D-low | Round 2 - Quarterfinal 3 | RYTHMIND vs D-LOW | SBX KICKBACK BATTLE 2021


200 Tsd. aufrufe6

    Welcome to round 2 of the third quarter final of the SBX Kickback Battle 2021! Up next we have D-low! With 90 seconds on the clock I SAY THE THREE, AND I SAY THE TWO AND THE ONE! In 3, 2, 1 - BEATBOX!
    Get ready for Rythmind’s response which will be posted on February, 24th at 10AM CET; join the premiere to chat with other fans and be the first to see the new video!
    Please follow D-low on socials:
    IG - dlowmusic
    YT - defasts.info/club/I2-CSNIq-_GhJOA2ORF9wg
    Give it up for the host Scott Jackson:
    IG - scottjacksonbb
    DPA Microphones - We love the DPA 2028 Mic, which all participants used in this competition!
    Boss/Roland - Everyone used Boss-provided Rubix 22 recording interfaces!
    V-Moda - Thank you for the SWEET M-100 Headphones for all 8 participants.
    Richings Media - THANK YOU for the $$$ to help pay expenses and give away 2K USD to the
    Winner, and 1 K USD to the Runner-up!
    Voloco - Thank you for the $$$ to help fund cash prizes AND the Pro-Level Subscriptions to your innovative APP all beatboxers should try:
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    1. Mr.CoffeePrinz

      I swear, the last 10 seconds of D-low is really epic🔥

    2. Leah Mistfall


    3. Ricci Norrvey Gómez Loaiza

      suscribe :D

    4. 魔術師 詹智穎.


    5. seiom jvony

      imho we should respect Rythmind too. Peace out

    6. Atharv

      If you look at dlow's right palm you'll see its like he's holding a hypothetical mic That indicates how much he is used to holding a mic,and how much experienced he is !

    7. vinutan hegde

      1:37 .... Nyc drop.... 😍

    8. doire aintu

      0:51 the switch is sick

      1. seiom jvony


    9. Fezix 123



      I think d-low wins

      1. doire aintu

        D low 🔥

    11. Kaneki Kun



      1:10 Sick man!!!!!!!!!

    13. mikea hiooi

      imho we should respect Rythmind too. Peace out

    14. Aline Bojan

      Here before Madox Also, is this allowed? 0:54

    15. DYK BeatBox

      Very cool as always!!! Fire🔥🔥🔥

      1. mikea hiooi

        D-Low Man of future ..... by madox

    16. ア尺の PUBGm

      Elegant poise,add the beat and then i make some noise👑😎

    17. Invisible Impostor

      1:07 complete tempo change, but it fits so well! That flow tho

    18. Pyromaniaco

      i guess the only one can beat d-low is verbal ase lol

    19. Mank Dyto


    20. DuPz0r

      This is probably the best set I've ever seen. So clean, so melodic and pretty freakin complex! D-low is next level.

    21. aftakarok

      dont mess with d low

      1. Shauka Hodan

        1:26 Circle jam vibes

    22. Trudy van Pijkeren


    23. MID Channel


    24. Superness XD

      For Madox 😁 1:27 the bully behind you spitballing

    25. Axry

      Who is here to comment and get a Man of Culture!! My birthday is coming... I would love if Madox would say Man of Culture to me......

    26. Sando Well

      D low 🔥

    27. jep toa


    28. M Vbeats


    29. vicente julia

      d low: 2 rythmind: 0.000000000

    30. Stefan Zimmermann


    31. Deny Pman

      D-Low Man of future ..... by madox

    32. Ibid arsal farizi

      Very sick 🆒

    33. Jivaldo Pienaar

      Where is my man of culture lol Also: 1:27 sounds like my car trying to start when its freezing outside

    34. Jackson Harris

      1:27 everyone's gonna spam this when they find out to do it lmao

    35. Havoc Æ\

      Unpopular opinion : D low is overrated

    36. Danny Bushz

      1:26 Circle jam vibes

    37. The Omni king

      This fucking guy

    38. Sergio Larios

      1:07 drop made me shat blood

    39. Sean Ellis

      Those dry kicks are KILLER WOOOOOOOOO

    40. M1mix BBX

      Dlow: "Yo Rythmind, lets keep it groovy" Also Dlow:

    41. sein


    42. ScX-Sprite-cFz

      cuando me doy cuenta que madox sabe español 😳 0:33

    43. Philip Dejaco


    44. Luke Yin

      Countered Rythmind for most of the round and left the last 25 seconds to bring it home with the UK style.

    45. BEST B Boy


    46. Digamber Sansare

      0:34 me after seeing a flying cockroche...... im also waiting for madox to analyis this battle and also for the man of culture....... hehehehe...boi.....

    47. Виктория Гросс

      This mouth can everythiiiiing😳😳🔥❤

    48. Savita Jha

      His moves 🤯

    49. Kiran Thapa


    50. NAITHRIC

      0:55 Crazy Counter hahaha 🔥🔥🤣 TBH. Dlow is Best in Countering🔥🔥

    51. DuPz0r

      Can you imagine sending D-low into an indigenous tribe to communicate with his set?! :D

    52. Quintin Goynes

      Me after work, aggressively calling my cat to me: 1:28

    53. Hugo Chaput

      1:27 this is a beat he do in the circle jam with the sbx camp

    54. Smith Family

      Damm that drop tho

    55. Jaequan Beats

      When u think he’s at his max he always has more

    56. Aidan

      1:07 for a second I thought he was gonna go full Kohey

    57. jamrud Irfan M

      1:28 the hi-hats 😯

    58. Xankish Beatbox

      He's eating him like a breakfast

    59. Things & Stuff

      When you know that Rythmind is throwing so you don't have to waste your fire routines.. Its lame and im sure he messaged dlow like bro I can't beat you so save your routines..

    60. Milla Jk

      Is Maddox doing his thing her I forget what it is called

    61. connor sloan

      This was a great round, so much variation. D-LOW killed it again!!

    62. Hue * Joey


    63. Prince Chaula

      Yes DLOW!! 🔥🔥 Smashed it out of the park mate

    64. Chris Nenkov

      D-low didn't even go that hard but still sounds awesome 😆❤️

    65. N1KZ3N


    66. Nordish_Jannemann

      First round to D-Low

    67. Ricardo Aguiar

      The best

    68. 々『Otegaru』々

      Can we mension that someone said "putangina d low" in the live chat? (it's a Filipino swear)

    69. CrazyMan

      Wow good round

    70. NavySEEEL

      Absolutely fire

    71. Shroomboi64

      D-LOW : Look at the comment section boi

    72. Leonid Gusev

      47 сек найс


      D-Low you are the best beatboxer after napom i love you so much

    74. Ian Wahyudi


    75. Oskar McGowan

      0:31 me when I get a man of culture

    76. Rezki Ajji

      D-LOWWW.... I Think He's The Best Beatboxer In This Century And In This Generation With Unique Techniques And Mastery Of Flow and He Bring New Flow Sounds With The Crowd Control Is Unbelievable Always Like that Best Beatbox in this Century , Others Are Good Too Cheers it's just my Opinion

    77. Finn _

      1:09 I can't even express how satisfying this felt

    78. Yunus Zamroni

      Auto win

    79. Kykliypoy Gaming

      WHAT WAS THAT AT 0:43

    80. Brayan Montoya Flores

      There's literally no way that somebody can win against d-low in a battle in these days

    81. Raxior _

      1:26 circle jam

    82. The Omni king

      D low made me go super saiyen

    83. 516Michael

      How does D Low kill it on the track???? - D low: magic

    84. Ml legends



      When 2 amazing people have a BBX Battle.

    86. Aaron HO


    87. LK HkM 2000

      I like your jacket

    88. neko i


    89. Matthew Wade


    90. JMFX


    91. JAYPEE

      He actually used the beat at 1:26 in SBX circle jam. It’s so satisfying to hear a complete version

    92. Jarrod Whittington

      How many fire overlays will madox fit in one round

    93. ethhhann !

      man of culture?

    94. luca Valentim

      we all know the fnal: dlow vs zekka

    95. REHAN KHAN

      So everyone here for d-low

    96. Owen BeatboxInternational

      Im the most hater fot dlow

      1. Azzam Rey

        Why, go sleep it's your bed time

    97. Kurt Tolentino

      Guys he's using sign language so that blind people can smell it

    98. Hicham Ait el HOUSSAINE

      Dlow is dlow you can't defeat him at this level omg 🤯

    99. Dilip Beatboxer

      D-low the Genius!!! 🔥🙌