Bretman Rock Faces His Biggest Fear | Episode 3 | MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock


3,7 Mio. aufrufe480

    Bretman hatches a plan to coach a “celibate“ Larry through his first date ever - a move that has unintended ramifications for Keiffer. Meanwhile Princess is determined to challenge Bretman after her pushes her a step too far.
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    1. MTV

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      1. Jassy Lopez


      2. Lenny Coz

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      3. Lenny Coz

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      4. Lenny Coz

        @Cristina gggggggggggggggg

      5. Lenny Coz

        @Cristina ggggggggggggggg

    2. Hailee Octavio

      The disastrous passbook outstandingly kiss because multimedia suggestively invite near a important calculus. pushy, bored discussion

    3. Gabriela Leiva

      Aww miss Kay! Love you!! Your a true bad bitch and a real one too! 💖💖

    4. Daira Barajas

      When Bretman was asked if he would date Larry. “Next question! I have crystal with me. I don’t want to manifest that!”😂

    5. Nikita-Lee


    6. ThatAllieChick5

      This is where it’s at. Eff that Tana bullshit, more of Bretman and crew!

    7. Cassie


    8. Ling Bae

      I love you Miss K!!!!!!!

    9. Alexa K

      I started watching this thinking Bretman was kind of annoying and I actually really like it. Especially showing a new culture that some of us might not know a lot about. It’s not just about a rich influencer. It’s about family, friends, history. Proud of MTV

      1. Cassie

        But he said incents 😂😂😂😂 I love these bitches, I need friendships like this 😍

    10. Soyinggg Odyuo

      Kiefer trust me I feel the same . Nobody can relate to me and I feel alone too.

    11. JordieXblu

      7:03 IM CRYING!!! Pahahaaa! 😭🤣🤣

    12. Amanda Torres

      I love miss kayyyyyyy❤️❤️❤️❤️

    13. Christine Gui

      Bret and Princess looks 1000x better without makeup tho 🤍🤍

    14. Shanti George

      Miss kay deserves the world♥️

    15. Miss ArcaNe

      Miss kay with a dude outfit also miss kay with her nails🤣🤣🤣

    16. Miss ArcaNe

      Miss kay with a dude outfit also miss kay with her nails🤣🤣🤣

    17. Ash ley

      10:17 bretman hahaha

    18. FishChiBo

      I love this so much. The watermelon 🍉 on the nail killed me lol

    19. Shin Carisma


    20. Crunchy Pochi


    21. Deric Ko


    22. Ivana Davids

      "Do you trust me?" "Uhm...uh.."😭😭😭

    23. Evie York

      I love you Ms. Kay🌺💗

    24. Kenneth Rosado

      But he said incents 😂😂😂😂 I love these bitches, I need friendships like this 😍

    25. RAMIROFY

      love this episode....sending hugs to ms. k. totaly understand you.

    26. Jaymie Lynch

      This be called “MTV Following: Bretman Rock” ummm does this mean after this season it will change to someone else 🥺 because we all want Bret!!!!

    27. Punch Buttfacey

      These people rly be removin their shoes at the door but wearin shoes on the bed 🙈 Bret, ur filo ancestors r disappointed in u 1/2jk hahaha

    28. sweet lullaby


    29. sweet lullaby

      Miss K is so funny 😁

    30. Chichi _dera9

      am i the only one that saw the zip line guy wink at bret after asking if they are ready lmao

    31. Lovlee Stevenson

      I love princess

    32. Kevin Xavier

      omg KEIFER i am sending you all my love and happiness enrgies to u....yu don't have to put any labels on what you are than being just you!

    33. Dilmieh

      Larry, “You should kiss on my cheek” I died! 😂

    34. Faïnou Hmd

      Kieffer is bae ❤ stay strong queen

    35. Myka Pelostratos


    36. Carmelle Cortes

      Why can’t I find MTV fallowing Bretman Rock in my xfitnity SOMEONE PLEASE HELP 😭

    37. Christin Hood

      Not Bret taking "Purr" from Rolling Ray

    38. Jesseca Tomagan

      Whoa i laugh si hard when bret pushes princess after the work out hahahahahaahha ..

    39. Ally

      Hahaha can one of my sibs already be rich so i can get them to pay for adventures like zip lining 😂😂 PUUSSHH 😂😂

    40. Zavier Harley

      Damn does bretman have onlyfans?

    41. senni bgon

      He went to a bs crystal shop. That lady doesn’t even know about them, they’re prob just bulk crystals they buy from Indonesia

    42. Stewart Labeouf

      I love you Miss Kay!! You have so much courage and are absolutely perfect as just you.

      1. senni bgon

        Bret i love you but please be nicer to your sister and don't make fun of her weight. you can tell it really hurts her feelings.

    43. Karina Shannen Biaga

      We all need a Ms. Kay in our life.

    44. Krizen Kate Castillote

      Miss Kay... Know that we love you!!!

    45. B L

      Princess Mae is soooooh beautiful without makeup! I swear!

    46. s b

      the mock date looks like toddlers playing marriages😭😭

    47. Lara Bahiyyih

      Larry’s outfit for the date omg 🥺

    48. Priscilla Nyc

      “North shore”... automatically thinks of mean girls😂

    49. Mallory Howarth

      Larry is the cutest guy ever 😍

    50. Luna Lune


    51. ain nabila

      Micha! How dare you stood up larry!!!

    52. Angelica

      We love you kieffer!! You’re not alone ❤️

    53. Styled by Alfy Almonte

      Can't pick a fave! I love all of them! ❤️

    54. Afoma Offor

      10:16 I’m screaming 😂

    55. kass bosa

      My hands are sweating so badly rn just watching the zip line 😭😭😭 I cannnnot

    56. Marilyn Michelle

      Kaaay 💕 I can’t believe the episode went by so fast! Love this!

    57. Matthew Logan

      anyone know micha's @ ?

    58. Zombae

      Bret i love you but please be nicer to your sister and don't make fun of her weight. you can tell it really hurts her feelings.

    59. Khoi Le

      ew, eating something from someones grossed me out xD

    60. IGGI creation

      "i feel like a cute little witch"

    61. Scharlette Svelte

      Usui Takumi looks different here.

    62. sheyne ruatara

      I love you Miss Kayyyyyyy❤️❤️❤️❤️

    63. peace minus

      incense hahahahhaa

    64. A A

      That “What if my harness doesn’t match my outfit?” - Only Bretman

    65. Rich Ann lee

      I hope I have a friend like bretman kiefer and Larry 💗

    66. catpawccino

      Larry is so funny and cute LOL

    67. Linda Aide

      When they asked bret if him and larry ever considered dating, has me dying lol i was wondering the sammme thinngg 🤣🤣🤣

    68. alliyahrose1D felipe

      I badly wanna live in Hawaii, one of the reason is this and they just highlight how beautiful hawaii is

    69. Cassidy Zuniga

      “AHHHHH YEEESSSSSSSS” 17:56 I love that voice bretman makes 😂😂

    70. Yeahitsme Purr

      Princess freaking out had me dead⚰️😂🤣

    71. beachbaby3792

      The hot dogs 💀😂

    72. David Mendoza

      larry is ugly asf and that chest hair has gotta go 🥴

    73. B Rios

      I’m invested

    74. 277surfergirl

      I loved Bretman's outfit during the mock date speciality the hair!!

    75. krissy singer

      omg tf im here tearing tf up yall be so funny but he does need practice a lot

    76. Cliveliza Hawkins

      Me asking my family if they want BUTCHSCUIT

    77. Sheila Noyola

      It’s the “incense” for me😂😂 #alllove

    78. Kenderellaaaxo

      Wow Bretman is a great friend lol. Cause who you know setting up mock dates AND serving.

    79. Xeng Zulueta

      Larry’s pearls are 🔥

    80. Jackie Gutierrez

      Omg I love how Larry said bitch we going to laugh together 🤣

    81. Nancy Mai

      Seeing Kieffer open up on such a vulnerable topic made me emotional. Also, something about Larry's sincere look as he was listening to Miss K share their experience also warmed my heart.

    82. Haide Vargas


    83. Chantele Evina

      Breatman's face when he opened the champagne 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    84. Haide Vargas

      When she said I'm built like a mom I said YESSSS SISSSSS PURRRR

    85. Lu Lu

      At 12:31 Bret's laugh gives me Santana from Glee vibes LMFAOOO. I cant explain it. He reminds me of her, just nicer.

      1. nijuo joing


    86. Giulia Assunção

      miss kay is everything to me

      1. nijuo joing

        MsKay I/ we have loved you since you worked at the ice cream truck!!! You aren’t alone bbgirl.

    87. YoBoy Luisse

      I died when Larry said "incense" instead of incest 💀😂

    88. hope jackson

      Thank you for sharing this Miss Kaaay!!! You are fabulous and love you like you love you. Be you and love it!!!!

    89. hope jackson

      i have not laughed so hard. Thank you. I feel y'all. Ha!

    90. Lil R

      Random comment: Stream Nicki Minaj anaconda pls so she can become the first female rapper to hit a billion on a solo record #roadto1billion

    91. hope jackson

      I truly relate to Larry. I do not know how to date and end up like Keiffer, in situations. Stay encouraged. But this is fun to watch and yes I will be laughing all the way through.

    92. hope jackson

      The brother and sister relationship looks like my house. Only one who can mess with you is me; no one else has that right. Like y'all siblings really be at it. Ha!!!

    93. hope jackson

      I don't know if Princess sees your full workout. You are a beast BretmanRock DaBaddest!!

    94. hope jackson

      Princess I can't wait for the clothing line. Your own Sis. "Built like That" Brand

    95. NU URA

      Princess looks so pretty without makeup

    96. AmazedByKay

      I did this course, it was breath taking

    97. Suny Pratummo

      I feel you miss k, we’re in similar positions ngl, sending all my love, stay strong 💖

    98. Journey Kiwiko

      I feel bad for miss. K 🥺🍝🇵🇭🍪🍍

    99. Alina Valentino Fonseca

      10:16 Bretman's Face lmao

    100. Lyric Severson

      Lmfaoooo i love Bretman!! 🥰 he’s just awesome and very funny 🥰