Corgi Movie Vision - A dim childhood memory revisited


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    A fondly remembered childhood toy becomes a moderately underwhelming half-repaired shambles.
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    1. TranceWarp

      Here in the States, this same product was produced by Fisher-Price. They've started selling it again as their Classic Toy Collection. And from what I can see, the cartridges are compatible.

    2. flcnfghtr

      Mirrors tend to lose their silvering over time. You might be able to replace it with a new chunk of mirror and improve the brightness.

    3. ncsupi

      Glass mirrors _and_ 3d printed parts. I bet there's at least an Etsy market or something for that.

    4. sinformant

      When I was a child I had a handheld hand cranked thing that took cartridges like that. The only cartridge I had was snoopy vs the red baron. Edit: I commented early. I had the handheld fisher price one

    5. l337pwnage

      TBH, it wouldn't shock me that they try sneak adult stuff to kids. People were more conscious of that stuff then, but it was also a lot harder to organize a backlash.

    6. Robert Beckman

      Nice work awesome bringing it back to life


      i replaced the glass on mine with thin glass sheets from amazon and the bulb use a 20watt led with a small feral len also from amazon if you got a old vcr u can take out the audio sensor from it mod it in the machine with a small amp and speakers 3d print the cartridge make it a it a bit longer then bigger in the front so that u can put any of your own vcr movies in and enjoy

    8. fearlessjoebanzai

      The "1 minute" edit of Alien is just a loop of the scene at the end with Ripley in her mini knickers. You can tell by the look on the kid's face on the front of the box!

    9. fearlessjoebanzai

      You know techmoan was a rich kid when this was just one of his favourite things, this was the kind of expensively frivolous pieces of tat that probably cost as much as the entire starwars figure collection!

    10. AzNstat

      These are awesome. Can you do a review for the action replay movies in your ml pocket series. I remember having a James bond jr one, aswell as a stingray movie reel. They are pocket sized version of these. Thank you 😊

    11. Eitan

      Im curious. If you send me the mirrors, I will cut new ones out of plexiglas and send you back

    12. Conor Mckeown

      Wayyyyy Quibi reference!

    13. Looseel Scott

      Analog genius!

    14. Fairy Believer

      I’m to young for this. Never seen one before. But very interesting.

    15. Fairy Believer

      I’m to young for this. Never seen one before. But very interesting.

    16. Fairy Believer

      I’m to young for this. Never seen one before. But very interesting.

    17. David Cooley

      Hi I have several not the bulbs with the magnifying lens led of course leave a like for me with your email

    18. Little Wolf Taima

      I'm acutely aware of the absurdity of me watching this on a LAPTOP thinking that's the coolest shit I've ever seen. As a kid the dea of being able to record or play back audio or video to any extent was the definition of magical.

    19. Sean Kirby

      it is the mirrors....

    20. Sleepy_Boi

      My idea is to take the tape out of the cartridges and convert the tape so it worked on a real projector for better quality

    21. Jacob Barnett

      Are you secretly james may with his nose plugged?


      Thank YOU for Saving Me Life. You cheered me up, I was thinking about PIGGY ACTION [suey scide Soo Sow Pig)

    23. Dan Merwin

      regardless of old, faded and one minute, it's still fascinating to see things like this from my Teenage years.....I was born in the early I was almost out of high school at this point...didn't care about these things, but I remember them. Thank you for posting this..

    24. Gustan Otto kwaai to have a blast from the past.

    25. Paul Norton

      this reminded me of the microscope projector I used to have when was younger

    26. Cees Timmerman

      Frick yeah, Alien for kids! At least it's not a radioactive and/or toxic chemistry set.

    27. Citro

      To me it reminds me of an apple lisa!

    28. Robert Flask

      For the young ones watching... thing a streaming service from the 70s and 80s, lol

    29. Jacob Daniels

      I do not because I am 14 lol

    30. Chaos Corner

      You can buy stick-on plastic mirrors for fixing car mirrors in places like Halfords. Might do the trick on the mirrors.

    31. Super Molibden

      Tak , każdy miał....zwłaszcza w komunie i PRLu. Oglądałem sobie komiksy , a zwłaszcza Tytusa , który ...był bez dźwięku i na dodatek co drugą stronę miał czarno-białą. Potem był dobrobyt , bo już wszystkie były kolorowe. Nie znałem nikogo kto by coś takiego miał.

    32. Pascal Coole

      I used to have an equivalent machine that could handle standard Super-8 films eigther on a wheel or on a endless cassette.

    33. Fancy Aluminum

      "The quibi of it's day" That's going to age well

    34. Dunc Sargent

      That's pretty cool. I had scrap wood, a box of springs, and a dirt cellar.

    35. Lamar Berry

      I don't remember this. I don't think I seen this before.

    36. KnG

      Torilla tavataan.

    37. Roberto Arana

      Wow Gif images that predates the internet. great video

    38. Rob Jeanbras

      I had the view master projector that had a VERY hot bulb (that blew out a lot) in it and a metal vent over the bulb that got really hot. It however worked great and was a cool different way to view your view matter reels.

    39. charles wake

      It was sent so you could fix it 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    40. Lawrence Forte

      Put a Raspberry Pi and a small display in the case....

    41. Brian Smith

      Did you find a bulb? I just came across two I didn’t even realize I had.

    42. Roland Katsuragi

      The restoration was more entertaining than the grainy clip

    43. Aaron

      clips seemed to be more from the love bug than herbie goes bananas

    44. Mexie Mex

      Couldn't you glue a small lens to the LED?

    45. Elle Bhee

      Who'd dislike a video like this? Why?!


      Seem somewhat quieter old belts at 9:25 new belts 10:30

    47. michael

      16:38 3d type batteries not included.

    48. TralfazConstruction

      Labour of love.

    49. iron dice

      If the owner wants to send me the mirrors I can re-mirrorfy those for him free- a lot of light and image brightness is being lost due to how poor the reflective quality of those mirrors is

    50. thx2468

      I´ve got similar when I was 10! It was made by Fisher-Price in México, and the name was Telecine Magico. It projected a picture into the wall or the small monitor. The cartridges were costly, and they broke down after some time. No way to fix them cause they were sealed. This is a different version. Much better than the one I had. Thank you for your videos. I enjoy them so much.

    51. NerdyPi

      I think I remember playing with one of these things (the hand held one) at my grandmother's house as a child. I'll have to look and see if I can dig it up from somewhere.

    52. Mesquite Automotive

      This is such a wholesome video.

    53. Erik Snel

      there is an "adult" version of this, the Eumig R2000 is the same principal, a projector wtih in build screen. in the 70's that was very popular. also it seems the frame rate is way lower then the standard 18fps for super 8 film.

    54. James T.

      Plastic mirrors LMFAO

      1. Thomas farquhar

        It's 1970s British stuff, everything was built with cheap in mind

    55. James T.

      The video starts at 13:35 - you're welcome.

    56. TheGame

      I remember something like this in the cafeteria in a grocery store. It was bigger and had a built in seat and you would put money in it to make it play for a few seconds. It was as hard to see as the image of the Corgi but it was so special. Mostly because we only drove to the "big" city where et was a few times a year. And it always pissed me off that when i was given money to make it play a movie some freeloader kids always joined without asking for permission. Those were the times.

    57. Zen

      It's tradition in Sweden ever since 1958 to watch a Disney programme that gets broadcasted every Christmas at 15:00, that episode of Mickey's caravan is on there, so I've seen it like 20 times over the years. Kids always gather around to watch it.

    58. Meanie Panini

      Wow, this is a jolt of childhood, I haven't seen one of these since the early 80s. Only the handheld one I had experience with, thought it was amazing at the time.

    59. Monacomaverick

      Those Herbie movies were the first films I ever watched. I've been obsessed with cars ever since.

    60. Scot Hohl

      Oh wow! I had the Fisher Price version of it!

    61. PIX3L ROS3

      if you want it i have a vintage 90s toshiba satalite 1910 laptop and compatible portable hp deskjet 320 printer and leatherette carrying case if you want it for a video or something haha

    62. Rob-bot Butler

      We had the Fisher Price one, still have the cartridges and the little hands crank model, my favorite was a two tape series of how to be a hockey defenceman by Brad Park

    63. Jh Ritchie

      I haven't seen one of your videos in a hot minute

    64. odiumimbues

      i wonder if people make their own movie cartridges for these.

    65. Sibghat ullah Hamza

      The bulb is found in camelion pen light. I have two of these

    66. manofweed1

      Amazing how backward they were even in the early eighties. Which is not THAT long ago.

    67. JoeMotion Videos 82

      I don't think we had these in the States, we had the movie viewer. The the film that I had was about Mickey, Donald and Goofy working as paranormal exterminators. I just subbed, I enjoy your work!!

    68. Nate D.

      Had the handheld version. Was very entertaining as a kid.

    69. Scott Miller

      I had one of those or something very similar,I do remember the cartridge.

    70. Kojima Yoshiyuki

      growing up in the late 80s early 90s I remember in the us there were tons of toys based off of r rated movies, alien(s), predator, terminator, robocop, toxic avenger(though they were based off the kids cartoon version)

      1. randomnickify

        ...and today we have (still R-rated) aliens, predator, terminator, robocop in the Fortnite - videogame rated Pegi12, joke is on us I'm afraid :)

    71. Gade Embossed

      "Herbie the Volkswagen Beetle"

    72. Eddie A Smith

      I always will love view masters.

      1. manofweed1

        The red binocular type things with removable picture discs ? Was in awe of those at the time, though sadly both viewer and discs were hardly cheap.

    73. Xaraxania, Wight Gold

      My parents must have been incredibly sneaky, i never heard of this toy, i know i would have wanted one if i had, actually, i Still want one

    74. mb

      Would have been interesting to see the cartridge more detailed. At 15:22 I am asking myself how they got the movement of film so precisely, there is no perforation on the film, or is it? And why you dont see the image moving at all, while rotating that wheel? Is there a shutter inside?

    75. Mick Obrien

      That's a groovy tune... "When the game's called off, and ya feelin' sad... The Snoopy drive-in movie can make ya feel glad." C'mon... '70s and '80s TV commercials had some slick little ditties. I would have loved any of these as a kid. I grew up during this time... born in '77. All I had was a hand-held crank unit. I thought the eye-piece was too tiny... and the screen appeared as if it was down a tunnel... a mile away in the distance. I never liked the quality, even then. But the larger units. I would have begged my parents daily for one. That is... until Atari came out and we got that in 1982. That ended these, for sure.

    76. Beach8

      Born in '59, and have no recollection of these toys🤷

    77. himynameisben95

      "I'm not gonna spend too long on this" Video length 21:00

    78. Brendan White

      I think the LED globe is brighter than the original,. I really think it is, as you suspect, the quality of the reflectors.

    79. Jake Purches

      Its not the point watching being able to watch on DVD - the point is playing with this toy and making it better with better mirrrors which is called 'restoration'.

    80. MickeyMouseProductions

      This should've been called: "The Walt Disney Turn and Watch Theater"

    81. Randy Watson

      Ah the days when we bash our crt tv's and monitors. 😁

    82. Dane Winehouse

      Someone, somewhere... An older someone, perhaps.. sees an internet comment about video playing at "potato" quality and thinks about these. Or viewmasters even VR / 3d movies are mentioned

    83. Tim Winchester

      Omg! I had the snoopy movie one! Lol wow I almost forgot about that thing!! And the fisher price one as well.. 🙏🏽🙏🏽 thanks for bringing back good memories mate!!🙏🏽🙏🏽💯👍🏾👏🏾

    84. AlienWacker

      It's got to be an incandescent bulb, and fat chance that's going to be working by now... Swap it out for LEDs, some Cree's would work very well... I don't remember this thing from my childhood or teen years... Born in 69...

    85. Thomas Z

      I don't know what a better alternative is but I have found that high % alcohol leaves a white film which may have contributed to the fogginess on the mirrors. Just a thought.

    86. jeopardy60611

      19:45 it looks so much better in the illustration on the box. They show it looking much brighter and clearer than it looks on the actual machine. It reminds me of how early video game consoles had games with better box graphics than what the actual game looked like.

    87. jeopardy60611

      I find it fascinating that you are able to fix these machines. I saw the actual Herbie Rides Again movie in the theater when I was a little kid in the 70's.

    88. Meat pies in clown hell

      Imagine a Corgi vision of Spongebob and it giving you a Dmca when showcasing it

    89. Minim Guitars

      I remember this! I don't know if it was my older brother, a friend or a cousin who had one (a hand crank version) but I definitely encountered one of these when I was really little - and I had completely forgotten about it until seeing your video. I think we had the Incredible Hulk and some Disney ones.

    90. Duncan K

      Very interesting device, Always love seeing a teardown of an old electronic! Great video just like normal

    91. chloe devereaux

      You put the batteries in the same way round....

    92. Thea Hartman

      I had a Fisher price version of it

    93. Thomas LeMay

      That was an expensive toy. No I was never in the same room with one. Expensive toy = anything not homemade or costing more than 49 cents US.

    94. Ic the fan collector bus guy And baby Einstein fan

      I will probably get the repro from fisher price

    95. Ic the fan collector bus guy And baby Einstein fan

      This is very impressive for the time

    96. Lurker Smith

      Too bad you couldn't take a cassette apart, because I think the most amazing part of that is the fact that the shutter is built into the cartridge so you could watch the movie directly without the projector.

    97. evildrome

      I was born in '65 & I have zero memory of this. Like none. At all. This is the first time I've seen this. Which is odd because it looks like its of my era. Unless its from slightly before my time but it looks bang on. Its for young children so... 5 to 8 yr olds. I'd have been 5 in 1970.

    98. McRocket

      1:28 Me? I mimicked my parents alcoholism/smoking/fighting with a fake bottle of gin and Popeye cigarettes. Then I would imitate them by stumbling around the house, coughing a lot and yelling indiscriminately. Ohhh...the good ole days. Peace.

    99. Bae Lasso

      I believe if they were making it now, they would use real glass mirrors rather than plastic ones.

    100. Asa-Punk aka Åsa-Punk at Vinland Suður

      One of my friends definitely had a Fisher Price version. I can't remember what cartridges he had but I remember him having at least three