daniel Benitez, Rhys, Lance W, Biani, Jason,
    Thanks for watching!

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    1. MichaelIsMeName

      Turn on closed captions to see Phil's thoughts!

      1. Noname0111 Name

        @techsation Very famous 😺+😎

      2. 《Akemi kun gacha  :3》

        Omagat muchael love cute unu

      3. Arnajaraq Mogensen

        @Rose Dimitrescu jkhhklllghfgjk,lllłlæææææææææææææææææøøø

      4. SeanAndrei

        Michael’s thoughts only!!!!

      5. Олеся Зукау


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    4. white piano

      Супер интересно классный видик

    5. White cat

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    6. Sohaib Ahmed

      Micheal is not animated

    7. Isai Menjivar Flores

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    8. Lalisa Manalisa

      I watch this kitten from my 5 years old ❤️❤️

    9. MeNameisEmma

      Cats have evolved

    10. Noname0111 Name

      Of what race is Micheal. I have the sosia of Micheal

      1. Noname0111 Name

        Breed sorry 😉

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    12. Medo 10065

      tech the cat dont learn from predators

    13. Icose Bowen


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    15. Clearprototype7

      Sad Michael:( 1:02

    16. michael Ho

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    18. Ev Cumhuriyeti

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    20. camari vintige

      anyone getting cat warrior vibes?

    21. Zelra Llebaner

      Im watching this when im 4 year old

    22. Nekoha Shizuku

      You have well trained cats

    23. Faultedalloy171 P

      9:10 the car/van is parked backwards and no one is there 9:26 the car/van is parked frontwards and the mailman is there *illuminate??*

    24. luluci_LL


    25. сергей сверчков

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    26. Charles

      *marika mysterious music starts playing*

    27. Juan Gavilanes

      I love you Phil's

    28. Luceat Lux

      i like Michael's big belly. (oh and i love that pat where all the eyes are lookign at Mike on the wall lol)

    29. anna39_russian

      💎💎💎💎💎💎💎 ❤

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    31. anna39_russian


    32. Brasileiro hue

      T super saiyan hyper

    33. Xx_Pug gaming_xX

      That's Santiago's voice lmao

    34. thegatopreistorik

      why at 9:32 there is the clash of clan horizon in the backround

    35. Oleksandr Tomkiv

      i lov this chanel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    36. Dhrupadi Ghosh

      Prince Mike you are life in quarantine ❤️💚☀️☀️☀️love from India

    37. fregil jimenez

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    54. Allen Goldstein


      1. Allen Goldstein


    55. Unfunny Valentine


    56. ꨄʀᴀɪɴᴇꨄ

      Does he actually act like that

    57. Ar Rayyan Abqary Hamami

      My pet cat

    58. Ed Lalonde

      Awesome production :)

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    60. DK95GAMER

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    61. Josue xd

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    62. I love LotsOfstuff

      Please part 2

    63. Melissa Aden

      MICHAEL has been brainwashed oh noo!!!

    64. Comfort Fairy Tales

      The cute cat looks at his face every time, wants to kiss.

      1. Sohaib Ahmed

        Tum pagal ho kia ??

      2. rakesh pal

        @onilshb123 hhh

      3. rakesh pal


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    65. noobify

      This cat's editor is a god

    66. AshtonPlayz

      is phil a real cat?

    67. Carol Alves

      Oi 😜😄

    68. Theodore Graf

      Mans been doing this for three years and is still making good content

      1. Dazi

        6 or 7 years actually

    69. Stan TheMan

      Nice to see Aaron still thriving after all these years... Been with you since iron cat bro!

    70. Dizee YT

      Michael’s bed is blocking the door 7:59

    71. Dizee YT

      It was mouths at 7:05 and then it was eyes

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    73. Carolina Ronquillo

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    76. Hatta Gelut

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    77. Micheal3104

      *Me reject being a cat jojo* *to become a dog*

    78. Lord Lamm

      How do you make these videos my cars would kill me

    79. C'Quente & C'Dura


    80. T C

      I subscribed

    81. Michael Angelou Villarosa

      Cutee cat

    82. TSiff

      What is the music at 6:15?

    83. TheRaider285

      Did you see what Phil had on his computer lol lol lol

    84. Dream

      Nice vid!

    85. Bruce Wayne ツ

      ❤️🔥My Channel Favorite :) ❤️🔥

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      0:25 steve jobs

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