Brian TikTok with Gavin Magnus 💞

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    1. cxthiie

      my ex is named gavin with this same haircut but ofc different face- lmao this is funny. not the video, i mean the coincidence

    2. Doc

      Gavinmay be short. But he's not a toddler

    3. ̇saɪda ̇

      I would take care of it for it to hatch

    4. That_one idiot_stormyシ

      It was all fun and games till it fell out of his hands 💀🤚

    5. Charlotte Caldwell

      Who have the royalty Family's old house

    6. Andreacutie pie Jay Z and Z jay

      Did y’all know that they live in the The old royalty palace house from the royalty family✌🏾

    7. See See Hui

      So I gave my toddler cousin an egg and she sat on it and it broke xD omg I am dying😂

    8. Magic turtle wizard

      I’m not sure If they confused toddler with dog because you’re saying is actually for dogs or is that one the one I heard?

    9. Gude Reyes


    10. Clorox Bleach

      I can tell he is gay...

    11. cro 13

      Every mom ever: ' HA HA teen be toddler"

    12. _.Hawks. _

      What does he mean by again?

    13. Kempis Sharon

      Royalty family old house 👁👄👁

    14. موني طارق


    15. Roxxane Cummings

      Since when was he a toddler

    16. Latifah Fortune


    17. Serenity Cleasant

      Gavin is a toddler😎😎😂

    18. Kylie Koff

      The old royalty palace

    19. Abby Rose

      Omg love you gavin sorry again about the breakup

    20. Eh Shee

      Lies my brother be making a dam mess with eggs

    21. Breauna Bartley

      They say if you give a dummy you can be quiet

    22. Aliyah Moore

      Lol a TODLR 😑

    23. Stephanie Arnette

      Why it’s so funny he’s a teenager

    24. Chayzen K

      Its a teenager not a toddler, there’s a difference

    25. Giuliana Johnson

      Don't break the age you're not a taller you could be gentle

    26. Kelvin Acosta


    27. Kelvin Acosta

      Not true they My krakhut it

    28. Edoardo Frassine

      This is why Tik Tok is a big bag of shite

    29. debbiegarcia30

      Gavin back

    30. John Hine

      What has this world turned into

    31. Makiah Tijerina

      I love how it has the little toddler video before showing that video of him playing basketball with the egg so yeah😂😂😂

    32. Naz Z

      they know that's food and it's a blessing and they should appreciate it, RIGHT?!!!!

    33. Bastion Balthazar

      Wow.. this is so funny

    34. Maria Sierra

      No stop

    35. Payton Hernandez

      Lol he didn’t get it lol

    36. Peyton Bishop

      Eekkkkk GAVON

    37. Keiri_Bb

      Excuse me, that is a lie sometimes lol a toddler took at egg on the table, them cracked it on the floor. I looked for the shell. I found it in the TOILET.

    38. Emilia's Life

      Who ever thinks Galvin is ⬇

      1. Emilia's Life


    39. F0xO_O

      my parents one gave me an egg, and i had holding problems, so i just squished the egg. i started crying afterwards

    40. Friendly neighborhood duckling

      Man I almost had a heart attack LEAVE THE POOR EGG ALONE

    41. Devil Dog

      why is no one talking about dudes donald trump haircut 😂

    42. Latisha Norfleet


    43. Dragonpvp

      that is not a toddler what do ever

    44. Ayvah Jaidyn


    45. EXOTIC


    46. Lisa Latham

      Practically just roasted him because they said a toddler not teenager

    47. 『༒Rengoku Animsシ』

      I just noticed that was the old royalty family’s house

    48. mea culpa

      These kids are like 5..

    49. Joetta Goffa


    50. Ledah Simone

      Did he say bucket or f it

    51. JN Music

      They do the same thing with dogs

    52. Frost the Yt


    53. Princess Hay Hay

      So... u calling him a toddler???? The end just made me laugh 😂


      Isn't that the old royalty palace for the royalty family

    55. Qeuaplaysthis

      Nah not true. My niece just broke 4 eggs

    56. Hariharan B

      They say you can't give a teen an egg.

    57. shaylyn lauro


    58. Shadow Cj

      Me shooting my shot with girls: Shoot my shot then I miss.

    59. Maria Solis


    60. Fantasia Trescott

      that is pretty

    61. Lilly ._.

      That looks like the old royalty palece?😮

    62. Jasbani Kaur

      I can't believe that Gavin is one year younger than me

    63. Robert Gajol

      Wait is that the royalty family old house?!

    64. Town 21

      Lmao my guy *dipped* 💀

    65. george singh

      My 2yrs sis took the egg she knew it was to be eaten so she put the raw egg in her mouth and the rest is history. Ps- she saw a egg for the first time.

    66. Eat Myasshoe

      Hahaha nice

    67. Blackpink is my life

      isn’t that the royalty family’s old house?

    68. Mary Garcia

      Why did you break up with Piper

    69. Juice box

      False: gave to my 1 year old brother and he threw it and me

    70. Laiba Shah

      Hi how r u that is my bby brother he is 18 months no lie

    71. Shreemi Zingde

      For ppl who wonder who on world of carnations is this dude he is gavin magnus

    72. łą røze

      تخصر البيض ربي يعاقبك أختك من الجزائر

    73. Ariana Barton

      omg a little kid is gonna brack it

    74. Leah Johnson

      Wait…why does that look like that royalty family’s old house-

    75. kelvin nueve

      Gives 1 year old kid the egg Kid breaks it He's a MAN!!!

    76. Brittney G

      I NEED to know where they got that kitchen table with all the colored dots/patches on it

    77. Maria S. Chaverria

      thats the royolty family old house

    78. Raven Nivhaar

      Aaand that's how Felix got a hard boiled egg I guess 😂

    79. thuddbug 07

      Eggs are the perfect size shape and weight that all i want to do is throw them

    80. Alondra Colinares

      Is this what they call "gentle"? 😂

    81. Gangstaxx5

      Tell me why where they at look like the royalty old house

    82. mongoloid kongloid

      Who TF says giving a toddler an egg is a good idea

    83. Shdbd Ssison

      That is the royalty family house

    84. laylaylay Johnson

      That was to funny i had to watch it a lot 😝😛😆😆😂😂

    85. m x l k t e a

      Yeaaa my little brother just kinda um *shoved the whole thing in his mouth*

    86. Brandon Sharpe

      That's the royalty fams old house

    87. Mohammed Ullah

      That just bad

    88. Harribo ;P

      “They however are lying”

    89. Eliisa Eliisa


    90. Kelly Warboys


    91. Shoetaro Kushoe

      So funny I'm wasting food

    92. SoFiKay

      Is Brian trying to tell us, that Gavin is a toddler?? Ahahha

    93. Trevor Cunningham

      Who else remembers this being the royalty families old house

    94. Aifal Hussrin

      Is that the royalty Familie old hous

    95. Kare Bedolla

      Super gentle for sure!!

    96. Honestly Just Here

      Bro dont waste eggs

    97. Likely_Riley


    98. Osiris Huerta

      Was that a Hicky on Gavins neck?

    99. Matt Walker