Daniil Medvedev: "I didn't play my best" press conference (F) | Australian Open 2021

Australian Open TV

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    Daniil Medvedev's press conference following his defeat to Novak Djokovic in the final of the Australian Open 2021.

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    1. Fareed Dxb

      I LIKE U friend

    2. Vikas Maitreya

      After a grandlsam final loss Reporter :How many days to recover? Danii : 2 days This itself is a testament to the fact that how strong he is in his mind. Very impressive!

    3. kushan shah

      He sounds more calm and composed than he was on court.

    4. steven gao

      Never seen anyone this chill after losing a GS final

    5. PaBlOk

      So humble. He played a terrific match but Nolle was pretty much unbeatable. Hope next time he beat Nolle!

    6. Marina

      Here big,big Novak fan. But when Novak stap pleying you are my gay to chirup. You are huge talent.

    7. Farmer2492

      The funny thing is people like Daniil more than Novak

    8. ravi kumar

      novak fan here . he is honest ,analysing the facts very quickly,and he is very clear with his answers . if this interview has marks he would have got 100 i think

    9. teslas T.

      the way he sees Novak totally differs from media portraits, gotta love his honesty to point that out

    10. Vassilis Arapidis

      He sounds very mature, intelligent and well ahead of the next generation. Even though I am Greek by origin, I can easily see that Daniil is way ahead of Tsitsipas maturity wise, which will show on the court...

    11. Brent Rowe

      Nice guy. Great tennis player. He will win grand slams very soon. Champion person.


      Novak said already.....it's just matter of time danil hold a GS . If he doesn't mind please wait few more years for nole.😄😄😄....

    13. Jeremy link

      Initially i used to think he was the robot of tennis but now he as shown his personality i really really like him.

    14. Biały kruk

      Daniłł to już Twoja era tenisa . Jesteś mega pozytywny.

    15. сладкий медвежонок

      Medvedev(translation to English: "Son of a Bear🐻👍") As long as Russia supports BEARS with players with Russian names of BEARS, I support Daniil Medvedev🐻👍. BEARS in Russia are multipurpose, can play most any sports and excel while being down to earth and humble about their accomplishments.

    16. Luka Kusovac

      Cool guy

    17. Zeb Lodge

      Lovely intelligent guy - Novak could VERY easily have lost - few crucial shots landed his way. This guy is No1 end of 2021.

      1. Paul Johnson

        Novak could have won this match on one leg, literally, with diareahha and constipation! This guy just cracks at the big moment, and has a nervous breakdown, it would have been a-lot closer, had Med vs Nadal been in the finals, or semi's- Novak's got in his head too much!

    18. 張詩苹

      he's becoming a thougher player for sure also by losing this kind of main event even helps him want to win a slam more then he'll find his way to get himself there closer next time

    19. Jeremy Moore

      listen i enjoy watch your game keep going hope you can reach grand slam soon

    20. Borisav

      Such a strong character. He will sure win much more!

      1. Paul Johnson

        We'll have to see, the way things are going, could be a long long wait.

    21. Jétthias 972

      Promis à un bel avenir, tôt ou tard ce joueur sera numéro 1 mondial, il progressera encore et encore good Luck Danii 👍the best will come for you👍🌠🌠🌠🌠🌠

    22. Alex Ten

      Sorry, disagree with many commenters. A typical approach from Russians. "I did not play my best". Give Djokovic some credit, will you?

      1. EmilieSagae

        "He was good, I could have done better, but even if I did better that doesn't mean the score would be different." Sounds like giving credit, to me. Danil definitely didn't play his best. He got overwhelmed by Novak playing so solid. He started missing many easy balls, and he made simple errors on important points. Him losing 7-6 7-5 7-5 or something, maybe he can say Novak just played better, but the way he lost the last 2 sets was definitely NOT only Novak's play.

    23. Canadian 61

      He looks like he is the winer!

    24. Rahul

      He spwaks so good I dont know why he lost it while playing looking at the box whining everytime when he xan be so calm like in the intv🤔

    25. aldilover1

      This loss will really give him even more hunger to win a grand slam.

    26. Dragan Djuric

      Such a gentleman! I hope you win many grand slams in the future!

    27. Ryan Frischkorn

      BS , how can you not be at your best in a final of a grand slam?

      1. Paul Johnson

        Because of nerves, it's only his second final, he got totally overwhelmed, and couldn't cope with the pressure!

    28. Mila R

      Brilliant future is ahead of him! Talented and smart, respectful of his opponents and good human being.

    29. Fredielyne Martinez

      He is good but not yet there.

    30. Stevan Stevanovic

      This is one super nice guy.

    31. Larry Goodwill


    32. schmirgldecks

      I didn’t like him but after the final i see that this guy is an amazing character, he is got one more fan and it’s me, good luck brother.

    33. calvin cheah

      Firstly class act by Medvedev, but man how many freaking Real Estate ads did I have to watch just to hear him out...

    34. John Smith

      Daniel is a man with high moral credibility

    35. Pink Panther

      I bet he will get us open this year he will be there in the semis at least but the beat Joker know when he's at this best and he's motivated is going to be very hard Hill to climb

    36. leprince gut

      Considering the tennis level of Medvedev,I do expected the long long maths,may be go to tie break in 5 set,I finally I was very surprise,when Djokovic could win easily,smashing Med.with only 3 set,Djoko is really unpredictability

    37. Sheng Long

      Mental strength seems to be the last thing that players get...Rafa, Murray, Djokovic...all kept losing finals till they won one...then two...then twenty!!!

    38. Charlie McKay

      Daniil Medvedev seemed to be playing at a 10% less energy level than in his semi-final match while Novak Djokovic seemed to be supercharged. Ouch.

    39. Luk T

      If you are listening to this guy you are risking to become a big fan 🙃

    40. GP Scrapper

      NOVAK IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD EVER NOVAK IS GOING TO BE A KING FOR NEXT 4 years and west needs to wait for their happiness and should pray that Serbia not to produce another Djokovic lol Till then cry baby cry 😭 SERBIA 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸 All best to our brother from Russia 🇷🇺🇷🇸 together

    41. Eric Nelson

      I honestly think he should be a little embarrassed by his performance in the Aussie final. I realize Novak was playing exceptionally well, but Daniil was throwing his hands up in the air and complaining after every point. And this went on for WAY too long. If he's going to act that way, then just walk to the net and retire. He didn't did deep in the least. It was extremely disappointing.

    42. Penso Finalmente

      Why med have you played so fucking awful! Porco dio ho perso 500 euro

    43. Oana M

      I like his speeches and press conferences, he's so honest and clever, tries to hide his feelings, but his eyes are sad. It's not easy to accept a loss and find motivation to go on. I just hope he'll have a good season and win a slam.

    44. Vivian Linares

      u re the best Daniil!!!!

    45. Alejandro Heredia

      Yeah, we could see his frustration in the court. It’s more a mental challenge as usual with tennis. Djokovic is a mind master, he doesn’t break easily. In the case of Medvedev, in this final he couldn’t hold his head together.

    46. Fernando Robles Gonzalez

      Le falta aprender cambios de ritmo el tiene solo el estilo fuerte necesita mezclar su juego hay que meter el drop shot y el slice necesita hacer que el rival se equivoqué si tiene mucho tiro ganador pero no vas a ganar todos los puntos con tiro ganador

    47. vaso jovanovic

      Medvedev next N 1 ....

    48. Rahul TN TN

      When will you play ur best, when you are 45 years old, u son of a bitch??!! 😁😆😅😂🤣🤣👍👍

    49. sunny days

      I wish it had gone to five sets at least.

    50. David Gray

      Class Act

    51. DudeGT

      Daniil, you didnt win the trophy yesterday, but you‘ve won a lot of hearts, thats for sure! i wish you all the best for the rest of your career! 🇷🇸❤️🇷🇺

    52. Timothy Bint

      He didn’t play his best but as he said maybe that was because Djokovic didn’t allow him to ! Big respect to him at 23 years old in a non native language answering even the most stupid journalist questions in such a mature and considered manner !

    53. vladeclk

      Big Medved ev 🙌 what a cool dude. I like him more and more

    54. Jactome de Tarabilla

      pretty sure next time he will do better

    55. driver8

      I like this guy. plus...he's rocking the ///M logo on his sleeve!

    56. G & M

      i think Novak play smarter on the final. like if you think of other players like younger players when they start struggling, they don't try to fix in the game. It also of mind game involvement.

    57. Dmitri S

      Djoko was running on pain killers covering his 25mm tear injury.

    58. shamsul huda

      medvedev has very bad temperament

    59. Mr xshin0bii

      Hes a good player but a bad loser also.

    60. Tom Hoang

      I'd rather watch Medvedev's press conference than Djokovic's lifting the trophy. At least it's something new, a tennis player who could talk a lot of sense after a loss. Djokovic, Nadal, Federer lifting another slam trophy, nothing new there.

    61. shamsul huda

      i have a question.why medvedev was rushing when he is down?For example in his serve when is down 0/30 he rushed on serving only to lose the serve again n again.There is a human psychology which say when you are losing or in stress or in tension/anger just take a deep breath n wait a few seconds(about 10) before u proceed. It ll surely reduces the pressure n mistakes.But no medvedev keep on rushing n keep on losing..skillfully both novak n medvedev are same but mentally novak was way better..

      1. Dmitri S

        It's very tough mentally to do the right thing, especially when you feel like you don't have a solution. Novak is a bit overboard with his mental strength. Maybe it's very tough on him and that's why he reacts like he does, it's not strength to do that, I'm pretty sure it's damaging him over all. The best approach is to remain extremely calm, that's the hardest, but the best in a long run. Sinner for example is the best at it at the moment, in my opinion.

    62. Александр Соколов

      Эх, Даня, Даня.... все равно верим в тебя. Не сдавайся и не опускай руки, пожалуйста.

    63. jpaulglobal

      If you could Isolate one thing that separates "the big 3" from the top 10 what would it be? I guess I would say it is "the will to win"?

    64. Daniel D.

      Compared to Tsitsipas, Djokovic had a better length in his ground strokes. If Tsitsipas had hit the ball closer to the baseline instead of all those short ones on the T-line, he probably would have won the semifinal against Medvedev. The reason Medvedev thinks he didn't play his best Tennis is because Novak didn't let him to. And again, the length of the ground strokes paired with power and precision made the difference and have pushed Medvedev into a defence/catch up role from the beginning. Fans generously overlook Medvedev's unsportsmanlike behaviour when he smashed and destroyed his racket out of anger. But it's one thing to make a good fight and leave the court as a 2nd winner of the tournament and another to leave the court as a sore looser who smashed his racket. Not a good role model.

    65. The Cowboy

      He is as good or even better than Djokovic. The difference is in the mind which Djokovic is way ahead.

    66. peter wong

      Medvedev was also very humble when he lost to Nadal in the 2019 US Open Final. I lke this guy.

    67. Gabriela Meyers

      I am Serbian, and i am Nole's fan but when he stop to play. Me and my family will support Daniil for sure ! Grear guy

    68. Marko Nikolic

      Medvedev played lika a total loser. You need to have patience vs Djokovic. That's why Wawrinka destroys him.

    69. Margaret Wallace

      Great sportsman.

    70. Balan Dr

      Next he will win that USO.

    71. The Prophylactic Protect against MSM

      MED 1. DID NOT SERVE his ACEs almost as IF he THREW the GAME for Djock 2. MED playe SO TOO MANY UNFORCED ERRORS nerves maybe tired maybe Bit SUS 3 DJOCK PLAYED WELL Djocks serve was even better than Meds sometimes & 4 Djocks Forehand Volley is like a ROCKY KO PUNCH

    72. Ruslan

      я считаю, что физика подвела

    73. jaya p

      sorry young people...high time you all pulled up your socks... what a phenomenon came about in 2005... he single handedly made so many of us old people to look at him and his game and his unusual personality - and he was not even speaking english the way you all do...really what a champ Rafa was - like nobody else... but today's young men should stop praising the big 3...etc... they should stop all this extra talk and just play their game... ok...so he got a ride by the kind guy...in a private jet...

    74. Lubomir

      Daniil is an incredible player and it is a matter of time to pick up a GS trophy 🏆He is my second favorite player after Nole and the reason for that is probably Nole came earlier than him ❤️

    75. Anant Singhal

      Wow, quite insightful answers.

    76. Vinh Bac Tran

      I am a big fan of Daniil. He was fantastic all the tournament except the final match, unfortunately (all these uncharacteristic double faults, unforced errors...). Novak still was not at his best today but Daniil is simply not ready to win a GS yet. Hopefully he can do better in the next GS final soon. Just keep believing in yourselves mate

    77. James Reid VanVoris

      If you watch the match over again, you see Djokovic won with incredible defense. Medvedev hit many great shots that would have been winners or forced errors against most top players, but Djokovic got everything back. Djokovic is incredible at this and his incredibly super consistency, that is, almost never beating himself with unforced errors. The guy is just an amazingly good tennis player. When he's on, every single part of his tennis game is close to perfect. It's almost superhuman. Credit to him.

    78. Norman Osborn

      He is so nice. He is always happy. So inteligent. His personality is so great.

    79. your mother

      cyborgs of tennis

    80. Trump Ameri

      NADAL was also furious mode AO 2019 and NOVAK completely destroyed him 3 - 0 .... only Dominic Thiem in 2020 make small resistance 3 - 1 ...

      1. Eirini Maria Leleki

        Thiem lost 3-2 in other words it went to 5 sets. It was a great match.

    81. Trump Ameri

      MEDVEDEV my second favorite player right after GOAT NOVAK DJOKOVIC....

    82. kieran

      He played absolutely shit.

    83. Rob Atkinson

      I think Novak wins Wimbledon and us open this year

    84. RubiconKLBRUTO Rowman

      Correction, NOT U did not play well, because Novak did NOT allow you to. Against other player Ur playing level would have worked, did but against Novek Ur level did not n would not work, CZ Novak is NOT only athletic, but the best all around player in the his home turf in hard court, esp AO, and there is Novak! U are talking about playing against number 1 when Ur number 4 n there is valid reason why he is number one n you are number 4, plus WHAT if there was Dominic Theme was around? U might not be in final! USA

    85. Nonah Gonowon

      You're my 2nd favorite player after Marin Cilic. I love listening to all your interview/presscon. I am sure one day, you will be a Grand Slam Champion!!!

    86. Степан Каленський

      You are as good, as your opponent allows you to

    87. Real Dolgopolav Most Senior

      Amazing guy this, speaks his mind, humble and carefree.. hope he stays like this

    88. peter wong

      Medvedev will be back

    89. Imr172 Plays

      I cannot recall someone playing soo bad in a final of a grand slam and giving up on life after the first set, that was the most horrible tennis performance on the court, Djokovic only had to use 2 brain cells to beat this guy, gifted him the trophy to be honest, this guys performance in the finals was a shambles. I don’t care how great his personality is but I’ve seen Djokovic at a way higher level, medvedev was playing worst tennis of his life

    90. Peter Hammer

      Daniil has really surprised me positively with his character. Hats off 👍

    91. Arlene Moya

      get some rest Daniil... the most demanding challenge is yet to come. wish you good luck and God bless you...

    92. Arlene Moya

      He lost... but as he speaks as if he was the winner. very nice attitude.. with right attitude and determination you will surely reach your goal

    93. johnathon spindler

      The fabulous myanmar concurringly pour because chick electronically tumble on a elite shoulder. adaptable, apathetic christopher

    94. Paula Richards

      Osaka said no one remembers the runner-up, but I wager everyone will remember Daniil, not just for his playing but for his maturity, honesty and humility.

    95. Yulia Barrand

      This player will be N1 one day!

    96. shikha b

      What patience after a loss he is answering these questions in such details with a positive attitude 😇 such a likable personality!!

    97. Paula Richards

      Daniil exhibits so much maturity. This is what Kyrigos lacks BIG TIME! His speech made me love him even more.

    98. L Milne

      Top man.

    99. ruchir suri

      I always thought Medvedev was arrogant. But he is quite a nice person, speaks from his heart. I wish he gets the next grand slam, indeed he is super talented and I love watching him play.

    100. Samuel Karlberg

      I think the return of serve was the key for Novak. He destroyed Medvedevs second serve and that puts extreme pressure on the server. In Cincinatti Medvedev stopped hitting second serves and turned the match around. This surface is a little slower and it's harder to do in a five set match but when Novak is playing at this level you have to find a way to get in to his head. Novak played at the same level as in the final 2019 and the first two sets in the semifinal against Roger 2016. I think he even served a little better then in those matches.