Chris Jericho’s top opponents, WrestleMania moment and more: Broken Skull Sessions extra


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    “Stone Cold” Steve Austin grills Chris Jericho on who tops The List of Jericho in categories such as greatest opponents, best WrestleMania moment, top tag team partners and more. Don’t miss Austin’s interview with Jericho on the next Broken Skull Sessions, premiering this Sunday exclusively on Peacock in the U.S. and WWE Network everywhere else.
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    1. Sks Nawaz

      But when it comes to the greatest tag teams, how can Jericho forget The hart foundation and The British Bulldogs. He should have mentioned atleast one of them. This shows the fact that he was lying all the time.

    2. FixxxeR208

      The likes of Rollins and Reigns as future HOFers, just boggles the mind hahahah. They don't deserve to be there. They have to do something legendary for the years to come.

    3. kingofkings89pl

      Cedric Alexander was have a push in 205 but he don't have that "think". He's lack of personality but have skills. Unfortunately... That don't make HOF material... But meaby Chris see something in him that is skills behind curtin? Anyway.... Chris is a legend! :)

    4. Aaron Henry

      Future hall of famers, He said KO without even a thought. I love the pair. ❤️

    5. Sagittarius1500

      Like I stated on part one........ WWE needs to stop with all the playing they do with GOD and religion as well as all the satanic mess! When forming the New Day, they had the members doing promos with church choirs and still to this day has Big E talking like a preacher. Bobby Roode’s “Glorious” theme entrance had too much of a “sent from Heaven vibe”. They had Seth Rollins LITERALLY acting like GOD. Alexa Bliss had a satanic witchcraft promo with candles while sitting on the floor in the middle of the satanic star. Bray Wyatt was just acting like a preacher in the firefly funhouse on the Raw after Wrestlemania, as if the whole “Fiend” character wasn’t more than demonic enough, not to mention the fact that when he had the last gimmick in the Wyatt Family, he once said in a promo that he doesn’t believe in wizards in the sky. Wrestlers like Randy Orton have entrance music with lyrics disrespectful to religion. The Street Prophets’ name is wrong in general. They had the word “Almighty” used in reference to Bobby Lashley. I mean, this stuff goes as far back as Brother Love’s gimmick as well as DeVon’s (from Dudley Boyz) preacher gimmick when they first brought in Batista. Who is approving all of this?! Vince?! Stephanie?! Talent relations?! Who??? It is all wrong and needs to come to a stop! I said what I said and honestly don’t care who doesn’t like it.

    6. Ali Jafri

      GF: You're about to become the father of my child. ME: 0:07

    7. steve irungu

      It's show of Respect ie Chris Jericho and Steve Austin by Steve Irungu Jermaine

    8. madmeth0d

      I felt like he wanted to say *REDACTED ERROR 404* but couldn't because WWE

    9. wesker19902

      Rey as the best high flyer 🤣🤣🤣 he's the best luchador but High flyer goes to JEFF HARDY NO DOUBT! No one has done the things he's done as consistent and without death or serious injury PERIOD

    10. geetharaj appulingam


    11. King King

      Legend and Legend

    12. Tyler Brooks

      That WMXIX match was picture perfect.

    13. Andy Max

      0:40 Jericho's mind: " Don't Say B****t, don't say B****t, don't say B****t........"

    14. Chris Wolff

      Jericho has a lot of respect for Kevin Owens

    15. Krishna 3111

      Aew and Wwe are two companies like Wwe Nitro and Raw. When they have nothing to show you this two companies will be collapse.❤️

    16. Crypto1234

      Remember to use a Mask Steve, JeriCovid is highly infectious xD

    17. Paul Paul

      remember this, real badass people do not have tattoos

    18. Youtube YT

      Eddie ❤️❤️😞

    19. Rob Ott

      What ever happened to jericho? Havent seen him in years

    20. BshaqIso

      Damn he said Mysterio by far..what a disrespect to Jeff 😒💀

    21. Mir Balaj

      AEW is giving more good matches than WWE I saw Jon Moxley vs Kenny Omega it was like a real men wrestling not children's playground WWE need to become 15+ if they want to be household name just like in attitude era

    22. Jordan Fedirchuk

      I’m surprised WWE even posted this with Jericho. Breaking the walls down!

    23. The lennonator

      Future hall of famers...Should already be hall of famer The Rock

    24. calamarino Elegante


    25. Guybrush Threepwood

      Just watched the whole 2 hours. Was a great episode! And yes as mind-blowing it can be for many people they do discuss AEW at length too. Sure is a must watch!

    26. Mytown Trill

      So he never heard of Kurt Angle or Chris Ben-No-It? 😁

    27. Jj Kk

      Go back in ae......w 🖕

    28. TheHEAT Facebookchampion

      Woww Jericho ❤️❤️

    29. Joe Tirado

      This just shows you that anything is possible in the wrestling world.

    30. Jeff Willemain

      Suprised he didn’t say Bret Hart.

    31. Jaime A. Mendoza III

      DRINK IT IN, MAN!!!!!!........

    32. The Truth

      I'll never forget the festival of friendship. Props to Jericho for repping KO

    33. Priya Chaudhary

      Are we gonna witness aew X wwe?

      1. Little Mac Is underrated

        I could only imagine that happening in nxt

    34. wrestlingfan87

      Hey that's Ben Davison's older brother

    35. ShinGo

      your shirt is Painmaker!!




      *Jericho seems confused at this point in his life*

    38. High Class Wrestling

      Love hearing him bring up Kevin

    39. HayatoRPG

      This dudes breaking wrestling bsrriers

    40. Jean Ferguson

      “and I will throw you in the mix” 👏👏👏

    41. ѢᄐAʂ†ψ ᄐAʂ†ψ

      Chyna and Benoit made Y2K who he was ❤️❤️

    42. Dustyn Vlogs


    43. dawid15893

      Give me to the list

    44. Elmer Bud

      just have an odd feeling jericho will retire in wwe

    45. Thiago Lima

      AEW and WWE

    46. Rob Reacts

      After watching Saturday nights Wrestlemania quickly reminds me what fantastic work they are doing over at AEW! WWE has become stale and boring for many years now!

    47. Khelake PR

      we all know what name came after dean malenko

    48. Mira

      Jericho, please bring back your blonde hair. 🙁

    49. M

      Jericho throwing in Big Show and Guevarra’s names in there. Even made Stone Cold pause for a quick moment haha.

    50. TonyKanameKuran

      I wonder if Cody Rhodes is listening to this...

    51. that_wierd_pokemon_ guy


    52. Pradyoth Nandak P. S.

      WWE doesn't see AEW as a threat. They wouldn't have done this during the Monday Night Wars.

    53. LPPrince

      I could see it in Jericho's face, when he was answering the question about best technical wrestlers he mentioned Eddie and Malenko but had to stop himself before he said Benoit

    54. BruceOnJuicers

      Am I the only one noticed that Chris Jericho's Body Buffed???

    55. SkyProtonFood

      CM Punk for the Broken Skull Session near either next Rumble or Mania. lock it down.

    56. Cherry OnTop

      It just seems to me that that whilst everyone would expect Vince McMahon to hate Jericho and vice versa, the 2 maintained a professional and mutual respect towards each other. It is obvious Jericho left on good terms with the WWE and why wouldn't you? Why leave a company in a negative way that has given you so much? Just like why would you treat a veteran and model employee with nothing but respect as they end their tenure with your company?

    57. Breanne Dupuy

      confused as to why he thinks kevin owens is so good but ok

    58. BloodBrothers63

      0:19 he really wanted to say cm punk

    59. 九潤


    60. Sonu Rajput

      Welcome back Chris

    61. Gliponeo Kurt Russel

      He said sammy guevarra that was awkward

    62. Goldenstandard

      Wm19 I love everything except for the end I wanted to end on a finisher lol y2j spit on him tho

    63. Lumeko

      I cant believe it! Awesome!

    64. Too Yugan Chikito

      "What is this? A crossover episode?"

    65. Storyline Voice-Over with David A. Conatser

      When CJ mentioned Dean Malenko, I immediately thought of their program in WCW where CJ did his first heel turn, calling the man "Stinko Malenko" and "Deano Machino", repeatedly sucker-punching him while promising he would NEVER... EEEEVERRR... do that AGAIN.

    66. asta la

      "big show and Sammy Guevara" lolwut xd

    67. Nikola Bojovic

      He is returning on wrestlemania for sure

    68. Joker

      Austin's show probably has a bit of freedom and not constrained by the same rules that WWE programming is. Sure, it's a WWE show but the face of the show is Austin and its a very real show. Probably written into the contractual rights that specific things can be talked about. I hope to see CM Punk do Broken Skull sessions one day lol.

    69. Deeds 619

      Loved that Jericho picked Rey as his favorite high-flyer

    70. tinotica

      I’m surprised Y2J didn’t mention Angle for best technical wrestler 🤔 You could tell he was struggling not to say Benoit

    71. Cassius Shafi

      He really wanted to say Benoit

    72. maosi maosi

      Jericho looks like he's lost some weight looking good man!

    73. Derek Azyan

      Jericho looks good for an old dude

    74. Rupert Bear

      Fat boy lost some weight for WWE then 🤣

    75. Adam Morgan

      Wait what? This is present day?!

    76. Cinetopia Entertainment

      You can't lock him inside a territory based on his contract and what company he's working for. He's a living legend and belongs to wrestling itself. Confining him with a particular company is bad.

    77. Melo Fleitas


    78. Karifa Produções

      wait... what's happening here? 👀

    79. David S

      Surprised he didn’t say Kenny Omega for opponents

    80. Shoe Maker

      Vince: I’m not scared of AEW *AT ALL* Also Vince: *(moves NXT to Tuesdays because AEW is spanking them in ratings)*

      1. TonyKanameKuran

        Ha ha ha ha ha!

    81. Shoe Maker

      Favorite opponents: HBK and uh uh um uh uh uh um um Kevin Owens Me: 😂 🤣 😂 🤣

    82. Shoe Maker

      Stone cold: *favorite tag team(s)* Jericho: *Big Show and Sammy Guevara* Me: 😳🤭😬 *can he actually say that? Is hat allowed?!?!*

    83. Sergei

      Heroes of my childhood!

    84. Chase&Bowman Nation988

      The fact that he said Sammy Guevara and it didn’t get cut out is insane

    85. Beerus The Destroyer

      Jericho left AEW?

    86. joel 505

      Am I dreaming

    87. LiL Prince XD

      Imagine jericho coming back

    88. wrath231


    89. Gold Bam

      Bro I swear AEW And WWE Are Together! If it was really a rivalry this would never happen. Happy to see it anyway

    90. Venesy

      They should use this to make a WWE vs AEW but of course will not happen, sad.

    91. dBOTHERER

      looked like jericho really wanted to say benoit for opponent and technical wrestlers, he avoided it well though. now hopefully stone cold will ask the top 50 people who did the best german suplex.

    92. Who Am I D.I.Y. Ryan Panana

      Break the walls down!

    93. Gabriel Souza


    94. trev p

      Man Y2J😍😍

    95. Twiztid Jester

      Tony Khan is probably standing outside the window holding a sign that says "MENTION AEW".

    96. Connor StJohn

      Did this come out yet? I’m not seeing it on peacock. Trash

    97. The_Horse361 Show

      Been along time since I clicked the like button on a wwe video

    98. Bak

      Glad to see wwe hasn't been salty about Jericho . He only went to aew to help out Cody