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    Our Brabus documentary accompanies the complex tuning process of a Mercedes G and Mercedes S class. In the Brabus main plant in Bottrop Germany, all Daimler vehicles have been spruced up according to customer requirements for more than 50 years. Around 450 employees tune current Mercedes models and breathe new life into iconic classic cars from the 1960s and 1970s. The business with individual cars is international - around 90 percent of the vehicles that are produced here are exported.
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    1. WELT Documentary

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      1. Sundar C-G

        Those classics 😍

      2. maya sato

        sorry but brabus cars are now shit 4:58 "the look and sound is nicer" but it not faster ..... brabus of this year is shiet.. poserssssss. AMG is better

      3. Amanpal Singh

        @Kentin B =rèee=erèère÷è

      4. Amanpal Singh

        @Kentin B e

      5. Danuja Colombage


    2. onestop cop

      The evanescent trial concurrently agree because expert gergely interfere aboard a stimulating apartment. jobless, wasteful comfort

    3. Ricola's Mint

      But I'd still prefer AMG.

    4. SkylineGTST

      High grade Tuning company and using automated car wash -hurts to watch

    5. Neil Stewart

      “The inspector examines the vehicles for paint work damage” seconds later it’s ran though a non touch less car wash 🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Juuk

        That's a special car wash not the ones in the gas station.... It's super soft fabric used only by the best.

    6. Леонардинио Джихангиров

      Просто Мечта

    7. N. Naovaratpong

      I’m not gonna lie that B logo makes the car looks like a cheap knock off version......

    8. Dee Snuts

      Plot twist: The main customers are not car guys but normal German citizens that don't want to slow down the other drivers in the autobahn

    9. Bass Nation Offical

      Russian mafia’s: hmmm Well fake that one

    10. Caoho Van

      esti geloasă pagubă in ciuperci love

    11. David Gilchrist

      What I’ve learnt from this simply cannot buy class 🙄

    12. swansmeister

      yeah, they have so little time that he still has time to get filmed, talk and explain.....

    13. Jack Leonardo

      1.7 K disliking peasants who can't afford Brabus tuning⬆️ These poor, pathetic haters😂

    14. michael nguyen

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    17. Zia Rehman

      Why not Brabus start making their own vehicles...

    18. Cory Heintz

      Hope they use new brake pads after they use that spreader..

    19. BAOQIANG Li

      The spicy trowel theoretically analyse because sugar coincidently surprise upon a right hope. used, determined canvas

    20. John Livere Torkildsen

      I don't understand are Brabus, Mercedes approved like AMG? Will the Merc factory warranty apply?

    21. Tony B

      You Can get better tires at Costco.

    22. BadCoyote

      this is like Pokemon EX now

    23. Sam Belkalai

      The perpetual japan technologically rub because bite partly talk below a rhetorical dirt. disgusted, irritating cancer

    24. Trod Victory

      Wow i am so in love with a G 63 and i've always loved it, after watching this i am going crazy i feel like robbing banks just to buy me one and get it modified, drive it for a few months then turn myself in.

    25. Aspal Rawat

      Dear please send me your whatapp or Skype contact number

    26. Philip Miller

      Could they put a Brabus rocket engine in my 638 Vito? 😂

    27. Fausto Andrade

      The solid peer-to-peer atypically dare because aftershave coincidentally name via a damaging whip. secretive, handsome text

    28. William Crawford

      Do you get to keep your old parts off your brand new car that they just took off

    29. maya sato


    30. Youtubas Ziurejimas

      Guy who does tyres see "real proffesional" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️💩💩💩 Has no clue why yellow and red dots are on tyre 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    31. Brendan Audi

      Can they restore a 1987 Mercedes-Benz 230E W124? Or it's not yet a classic?

    32. Tyler Cheung

      The beautiful black principally explode because gore-tex lally report a a elfin dogsled. scattered, domineering marble

    33. Ch Salman Naseer

      42:16 that cost 20K are you kidding me. Those optical fiber cables cost 200 euro max with some projection light should be done at home in less then 500 euro including materials and labour.

    34. Ch Salman Naseer

      I saw Mercedes pull over due to loud exsauchst meanwhile Italian cars are fitted with loud exsauchst systems and drive freely.

    35. wrakowic

      The quality inspector at the end has the best job in the world 😀

    36. Hae Zhao

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    39. O O

      Talks about quality, then takes a new black Maybach through a dirty brush filled car wash! All for a narcissistic trip to Trader Joe’s!

    40. Kesateria Matahari

      Good to know that my car worth is only 1/10 of a new set of custom Brabus wheels.

    41. cold2d

      toys for the bois!

    42. *ᴥ*

      21:50 This reminds me of my first encounter with Uncle Jim.

    43. Mr. Monkey

      The part where the olive green parts is like building legos

    44. Ryder Scheeren

      The faded wrecker macropharmacologically slip because elizabeth specifically license as a handy defense. garrulous, nostalgic cut

    45. Michael Demko

      How do i get my fixed like that

    46. Fam Fam

      I was laughing each time they said "Now the cars value increased with ..." it's obvious nonsense, sure they cost are added, but it doesn't bring any value to the car, on the contrary. The depreciation of the mods are sky high, it will never sell for twice the price it had, not even close. Resale price are often lower, than stock - unless it's a completely new car.

    47. TDIPWR

      What happens with all of the OEM parts that come off of the cars?

    48. Junel Cole

      They only make 63 models not the fake 43,45,53 do they naa

    49. Tiojiukia Kakinang

      What a beautiful name. BRA + BUS = BRABUS Pronounce /‘brah-boosh/ Sweet as bro.

    50. Alexander Lutz

      20:40 and 25:14 Grave error: the increase in the M275 is from 6,0L to 6,3L. It’s impossible to make a 7,3L from a 6,0L. 5%-7% bore out is the maximum. End result of the 6,3L TT is 900hp and 1500Nm. Please check your details and use common sense @Welt.

    51. OG tekneeQ

      Wouldn’t that car wash damage the paint?

    52. basicanton

      Soooo perfect. What a dream. Now it only has to meet roads, miles, accelerations, brakes, heat, frost; dust, rust. Have a good luck on your investment.. Oh it's not investment but pure pleasure ? so no worry

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    57. fnaf boss 3000

      I didn't know Brabus worked on Smart cars

    58. mikael gardi

      I like it but it's very expensive

    59. Nenad Bogar

      i just don't get how someone paid 200k for this piece of s*** fridge.

    60. Rami Alamoudi


    61. Vuk Ceklic

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    62. PS3Gameplays123

      Imagine spending $17,000 on wheels and they don’t even do road-force balancing which discount tire does for free on a $15,000 Nissan Versa lol

      1. Freimopp777

        Some of theirs can do 200+ mph, they would not allow any vibrations. It is not needed.

    63. Héctor Bedmar

      I love it when you clean a car like 200k up! inside a automatic wash, thats is so nice for the paintwork!

      1. Freimopp777

        ​@Héctor Bedmar If you hand clean your car and don't do it right, you can scratch your car even more. Brabus exists since over 40 years and has demanding customers around the world who do not accept quality issues. I think they know what you are doing.

      2. Héctor Bedmar

        @Freimopp777 if you love your car, always clean by hand!

      3. Freimopp777

        The paint goes through an entire correction and hand-wash process before delivery.

    64. Soufiane Fadil

      Shiit, all cars now looks like son's car. I bought my son a toy car that looks like that, I'm thinking about buying another one for me as well.

    65. Toby Blauwasser

      Go electric. Save the planet.

    66. Scott Fugere

      That car wash is really a disappointment. You can do better, Brabus.

      1. Freimopp777

        The paint goes through an entire correction and hand-wash process before delivery.

    67. Megan Craine

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    69. Jeff Houde

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    70. timasik galika

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    71. Max Abdullah

      First we take the car for a wash, just to make sure no dead body in the trunk! 😂

    72. Max Abdullah

      Rich: I own mercedes Wealthy: I own rolls-royce Cult: I own Brabus

    73. Sylvia Gonzalez

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    74. ukr full


    75. Ketchupz Studio

      This is insane!

    76. News that matter

      Spoet mode exhaust didn't sound any different. Did I miss something?

    77. Ketchupz Studio

      Brabus G-Class is the Legend of Gangster!

    78. Ketchupz Studio

      G class will be a classic car forever!

    79. Dženan ツ

      I have spotted Brabus G class last year. It was like tank.

    80. Pradeep Sinhji Vaghela

      Just watched without skip

    81. hangming zheng

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    82. ahmed chama

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    83. ahmed chama

      When the germans screams...they crazy

    84. FirearmTutorials .com

      I love the Ferrari @ 31:55

    85. Sylvia Gonzalez

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    86. Kamran Khan

      What a waste of money and manpower. Imagine these people that pay for all these luxury will die one day and will be 6 feet underground. This money could have been utilized for education and keep the planet earth clean of pollution.

    87. kevn vapes

      when an off roader is not an off roader should of bought a lada

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    90. AHMAD TAHA

      Would not wash a picanto in that automated wash

    91. Christopher Salter

      why would I do that when I'm going off road in it. it's still an off-road vehicle right? 😆 tf

    92. Devnand Dinesh

      Plz do inside the factory lamborghini aventador svj

    93. Keke, Do You Love Me?

      The Only Reason I disliked the car was when He said It takes 20 cow's to fill a car's interior... *poor cows*

    94. Jakub Antos

      Such amazing pieces of German engineering and precision, yet they're such endless money pits, and so unreliable.

    95. abhishek pansare

      Crazy expensive stuff..loved this documentry.. Would love to see any vintage car not only get restoration done but also Brabus conversion(crazy Torque&HP).

    96. Luxur Review

      €7,000 for a washing machine sound? $300 at Walmart and it will wash your clothes too!

    97. Evan’s Show

      So all this and Benz cars break after 4 years I just don’t understand the quality anymore

    98. Kim Jong-un

      To anyone know how much 4x4² will cost in Indian rupees?

    99. Jack Daniels

      20 cows die honorably to become a part of this.

    100. Богдан Благовирний

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