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    In this video I have compiled the videos of the game among us on tiktok. Tiktok videos like this can really make people laugh and entertain, so don't forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel for such videos.
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    1. Ayşe Betül Bingöl

      Wowwwww dicord made

      1. Bertug Emre

        @Salih Arslan neyse ben kimse ile polemiğe girmeyeceğim size iyi günler

      2. Salih Arslan

        @Bertug Emre cahil sensin belki o öğrenmemiştir sen kendi seviyene göre soruyosan bende sana kalkıp lise Sorusu sorsam bilemiyince cahil sen oluyosun zaten yazışından yaşın belli

      3. Salih Arslan

        @•Tʜᴇ ._.Wᴀғғʟᴇʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ made make kelimesinin geçmiş zaman hali

      4. Sena Nur

        @•Tʜᴇ ._.Wᴀғғʟᴇʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ lütfen başkasının ne dediğini takma olurmu böyle insanlar her zaman var olacak bizim yapmamız gereken doğru insanlarla iletişim kurmak boşuna vaktini harcama öylelerinin lafları için😊❤️

    2. Honest book reviews , gaming and songs by vaibhav

      Worlds most perfect loop

    3. Shadey Gacha

      I know 1 thing, THIS IS ENDLESS

    4. CD4bfc

      Dont be ashamed that you watched this more than once

    5. Pickle Bulge

      Discord admins being made to go talk to there local confused 14 year old

    6. 30 FPS

      Longest youtube shorts

    7. UWU

      66574247841 years letar

    8. Dani popeira

      Wow omg

    9. Salim Almarzoqi


    10. iKON Davi Games Br


    11. Rachel Jeong

      Wth was this a loop!.?

    12. Aatank Gamer

      Who was still watching till end😂

    13. Ansiel

      Isso é viciante

    14. Tmubz

      I’ve been watching this for 8 hours straight

    15. Dheeraj Vavilala

      I really watched it 3 times

    16. Luke Skywalker

      Me: dude, till the star i knew It whould be a loop, we are here for about 5 minutes My Brain: i dont Care, aprecciate magic

    17. Yoe Yoo

      How they download things in the phone

    18. Ema Cipadung


    19. Dinolucas Lucas

      Wow 👁️👄👁️😄😄😄😱

    20. Khe Si

      It will not stop heheh hahah

    21. Przemysław Panasiuk


    22. Alice Playz

      OMG this is soo cool

    23. DHC


    24. Seaprincess Megan

      Wth I was shock how it made bruhhhhh

    25. isanovic Demosthene

      So satis

    26. sa7man 0808


    27. Manuela Hernández

      I’ve been watching this on loop for like 7 minutes

    28. جمعة خصوي

      ترا الفيديو ينعلد

    29. Rabia Yıldız


    30. izan307 YT

      It would be good intro, no?

    31. Diane Sifa


    32. Doro

      𝚆𝚊𝚒𝚝 𝚠𝚑𝚊𝚝

    33. Elhan Tiniz

      is it realll

    34. ItsJustLola

      i have been watching this for 6 minutes and i just found out it’s not that long

    35. S_elr

      Wait..Why does everything looks like amongus

    36. Beatrice Andreea

      Edit program ?

    37. mintu molla

      Ulta Chashma ki bhabe

    38. Sumeyya Remo

      Sonununu bekleyen ben

    39. a crazed bruhify tank cat

      Perfectly looped

    40. Rodrigo Oliveira Carneiro

      Kwai por favor

    41. 郭沚澄 5D(9)

      *Why did I find this satisfying-*

    42. Mahir

      Who thought that its real

    43. Bangkit Aja

      Wowwwww discord made

    44. Daud Alfa toni

      Me: *watching the video* Me:realized the video just a loop Also me: FUUUUUUUUUUUCK

    45. Sushi gujrati tamang

      The amount of 13yr olds in discord is unbelievable.........btw noice.

      1. •Miki Matzuki•

        Well, you have to be atleast 13 to use discord. I dont get why you're making fun of 13 yo for being in a place theyre allowed to. You probably make fun of 5 yo for watching youtube kids

    46. Thomas Colon

      Dude I actually got lost in this 😭😂😂

    47. TRX- Hussain

      It’s kind of re-looped

    48. matteo


    49. Oliwia Baranowska

      Loop video

    50. Rayanne Honorato

      It is a animation?

    51. Mr pug Muffins

      I look it’s tiktok Yeb. That guy who steals videos from people

    52. Miguel angel Leon

      Q. Cope

    53. Esmanur

      Ama oha yaa

    54. Мама Маруся

      this is how the discord was created

    55. Marco Sollazzi

      Ma i due laterali che girano a cosa servono ? Boh !!!!!

    56. Priyanka Kumari

      I watch this 5 times

    57. Floswey


    58. Melanie and Reiny

      Loop 0_0

    59. Kelvin Midul

      The video repeating itself lmao

    60. adya aradya

      Among us

    61. veeer ff gaming

      It's VFX

    62. Estella D

      Is that real cus it is SSSSOOOO SATISFYING

    63. broteam maximize brothers

      PERFECT loop

    64. nick frank


    65. thonydys gaming

      When u download diiscord

    66. HighDeaf Fanatic

      It ended put it took me 2 hours to figure it out

    67. Fernando Azuaje

      I recommend watching this bedtime

    68. - Xxxlovely x Zoeyxxx -


    69. katana

      Vi esse vídeo por meia hora

    70. douglas crepaldi


    71. megahurricane gaming mega

      Do it with roblox plzz

    72. 박영희


    73. Bhoomi B

      It is endless

    74. Actic Cola

      125th comment loop

    75. rand0m#mxrx anonym


    76. Marcelo Nakahara

      🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤. 😳😳😳😳😳😳 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕😁😁😁😁

    77. Margarita LCN

      Wow this video won't end

    78. Mage Soul

      And that’s how discord was made

    79. Ercilia Montoya


    80. Bia melo


    81. Cruz Nuno

      The logo looks like a cute ghost bunny😊😊🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰🐰

    82. ARIA WINGO

      That’s cool

    83. Alex

      This production is repeated

    84. video

      I never see that but I do have discord I always chat with my friends on discord.

    85. Mobile Artist


      1. Kaydenc’s vlogs

        When I saw it the sec time I was like trapet

      2. Shivani Rawat


    86. Wise Ice


    87. Nabucodonosor II Rey de Babilonia

      no overweight moderator

    88. Axel Angelo Suarez

      Its looping

    89. Recyicle

      Wow that's satisfying

    90. 乇爪Ĩㄥㄖㄒ乇


    91. Yashika Dutta

      Hmm 😏🤔 game h ya to

    92. ꧁꧂天⃟然⃟水⃟ ꧁꧂目指せ登録80人!!



      Fun fact: The video is not ending


        @Aarush Chauhan already checked

      2. Aarush Chauhan

        Check my videos too


        @Aarush Chauhan checkout my videos also

      4. Aarush Chauhan

        Yadnesh gaming I am gamer too


        @Aarush Chauhan yeah

    94. Tyler Fenske

      Play it on loop

    95. 시몽

      그래서 언제끝나죠?

    96. Doge

      It keeps going

    97. Ahmet Erkoç

      Wooooowwwwwwww omg

    98. Tuldok Traya

      me. no😊kjdbldjldldvfljkfkvkflfbflljdjkdldjdjdjjdjdlfkdjdjdkkdjdjdkgodk