Character Demo - "Ganyu: Radiant Dreams" | Genshin Impact

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    The fragrant licorice, the sweet flowers, the picturesque snowstorms, the falling glaze...
    For the girl descended from qilin, this is all exactly what she dreamed of.
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    1. Shady

      As if the trailer wasn’t enough, THE MUSIC MAKES IT EVEN BETTER

    2. Diego Samayoa

      I literally just pulled her today and I’m f2p my luck

    3. fahmiwazu

      I just got her yesterday, but i don't have enough resources to ascend her, so i keep her at lvl 3. Yes lvl 3 Ganyu on world lvl 6. And beat lvl 83 oceanid with her as support (use Favonius Bow and 4 set nobles, 180% energyrecharge) for my Fischl. Its easy. Haha

    4. UwU inc.

      "Dont touch my horns" I see many ganyus in roblox dude

    5. 【 ʟ ᴜ ᴋ ɪ ᴇ ʀ ᴏ ɴ ᴘ ᴀ 】


    6. Zephyrblaze

      finally got her yesterday! im a happy boi!

    7. Suci Sania

      i'm kecewa :)

    8. ユキ


    9. idk

      I love the soundtrack in background

    10. Marcowo Uchuijama

      1:20, i cant stop see this part, so much HYPE that epic reworking liyue theme!!!

    11. Profreshinal

      Nickname her flower guardian after this video

    12. Sky_Tricks_Ya

      Finally the cocogoat is here

    13. Ragah Darmawan

      Give me ganyu rn

    14. Kairo Mars

      Does this ost have a specific name?

    15. yin yan

      Venti: trap Klee: small Tartaglia: ???🤷‍♂️ Zhongli: old Albedo: nerd Ganyu: cute What did they have in common: A good theme song for the character demo trailer

    16. winter13liam

      How cute is qiqi hehe

    17. Aron merah

      lagunya apsih???

    18. Rinad

      fun fact when Ganyu aims she closes when eye to focus on her target

    19. Beneton

      I got her! My wish came true ✨

    20. Bananakiri Ayame


    21. Leon Mapper And Animating

      Make prices lower!!!

    22. Braznerdo KM explosion

      Now this >>> is amazing

    23. Sheik Manzoor

      The CEO of GEO has the best demo.

    24. yura

      Thumbnail plz

    25. Wish

      Let’s be honest...This is better than anything on DEfasts...

    26. -Psychotic.Joker-

      The 5* character trial quests should play these OSTs

    27. Rakan Alvaro


    28. acicon

      I need the song

    29. iLukeLite

      Can we make the characters demo OSTs their unique battle theme like whenever you use that character in battle you’ll hear THAT theme. Def need this for Ganyu AND ZHONGLI

    30. Joku Jokst3r

      0:32 there

    31. Anthony Lucero

      I wanted ganyu but got qiqi on her vanner instead. And TBH im not even mad cuz they are both cute

    32. cpt. hollowex

      Qiqi : i can milk that

    33. The CARNAGE

      So happy that I got her.

    34. Diamond1998


    35. Hyper Fruit

      even the hilichurls are subtitled

    36. Drew Senna

      For the love of Morax, can I please get her instead of Jean?

    37. Txmpest

      You can’t lie this song is too good

    38. shiiroberry


    39. Project 099 Evergreen

      I pulled her yesterday and playing with her feels like you are a fast reloading Schwerer Gustav 80-centimetre railway gun.

    40. Hotro senpai

      Ganyu ,got her yesterday changed my game completely

    41. TheHvk

      I'm gonna guess Ganyu is the game's most wished for character thus far. Mihoyo is going to make a bag of money off of her.

    42. super- littlefxxnq

      I love the theme sound ;_;

    43. Railgun Gaming

      Qiqi really played the Minecraft card right there .

    44. Choco beary

      Awwsss I want Ganyu but 3 star weapons-

    45. Alvonsius Candra

      Ganyu wangy wangy

    46. Tamna Mina

      I decided to get her instead of xiao, get her after 78 pull 😓

    47. matthew kim

      haha I got any on my first roll (1 not even 10)

    48. Leiden Schaft

      I cannot wait for Xiao's

    49. TheSrgblade

      I pulled her today 😊

    50. Eren Yavuz

      I spin 70 times and i didnt even get a hero i only got weapons please fix this wtf is character dropping rate i cant believe this I DIDNT EVEN GET 1 4 STAR HERO I ONLY GOT 4 STAR WEAPONS AND 3 STAR WEAPONS I ONLY HAVE NOELLE IM MY WHOLE TEAM THIS IS MADNESS XD

      1. Dion Jasper

        Don't wish on the standard banner go wish on the character event banner.

    51. Soraxis

      Looks like ganyu hype is over

    52. Hoho Jjang

      She is so elegant and powerful but I'm saving up for Xiao 😔

      1. Hoho Jjang

        I just need a main dps..

    53. Lehnwa

      This is the most epic character teaser + ost gives me the chills..

      1. mochi

        Maybe not the most epic but it is good 😌

      2. energy is my game

        when she said “all hail” and the music hit, it was so epic

      3. Shen Wolf

        @徐飞 how can I judge if I have never seen his trailer? My comment hit 4.8K likes on the trailer bruh. I watch his trailer at least once a week

      4. 徐飞

        naw man, seen zhongli's yet?

      5. Shen Wolf

        @Troublemaker I think Zhongli can be runner up. It is good, but lost to the Albedo’s music and so far only Albedo’s trailer made me feel like fantasy

    54. Pranaya Rana

      This girl is absolutely broken. I love it.

    55. Infinity ArcAngel

      please give us an Extended Version of this OST

    56. Victor Emmanuel Rivas

      the song name please 1:17 ?

      1. Jonah Laining

        All current character trailer music tracks are going to be released at the end of the month.

    57. Tammy Misu

      Realmente necesito un capitulo de Xingqiu y Chongyun, no juntos! aunque si quieren hacerlos juntos, no me quejo jajaja

    58. rebornzabaza

      1:50 Mihoyo! where is the sound of idle animation in game. *I NEED IT*

    59. Paolo A

      man I want Ganyu

    60. Pudding J

      she's so.. she's so pretty..

    61. GPAngel

      Okay this might have topped the Zhongli demo, mostly because of the sick bgm

    62. Gummy Fox


    63. Rio Nima

      I honestly come to this not for Ganyu(Although I do love her) But only for the remix of probably my favorite track in the game. Childe, Ganyu, and Zhongli have the coolest remixes and it makes me happy they're planning on releasing them!

    64. freakinstien

      They're releasing the character soundtracks soon :D

    65. Amish Lal

      I love this so much

    66. Infinity ArcAngel

      as a mfer who pulled ganyu i can confirm she is that epic

    67. Thomas van Zalk

      Unpopular opinion: this is better than the zhongli demo trailer

    68. esco Tanner

      Day ??? - Still no Ganyu

    69. Requeri

      Please gibe me ganyu i didn't have a good cryo person

    70. Saikek

      another day, another epic trailer by mihoyo with epic music.

    71. Hamza Ali Le petit prince

      Damm that theme is cool

    72. Zieft Camo

      BGM will be released in 1.3 confirmed.

    73. TheXhero22

      I just want this music to come out clean and in HD

    74. Firdaus Oktavian

      Ice beauty

    75. Eunicia Yu

      She's so freaking adorable. I'm so glad I pulled her.

    76. Gerges Gamal

      Well I think we all admit.... you have to upload this theme

    77. Alpha_ FlaReWoLfz

      OST when TwT

    78. NopNop

      1:40 what's wrong my dear?

    79. ༒刀卂几口几卂口꧁꧂丂メ༒


    80. marled animefan

      They removed the Zhongli top comment ... Expected... Sad but expected

    81. Eiby

      The song is amazing.... I'm cryng :'D

    82. Shinra Senpai

      Genshin Impact Channel(Japanese Dub) Just passing by, don't mind me

    83. Shinra Senpai

      Cocogoat Theory Was now proven.

    84. Joo-Aek Tuanui

      What song??????

    85. Doktah Aiai

      Hello Ganyu havers how are we doing today? Repeating her theme for 420th time now.

    86. Jovan Soh

      The cocogoat is a legendary adepti beast

    87. Idioticsoviet 21

      Just got ganyu some how, good luck to everybody out there (f2p btw)

    88. Inverz

      Me: I want her! Game: Oh, you want her? Here's a duplicate of Keqing for you.

      1. Timelord

        I literally got Xiangling + 5 times constellation

      2. Gearen

        Same thing for me but with Jean duplicate....

      3. shiroineko13

        *grumbles* I'll take it!

      4. Jan Derick Padilla

        win-win situation


      Don’t touch her horns or she’ll get pregnant

      1. Jin Kazuma

        I'll hold her hand instead.

    90. 飄移女車神黃前久美子


    91. Burn Lit

      For a character all about her charged atks, they make her normal atk animations soo beautiful and elegant that you just might forgo her charged atks just to see them.

      1. Talguy21

        Luckily (or unluckily) they're fast enough in game that they're hard to appreciate. Nothing on the level of these slow-motion beauty shots here, at least.

    92. Julius Patino

      Spirit Blossom Kindred

    93. Bo and Arrows

      Please release the OST for these teasers they are so amazing

    94. DeVoid


    95. Calean Sixes

      Screw Ganyu i need this tune like right now, It's so epic!! Wait...

    96. Ryder Omega

      Meanwhile you can't even play CYBERPUNK 2077 because it keeps crashing, and that cost $60.00 plus, but Genshin IMPACT is FREE.

    97. Ed

      With her cryo vision I think Ganyu is just qilin.

    98. Sasuke Uchiha

      Can anyone tell name of the song

    99. Mike Eu

      ya, ku cha, wo de le

    100. Zahar Nashr

      Tbh its better then zhong li’s demo trailer