Costco Boost Pack | Electrician vs. Truck Starter


239 Tsd. aufrufe30

    Everything takes longer in the winter. Reasons.

    Am Vor 4 Tage


    1. wallphone

      When you'll need to use that thing, it'll be chaos on the side of the highway, other vehicles screaming past, and the jump pack will be snug and warm as a bug on your workbench.

      1. rickrn2

        The club is a joke right?

      2. Chris Bleurgh

        @Habriel Ondigan I reckon if you cranked him he'd hydrolock.

      3. Habriel Ondigan

        @Toby Dyes buddy who has had a few beers?

      4. Toby Dyes

        I like that saiding 5 seconds later inside sweater😂😂😂

      5. Toby Dyes

        Sounds like you had a couple of beers already

    2. Indiana Doug

      I’m just thankful Bear Claw was there with some spirits...

    3. ColdieHU

      I about pissed myself when the exhaust fumes came out the holes in the chassis. XD

    4. Nikto

      That maple syrup looks like brake fluid to me.

    5. Anthony Gatti

      I see a Makita warranty claim in your future, haha

    6. The Whiskey Gunner

      Good fucking times

    7. Michael Bamber

      Balvenie is a good single malt. Over here in UK we drink that as the cheapest one, very nice mind.

    8. Aaron Kelly

      Bejeezus. Just get one of those chinesium supercapacitors. They work fine, last.. well, a medium time.

    9. Jonas Schinkler

      I love the steering crutch. Some asshole prying that off and have to spend 6 hours fixing the battery to get going :D

    10. Mike Pettengill

      Simpletainment at it's apex. Thank you gentlemen.

    11. Sir. Richard Armstrong 3rd

      @AvE What’s the story behind due claw’s name? Why is he called due claw?

    12. Eilaithen Harvey

      That's one of my favourite scotches

    13. Gasgiant

      Those jump leads look too thin?

    14. bertoid

      Always disconnect the negative cable first. With the negative connected, and the positive being slapped around the chassis, there could have been a short...

    15. fhhsvnggbh

      Also most of those chargers have a protection mode to not charge a stuffed battery with a dicky cell, you can usually trick them to charge but. Fucking hilarious videjeo but

    16. fhhsvnggbh

      Ive got one that works really well. Not costco, just some auto store one. Mine doesnt have all that magic spookem trickdickery it just gets hot and lil ol smokey but starts a lot of things. Even used it as a battery for the lawn tractor.

    17. fraggle23

      What the fuck do you need a lock on the steering wheel for, is that just to stop you if you're too drunk to unlock it you can't drive, like the old Irish ads; " do you really need that 6th pint before you drive home?"

    18. Dangerous One

      Balvenie is good stuff.

    19. Sad Truth

      It’s just so hard to find wire that doesn’t melt when using it in sketchy projects.

    20. shorty48shorty

      I reckon those terminals are bit like the ex girlfriend, used and abused... My type s jump jig had a button to reset guess that those were to good so they fired the jackle and changed design....

    21. MrDabrudda

      Venus needs to align Mars and those dirty panties have to come off exactly at 5:15pm for that to work. And sparks are good!

    22. Etr1gan 99

      This is why I like a standard transmission.

    23. Mitch Lecapoy

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 old peg @ziptiesandbiasplies wouldve had that girl fired up in no time with a fresh "dumptima"

    24. Bryan Sarauer

      Very nice axe on the floor there.

    25. Nick Kropat

      my 4.9 has 270,000 miles on it. The iron is amazing, the electronics are awful.

    26. Baer LordBaer

      " Have you driven a Ford... Lately "

    27. chris peterson

      Loved it

    28. Ron Wade

      Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer... We need more Beer. You Drive.

    29. tooblueyes

      Thank goodness for the club, you don't want someone stealing that gem, dead battery and all , you know because they might get hurt and sue.

    30. B Hmptn

      Brilliant! - coulda used one of those back in the DJing days for those special request slow dance effects :-)

    31. James Morgans

      Just AvE and his trusty sidekick, The Dewclaw, saving us all from a world of boredom. P.S. can you please do more adventure vijeos Like mountain biking, going fishing and staying out way past your bedtime, etc., etc. and so fifth?

    32. Benjamin Matte

      Damn fine Canuck boys though lol

    33. Benjamin Matte

      They fast forwarded a month boys hence the starting of that truck lol

    34. Benjamin Matte

      Smoke boys lol

    35. Benjamin Matte

      Obviously Mrs AvE is at her sister’s again and no one EVER thought that truck was getting started for like 13 days lmao

    36. Benjamin Matte

      Dewclaw has whiskey, wanna marry me bro lmao

    37. Benjamin Matte

      You boys running a puppy mill lmao

    38. C Thorn

      Well done Sir. I watch a lot.

    39. Sean Clay

      Best video ever

    40. Wade

      I'm surprised Bob and Doug here didn't find a dead mouse in that liquor bottle.

    41. RomaraAhallow

      I love that caption at 1:50 simply reads: [Music]

    42. Adrian Schmieder

      Ooh my God... "they're going to fry those wires; no guys... honestly... they're going to catch fire... seriously, you're still trying.... damn it boys, I sodding told you so" 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm crying my eyes out laughing!!!

    43. 123idreamjeannie

      When ya tearing down that makita 36 volt chainsaw!?😀

    44. TrueBlueEG8

      Canuckistanians, not particularly well known for their finesse :)

    45. Joel Jessup

      I really like that Caribbean Cask stuff What’s the choppy choppy of choice on he ground?

    46. Jason

      The AK guy needs cnc parts made for the AK50 he is building. His channel is Brandon Herrera and I thought maybe you could do a collaboration and he is paying to have machine work done he just can't get to the top of the list because he doesn't need 1000 parts at a time. He said it's hard finding people with 4 and 5 axis machines that are not backed up. I think you will like some of his content at least. He is a somewhat young guy who just decided to become a gun manufacturer a few years ago. He is living the American dream and since you are an honorary American (more American than 1/2 of our country) you might like him

    47. Mike McKeen

      That 300 inch straight six is the best engine ford ever made. It will run on the shittiest gasoline leftover after harvest, contaminated with the piss of farm hands, cool itself with the dirtiest water you could carry from the creek, and start with a tool battery after two drunks zapped it half a dozen times. All you need is a bunch of alligator clips and an eighty dollar bottle of scotch.

    48. TheToastPeople

      fucking mint

    49. Bruce Day

      I always here people talk about how good Scotch is. Every time I’ve tried it, I had to lick my ass to get the taste out of my mouth.

    50. Sean Strickland

      Gonna buy a 80cc motor from Amazon to attach on a bike.. You should do a break down on them, I want to see how the Chineseum crap will hold up lol! They're cheap too

    51. Tony 78uk

      Picked one of those up in Costco....glad I listened to my gut instinct and put it back 👍

    52. The Backwoods Engineer

      I don’t know man. That Peg from slave lake comment sent me down the zip ties and bias plys rabbit hole. I think you have been put Canadian’ed. What a ride.

    53. Doug Sundseth

      See, your problem is that you used 18 gauge wires instead of 24 gauge wires with that Makita battery. Bigger numbers is better numbers. Everybody knows that.

    54. Timothy Fargo

      Diesel fuel is made from recycled dinosaurs.

    55. TheAndy331

      Pure gold ! Heated box just like a dump truck ! 😆

    56. Shroom Duke

      When all else fails, Read The Directions!

    57. Conrad Brisebois

      Never thought about that, yes we are much closer to absolute zero then the maximum temperature. Very interesting, please continue

    58. Samira Peri

      I don't think those are meant to be used as starting cables. :D

    59. Bill Geo

      That's a troll for sure! No way you would use a green cable for the positive!

    60. Michael Scott

      That three phase dc, dangerous stuff it is

    61. G S

      Love the dewclaw episodes... i mean I love all the episodes but you know - BC bantering is gold

    62. Karl Jay

      So much for CostCo quality. I bought one of those old school jumpers way back when, worked like a charm for years.

    63. Oneofdazzz

      Not enough pixies for cold starting a truck it is designed to start honda civics in the summer.

    64. duckslayer92

      The old iron Duke, Fords finest engine!! Go till she blows, add oil and go again

    65. m ro

      Well at least I don't have to let my kids watch your vids anymore Cause the teachers don't appreciate my son saying fuckin shit all day. 😆

    66. shawn dingman

      My pepboys truck pac is still alive as well.

    67. Patrick Radcliffe

      Jesus H Christ looks the angry pixies just shat on those battery terminals. No continuity no start need to clean that angry pixie shit off of them terminals.

    68. Thep Jup

      it was really cute of you to document this date you two had. you guys really hit it off💕 young love is so beautiful

    69. Michael Molter

      The lock is in case someone wants to steal it.

    70. catherder6

      A quick tip before you try a jump start clean the ferkin battery terminals .

    71. Pappaoh

      I just regained faith in humanity

    72. Keith Jurena

      Trailer Park Boys melded with The Red Green Show..fookin nowhere else but frozen Canuckistan.

    73. Steven Lamoureux

      You guys are idiots these jump packs work great when u use them properly . Also maybe if u clean the terminals it will actually work you also don't need to unplug everything to reset the Jumpstart pack just unclamp the negative clamp and re clamp the negative and it will start

    74. Clifton Robinson

      "It's a heated box" ... I've been searching for one of those for a while.

    75. Blackbeard ThePirate

      Probably safe to retire the club, the integrated carbon monoxide hot-boxer should do the trick.

    76. Chad W

      I had an old Branco 2 that made that same exact sound don't miss that POS

    77. AlotL1keVegas

      Fuckin dead 🤣

    78. michael wakat

      Fucking Fords have the same power steering whine all the way up there in canaderp

    79. Lone Wolf

      14 year old a solo cup. I'm pretty sure that is against the law.

    80. Dustin Z.

      Lol the jumper pack you bought is a tiny one. The one I got would have turned that over better than a new battery. I've already jumped like 15 trucks with it. Even mine with no battery.

    81. Electro Geek

      I use the Anker Roav version of one of these. You don't let it sit there. You plug the cable into the starter box and directly into the battery real good then press the button and immediately start the car. I started a dudes motorhome with it at half charge, then went home and jumped my armada that has an electrical problem I haven't felt like trying to figure out yet

    82. Garnet Campbell

      The ignition with no key............ Priceless.

    83. Rik Bitter

      When the gas in your truck is worth more than the truck.

    84. ncrdisabled Submarine vet

      theft is that bad that you have to put a club on the steering wheel .

    85. C S

      @14:25 Aaah yes. I forgot *aaaallllllll* about that brilliant Ford Feature.... Who needs an RPM gauge, it's only a Manual Transmission. _"Just give am an idiot-light to let them know they need to shift!! Then we can use the same instrument cluster on the entire Pickup line!" _ - Some Idiot Bean Counter @ Ford in the Late-80s (clearly not knowing the multitude of other reasons and uses a person might want one for...)

    86. rickrn2

      The steering wheel club is a joke right?


      It’s nice to know your as dumb as you are smart!

    88. Stephen Rankin

      What a couple of bookends

    89. shanevmax34

      Swears allegiance to the queen of England, makes a point to fluently speak french and English. Oh Canada, how you confuse thee

    90. Bigskydaddy

      You need to make him a shotgun shell starter adaptor for it.

    91. Berrnie Mccannaster

      See this is exactly I had to quit my job as an electchhicken I just couldn't stand the heat inside my own van at the end of the day I just couldn't remember what to tell the insurance guy??;)

    92. MrBuildEverything

      My battery died out hunting once and i had my dewalt batteries but couldn't get a good enough connection to send power! Since then "build tools battery jump pack" is on my to do list, can anyone make a video on how to go about it?

    93. ncfatcyclist

      Ignition, baby !

    94. Johnny Lima

      Do you always hook up the negative cable to the negative terminal? I thought everybody just connected it to the body as a ground, in case of a short circuit internal to the battery

    95. CambridgeMart

      Was the steering wheel lock attached to the truck so they wouldn't steal it (the lock I mean)?

    96. Matt Tester

      My jump pack was fine with a V8 but a 2.5 diseasel turned it into a spicy pillow.

    97. schroederpauld

      I can smell the battery pack magic smoke through my monitor.

    98. L C

      I have one from halfords, was sold the dream, reality is its absolute garbage, wont even turn over a 1.3ltr.. tick tick tick tick

    99. genewitch

      I have software that can zoom in on brass ball: everyone: me: Also i have a video on youtube of me trying to start a tractor with one of those stupid Li-Ion starter packs, and then a jumpstart with my truck. Turns out the main motor bearing was not bearing anymore. And the company forgot to clean the paint on the ground ties on the chassis. And the starter was underpowered. They had to replace the whole motor. What a hassle.

    100. Dean Scott

      Weird seeing that malt on a Canadian channel, when the malt is made just along the road from me.