Catchin' up with Classically Abby

Tara Mooknee

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    PART 1:
    Classically Abby is actually pretty cool and not cringey at all
    The weird video I included:
    Artwork by the majestic Sara Spellhammer
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    new male, who dis? ∑
    What happened to the Deplorable Choir?​
    Not all Pickup Artists are bad. Some are TERRIBLE.​
    this show is tatTOO much​
    hOw FaR iS tAtToO fAr??​
    Animated stories are bad for my health​
    The Cringe King of TikTok: Pickup "Artist" Russell Hartley 🐴:
    the rise of the "pick me girl" meme​

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    1. Tara Mooknee

      BTW that comment I read out isn't from Abby! Just want to clarify that in case it isn't clear, it's just a random person who hates my haircut 😂

      1. GlassButterflies

        @Kelsey Williams fr, it's so obvious that the girl had no real point when the comment was all over the place, and just ended in a childish insult.

      2. khalil

        you look like a stereotypical librarian ngl 😂

      3. kate

        tara, i have realized that there is no other way to get this comment to you through the flooding of this comment section, so I decided to just put it here. please, please, react to the DEfasts “yogioabs”, this man legitimately has merch that praises the patriarchy and praises misogyny. his videos are quite funny to watch, and the most videos are comments praying he’s a troll. I also have forgotten to mention he is writing a book on how women should behave!

      4. Bård J K Silo Mirakel Kollen

        I used to have your haircut and that was the best year of my life. That haircut took me places I never imagined possible. It's epic

      5. Earthtear

        You are the weakest link. Goodbye. But seriously, I think you're hair looks like one of those styles you'd see on the front cover of a magazine in the hairdressers. The cut that'd I'd admire but chicken out of getting.

    2. Anais Da costa

      Hi ! This is a comment bought by Tara Mooknee.

    3. Dasi Jefferson

      now this is entertaining content

    4. CommentPoster10

      6:16 workers shouldn't have to "deserve" fair wages

    5. AnnaEBodily


    6. Jessica Belda

      Docs and cat. ❤️

    7. Ashley Dussault

      $58 for a quality, ethically is actually not a horrible price 😅 like it’s also a fundraiser for her campaign...

    8. lefu87 Williford

      Think of all the guys complaining their SO wont wear a sexy dress gathering dust in the closest. He should put it on himself. It fucking awesome. If people didn't yell slurs at me for doing so, I would wear a dress everywhere.

    9. Sippteb

      I wear my docs swimming every day are you saying I'm not sensible

    10. soulless chicken

      wait what. why are people getting shamed for buying cheap clothes? don't actually answer that, i heard the explanation in the video, but it's ridiculous because there are so many people who can't afford anything but cheap stuff. fuck them i guess?

    11. Cosmo Traumatika

      How is Abby "stuck at home" when she lives in NEBRASKA, a MAGA state with a Trump-adoring governor who has refused to require masks and distancing. Everything's been open most of the time. At worst, you had to do take-out supper before you headed over to the bar or worked out at the gym.

    12. Malena

      Love this !

    13. Neha Sen

      u so cute ❤️

    14. skinny legend

      Ooooh Aby's a union basher, too. What a brat.

    15. Rena Ribeiro

      I hope I can react to negative comments to my channel like you do🤣🤣

    16. Disco Jee

      this is random but did you change the thumbnail of this video??

    17. D A N A

      When I will see the cow?

    18. SkyTwerp

      We can just get the merch bots to make a TAX THE RICH hoodie simply by having many people tweet an image of the text captioned with "i want this on a shirt 😍"

    19. Remi Poyntz

      off topic but ur monstera in the background is just.. beautiful

    20. Ellen K

      ew british

    21. Melissa Nelson

      Girl, you kill me, love your sense of humor. Thanks for the videos!

    22. CusWeCanCosplay

      well that was fun xD

    23. Aristoula Goulia

      Love your channel!

    24. Sapphire K

      It WaS MascULine At tHe tiMe! Yeah, it’s almost like concepts of gendered items are created and subject to change...

    25. Roisin R

      I remember my mouth dropped when you said she was ben shapiro's sister

    26. Unicron

      Why have union labor when you could pay some poor mom in a third world country 6 cents an hour. I'm pretty fucking poor but I would still rather pay more for something knowing the person who made it was paid fairly.

    27. Sarah M.

      Wow she better look into those Roman emperors who wore female clothing OF THE TIME. CONTEXT 😂

    28. Doughnut 360

      What happened to the pick me guys? :(

    29. KristiChan1

      I still can't get over that Mara Wilson is Abby and Ben's cousin. She's definitely a better human being than them, that's for sure.

    30. Alyra R

      man what is with abbys eyebrows

    31. Gracie Lou

      I actually clapped for Nubbins at the end...

    32. Gracie Lou

      Is a 58$ sweatshirt really that expensive?!

    33. euphoria

      Why was your latest video about pick me boys deleted :(

      1. euphoria

        @Tara Mooknee thank you so much! 💞

      2. Tara Mooknee

        don't worry, it'll be back tomorrow!

    34. Talia Godfrey


    35. Veronica Pedelty

      I’ve seen non-union labor sweat shirts that cost $60-70. Like idk what Abby thinks is a big gotcha there.

    36. Eminator Studios

      sometimes Abby just looks like Ben if he was cross dressing. That and her similar unfunny attempts at humor make me doubt they aren't one and the same person.

    37. Tim McGrath

      i love u

    38. Anushka C.B ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

      *Tara the cow!*

    39. Charlie Sharp

      I’ve never watched this channel before so the whole talk about the cow is both baffling and endearing

    40. brooke

      u look like girl harry potter but in a good way

    41. Beth Andersen

      I just wish women would LET other women BE the women THEY want to be.. Regardless of life/lifestyle preference. Stop comparing 1 woman's happiness to their own. We are ALL uniqely DIFFERENT women. t's OUR choice & we should encourage EVERY woman to pursue their OWN version of "happiness." To me: THAT is true Feminism. "Do your OWN THING, Ladies!" If you're judging other women it's just an indicator that you are not pursuing your own bliss & seem to resent other girls for "getting away with" their personal joyful behavior. They're not "influencing" anyone...They are JUDGING fellow females. That's not helpful....ever. (my unsolicited 2 pesos...) 💛

    42. C S

      She is such an idiot

    43. Porcelain Mannequinn

      "He's trying to SUBVERT masculinity by wearing a WOMAN'S DRESS!!!" Well, yeah, what's your point?

    44. Alicine-Sims

      Conservatives: I think companies should be able to deny service to gay people just for being gay. Also conservatives: This company didn't want me to be the face of their product because I am a conservative! Such horrible descrimation!

    45. T M.

      "embracing femininity and womanhood is considered controversial" every female celebrity in supposedly liberal dominated hollywood: wears makeup, dresses, very feminine, release makeup and clothing lines (traditionally "feminine" markets), gets married, has kids, etc nobody blinks an eye what world do these people live in ?

    46. T M.

      that sweatshirt argument is so flawed, like yeah the whole system is broken and needs mass structural change, duh . if wages were higher people could afford to pay the actual price of goods not produced by sweatshop labour. also the way she talks is so weird and exageratedly condescending

    47. lol

      This was the most intense "CHEWS-day" I think i've ever heard. Accents!

    48. CupkakeArtz

      How did she know this was a Tuesday evening? 👀

    49. Autumn g

      You remind me of Merlin in the best way

    50. 紡車我的

      MOO REVEAL @ 200k!!!!

    51. Gracie Lou

      I love your hair so much!

    52. TheFrecklesmcg

      She was pressed, subverted, and dumb af

    53. E.P.

      the way you love on your dog is the PUREST thing

    54. E.P.

      you are my yt crusch like if we were all at a stinky college boozer together you'd be the person i would be most nervous to tell about my fish poster collection (posters of fish!!!)

    55. travatron4000

      New to the channel. Love it. When did the Written by a Cow thing start? Assuming there's a funny vid about it.

    56. Enigma Nytemare

      Ummm... as a Christian..... and a non-binary bisexual..... it’s not hard to be a Christian, and It’s not hard to hide your religion like Abby is saying. It’s hard to hide my sexuality and gender from people I care about because their view on the world is just like Abby’s. I am surrounded by people like her and some don’t even believe in mental illness, despite me struggling with it my whole life, how do you expect me to feel safe around people like her when they won’t even accept a different world view?

    57. Purple Kitten

      Embracing femininity as a cis woman is controversial? Lol. That must be the funniest thing I've ever heard.

    58. SOLID SNAKE 69

      Is it twesday. Isn't that swhepid. I'm sorry for this.

    59. Trish Stampone

      You are simply grand!

    60. mentalcat

      I would be happy to share my dresses with my bf abby

    61. mentalcat

      "you have been forgotten and left behind, silenced.." mmh i wonder why

    62. Lipgloss 2000

      Hmmm she is draped in jewellery..... does the Bible not say to NOT adorn yourself in gold?🧐

    63. Isabella Heykamp

      It’s so kind of you to help Abby make money awe ❤️

    64. Shasta Sapp

      I just love you

    65. Maxi

      Being this judgemental must be draining...imagine being bothered by every little thing other people do even when it has zero effect on your life UGH I'm getting wrinkles just thinking about it

    66. Jourdan Howard

      I’m confused, why are we bases our opinions on one persons views??? Not all conservative people are bad, just like not all liberals are good. What’s wrong with having views?? Why can’t we have a difference of opinion without attacking each other?

    67. Possum Pendragon

      It's so good to see your channel grow so quickly. So proud of you Tara! ❤❤

    68. Patricia Lynn

      Lmfao meanwhile i randomly try to convince my boyfriend to put my clothes on i like dress up 😂 & its funny to see a 215 lb man in my size small fuzzy cheetah night shorts. 🤷 so no. I won't be mad if he takes my clothes out the closet & models them for me.

    69. Keira Bobbitt

      My boyfriend stealing my favorite dress would be iconic. Shut up Abby

    70. Robyn Moore

      I'd like to meet the cow please 😃

    71. Mora Martinez Broder

      11:25 literally coming at kids??????not classy

    72. Carly Knight

      when i tell u i RAN to watch this vid

    73. Millennium Actress

      Tara you are liar! I watched all your videos and cow never made up!

    74. Lourdes Mufert

      I believe in free market and the right of every business to chose who they're selling their products/services. So if a bakery can reject making a cake to a gay marriage a publish company can also reject the announce of a conservative

    75. Astrum Amica

      Your cat is so adorable 😍

    76. Akosua Boahemaa

      These videos bashing Abby are a guilty pleasure of mine. The performance of femininity is amusing to me. Her whole aesthetic looks like she never grew up from playing house.

    77. Jules

      I love how Abby claims to be so attracted to "masculinity" and "masculine men" and yet married someone who is the epitome of metrosexual and looks like he'd lose to my grandma in an arm wrestle.

    78. Meline Waller

      Can’t remember what it was about but there was something in the news this past week and I thought to myself “hmmm... don’t know if I agree with that” but then I remembered that it doesn’t effect me or my family and it’s not hurting anyone therefore WHO THE HELL AM I TO PUT MY TWO CENTS IN ABOUT IT! Just wish more people saw it that way... Also wish I could remember what that thing was. Clearly did not effect me

    79. mama mia

      10:57 girl who said we'd get mad-- if I ever had a boyfriend I'd probably buy him all the dresses he'd want-

    80. Kathryn Chlebeck

      Your deep sarcasm, dark humor and severe hair are all fantastic! Thanks!!💕

    81. InTheHillCountry

      here for the cow. thought that was a cow at the end but turned out to be a small dog

    82. Deli Cheese

      Abby's comments on Styles and the dresses demonstrates EXACTLY why society and culture have no business being authorities on gender expression (and that there's nothing *inherently* "feminine" or "masculine" about certain clothing).

    83. Sakura Flowers

      Abby is like a real life Rachel Berry just without the talent for singing

    84. Grandma Martens

      LOVED the video. If you can, please also take a look at 'The War On Feminine Beauty' by Brittany Sellner. There is...a lot.... to unpack

    85. madmadz

      Holy shit. I’ve been to Disneyland multiple times in my lifetime and it is NOT WORTH IT. Even if COVID wasn’t a thing, would not recommend.

    86. Minnie W

      when men wore dresses in the past, women did too...

    87. Cara G

      When Abby Shapiro is featured on the cover of Vogue, we can talk. Until then she can have a stadium full of seats.

    88. Hamilton Douglas

      if it's some girl making videos about how she's such a feminist and a liberal, spitting her garbage opinions about how the world should be, no one says a damn thing. now when a conservative woman like abby makes a video intended very clearly for a specific target audience who actually wants to listen to her, everyone comes rushing outta nowhere to make shitty comments and dislike her videos. seriously, feminists/liberals/progressives and all the alike should die in a fire. i'm happy for all of you who dies miserably.

    89. Ian Maki

      6:20 the thing about union labour: I work for a union, I can totally afford 58 bucks for a sweater

    90. Iqra Salman

      That girl is so crazy

    91. Toborn the Great

      Oh, oh no.... She IS BEN SHAPIRO IN A WIG.

    92. katester 91

      I hope we never see her ads again. Coming out as conservative is the stupidest thing I've ever heard and an insult to the LGBT community.

    93. Rae chel

      The voice crack at the beginning of Ab’s video. Must be genetic, just like her brother ❤️

    94. Austin S.

      I liked and subscribed 😁

    95. Marisa Terry

      Who the hell shares clothes with their siblings

    96. Kjersten Niskanen

      I’m so happy that I found your channel. Crisp, refreshing, and dashes of humor? All while toppling hypocrisy? YES 🙌🏼 😍😂

    97. chianablue

      They are sad because people are calling them out on their bigotry.

    98. somaddiesays93

      Do other Christians know that you can be Christian *without* hating anybody. Shocking. Lets normalize not hating people because of... nope thats it, not hating people is pretty cool.

    99. Not_is Art

      hIiiiiiii,AMAZING CONTENT,but gurl idk if it's just my earphones but your "S" 's sound painfully C R I S P Y