Cutest Baby Seal Ever Disrupts Rescue

Ocean Conservation Namibia

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    Wally and Naude from Ocean Conservation Namibia had a slow day at Cape Cross with only 2 rescues done. They were feeling a little despondent, but all that changed during the second rescue. While they were busy freeing a tiny pup from some binding material, another little pup approached them curiously and would not leave! They were cautious at first, as these guys are prone to biting, but soon realised that he came with no aggressive agenda. He just wanted to say hi and get to know the team:)
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      1. Layla Marin

        Still love you guys and all the work you guys do 🥺

      2. Layla Marin

        I miss watching ur vids.. school has been stressful to say the least..

      3. Helga Hansen

        Perhaps the other little one was saved a few weeks before. Now it say hello...

      4. Ggl ReallySucks

        @Ender Shepard hear hear

      5. Kez C

        Can you let us know how to safely depose of the items you find on the seals so we can all help?

    2. kaan nezih

      Must. Pet. Water. Dog.

    3. impossibley possible

      Little do they know, he's actually trying to help the humans get the net unstuck from them...

    4. Joshua Moore

      Do you bring some fresh fish with you? It might help lure in the seal your trying to help!

    5. Murder INC

      sadly that pup won't survive in the wild being that friendly and curious

    6. Aaron

      What if they already safed that pup once and it just wants to play now

    7. Donna Reid


    8. Roller Girl

      God Bless these guys ❤️

    9. Krizzy III

      Pup saw you freeing all his homies he know y’all good peeps!

    10. Patriot's Constitutional Party

      Interspecies erotica

    11. Anika Kaplan

      0:52 excuse me ... but im scared can i run away thanks

    12. Rach Kate

      He’s supervising to make sure you behave kindly to his mates.

    13. Sunil Basude


    14. mia carver

      love what you do

    15. abercrombie3607

      The ugly cord briefly choke because brochure technologically thank despite a responsible slime. three, groovy wrench

    16. Fairly Vague

      Not sure who I’m more in love with, the rescue guys or the baby 😍

    17. Miroslav Zíma

      There is always that one special individual 😊

    18. 大川洋和


    19. Black Lotus

      What a beautiful creature

    20. Dino Wizard

      Little guy studied weak spots of human body to bite...

    21. Dino Wizard

      That other seal called 911 on u guys

    22. Beatriz Trigo

      Selkie trying to make friends.

    23. Beatriz Trigo

      Selkie trying to make friends.

    24. Blade Runner

      Puppy,in with hand are candies?

    25. Joseph Liang

      He wants food from you🥰😍🥰😍

    26. Joseph Liang


    27. Nocturnimancer

      He's either looking for a parent or it's a seal that people have helped before in the past, I'd imagine.

    28. Luis Miguel Barrientos

      Did the seals have some type of personality, or its just something about his eyes?

    29. aubnotfound

      so cute

    30. Татьяна Коцарева


    31. Shelli Meyers

      That was pretty magical!

    32. Monica T

      Love's u guys .. Thank you for what u r doing!🙏❤️

    33. Anna Brandfors

      Little guy is gonna give his mom a heart attack. 'You went up to who?!'

    34. Francisco Cassuli

      In this episode of SEAL POLICE...

    35. 김익수


    36. P3wP3wPanda

      While sea lions are in the family commonly known as "eared seals" in the suborder of pinnipeds, it still bothers me when people call them seals. That's like someone calling a coyote a wolf. They're different species. It's not hard to tell them apart. Sea lions have ears and walk on all fours, while seals don't have external ears and wiggle around on their belly.

    37. Blassom Empress

      Aweeeeeee soo cuteeeee

    38. Native 907Alaska

      This pup thinks that they have something for him to eat🥺🥰

    39. Jorge Hernandez

      Wow that was awesome 😊👍 to bad you can’t hang out with them I know you can’t interact with them do to the laws but it would make things easier to catch them if they weren’t afraid of humans

    40. Mööp Dööp

      Awww so cute he little guy ❤️🙈

    41. Brutaltronics

      Excuse me human, can you help me find mom?

    42. garganrose

      One little problem these aren't seals they're sea lions

    43. Igor Obukhov

      I like how he asks "where is him? And the other says "on the beach". And there are HUNDREDS of seals on the beach :D

    44. Worst Girl

      Probably toxoplasmosis.

    45. jin hyung

      Pup: Pet me you fools!

    46. Dario Chung

      That's how dogs became men's best friends. Now seals will follow soon!

    47. Maxamilian Tarpey

      Hope that little pup gets better :( can you guys keep an eye out for the poor guy? It would be great to get an update!

    48. Samuel

      *Other seals on the rock to each other* Ayoo yall seeing this crazy fool?

    49. Tj Smeejay

      Aren't these Sea Lions, not seals?

    50. Julia Brown

      Can you spray a yellow stripe down their backs so that you can easily identify those you have helped - or would the spray be dangerous for the seals?

      1. Vortex7358

        that may cause more issues than its worth. but if they really wanted to keep track of them (and i dont see why), a microchip would be far more effective. just place them all in the same spot and you only need to scan that area to check

    51. LEE

      Could he be blind?

    52. Olivia East Los Angeles

      Thank you for all your hard but rewarding work , that made me cry

    53. AsciiGDL


    54. Sarah Lin

      Thank you for doing that for our animals. You are heroes.

    55. dancepiglover

      He’s cute, but too friendly for his own good.

    56. 21Stephen12

      That’s like everyone’s dream when it comes to how an animal will react to them.

    57. ShinKuro

      Your dog is weird

    58. Hayden Lung

      4:00 Are those just dead seals everywhere?

      1. Vortex7358

        if you watch from the start when they are running to catch the seal you can see that too, they do have seal like shapes... but i rather assume its seaweed or something

    59. cass

      so cute >.

    60. Kimberly Sadberry

      lil pup is like I don't know what yall are afraid of, I've seen these guys in action and they help us. I'M goin over to say hi 👋

    61. KC Sunshine

      Look at all those chickens

    62. mark sharp

      Fighting the good fight well done .

    63. Jason Middleton

      You guys probably smell like the seals so the youngster probably didn't understand the threat and got a little curious as to what was happening to the other seal (good job he didn't have a phone to record it like humans) just a curious little fellow paving the way for his species (If I could I would definitely help)

    64. Evelyn Mackenzie

      Baby pup: "where yo all going? These are the good hoomans"

    65. Evelyn Mackenzie

      Lol they all so funny and cute running into the water with their little flippers

    66. KestrelDC

      I love how the one they’re rescuing is freaking out and then his buddy is just like “hi guys! I love you!”

    67. Martine B

      Bravo et merci pour eux 👏👏👏👍👍👍😄😄😄

    68. Gypsyblood777

      Watching all those floppy boys run away at the same time making those sounds is hilarious lol

    69. leo mazrekaj

      ocean dogs are the best

    70. CharmingCthulhu

      1:21 I love how the little shit just casually rolls up like "what going on here fellas"

    71. Charlie Chuckleberry

      @0:29 when running to save the seal, did he pass a couple already dead baby seals, or is that just a blurry image of seaweed that looks like corpses.

    72. Yinz

      Maybe it is one you guys saved before 🧐

    73. 136578268

      Thank you guys for helping them out. Good people live a peaceful life. Thank you.

    74. barry carleton

      Awful to think these pups provide food for other predators in the sea like sharks and polar bears etc

    75. Zahid Sardar

      Good job bro, love from pakistan

    76. Mel Beck

      Hy lyk baie baie maer dalk is sy Ma dood... Shame julle moet maar n ou vissie saam cat vir die wat honger is.

    77. Cyrus Khalvati

      I know exactly what that is lol. Its the collor off a flannel shirt.

    78. RAE DR

      He wants Wally as a mom lol hes like "mom quit blocking my love with that net!"

    79. Eliana Molnar

      OCN: you have a cute new friend! 😍

    80. Ga Mtn Girl

      That was too cute. Love it. And so glad to have an updated iPad so I could get back to watching these!

    81. Mia Fillene

      I have had the honor of cuddling a couple youngsters to keep them occupied while vets took care of a third. They are such little rascals. I had a hand towel in a back pocket and they yanked it out and played tug of war with me. Such innocence. We all need to take care of them as best we can. And leave them alone in nature.

    82. Sean McQuilliams

      I'm not an expert, but is that a sea lion?

    83. me262omlett

      Seal: „Wow, you have cool legs. Let me get closer-“ N E T

    84. Ellsworth Davis

      Are they covered in oil?

    85. Stephen Smith

      I would follow Naude and he can lead me anywhere.

    86. B Mst

      probably hungry

    87. King Moon

      Pup is likely blind.

    88. Redpup3

      It is... ...Acceptable.

    89. Perro de roblox Roblox

      :0 is cUtE 🥰

    90. Oscar Pine

      Wildlife experts: don't pet wild animals or they get attached *seal hops to people and being adorable* ok but what about 1 belly rub

    91. Hunter Biden's Crackpipe

      It probably died from starvation soon after like the rest of the seals at 3:58

    92. Marcio Mozer

      Very good job guys!! You guys Deserve all my respect !!

    93. Lodogg 3323

      You know darn well that pup is heading out to find the biggest bundle of fishing line, just so the boys come back to spend more time with him. That pup was too cute.

    94. Trung Tran

      It’s really awesome what you guys are doing. Please keep up the great work

    95. ImTheDaveman

      Makes me wonder if he was rescued by humans before - and perhaps wanted to investigate his saviors? Maybe not, but it would come closer to explaining this pup's friendly inquisitive behavior.

    96. Israel Mendez

      Curious George c:

    97. Jerry Hutchinson

      Too cute......I would take him home......if the land would allow me!

    98. Маzай

      Лучшие ножницы земли♡

    99. Michael Karnerfors

      "Look, I have a first amendment right to audit what you guys are doing!"

    100. Mrs Din

      I love your videos, but sometimes I dont dare to watch it, expeccially when the scar already healung, but you still neednto remove the item that might strangles the seals.