Chefs and Normals Review Kitchen Gadgets | S2 E2 | SORTEDfood


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    Anyone in need of a hilarious midweek pick-me-up? Look no further because in today’s episode, we’ve challenged the boys to see who can best pitch their kitchen gadget to the team. Who was the most convincing? Nominate your winner below!
    If you want to find out more about the gadgets we looked at, here are all the links you'll need - we haven't been paid/sponsored to talk about any of them so they are our honest reviews... But these links are affiliate links, which means if you click on them we may receive a very small amount or percentage if you go on to purchase - this adds no extra cost to you.
    The Whisk Wiper:
    The Morphy Richards Multifunctional Can Opener:

    Churros Maker:
    Cast Iron Tortilla Press:
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    1. RogyV

      1: tortilla press, best 2: multi purpose opener 3: churro maker 4: whisk wiper, worst Sorry Jamie

    2. Lillie Mae

      How excited do you think Jamie got when he realized he could use the whisk wiper to hold the churro bag? (10:35)

    3. maria gracia Zapata

      Hi! I have a question for the SORTEDfood foodies! has anyone from Latin America signed up for the app? I'd like to know if the majority of ingredients they use are available in my region. I'm from Peru and I'm an avid fan, but sometimes the ingredients they use are not available or too expensive here. (I'm from Lima, Peru). :)

    4. Frank Castle

      Want the taco press love it.

    5. sharonsplat

      Can you do an oreo churros recipe? My daughter would love to have them again. ❤

    6. Tara Pinto


    7. Gwynevieve Farabee

      I'm getting caught up on the fact that pronounced churros as "chur-ross" instead of "chur-rose"... 🙃

    8. Allen DeWitt

      Now I want to make Churos Waffles

    9. lrgonly

      Guys a tortilla press can be purchased for 5 bucks at a swap meet in the US. Kind of eye opening at the difference between what’s normal here and there

    10. Vardan Bansal

      Try this gadget sometime "Electric Barbecue Glass Grill" !!!, I bet it will be unique.

    11. ravenatrandom

      I love these guys but I find it a little funny how they pronounce tortilla perfectly, but not churro

    12. megan march

      I went through chemo a couple of years back that greatly affected my hand strength and co-ordination. That can opener would have been so helpful. Thank you so much for showing why these types of products are so important. Now that I am cancer free and regaining my strength, I want that tortilla press. I think it is useful and beautiful. The whisk wipe can kick rocks.

    13. hippycat

      I'm torn between "Please tell me that's a swiss can opener," and "Every electric can opener ought to come with a cat. I kept looking for the cat."

    14. Axyle

      I reckon that tortilla press would last 3 life times if you looked after it well enough.

    15. Sherryn G

      1. I like Barry's old-timey fishing sweater. All he needs is a pipe. 2. I really want a tortilla press. Last time I looked for one, they were all sold out, so I guess homemade tortillas were another quarantine hobby 🤷‍♂️

    16. Noelle Seedorff

      What's happened to James????

    17. Michael Nelson

      In Texas presses are like 20 dollars for cast iron. I have a wood one and cost me like 10 but I use it at least twice a week. A little masa or flour goes a long way

    18. Ema Burns

      Ebbers: “I love a secret compartment 🥺”

    19. sokin jon

      The way they say "churros" is killing me 😭

    20. Michael Bagley

      The tortilla press first, can opener second, whisk wiper third only because it takes the least space in the cupboard or the trash when I decide to get a new gadget.

    21. Ganon

      intro is really really loud compared to video audio guys.

    22. David Dranka

      Tortilla press. Only because homemade tortillas take Mexican food to a whole other level. Warning: making homemade ones will ruin the Mexican restaurants that don’t make fresh tortillas 😂

      1. sokin jon

        Wisk Wiper - Useless. If you're careful with a wisk, you don't need it. Multifunctional Can Opener - Useful. This thing does far more than it needs. Churros Maker - Useless. If y

    23. dolita windo

      me, a mexican, watching the tortilla press being used as this ✨revolutionary✨ thing: 👁👄👁 the fact that people roll their tortillas out and not use one of these is so bizarre to m

    24. thechevalierich

      Loved the witty banter 😄

    25. Practice Positive Progress

      The can opener seems maybe a little much for the average person but it's a great mobility tool and I'm glad that got mentioned. Too many things like this are dismissed as totally silly simply because they are designed for people with disabilities in mind. Y'all at least acknowledged that there are people who would really see the value in it.

    26. Practice Positive Progress

      As decidedly not a chef, I want a whisk wiper.

      1. dolita windo


    27. Northernmost

      jaimie looking from behind while mike makes tacos.

    28. seiom jvony

      The way they say "churros" is killing me 😭

    29. Cooking by Natasha

      ►►the intro is soooooo cool!! I LOVE IT!! also the style of the video! Brilliant!!! ►►

    30. kght222

      here in the states cast iron is the cheapest quality pans that you can find, we also have allot more tortilla presses floating around second hand. if the skillet you buy costs less than a new cast iron skillet of the same size, you shouldn't have bought it. and finding cast iron second hand is really common.

    31. jwinge68

      I know it’s been said, but...JAMES! Where are You!??!! 😘🥰😍

      1. jwinge68

        @seiom jvony last I heard, he went home to deal with something

      2. jwinge68

        @seiom jvony last I heard, he went home to deal with something

      3. jwinge68

        @seiom jvony last I heard, he went home to deal with something

      4. seiom jvony

        What happened to chef James? I miss his snarkyness 😢

    32. Yazmin M

      So... You are telling me that a tortilla press is a gadget in England? 🤯

      1. Yazmin M

        And also that was a hella pricy tortilla press 😬

    33. Tanu Tyszka-Evans

      wheres James? Hes been missing from videos lately

    34. Cassieosaurus _

      My mom has that electric can opener and it’s been a godsend for her! It’s also a really nice time saver when you make chili or something else where you have to open a ton of jars and cans.

    35. Ross Burnage

      Was it just me or did it look like Barry was turning the lid 'closed' rather than 'open'?

    36. Jack Peters

      Love the look of the packs app, was wondering if you'd considered making a student edition? With easy 1 person meals, no fancy equipment/ingredients that students aren't likely to have, meals that can be kept in the fridge and reheated easily the next couple of days, meals that don't need you to take over the entire shared kitchen to prepare, etc.?

    37. doire aintu

      I love this video, it’s so cute ❤️

    38. Cyber Kirby

      Wisk Wiper - Useless. If you're careful with a wisk, you don't need it. Multifunctional Can Opener - Useful. This thing does far more than it needs. Churros Maker - Useless. If you have what you need to make churros, this is just going to make inferior churros. Tortilla Press - Useful. Pressing tortillas won't be something you do often, but when you want to, this is great.

    39. Hannah Lawrie

      Please try more vegan foods! Maybe a vegan challenge for the chefs and/or normals?

    40. MichyWatches

      Loving the tortilla press presentation! Over here in California, it one of the most popular Mexican kitchen tools to have, both in restaurants and home kitchens. They will last you forever and are absolutely worth the effort and memories of making your own tortillas. Edit: Even though the churro gadget seems a bit on the weaker side, I’m still biased towards it and I love the idea haha.

      1. doire aintu

        They should hire Mike for infomercials. I seriously go and want to buy a multitool that probably wouldn't even catch my attention if I were to see it on a shelf or an online store.

    41. Burgundy


    42. Merkur

      The only one I would buy is the press.

    43. Dan Coll

      The tortilla press was my favorite.

    44. Thomas Pickens

      I'm so glad he at least tried to make a real churro.

    45. Thomas Pickens

      That churro maker is garbage. It doesn't fry a damned thing. Oh, and by the way, "churro" is singular and "churros" is plural. And you're mispronouncing it. It's pronounced "choo-row".

    46. Daniela Fernández Granados

      What happened to chef James? I miss his snarkyness 😢

    47. J Rach

      I feel like it would be easier to make the tortilla flattened yourself, I have seen the ones in Mexico and they are made from wood. While they may not be pretty they work

    48. Gambit Jax

      I'm so confused that they find the can opener so amazing. I've had that can opener for 5 years. I'm also cheap and wouldn't have paid more that $15-$20 for it. (Mind, I dont know cost conversions.) I really don't use it for anything but opening cans.

    49. Kristen Miller

      Is James OK? With everything going on in the world I'm a little worried 😟

    50. Nessiferum

      I'm looking at that tortilla press and thinking chapatis, roti and parathas. I think I need one!

      1. dcoog anml

        that several times and finally gave up using it. Scissors work better. It's a great can opener though. Have had it for over 12 years. Dont buy it for the gadgets.

    51. Kiz Nibbs

      This has got to be one of the funniest episodes ever, Iost it at Ben's "Promises, promises...."

      1. dcoog anml

        I have the Procter Silex brand of that can opener. It looks identical. The can opener is a joke. I have arthritis in my hands and that jar opener isn't opening any cans. I use a jar

    52. Dyanne Abobo

      great episode!

    53. María Verónica Viñas

      Not that anyone cares, but in Argentina, churros are straight. So to me, the machine is accurate.

    54. Melissa Field

      What’s happened to James? Is he okay?

    55. Scarlett

      Mike's pun was really good, and Ben absolutely destroyed Jamie with that whisk washing

    56. pallavi TRIPATHI

      That tortilla presser is so indian, my granny has one too.

    57. Pepper Spray

      Is it ironic that communists showcase the gadgets capitalism has to offer?

    58. E R

      Just have to comment and THANK YOU, for mentioning that things could be useful for various disabilities. It means SO MUCH to hear disabilities referenced in such a normal way. So often, disabilities are talked about or mentioned--if at all--in such weird and painfully ableist ways. You've always managed to avoid the offensive tropes. Not sure if you have any friends/loved ones with disabilities, but your genuine kindness and that you think of these things and have awareness, does NOT go unnoticed or unappreciated! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    59. Stephen Bennett

      The way you guys pronounced Churros killed me every single time.

    60. angel wlliams

      Best Gadget has been around for a long time that being the tortilla press, worst is that silly whisk wiper, followed closely by the churro maker

    61. TheWildhawke

      Jesus Christ. Churr-OHs. Pronouncing it Churr-OSS makes it sound like a Star Fox villain.

    62. keelora

      Mike's face during the danger averted bit and then dealing with the rest of barry's sheangians is the best thing I've seen all day.

    63. dcoog anml


    64. Hurgle Flurp

      It is important to note with the cast iron tortilla maker. I know people who use those things Atleast 3-5 times a week

    65. Donna Lynn

      I have the Procter Silex brand of that can opener. It looks identical. The can opener is a joke. I have arthritis in my hands and that jar opener isn't opening any cans. I use a jar opener I got from Pamered Chef years ago. Best thing I ever bought. Only thing it can't open is pickle jars, hubby has to open them. As for the plastic package opener, we tried that several times and finally gave up using it. Scissors work better. It's a great can opener though. Have had it for over 12 years. Dont buy it for the gadgets.

    66. Blake Solang

      But where is James?!

      1. dcoog anml

        You say Churros wrong.

    67. Ellis Hudson

      By far this is my favourite way to do the gadgets videos

    68. alexandra

      Why does Mike sound like Kramer in this video? That tortilla press is what we call papad/ roti maker in India. I can't live without it.

    69. TalonofRavens

      Petition for these guys to go on a trip to Spain or some other Spanish speaking country so they can stop butchering words

    70. Camurgladius

      Had to like immediately after Ben quick-cleaned the whisk and continued to steal all of the theoretical thunder of the "gadget".

    71. John Raymond

      that opener was totally lame. Though some of the additions were neat, the basic can opener function (which is clearly the majority of it's function) was lame. My mom had a can opener that did the same thing 50 years ago...except I didn't have to put the can back for the magnet to grab the declining function over time? Lame. Lame...Lame...Lame. I currently have a hands free can opener that I set it on top of the can (without 5 minutes of nonsense) and push the button. No fuss...and not giant like that...and I'm sure I could get all the extra gadgett bits separately and also taking up vastly less space.

    72. hallie harvey

      The way they say churros 😂😂

    73. Andreas Ebbesen

      Oh no. Beercan opened. Nice chair occupied, kids incarserated. Vacuumcleaner hidden for the wifey. Ready to watch my sunday treat. WHERE are you guys? Disappointment on a whole new level here.. C'm on you lot. Gimme what i long for.. Pretty please?

      1. Andreas Ebbesen

        @Joey Klu Thanks man.

      2. Joey Klu

        They had a video up-- Ingredients review. Apparently, one of the ingredients they featured was actually from an MLM/pyramid scheme company, so they took it down. Hopefully, they can stitch it up with another review, make a funny intro explaining it, and release it again soon.

    74. Hedy Hopes

      did they delete their latest video ?

      1. Christoffer Carlsson

        Yes, check their Instagram, there are a lot of comments why.

      2. NitronNeutron

        @93paddl true but usually the oils are so diluted they have no effect. Now the mlm part is really interesting.

      3. Joey Klu

        @93paddl Oooh, the company the bought it from was an MLM? Makes sense that they'd want to take it down, then.

      4. 93paddl

        @NitronNeutron It's a mlm and you are not supposed to ingest essential oils

      5. NitronNeutron

        @Joey Klu an essentiel oil?

    75. Katherine Gegg

      That tortilla press is WAY to expensive! You can get them for like $10-$15 in supermarkets in my hometown, cheaper if you go to the market. Bet you can find cheaper versions elsewhere. They are a God-send

    76. monse bp

      Damn 33 for a tortilla presser

    77. Dilton94

      I want the tortilla press ❤️

    78. invisiblekid99

      6:26 PMSL.

    79. invisiblekid99

      0:43. "looks like a tea towel holder" was what no-one else was thinking it looked like.

    80. Barbara Danley

      Tortillas are easier to pat out by hand once you get the technique. It's similar to pizza crust stretching but on a smaller scale.

    81. cyangoose

      Question for anyone who’s got the midweek meals app. I live in Japan and the ingredients available here are often quite different or non existent compared to when I was in the US. For example, if I want cheese, I have to drive an hour as it’s not really sold in the town I live in. Does the app use a lot of non-basic ingredients?

    82. morbital

      You say Churros wrong.

    83. emmm__a_ ·

      I've followed you guys since Grace made bubble tea with you forever ago and I just feel the need to say that you're doing eXCELLENT

    84. JYNaRa2fly

      I can never have enough of these guys 😂❤️

    85. Eudaemonius MarkII

      Thank you for shortening your opening. I love your reviews, but the whole...we are ..... was way too much. Keep up up the great fun!

    86. Shannon Felini

      The multi function can opener was definitely the best one for its accessibility. The churro maker was by far the worst.

    87. Zhenobiah S

      Jar Key is a better jar opener for the dextrously challenged. I find it wonderful. To add to that, a non slip rubber matt cut to size is a great way of opening bottles of drink ect. :D

    88. der schwartzadder

      Boys, didn't you learn your lesson with Paella? You've literally made the whitest, least authentic version of both churros and tacos (and mispronounced the name of one of them). Stick to bangers and mash, or learn to make what you're claiming to make. Stop murdering Latin foods!!!!!

    89. Rae Bae


    90. shesellsseashells bytheseashore

      The fact that a tortilla press is a "gadget" cracks me up. Had mine for 35 years, use it all the time for all kinds of things. It's cast iron, so season it well and leave the grease proof paper behind! Great video. Also, you should not be paying more than $15 at best. You can find them at Mexican and Asian markets for a song.

    91. Richard Jones

      Great idea thinking that the can opener could be beneficial for disabled people. I feel like I need to try it lol.

    92. Ich1GoTgl

      I would so use the packs app, if it featured recipes for 1. Especially during these times, no mates coming over.

    93. Richard Cooper

      I have that can opener and got unreasonably excited to see what they would do with it

    94. Lígia Bonfanti

      I'd love to have a tortilla press!!!! 😍😍😍😍

    95. Caerigna

      What if you buttered the churros maker? Could we then get the stick, and color, out of it? P.S. points for Ben with the churro blackmail

    96. Mike Williams

      Anyone know where James is?

    97. Gabriel Martins

      Has James left Sorted?

    98. VisionG

      Can you test a eletric knife.

    99. elena riera

      Spaniard here! Fun-fact: the big round "churro" is called "porra". They are thicker and fluffier than churros which are shorter, thinner and crispier. The churros are cut as the dough falls into the oil. The porras are cut after they are cooked (The two of them are always fried. Never baked). Also, we don't dip them in chocolate sauce. It actually is the normal drinking hot chocolate in Spain. We just dip the churros and porras in it. Our hot choc is just so thick and rich that you can actually just eat it with a spoon :P

    100. Beardy Gaz

      Wrong test for the whisk wiper. Always scrambled eggs. Or cake batter. That"s obviously the regular use which would make it worth it. You'd think any 'normal' would get that. Please test fairly.