Building a USB-C touchscreen monitor (new for 2021)

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    In this video we'll be building a USB-C monitor! Also the first 1000 people to use this link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership:

    Mini speaker units (great for all sorts of projects):

    Selection of interesting LCD panel sets:

    Touchscreen + USB-C:
    Mini ultrawide:
    4k (HDMI + Type C):
    144Hz + freesync:

    Battery protection board:

    How to make a DIY monitor (simple version):

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    1. Turk

      how are you going to deal with patina? would a clear lacquer be practical as long as the bare brass was 101% cleaned of all finger print oils?

    2. Turk

      I have a 1st gen iMac 24" whose gpu died years ago - been waiting for a practical method to use the screen (possibly the remote control, speakers and i/o) as a monitor as the panel was extremely good - anyone know if there's a modern, affordable build for such?

    3. Hunter Brass

      Thank you for calling my last name beautiful

    4. Yunus Emre SARAÇ

      thats amazing

    5. Adam Scott

      Incredible execution! Well done my man. Very well done ;)

    6. LestaBan

      How much did it cost to make?

    7. Alessandro Farina

      This is absolutely amazing! It is a very pleasure to discover contents like this on youtube! Love it!

    8. richardwernst

      I would have liked more detail on just how/where you soldered the bottom piece of brass in.

      1. eioshen boboi

        Nice video, the brass looks alot better then the older model indeed. And i see u managed to get a ps5 as well, which can be a project of it’s own. 😆

    9. jacob plante

      i would love that you make video of gaming mouse like how to change

      1. eioshen boboi

        Absolutely fabulous. I've been considering selling my old 4k laptop, but don't know if the cracked screen will work for this

    10. AgentPredator Gaming

      if you took apart an old samsung phone that supported dex, you could add it add the back along with a 20,000MAH powerbank and make it a beast of a standalone portable laptop. it would be a little thicker but it wont be much really

    11. ProgrammingWithSana


    12. Exil3d

      The speakers were the perfect touch

    13. James Ngosa

      wow can this be made wireless?

    14. Stravadi

      You're the Bob Ross of the IT, and engineering department

    15. CMOS Frazzled

      Beautiful job!

    16. Victor Muraviev


    17. Angry Reviews

      13:04 And so begun the STEAMPUNK area for DIY Perks!

    18. Eoin Barry

      Very nice 👌

    19. JCarlos MB

      Todos tus trabajos son impecables y muy buenos.

    20. jomsart

      SO THAT’S WHY there’s always a huge border at the bottom!!,

    21. fitztastico

      I'm super impressed, but with videos like these, I've listened it's usually important to note what they don't show you. He's willing to show and describe the process of using a blowtorch and solder, but there's nothing on making the cutouts. That probably means it was really difficult and would be detrimental to a "look how easy and beautiful this is" video.

    22. spare

      Absolutely fabulous. I've been considering selling my old 4k laptop, but don't know if the cracked screen will work for this

    23. NL_the_Godfather

      Nice video, the brass looks alot better then the older model indeed. And i see u managed to get a ps5 as well, which can be a project of it’s own. 😆

    24. Mobile and Computer Tutorial

      One of the best DIY videos

    25. Rkr_3

      Great project! I'm definitely going to build my own version of it. Is it possible to use usb-c not only for data but also for powering instead of the battery? A "one-cable" solution would be awesome!


      I am speechless you actually building this there’s no catch to this ??? 😞🤯🥺 Amazing

    27. P S

      Sir can you please bulid a diy stylus pencils and you are excellent thank you

    28. Lion Lion

      Nice work bro

    29. Wes Stewart

      So its not a concern than brass is a conductor? Given all the ports and circuitry I’m just curious

    30. cJ delos santos

      Bro, do you have a usb c board that can drive an 80" lcd tv? I want to convert my broken tv to a usable screen. Thanks.

      1. NL_the_Godfather

        You should look up the number and maybe u can find a board, but sometimes it’s better to buy the same model tv broken for cheap from someone who has like a cracked screen and the just replace the board only to get yours working again

    31. Mad Mardigen

      Nice PS5 lol, I swear man all your videos make me wanna just go to the hardware store, buy everything and just see what I can do. Cant wait to try this. Thanks mate!!

    32. Shyir

      is he really sponsored by brass? A question to anyone, how could I control a pc with a wireless touch monitor? heeeeeelp :)

    33. eioshen boboi

      new game: every time he says brass we all drink

    34. Mihály Gyémánt

      Useful staff, nice work and your beard makes you really handsome!

    35. Animelover SRk

      Sir! please 🙂 make a video on DIY Nano leaf

    36. Gary Miller

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      1. eioshen boboi

        Upload to in stead

    37. Mike Kormendy

      Harry Styles goes nerd.

    38. Kelly Simonsson

      Incredibly useful and so creative :O Beautiful!

    39. dominuspopuli

      That's extremely lovely.

    40. duhok,

      You gone Over budget on this one so for that reason I’m out lol

    41. kenneth krabat

      Ah, Matt, how DID you flame solder the bottom to the frame with the screen already in place?

    42. Roy Fortuna

      Beautiful piece of tech. Very inspiring video.

    43. Malik KMA

      I just loved your this amazing new project as always it is a unique one, thumbs up for you and thank you very much for sharing your idea.

    44. M Ahmed

      Respect !!!

    45. Duc Nguyen

      me: ok...let's do it also me: dont have solder skill and tools, bought 13inch type-c hdmi IPS 99%rgb... for 75$, power banks 30$ xD

    46. Денис Симонов

      Absolutely fantastic work! Huge like with both hands!

    47. Suresh Kumar PK

      nice work

    48. Kieran Richards

      What a nice video! Thanks a lot for this which is very helpful for every newbie like me. Getting this video I am benefited. And its pleasure to visit this link and find useful tools for android users

    49. Gacheru Mburu


    50. Adrian S

      Could you please define the best DIY solution to degrees the brass and clear coat to make it robust enough for the long run.

    51. Will Swift

      Upload to in stead

    52. science creative

      Can you make 4k resolution same things with touch screen monitor

    53. V. Lenin

      bro, beside teaching us all of this, we're waiting for you to complete your kindness and sell these "DIY sceens" to us.

    54. öRéhl D'manGüz


    55. V. Lenin

      almost 97.1% of the viewers won't build this screen but still we appreciate your works and we gonna pretend it's easy and cool.

    56. 7 The time is short

      I love what you do !!!)) Amazing))

    57. bogdan mitrea

      Piece of art 🖼!

    58. Sadur Chicarito

      i just wanna say...thank you for being exist in this YT..this video really help for DIY geek like me..Keep up the good Work. :)

    59. magnusm4

      Brass and bronze are highly underrated. Like charred wood. But I would've made a little air space between each component that has risk of heating, so it can at least get a little ventilation and lower exposure at the cost of taking a little more space.

    60. Abang010483

      slim and beautiful.. love it

    61. The Endless Inspiration

      This is such an awesome project, thanks for always being an endless inspiration

    62. Sound wave

      His crush:- I love you😍 This guy:- *B R A S S*

    63. runforitman

      12:04 why did you solder to the socket and not its pins

    64. runforitman

      8:01 "g'day, chris here, and welcome back to clickspring"

      1. James Rogers

        I thought I was the only one who noticed haha

    65. iM4X1MU5

      We need a collab between you and MKBHD

    66. Asher Mawhiney

      Is he flexing his ps5

    67. Andrw Waugh


    68. ThatOneGuy030

      All this brass talk is making me miss Clickspring's videos

    69. Leepshin

      Just one question Matt, not every laptop LCD is touchscreen capable so how do you know if It's touchscreen or not?

    70. Lex Luthor

      Wait a minute, did you say the new boards can make any led/lcd screen "TOUCH SCREEN"? *apologiies for the terrible grammar.

    71. Rubik Sensei

      Basically the same tuto than the previous one, but with a new materiel. Using a USB-C board is a nice upgrade but not enough to justify a new video. I expected some information about the tactile like how to optimise it or just how to turn a standard screen into a touchscreen. Well nope, let's just take a touchscreen '-'

      1. Rubik Sensei

        @kenny jeffree No problem with a video for a new material and some idea. It's mainly about the title mentioning the touchscreen even if there is nothing about it in the video

      2. kenny jeffree

        Its not cost effective to turn a standard screen into touch screen as a digitizer and an extra board have to be purchased. He also made the new video to show how to work with brass

    72. Lebohang Hlapane

      The touchscreen feature, does it work with any panel given that you get the right control board, or does the screen have to come from a touch screen laptop?

      1. kenny jeffree

        It has to be an LCD with touchscreen built in

    73. bodoti qwiu

      The way you create things out of nothing, makes me feel I'm completely useless in life. xD

    74. Đorđe Madžarević

      Ever consider put everything in some photo frame?

    75. Ker Mac

      I have an inkling that when you created the brass water cooler heatsink you practiced welding brass. and this was an excuse to show off that skill... compared to that it looks beautiful

    76. Lizlodude

      I've been wanting to make something like this for a long time and man that looks way nicer that what I had in mind lol.

      1. bodoti qwiu


    77. Nayeem Adnan

      Wow!!!! I like it.

    78. caner olgun

      Hi , this monitor support xiaomi phone?

    79. rjk ‪

      Little bit of a knockoff clickspring we got here eh? :D

    80. Nathan A

      The brass was impressive until I saw the PS5

    81. Ricardo Memoli

      Goddamn, dude... this was fantastic!

    82. Plippy :p

      wow so pretty

    83. Wale Aliz

      1500 BC to 2020 : aluminum 2021: .... BRASS

    84. Poker


    85. Kevin A.

      It's impossible to say what I like most about your videos. Your out of the box GREAT inventions, your craftsmanship, the simplicity you turn it into or just your over the top enthusiasm! Your Enthusiasm alone makes me want to get up and start on the project even though it would be getting done by my uncontrollable spastic over enthusiastic hands! WOW!!! What a rush!!! Great video and content again, thank you very much! WOW!!!

    86. aj cloud

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    87. Stratis Telloglou

      i never saw cost element, which is crucual for every project especially the DIY, Its like building VW DIY wit th cost aof a ferrari

    88. Tngamer

      I can only think abouth such a screen wireless connected to my pc.

    89. Praveen Kumar

      My laptop display not touch support if that board has touch support was is work?

    90. Bahar Atashak

      Great work . I enjoined it . Please make more smart or customized furniture pieces

    91. Seby_Plays


    92. fu1r4

      Will that battery protection board work on any lithium battery? The description says: "for the 186 50 Lithium Battery" and the battery you use is from an old phone.

    93. Emirhan Çalışkan

      This is almost weird. So, straightforward but so amazing too. Make no mistake a usb-c monitor isn't a cheap thing. It certainly isn't this elegant too.

      1. Miguel Najera

        What do you mean not this elegant?

    94. Athan Zarek

      awesome perk mate, but i wanna ask if you can make a dedicated video of how you re use phone battery, or other electronics from cell phones

    95. captainramen

      i thought he will tarnsform a standart laptop display to touch screen one. good video tho! that frame rocks!

    96. C S

      Beautiful work very original 🖤

    97. Jeviar Firsta

      In watchmaking, brass is used a lot. Most of the time due to its oxidation nature. You have to coat it somehow to make the color lasting. You could try to rhodium coated it, with nickel then rhodium bath, or gold coat it to make it having that "luxurious" gold coloured finish of the brass had when it was high polished, or anthracite coat it to make it has a grey shiny finish. Not sure how to black pvd it though. Actually if you could make it out of steel, you could simply heat it up to make it has purple, red, blue, green or yellow colour.

    98. Brita Lou

      this is simply stunning. One day I hope AAC devices can be this stylish. Also more powerful, but that is a whole different fight

    99. Moi Me

      you are very good speaker, you can lobbying people, and this is make you a very good youtuber I like your videos

    100. Kevin Deason

      Oh great, you just invented a tablet.