Can my Guard Dog survive Goose mating season?

Gold Shaw Farm

127 Tsd. aufrufe12

    The geese are starting their mating season and my livestock guardian dog (Toby) is having a really tough time.
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    1. torch1028

      So to anyone who downvoted i can only assume you had the same initial worry as me: "should any dog be an outdoor dog?" After some research i found that yes, assuming the breed is right for the environment and lifestyle, many dogs actually do better amongst livestock It's almost like our ancestors who created all the different docile livestock already figured this out across cultures. Don't leave a pitbull in the snow: but various breeds including maremmas (tobydog's breed) are built for it. Additionally their nature id to be hyper protective.. a dog like tobydog would likely make a tough to nearly unmanageable house pet for even experts because without doing these tasks the dogs become hyper protective and under exercised . This leads to anxious dogs that chew up furniture, shit in the house , and bite strangers. With a purpose these dogs live happier and healthier lives outsods than if they were just being on a couch collecting cholesterol.

    2. mfanwe Likeit

      3:07 onwards, “Billy don’t fight him!” “No Billy! I never even looked at him I swear!” “Oh Lordy he’s KILLLINGG HIM!” “I don’t ever want to see you again Billy! *sobs and runs away* “

    3. iainh667

      Questions from an amateur. Are female guardian dogs better/worse than male dogs? Are you raising your geese at approx 1:1 male/female ratio?

    4. M D

      We have those dogs all over my village in south eastern France, they protect the sheep. Very nice guard dogs, and friendly if you meet one in the street but not house dogs. If you are hiking on the afternoon and surprise the herd and dog they can be agressive. The Shepard’s leave the herd with the white dogs alone out in the mountains most of the time then the sheepherder comes with collie dogs to herd them up. It makes sense they would make good geese guards ! Never seen that use here! The collies are more nippy and bite more then those dogs

    5. Amanda Bigelow

      goosen'ts can be noosen'ts

    6. Mr. CU NT

      Idunno if this dudes Canadian or not but I’m subbing simply cuz of the Letterkenny clip. And lowkey that doggo is a handsome young pup n these videos are interesting n really well done Sorry about my DEfasts name. It’s a lil out of place on a nice channel like this

    7. Anita Brewer

      Congratulations! I love Toby! So so happy to see him get a friend to help guard the farm. THRILLED!!!! Prayers and blessings to you and yours!

    8. Facu B. Luciani

      Who would win? A trained adult canine with thousands of trained ancestors Or Goose's horny time

    9. ThatBugBehindYou

      It seems obvious to all people who have working dogs to any extent but it always needs to be said that the most important part of getting a working dog working is through obsessive training when it is young and growing.

    10. Beba

      I bet he can! If one of those geese gets out of line he will put it in his place. They all know he is the BOSS!

    11. Wellfedwhitekid

      Great video, but when you said let loose the goose, you should have said, release the geese

    12. B. P.

      Great video! Randomly found this, very enjoyable.

    13. Dax Hallman

      Toby is a powder keg. You can see it in the eyes...

    14. b t s n

      tobys a good boy

    15. Goo Glesuckz

      Build that dog a proper house, jesus christ. Leaving a dog outside in that sub zero shit in a hut with 3 walls and no floor is almost abuse.

    16. JRThiker

      Great video! Thank you for the very sound advice about getting the right breed for the situation, and the importance of doing research. Every working breed has characteristics bred in them which aren't going to change. We've had Jack Russell's for 25 years, they are a 120 pound dog in a 16 pound body with ADHD brains and a killer instinct for smaller creatures. As a result, many have been given up to shelters and rescues because people can't handle the uber-terrier in them (I'm on the board of a JRT rescue.) Our neighbor in Abruzzo has 2 huge Maremma's guarding his flock of sheep and his farm, they can be fierce and protective. I've learned to be careful when I walk that back road by the farm, LOL.

    17. thirsty duck

      Thicc geese

    18. chris thomas

      How does Toby stay so clean ? He lives outside

    19. catz1235

      goose on goose violence 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    20. Omi

      Can't wait for that new puppy. Pretty soon we'll have 2 fluff balls patrolling the area.

    21. Hello Sunshine !

      Great video !

    22. Erica Jeanette

      My pair of white chinese geese are mating now, the goose has laid about 10 eggs so far. The male though, he's so aggressive I want to get rid of them. The geese run with my chickens and they free range, but this creates problems with my young son and visitors. Almost like we can't enjoy being outside anymore.

    23. Arbër rëdrA

      You are are a very fit American!😉😗

    24. BorisTheCat101

      Horny Geese: Peace Was Never An Option

    25. InkImpa

      Have you guys ever considered adding new birds to the property? Not sure what the bug issue is like in Vermont, but if you guys have tick issues in the spring and summer, then maybe look into getting a few guineas!

    26. dfgdfg

      Your eye heterochromia is really cool looking

    27. Upsidedown Nugget

      Ok what about 100 Toby sized geese vs 10 geese sized tobys?

    28. Angel Sandoval

      You did a great job raising Toby.

    29. Flat Cat

      You have a amazing ability to story tell in a very captivating way

    30. Anne Sweeney


    31. Elizabeth Cabatuan

      Your bathroom up stairs you should put nice white cabinets. Your wife would like for storage. Would be easier when doing laundry

    32. Stuck in Paradise

      7:10 cabbage boi

    33. Phantom Limb

      Tarp off boys..

    34. dermiker

      How is Toby with strange humans?

    35. CtrlDemon

      Are you worried that the new gaurdian dog your getting. will be alot diffrent then tobe in how the dogs act and that i has a diffrent personality ?

    36. Dovydas Urbonas

      All i hear is car horns no geese here

    37. Aymen DZ

      1:27 That slide tho lol

    38. Steve the Pirate

      My husky liked cabbage too. I think it's because it's crunchy.

    39. Quagigitymire

      You living the dream man

    40. Andrew McDonald

      Cabbage eating dogs are underrated.

    41. Rohan

      2:30 she said “I like it rough daddy!”

    42. trolololmfao

      This guy is cross breeding his dog with his duck, interesting

    43. Nicole

      I’m glad you picked the maremma, the Great Pyrenees looks just like the maremma, but they tend to eat poultry and cats. I’ve heard countless stories of that. They’re definitely for large livestock. You made an amazing choice. My gsd isn’t a LGD but he’s trained to be. All it took was a couple “NOs” and boom he was fine around all my birds and rabbits. Crazy how fast they learn!

    44. Mark M

      I really did do a threat analysis on the geese threat haha love your video's, thank u so much for sharing!

    45. Miroslav Pankevich

      Hi. You should write storybooks. Every one of your videos is a story. Very interesting to watch.

    46. Danyelle St.Marie

      Oooh! Also Ron Swanson!! Are there any ganders in her group? If so are any of the ganders winking at her, or her to them?? The Parks & Recreation Group, Rock!

    47. Johanna Geisel

      I thought that was a polar bear in the thumbnail.

    48. Barbara Lewandowski

      No he wants a mateee..noww

    49. Casey Jude

      Lol! If you gave Toby purple cabbage he’s probably not eat it. Wait, what, another dog?!? Oh my, I’m so happy for Toby!! What excellent news!

    50. FearOurSkills

      The geese woke up today and the first thing they chose is violence

    51. Adam Popanda

      Who would win in a fight - one Tobydog sized goose, or 20 goose sized Tobydogs?

    52. Lucy Cooper


    53. Damien Paz

      I got a couple questions 1:what breed is Toby? 2:does toby's breed get along with cats 3:has Toby been used as a climbing platform by the birds 4:did Toby try to play with birds 3:how old is toby

    54. Misty Hill

      I hate goose mating season lol even 5% of geese dont survive it lol vicious basta*ds lol they are mentally unstable thats before mating time lol but dam they good eating :)

    55. okuyasu nijimura

      Goose pulls out knife: peace was never an option

    56. Excesv

      Cool man.

    57. Brad Peterson

      "Nice execution. You're doing terrific."

    58. Antonio Costa

      I feel bad about your guard dog. At least the geese can engage in the mating chase. All Toby has to look forward is seeing others getting lucky.

    59. Kari Jaquith

      Why did you decide to go with Dexter cattle?

    60. Sandi Schraut

      I love dogs and Toby is the most adorable after my 2 dogs of course!!

    61. KTinOG

      LOL Toby eating the cabbage. What a good boy He's part of the Flock

    62. Chris Anderson

      -13 degrees.. he’s just laughing at our quarrels here in Wisconsin and the people in Texas haha It’s like a bath house but outdoors in Wisconsin. For geese. And oh my god Toby Dawg so friggin cute I want one I loves toby he a good boi I also love these Geese names.

    63. mightyoss

      I love your channel but every time you use a measurement I have to use google to convert it. Either from pounds to kg or Fahrenheit to Celsius.

    64. John N

      Had a 3 legged jack Russel that would hang out with my chickens. Even tossing them bread with him in the group.

    65. my view

      Geese are a natural guard animals, maybe its competition

    66. Ding Dong Dood

      untitled goose game vibe


      What a awesome dog.toby dog

    68. M Allen

      that is a good dog

    69. looduselaps

      Toby is just the sweetest angel 👼 he leaves the dirty work for pablo the barcat.

    70. barada sankar roy

      I think u guyes can lern duck or bird egg hatching from a channel named a Chick named albert

    71. barada sankar roy

      Rip samson

    72. John Jenkins

      "release the quackens!" love it! Toby needs his own channel!

    73. TheSilverGarnet

      I wonder, does his paws need any treatment for the cold??? I feel like my dog (black lab) needs some protection from that kind of bitter cold..

    74. Chris LL

      Why a 2nd dog ? If your intent is to breed Toby wouldn’t it be incest and mess up the gene pool? Or is Toby needing to be replaced?

    75. leo kohonen

      DEfasts algorythm knows what I want to watch better than I do

    76. Toby Sutherland

      I like this dog

    77. Oat lord

      He looks like a Pyrenees. Are they similar breeds? Never heard of the other one.

    78. MrUnibaker / Stuart

      I enjoy your channel ((Toby) , I have 2 female maremma sisters almost 3 years old ! I live in the city they are well socialized companion dogs ! The most amazing breed I’ve dealt with smart , loyal , strong and cuddly not the breed for most unless you train well( for city) ! Look forward to your vids exciting to hear addition coming !

    79. elise

      I love seeing your loving trusting relationship with beautiful winter hardy amazing Mr Toby !

    80. Catherine Giuliano

      I’m so glad you’re going to get a companion for Toby cause everybody should have a friend

    81. Bears With Glasses

      Verbal corrections are more effective than yelling "no." A dog shouldn't "feel bad," and "know they did wrong" is 100% an anthropomorphism. They don't know they've done wrong- they know you're upset; there's a difference. After 35,000 years of coevolution, dogs read us incredibly well, but it doesn't mean they have the same value system as us and think ("know") they've done something wrong. I strongly encourage you to investigate the verbal correction for your next pup; when done properly it takes the trauma out of training. MA human-canine interactions

    82. Thomas Saliou

      Less talky more doggy

    83. FurKidsHavingFun

      Love how real you keep everything. The mismatch gloves... I have been there many times.

    84. Romeo Guerrero

      In the corporate world, Toby would be the ideal manager! He's awesome!

    85. steve shoemaker

      Super fine Dog you got there...Thanks...!

    86. MrMauidiver

      “Close proximity” as opposed to what? Distant proximity?

    87. 6sense

      Very entertaining,, thankyou.

    88. Rodrigo Montero Míguez

      Toby is the face of patience

    89. Stuart Mills

      I love this farm, i love the ducks, i love the geese, i love the cats, I love toby and I love this farmer dude. 10/10 all around guys.

    90. alex jacobson

      how are those tigers doing

    91. RyanBLOX Productions

      Toby when he opens the gate: oh hooman your here.

    92. Ryan Essex

      I've prepped and cooked Guinea fowl. Never had one as a pet or pest deterrent. Lol. They are pretty though and hugely useful by the sound of it

    93. Mein Kamph

      Before you commit to the duck pond. Mccray's country creamery 55 Alvord St, South Hadley, MA 01075. They have a duck pond, visit there on a nice summer day. After, you will not want a duck pond on ur property. You have to close the windows in ur car when you drive by.

    94. Margaret Bischoff

      Toby was the name of my St Bernard. Best dog ever! Your Toby is a joy to watch.💖

    95. Aron

      My previous dog, a Belgian Malinois was raised with chickens and was trusted to guard the flock, my current dog, a German Shepherd was introduced to them and she ignores them but I’d never leave her alone with them.

    96. Pretty Bird the Pet Goose

      Farm Geese are not always monogamous BUT wild geese usually are. ❤

    97. João Vitor C.R.

      20 geese are weak, it hurts, but theyd have to attack anything a lot in order to do an actual serious harm rather than scratches on skin

    98. LivLovely

      Toby is the alpha in the barnyard and the geese etc are part of his pack. So even if they nip at him, he won't always bother with correcting them. He knows they sometimes act out, maybe even challenge him, but he also knows they respect him and know their place. Because if he DOES say 'no', he just gives them "The Look" and they stop or move away; all Alphas, whether a horse or a dog, have this ability. Also, he's more protective of the chickens because he knows they are smaller and generally not as aggressive as the geese -but they know The Look too. And one reason Toby is so calm, cool and collected, is because he has a job. Working dog breeds are so happy when they have a job to do; and he's a perfect example of that. If you put a dog like him in a house or a condo, he'd be miserable. Sometimes dogs act out when they get like that, maybe barking a lot, chewing on your couch, raiding the trash, digging etc-all kinds of negative and even neurotic behavior. That's why you research a breed before you commit to one. He is so calm and happy simply because he's a working breed, doing what nature intended him to do-work!

    99. Luc

      imagine toby strolling around showing a lil new pup the ropes, i can't wait

    100. robert malis

      Might be a mess for domestic case but if I’m not mistaken Canadian geese wild do mate for life I could be wrong