Cards Against Humanity PHAN EDITION!


973 Tsd. aufrufe14

    We play an offensive card game ..created by Dan and Phil viewers?? What could go wrong!
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    Am Vor 9 Tage


    1. rene dawn

      I missed this so muchhh

    2. KatherineDunn

      "This is for you, sugar freak"

    3. Beth Forde

      my goodnesss i’m getting such a throwback to rushing to see Dan’s streams on YouNow on Tuesdays and reserving my Sundays for the radio show. it’s been too long since i’ve watched these two 🥺 nostalgia is assaulting me

    4. Lauren Thomas

      i forgot how much i loved these videos

    5. Kayleigh Farragut

      dan clearly hasn’t seen the “will it sodastream” people on tiktok

    6. Amanda Bargeman

      I haven't watched a recent video of y'all in so long but hearing dan's laugh again made my soul warm

    7. Vaishnavi Gandikota

      The 'oi' at 13:08 is what im living for

    8. just me

      I was so obsessed w these guys when I was 12 that I cried at their tour. Two days ago I turned 18 and for some reason today I felt the urge to look them up and now I’m watching this and this is a weird feeling

    9. Little Bunny lover

      I laughed so hard

    10. AudreyInTheUniverse

      I can’t. This is reminding me of my middle school years when I wrote fanfics about them 😭😭 of course I was like 12 so the only thing I wrote about was pastel Dan and punk phil

    11. jessica warble

      this gave me so much COMFORT and a sense of home 🥺🥺🥺 missed you guys

    12. kiara wentzloff

      The back of dan head made me think of Matty Healy 💀

    13. Pine Tree

      That tree looks like pot leaves 😭

    14. Marthe Tanghe

      To think that I was a fan in high school and now I'm getting my master's degree... damn time goes fast lol

    15. Bellasumney

      God have I missed you guys.....I literally grew up watching you and boy did I miss it. I hope you guys are living your best lives!!! Much love:) insta: @bellasumney

    16. Jake Starr

      i miss the sims 4 seris soo much

    17. Mellchiril

      this is more what I expect cards against humanity to be like. Secondhand embarrassment and being unsure whether to laugh or cry, so just grinning awkwardly at the screen. And yes, I am saying this in regards to the previous cah video to which, I still remember, I did not act too kindly (sorry about that) Real fun video :) Also good luck to everyone entering the giveaway, hope you win... The Cube.

    18. aru s.

      I know that sneak peak of the house gave you all Dil house vibes

    19. alicehasdrowned jpg

      I missed them omgggg

    20. D12 U

      Dan keeps asking if this is the content we want.... I'm just gonna say 2021 is already better

    21. Lizzy Bug

      I loved this so much so many memories 🥺🥺🥺

    22. x.babyxogirl.x

      Please make more. I’m 19 and a mom now and you guys got me through my early pre teen and teen years so help me through my adult years.

    23. * Grace *

      Its videos like this that make me wonder why I was allowed to watch this when I was 12

    24. Rebecca Pearce

      I missed them both so much 😭

    25. Nicolas Contreras

      I fucking missed Dan

    26. Kimberly Olson

      I wish I could forget that fanfic 💀

    27. Mountains of Joy

      "He likes the pain"

    28. Beryl

      ✨creativity✨ gave me flashbacks

    29. 0.Xradio.girlX.0

      Dannnnn! Your back! It’s good to see youuu!

    30. Mountains of Joy

      "sugar freak" XD

    31. Lara de Meij

      This is so comforting to watch

    32. raxsta belle

      The way Dan looks at Phil is just so wholesome

    33. taxi5225

      me immediately thinking of alternative uses for the vibrating sloth 😅

    34. anna #

      PODCAST!!!! podcast!!!!!

    35. anna #

      its crazy, u guys have meant so much to me for yeeaaarrssss! u will always be in my hearts and i'll support u forever!!!

    36. Morgan Z

      We very much want this content!! We love it, we've missed it

    37. Morgan Z

      You two helped me get through the past 5 years and GODDAMN I'VE MISSED YOU

    38. Tamaki


    39. Rovanno Raaf

      how did they didnt change a bit at all..

    40. AlexD

      Married life😌

    41. Rhxx

      2 videos together in one year. 2021 has high hopes for us

    42. L u c a s

      18:03 weed tree

    43. L u c a s

      12:38 That's funny because half of tiktok dances are just variations of that

    44. Nicole Alessandra

      I miss them so much!!

    45. MoonKookie

      you made my whole entire month istg

    46. Isabella Refalo

      the fact that u guys make me smile just like i used to back when i was 12😭

    47. Ashe Corbett

      🥺 oh my God ❤️

    48. Iron Fist

      two midde aged men being cringy while teenage girls treats them like they're babies. wtf

    49. LowKey Studios

      Our boyoes aye back! Welcome back!

    50. Izzi Harris

      this makes me miss when the internet was fun

    51. Bigmacpapi

      Is- is that wilbur?

    52. seungminttt

      this single handedly saved 2021

    53. Rosa Sickles

      I missed you guys so much and you never fail to make me smile

    54. nerdbutdumb _

      We mix sprite and cheap white wine and drink it that way with my friends jdbsjdb

    55. ravya singhal


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    57. CF Français

      Cheese spray in a soda stream......sounds like something that may have already been done on Unus Annus 😂

    58. Smoke Vanessa

      this is food for the soul thanks for feeding me fathers :’) the only father figures i’ll ever need tbh 🖤

    59. decearing egg

      o n l y p h a n s

    60. Perth Lim

      i love their dynamic so much they are honestly so compatible 🥺 i missed them

    61. Autumn Christie

      The XD with the world edit took me out completely. I had to pause it to laugh for a while

    62. angelica

      Omg i forgot how much I used to laugh with them

    63. I always feel like Somebody’s watching me

      This is why I still live

    64. mikin lirou

      they came back when the world needed them the most

    65. breanna page

      I'm so glad yall are posting still 💞🥺 unproblematic DEfastsrs I've watched since I was 13 I love yalls content so much 🤧

    66. Lime Cube

      I would do love to have them send something out of whatever they have there they don’t want 😫 but of course my mom would have to get the mail and find whatever random chaos they would send 😳

    67. kaitlynn rhodes

      "Phil in the blank" is a pun that I need other people to know is possible

      1. mikin lirou

        16:43 “We’re in the dark timeline now” Community fans: 👁👄👁

    68. Gaby Phalange


    69. TheFridayVerse


    70. Ana Elena Atoche

      Phil: Lo Me: like

    71. Moon Kid

      They gave each other hair cuts 🥺🥺🥺

    72. Tubbs

      This whole video made me smile so hard it hurt 😭

    73. Solei Carlson

      Ahhhhhhhh just talked with a friend about our collective Dan and Phil phase but after watching this i honestly don’t think it has ever ended ☺️😅

    74. Yasmin Khalid

      How Dan said “oi” saved my soul

    75. Elena Maghsoodnia

      "is this the content people want" YES so badly

    76. Emily Croke

      Content like this is getting me through lock down but the reference to the fic brought up so many repressed memories 😂

    77. MarijaDreams

      You have no idea how I've missed this! Bless Dan's sense of humor 🙌🙏

    78. Alina Akmal

      God, feels like I will never get over this duo. You two give such a positive energy and make me laugh soo easily. Makes me want to have the same energy with someone in my life.

    79. julia

      i think i’ve rewatched this so many times youtube’s just decided to permanently keep it in my recommendations

    80. batnoneedtoknow

      Like cool video but all the profile pictures of girls in this comment section is making me panic. Love, a very sorry lesbian.

    81. Chatot Maestro

      18:27 WHAT IS THIS SONG

    82. Lily Aldrin

      16:43 “We’re in the dark timeline now” Community fans: 👁👄👁

    83. Chatot Maestro

      Two player CAH is... interesting

    84. bobabird


    85. Kaley Schlenker

      i didn’t know i needed this so bad

    86. Jezebelle Stevens

      First episode of Dan and Phil I’ve ever seen don’t regret it

    87. Ian Halsall-Fox

      Well if a mortgage isn't a subtle clue I don't know what is!

    88. Sidney Dwell

      Love the completely out of time censor at 6:56

    89. Kyler G


    90. Allison Schnitzer


    91. Kassidy Goodlowcope


    92. synthetictomorrow

      7:20 as a german... wtf xd

    93. Jax•is• weird

      It looks like a maryjiania plant😂😂😂

    94. kaley's daydreaming

      I started watching them in middle school and now I'm college human??? also: leave me alone, I'm just vibing

    95. Without Me

      6:55 fVck *bark*

    96. Devious Purrloin


    97. Eleanor Humphries

      we've all grown up and i feel weirdly proud

    98. Sad Saturn

      I love how they speak my mind in the beginning, idk how I got here but I'm here now

    99. Phoenixon

      Dan calling out all the hentai artists out there. “Hey artists, If ya hentai isn’t violently crafted, are ya even passionate about it??”

    100. Depresso X Espresso

      Bruh imagine these two on the dream smp..