Compressed paper hack fun

Ron Spina

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    1. 3x_64

      The paper gets bloated?? Its like putting milk inside an oreo

    2. gekke man

      I know a life hack if you stand in the rain then ... you get wet

    3. Jessica Cervantes

      Bzcznbznxbxnxnxdndowwmdloemdowe83mfomwd9w8woenwo292meke9emdoeneod9wweneomeoene9e me ekowmsoeowhoeeoemweoemoqneoeenomeoemf

    4. luizzz007YT

      what song is that?, _,

    5. tanaka’s bald head

      if i hear this song one more fucking time

    6. Prince Cayman

      You call it Sponge

    7. Cascaez

      Que vídeo sem sentido...........


      Music name pls

    9. Defragler

      Stop using this song.. It's overused.

    10. Daniel Lopez

      That’s a sponge

    11. Isaac_S

      I didn’t know you could be bad at making tiktoks

    12. Hyoudou Issei

      Plz, I beg you, Kill the goddamn music next time. *My day is ruined and my disappointment is immeasurable*

    13. Hubbacat

      Sponge not paper obviously

    14. dolita windo


    15. Gerald Zamarripa

      -can y’all do this- ?

    16. The Nazi German CountryBall\CountryHuman

      That box for just a small paper piece?

    17. mikea hiooi


    18. Odnelma Silva Sousa

      Music:astronalt ocean

      1. Odnelma Silva Sousa

        Song: altronalt ocean!

      2. dolita windo

        Song name

    19. Mine

      He turn himself into a sponge, funniest shit i've ever seen

    20. lasersoldier234


    21. TheBeLuvdTRex

      A sponge..

      1. mikea hiooi


    22. Mateusz Drogi

      Can someone say the name of music?

    23. Елена Луданова


    24. BMO REİS


    25. Dynamic Siddharth

      Song name plz ?

    26. TheGamingBeast X

      Music name??

    27. Sabrina Cheza Suganda

      I though it was Cheese at first

    28. 무야호


    29. Kim

      I want my 10 seconds back.....

    30. IndraDJM

      Song title pls

    31. Izuku Midoriya

      Altleast funeral has fun in it...this video? It doesn't.

      1. Izuku Midoriya

        @Ron Spina Uhhh..Thank you?

      2. Ron Spina

        @Izuku Midoriya you rock 😎🤟🏼

      3. Izuku Midoriya

        @Ron Spina You're welcome.

      4. Ron Spina

        Thanks anyways 👍🏼😊

    32. Monitor 88

      Song name

    33. Zen Calibur

      do the most boring shit, with the most hype music playing over it.

    34. Brandon Gaming NL

      Me be like: wait a f*cking minute, wtf.

    35. Ryan Laborde


      1. aola wili

        Welcome to new TikTok...

    36. Melinda Jones

      What song is that

      1. aola wili

        How to make blue cheese

    37. Obnoxius Flame

      Why , just why

    38. Jakk

      Bruh it’s just a sponge.

    39. INV keviOp

      Song nam

    40. Mommy Babysitter

      Wait thats actually cool

    41. Josh Crofts

      Its a sponge 🙄

    42. LETS GOOO

      I'm going to throw a baby if I hear this song again

    43. Buur_grBuop12

      I swear if no one tells me what it’s called I’ll dislike the video

    44. annaleigh rose

      it’s a sponge-

    45. spong

      I feel “hack” has lost its meaning entirely

    46. Edwin Gaspar Lopez

      Dude the song doesn’t fit

    47. Elise roblox

      Who else thought this was gunna be a jumpscare and a spider or something would come out the box 😂

    48. ThiccBrz YT

      That is a compressed sponge not paper

    49. Talal Abbadi

      How to make blue cheese

    50. Desert Cobra

      Welcome to new TikTok...

    51. Диана Альбекова

      what kind of track?)

    52. Like a God

      That Was Epic

    53. jay reynolds

      nah that’s a tampon

    54. Drill Finger

      Astronaught in the ocean best song I’ve heard in 2020-2021

    55. HVZE

      This is definitely a life hack, this streamlined my entire daily routine

    56. アイシテル

      Just get it?

    57. aola wili

      Clearly, paper is a paid actor 🙄

    58. Hằng Thúyy

      What is the name of this song?

    59. bert yy

      who else expected a fking spider

    60. Alex Reeves

      It’s just a peice of fucking spong

    61. Efe Türk

      What is song name?

      1. Efe Türk

        @aola wili it doesn't require you to say that

      2. Efe Türk

        @aola wili I was watching youtube short and it was night so I didn't see it

      3. Efe Türk

        @aola wili 😑

      4. aola wili

        Why. Just fucking why!

    62. The wild 76

      Can someone tell me what this song is? If you do I will give you a bottle of cranberry sauce

    63. •Potatoes•

      It's me

    64. •Potatoes•


    65. Lino

      I thought a spider was gonna come out

    66. Fatih Fatih

      what is the name of the music ?

    67. Meme Shorts YT

      What's the point in holding it with chopstick kind of stuff

    68. Meredith Nahm

      Me: *vibin to the music* *music stopes* Me: 🤦🏻‍♀️ 😡

    69. Timothy Kendle

      That’s stupid

    70. Ayham Safwat Lotus

      This is sponge kids the song name is astronaut in the ocean I heard it from my uncle lol

    71. Tfu Tyu

      حلو جدن

    72. Julieta Viana


    73. Danijela Stojicevic

      Hey uh guys what's that song name

    74. up 32 wale gamer

      Bgm name

    75. Swearing Priest

      Why. Just fucking why!

    76. melike '

      3 diyince inanıyoruz

    77. ヾCopyright


    78. arctic wolfy

      The song doesnt fit this and its not a hack

    79. Dark Moon


    80. BigBoiDave88

      This is proof youtube is becoming tik tok. Look at his pfp bruh. 😒

    81. Sahib Singh

      What is the name of the song

    82. Shinobiffx

      The result looked like a blue watermelon!

    83. xRubiks

      Anyone know this song name?

    84. Marvin Diaz

      I hate that fucking song not cool 😡

    85. Pampa roy banerjee

      So satisfying video 😍

    86. Kellen Porter

      That’s cool

    87. Sir Polsk a Loot

      Oh yeah so much fun ....

    88. Карина Ляшко

      Афі є Круця хорошо

    89. Μαρια θεοδωρου Θεοδωρου

      Ehphvh😍😘😘😅😍😝😷😗😗😺 💩😺

    90. Pratt

      Its sponge

    91. Quentin Hoff


    92. Althessa gaming

      I thought there was a spider inside and i was like *closed my eyes* and i was like oop its not

    93. Spacecrunch _Chu

      What the-

    94. nurul fikri

      What songg ?

    95. ķou šśaý

      can u pls tell me what is the name of that song ?

    96. Den M

      This is comment 270.


      Song name?

    98. player noob

      please answer me what song do you use😊

    99. Maria Hamdy

      عايزه اسم الاغنيه