David & Catherine Birnie | Australia's most notorious serial killer couple

Bella Fiori

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    1. Bella Fiori

      sorry for the lack of videos the last couple of weeks! i’ve been so busy because kerry & i actually bought & are building a house which is so incredibly exciting!!! i can’t wait to take you along on that journey with us! lots of videos to come, i promise 💛

      1. La Na

        Congratulations Bella and Kerry 👍🎉

      2. Nicole Letson

        aww omg congrats bella!!!

      3. Esme J


      4. Chloe

        @Goodwins all access Media service provider i’m pretty sure he’s her boyfriend

    2. Isuzu Lorimer

      i actually used to live next door to the house they lived in and it’s constantly for sale because no one wants to live in it


      Poor dogs??! How about poor kids!! 😭😭🤦‍♀️ The actual human beings they birthed, didn’t have a choice either!!

    4. Felicity Wolf

      "The big movie thing "😂 Way to make me feel old af lol

    5. Abbie Bristow

      Please can you cover Pedro Lopez - his whereabouts are still unknown

    6. Diane Loucks

      That house should have been demolished. Why it wasn't is beyond comprehension.

    7. J. Mac

      I'm dying to know what those earrings are you are wearing?!? Are they just cool shapes or are they something? I can't find my words, lol, you know what mean...❓❓

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    9. Denise

      zYour earrings are so cute

    10. bouncyshak

      Please cover the Hart family murders case

    11. Crystal m

      i saw a movie called Hounds of Hell years ago about these 2 freaks.

    12. Deidra Moran

      This was a fcking rollercoaster

    13. Deidra Moran

      Off topic but those earrings are everything bich

    14. Crystal m

      if davids mom was a boozer, im pretty sure she drank while pregnant. this guy never had a chance.

    15. April Hauser

      There was no Google during this time for Catherine to research. It was all books. Probably at a library.

    16. Alice Ayres

      This is the craziest story I've ever heard. Every time I see things that pan out this way, I always picture how it is being the victim that survived...that has to be so haunting. You know what your fate there was...

    17. Ava Calabrese

      Would you cover the murder of Bianca Devins by Brandon Clark from Utica, NY? I think you would do a great job respectfully giving coverage to her story

    18. Sara Prentice

      Bella! Can you pls do a video on the Bega Schoolgirl murders? it is Australian! p.s love your videos!

    19. _Kvban_ _

      Question why don’t you use eerie music for the sound bite to fill in the ambient sound (aka the background noise or the silence) don’t get me wrong u have a good narrative voice but it feels like we are in the same room as you while u tell a story it’s a bit awkward but other than that I like your videos I just found this channel

    20. Ana Derby

      yes a google form!!

    21. Alejandra gonzalez


    22. Rasspad

      Big movie thing lol

    23. Alyssa Rømer

      Hey Bella Can you do “Henry mccabe”the story sounds so Weird, but so interresting. There aint no one like you to tell a story and get information

    24. Kalen Dowdy

      Look up the case of brittany gosney and James Hamilton. Absolutely disgusting. It just happened over the weekend.

    25. Sandra L

      Idk why but living in Perth and knowing where all these locations/suburbs are is making my skin crawl

      1. Sandra L

        omg not me living 2 minutes away from the Pines in Wanneroo!!!

    26. Brigie

      Wow Australian crime documentaries. 🥰 Now Im subscribing 😅

    27. Autumn

      Thanks for making these awesome videos girl :D

    28. Kim Stephenson

      This ones a bit different but could you do a video on Michael Jackson and the theories behind what happened?xxx

    29. Barbara Harris

      But wait, there’s more. Mercy

    30. Catherine Colson

      Very interesting unsolved case in Oklahoma- Peggy Mcguire last seen in Stidham, Oklahoma on November 16, 2015 and disappeared without a trace. Her truck was found at a rural bar and video surveillance showed someone dropping her truck off in the middle of a storm and walking away. Her son’s father, Timothy Macintosh is very suspicious

    31. Hui Xuan Michelle Chua

      at 2:57 mins and I absolutely love the way you rave about casify! just seems so genuine :)

    32. Val Cuellar

      Can you please do Colleen Ritzer pleaseeee

    33. BOM Doughnuts

      this case is pretty gruesome

    34. Nia Ward

      This one just gets progressively worse 😭

    35. Joanna Roberts

      I don't think google existed in 1986 😄

    36. Plazs

      From the Philippines : -it would be amazing to hear your opinions and just all your thoughts in this two major cases. "My Father is a Police man!'' ''The Christine Dacera Case'' This were actually a nearly clear cases but the nations' belief we're still parted

    37. Miya Medina

      Do Michael Jackson conspiracy theories !!

    38. Beth Johnstone

      Thank god for that young policewoman who believed Kate

    39. Marianella G

      Such awful humans!

    40. Mya Glasper

      Can you do the car with Lizzy Borden

    41. Za Eni

      The demonic market perinatally suspect because beard weekly approve onto a quizzical screwdriver. yummy, accessible forecast

    42. McKay Pettus

      do chris watts

    43. Ash boyle

      can please do a video on the current melissa caddick case?

    44. shortie Mortie

      I’m in grad school right now took 13 exams the past few weeks and this is THE PERFECT END TO MY WEEK!!! THANK YOU !!! MISS YOU BELLA !!

    45. Ceylan Furuncu

      My mum was friends with Lisa Mott and at the basketball game that night and got picked up by her mum my nan, she said that Lisa’s mum was an alcoholic at home with her boyfriend and didn’t pick her up. How sad

    46. Sandra Rivera

      Love u Bella! You should cover the Sylvia Likens case! I’ve done some research about it and idk why this case hasn’t been talked about more. It’s heartbreaking💔

    47. Keisha Williams

      What the hell they received so little time for having dynamite and other terroristic shit Australia needs stronger laws she should've never gotten her baby back either that's crazy. Why would they have the baby crawling in the driveway the state should've took her other kid and sterilized her.

    48. Erino M

      Police officers are so fucking dumb. Like girls have gone missing, one literally comes up to you telling you she got abducted by the people who did it and you’re not even going to go to the house until another brand new officer suggests you should go? Ok

    49. Angelbel •

      BF are literally amazing initials!

    50. lorie mills

      425,000 for that house is robbery.

    51. Kayla Dietz

      Can you do Rodney Alcala, please?

    52. M R

      I don’t think they killed anyone else, apart from the confirmed ones, the ones they confess to. Mainly based on the fact that she enjoys the notoriety, like she likes being infamous. For what we learned from other serial killers that also like the notoriety, the more victims you have, the more infamous you are. If they did kill more people, I think she’ll be talking 🤷🏼‍♀️

    53. Karlee Mayer

      Dogs are to pure for this world 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

    54. B

      Please talk about the Melissa caddicks case I’m sure you have been hearing about it on the news here in Australia! She was a business women that scammed people of loads of money she’s gone missing and now her foot has washed up on a beach in NSW. There’s lots going on still regarding this case but there is not much converge other then 60 minutes and 7 news spreading information. Lots of people keep speculating she cut off her own foot and others believe she was murdered as an result of her scams as some sort of payback or revenge. Although there’s lots of reports of people’s feet being washed up due to suicide, drowning and the indecent dumping of bodies. In South Australia a young man went missing and some of his remains have washed up (most likely died suicide as it’s class not suspicious) as there’s large cliffs into the ocean just south of maslins beach where it was discovered, that’s still in investigation also

    55. Mariel Segovia

      the way i repeatedly thought my jaw couldn't drop any lower and then it did

    56. Tayler Walters

      VHS tape.. it’s a VHS tape 😅🤣

    57. Cody hood

      Bella please please I beg you do the Jodie jones case from Scotland, I beg u to talk about it xxxx

    58. Nahla

      I feel so bad for Katherine's son

    59. Rachel Beaulieu

      I can count on belle making interesting videos on cases i have never heard of before.

    60. Oluwaseun

      Hey Bella! Congratulations on your new house!! So happy for you🥺🥺🥺 If you have time, could you look into the April Millsap case? I've seen a video on it but I enjoy yours the most!

    61. Lili

      im from margaret river and its crazy how this stuff happens. its one thing to hear about stuff on the news, but it just seems so much more real when its close to home.

    62. worthabullet

      You bad as hell 🖤

      1. worthabullet

        Tryna meet me and some random girl from Instagram I know?

    63. Duaa Shakeel

      Okay bella's talking about dogs being innocent but these kids are coming and going from the start of this story like evaporation and condensation of water

    64. Night Parade

      bella you looks so beautiful.. please marry me 😍😍😍

    65. Mel Prinsep

      “David’s mother was just an absolute doll” 😂😂😂😂

    66. Ariah S

      My mom love your videos so do I :)

    67. India Fleming

      i would love to see you do a video of the Cecil Hotel:))

    68. kinzie JFelix

      Can you do OJ Simpson or Menedez brothers if you haven’t already? Plssssss .

    69. Anika Joy

      I clicked on your video because in the thumbnail your earrings looked like chess pieces.

    70. aimee louise

      Can someone please tell me what Bella means at 51:21 🤣

    71. Ella Nichols

      Can you do a video on the Tynong murders?! xoxo

    72. Henry Hènri

      Deviant's.... Evil does exist

    73. Megan G

      Every time I drive past the Bandyup women’s prison I think about this case

    74. Its Chemo

      Please do a Mystery Monday on the Cheshire Family Murders in Connecticut.

    75. Caroline Freeman

      Those two killers the worst of the worst 😈

    76. Caroline Freeman

      I new to this Channel Bella can't wait to see more of your content 👍💖

    77. Ben Tree specialist

      This young ditz approaches horrendous crimes like she is about to review the new Beyonce album

    78. Amelia Rose

      The fact that I know all the places where everything happened scares me

    79. Tamia Lipscomb

      Do rapists not worry about stds

    80. Christina Kaay

      You and I share the SAME birthday!! 🎊🎂🥳🎉

    81. Cat C

      My parents knew Susanna's father. So horrific.

    82. Amelia Rose

      Hell nah I live too close to that shit. Bruh ik all the suburbs they went to oml

    83. Amelia Rose

      Could you do the William Tyrell case?

    84. Erin Mullins

      I found out that at one of my old childhood homes in Maryland, NSW, a 22 year old man killed his father in the driveway back in 2017. He was found not guilty due to mental illness and apparently he had believed to have heard voices in the house.. So creepy 🤭

    85. Karli Morrow

      That was great research and presentation - tragic story!

    86. Meg Houston

      So he's capable of committing such horrific crimes on innocent people and yet when he's caught out in one sentence he has a shit fit?? That's hilarious, just goes to show what a pair of absolute pussies they are.

    87. olivia6101

      Why are the police so incompetent?!

    88. MinTea Animations

      is it me or did she say "where Susan was born" XD

    89. Ana Cordeiro

      "Couple goals, am I right?" I died 😂

    90. Ariana Langarica Sanchez

      Hands down my favorite DEfastsr for sure !!!!

    91. Serina Thomas

      The voracious bowl dimensionally weigh because print enthrallingly squeak per a rambunctious cauliflower. aromatic, gifted pajama

    92. Stella arielle

      you are very pretty missy

    93. Marisa Gonzalez

      I thought you said he went on to become an "apprentice junkie" 💀

    94. Hilde Mertens

      I would like you to make a video about Marc Dutroux and Michelle Martin. They were two criminals from Belgium, very close to home for me.

    95. Ayan duale

      "Nobody would light a fire place in November"......It took me a min to realize that the seasons were switched in Australia

    96. Air Quotes

      18 minutes in full of horrific abuse and she says ok that's just some background now I'll get into the murders...wtf

    97. MissWoman 1

      When you said the house sold for over 4 grand I had to do 'rewind' to listen again and all I could think was "WTF!!! There is no way, NO WAY that I would even buy the land if it was a vacant lot!!! Human beings SUFFERED in that house, on that land FFS, that's just EWWWW!!!"🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 I keep getting the mental pictures of the Poltergeist movies, Amityville Horror movies and the 1st original Carrie movie of Stephen King where they demolish the house and just have a white cross on the rubble and a hand comes out😯🥴😯🥴😯🥴FREAKY!!!!

    98. Michelle Kelly

      Omg Bella, im from Bunbury and my family is from Collie! My mum was only 10 in Collie aswell when that 12 yr old girl went missing! I think you're so awesome! And I LOVE listening to the cases you cover. Keep up the great work!

    99. Shaden

      I love how every Australian story has people cussing outside the court calling for the murderer's death (rightfully so). you dont rly hear that in US stories

      1. Shaden

        @elliot thurber o yeah i rmmbr the documentary youre righ

      2. elliot thurber

        You ever heard of Casey Anthony?

    100. Pruthvi Mehta

      Am I the only one who's confused by the fact that one of the victims was 17 years old and was out clubbing?? 😂 was that okay back then or did she just have a fake ID ? 😂

      1. Roma Rose

        They weren’t as strict back then so they probably just let her in, My sister was clubbing at 16 without being ID’d