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    Insane: World’s fastest accelerating Hypercar! I’m customising my New Rimac Concept Two and I need your help: Which colour should I choose - comment below your favourite?! Subscribe to my channel, so you don’t miss me driving the Prototype in the next video:
    Content Guide:
    0:00 Customising My New Hypercar
    0:05 Part 1: Factory Tour
    0:48 Customising the Rimac Concept Two
    1:45 Which colour?
    2:28 Option 1
    2:48 Option 2
    3:18 Option 3
    4:42 Tech Talk in a Prototype with Mate Rimac
    10:14 Factory Tour Part 2
    20:30 Driving the Prototype! Preview Part 3
    Customising my new Rimac C_Two in Croatia with Mate Rimac at their Rimac Headquarters! This is part two of my video series - make sure to check out our exclusive Hypercar Factory Tour in case you’ve missed part one: I definitely need your help, so comment below which colour and interior you would choose for the Rimac Hypercar? You’ve already helped me with my previous “I’m Buying a Hypercar” video - so I count on you ;) Also let me know how you liked the Tech Talk between Mate and me 😃
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    1. Nico Rosberg

      I’m customising my New Rimac Concept Two and I need your help: Which colour should I choose - comment below your favourite?! Subscribe to my channel, so you don’t miss me driving the Prototype in the next video:

      1. CedricGTR

        Racing green or Rosso corsa

      2. Michael Klarl

        Unsere weltweite Legion die alle Sprachen spricht,, in Jedem Land aufrecht Steht,, jede Hautfarbe und Religion angehört hat kapiert das wir von einer Handvoll Lobbyisten regiert werden die das gesamte System manipuliert haben. Die Medien die lügen und betrügen gehören ihnen sowie jede große Institution. Sie haben dadurch den Krieg in die Völker in unser Volk gebracht doch dadurch nicht mehr erreicht als unsere Legion zu Wecken. Unsere Legion bringt diesen Krieg nun zurück in ihre Reihen auf ihren Boden und dieser Krieg wird sie vernichten..

      3. Turre Tuntematon


      4. Lincoln Description

        Racing Green 100%

    2. Jhazzfer Javier

      I thought at first that the car is solar powered that can generally absorb heat..the design is impeccable too.

    3. No


    4. Pure Results Fitness Center

      Red is the best color combo!

    5. Steven

      Option 3

    6. Leandro Silva

      Black or red. Green is not a good option. 🤢

    7. Artemas Leslie

      Love the Green......Cool!

    8. pida siouy

      What a hard choice but do have to say I really love the Green as it looks so timeless. So Option 3 I say :)

    9. Zitro Clemens

      Option 2

    10. Martyn Turner

      Option 3 💪

      1. pida siouy

        THIS IS AMAZING! ❤

    11. Leo McKillop

      Option 1

    12. Teo Kikuchi

      Black or red

    13. David Belousov

      option 3

    14. marks7626

      option 3


      Option 1, the Black one is the most unique

    16. Orake

      Black and yellow would be sick

    17. Monkey Gisum


    18. Guðmundur Orri

      Red all day. Just really cool how the red and black works together on this car. 100%

    19. anonimo nimoano

      It is being used for Bugatti!

    20. Andrija Kegalj

      Bro go black

    21. IG GI

      Option 2!

    22. manan dedhia

      Option 2. Looks hot.

    23. Gandert Van Ramdonk

      No bad choice, beautiful

    24. rob Hiatt Jr

      Red option 2 shows the lines of c 2

    25. Alwin E

      Option 3,man that looks amazing!

    26. Majikk Skates

      The green on the car looks amazing. Option 3 for me

    27. Paul Hatch

      British racing green looks so classy 👍

    28. Ettu

      2 or 3 if you go for 3 get the green stitching which seemed to be missing.

    29. Инна Боброва

      option 3 is superb

    30. Serban Andrei

      How about a yellow?

    31. Siddharth Bala


    32. Adriano Bukovac

      Option 3

    33. Massimo Strocchi

      Option 3

    34. buck-eejit

      British Racing Green

    35. cxJarkko

      once you go black, you never go back :D

    36. David Dyer

      Option 2 - the red car is awesome

    37. JosipHL


    38. Stéphane Israël

      That talk in the car, about F1 handling management.....!!!! i want more of that Nico !!!!

    39. Peter Watts

      Option 3

    40. Ultra Radio

      option one the black car

    41. Vlad Mihai

      The concept two motors sound on the highway when Rimac drives the car sound like my Bosch washing machine when on spin cycle. Exactly like it :))

    42. martin olesen

      only problem is the design,and thats a BIG problem...

    43. kurt tavernier

      option 3

    44. Wohnmobilaufachse

      Top 👍👍👍

    45. Angelo Antonino


    46. Shauka Hodan

      I would take option 1, simply amazing! But option 2 is also a good one, perhaps to similar to Ferrari, so my decision is nr. 1

    47. Francisco Banchio

      British Green 😍

    48. josh Bartlett


      1. Shauka Hodan

        Oh, i want it! :)

    49. Renagade

      as battery tech get better presumably you can upgrade the battery to some thing lighter and longer lasting so its some what future proof is that right?

    50. Peter Batah

      Any one but the Green. 1) Red 2) Black

    51. william castro

      activate the subtitles of youtube in this video please

    52. Lena Rybakov

      Option 3 defo

    53. RhythmicEye

      Option 3, black or red is safe. How many people do you see wearing green? Green is a bold statement.

    54. 6969fuku

      Green is nice

    55. Petar B45


    56. venomtail1

      If only there was option 3 with white stichting

    57. SandhoeFlyer

      Not black

    58. jctjh

      First world problems, what color to make my $4 million dollar car.....

    59. Nickayz

      When I see this pleasant guy - Mate Rimac - talking about his passion and determination, and compare him to Ferrari cheating in Formula 1 - I really couldn't justify buying a Ferrari anymore..

    60. hasan topçu

      Isnt the part made for Bugatti? They are partially partners with rimac?

    61. hasan topçu

      Of course British Racing Green

    62. Redhead87

      Option 2

    63. LPO

      Mate Rimac sounds and has the same mannerisms as Christian Koenigsegg!

    64. Ahmed Kreem


    65. Arthur Hyde


    66. Arthur Hyde

      i think gun metal grey. Second choice black.

    67. Marek Kołodziejak

      3! Definitely! And ask them to add artificial V8 combustion engine sound as an option :)

    68. Ddlmao


    69. Marko S


    70. Niels van overloop

      option 3 looks absolutely beautifull wow

    71. Goran Express

      Option 2

    72. Guy Frawley

      The green is really quite stunning. Enjoy

    73. Debabelizer

      The front end is very disappointing, even less attractive than a Mclaren.

    74. Sebastiano Agnello

      Option 3 for sure!!

    75. Manuel mani

      Black 💪

    76. Anton Chastyuk

      Option 2 and 3

    77. Nestor Guevara

      Option 3... definitely classy and aggressive.

    78. Larry Steward

      Love the red model!

    79. Jason Grant

      Option 2.

    80. Luka Lotina

      Option 2

    81. Rodrigo Pinto

      Go GREEN Nico.... Really different!

    82. Magyck

      This is an absolute piece of art, what an incredible brand and I take my hat off to mate’s hard work. One day I will own a rimac

    83. Bennie

      Who is this?

    84. Graham Sivill

      Definitely the green one looks more classy!

    85. Michael Penney

      option 3 - green

    86. James Chapman

      Can't go wrong with option 1 or 3, I prefer 3. It's like the Hulk, also a proper name for this car.

    87. Torcida Split

      ALL BLACK! Greetings from Split :-)

    88. Matjaž Lukan

      So just look over the videos and it's seems that you enjoy it CHOSE OPTION 3 AND THAT'S IT NO MORE QUESTIONS

    89. Sebastian Peltola


    90. Grey Tree

      Rosberg picks the car with the highest specs lol wtf you're going to hate driving that thing

    91. Vincent Finkel

      My colour would be darkblue

    92. Nico

      Option 3 (green)

    93. tbled52

      I love all three, black is great but red shows the body curves best, I love the green with light interior but not for this car

    94. Page Pokler

      British Racing Green with bronze / gold rims!

    95. Mayur Garg

    96. Alekey 444


    97. Kevin M

      Option 3 is the best! I love the way it fits to the tan interior. British racing green is just so Classy:)

    98. Hi World

      I would do British green black and grey, mix it up.