Day 8 of trying to build my spice tolerance Pt. 1

Lisa Nguyen

4,1 Mio. aufrufe532

    It's day 8 and I'm trying a ghost pepper burrito!
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    1. Lisa Nguyen

      Shout-out to everyone who joined my DEfasts Live earlier today! Love y'all!

      1. Peoajlmbrr Fskiiswwop


      2. Peoajlmbrr Fskiiswwop


      3. oscar langstaff

        Rice will help try rice it works I use it

      4. Legendary Gamer 85

        Good for them I love ur cooking make me lobster and 🍤

      5. Legendary Gamer 85

        @I love Big Q and Karl cool 😎

    2. berenilsse marcial

      O.m.l the burrito looks booomb

    3. NamjoonsDimples


    4. No Name

      Hot spicy barbecue sauce

    5. Vanessa Hastings

      Who else wants to eat her food. 👇🏻

    6. Karoline Beckett

      Is anyone concerned that this is her first time making a burrito? No? Its just me then.... okay 👌

    7. Kiki Meyer


    8. Liam Fowler


    9. Bravinson Robinson

      Instant heat or instant ramen noodles

    10. Tim Coulter

      She killed most of the heat, from the way she cooked it, so that don't count. She would be on fire other wise

    11. Starbuck32123

      Someone get her the please be patient I have autism hat for when she tries something new lmao

    12. Robert Meadows

      Matpat made a whole video about which foods are best against spice and he found that over saturating lemon juice with sugar was the best

    13. Nissi Prasad

      I think u should have indidan food to build your spice tolerance......once u have it then u'll know😁

    14. Hope Praise

      You should try a chocolate milk shake to reduce the spice

    15. bulls fan for life

      That's on another level of stupidity

    16. Marcel Baylis

      Believe it or not a spoonful of sugar is more effective then milk at stopping the heat.

    17. SirIncompetent

      um *excuse me*

    18. Dani Loma

      Wat i just smell chilli

    19. Magic Fingers

      sesame seed oil helps cool it down too

    20. Bestest

      Well toilet isnt going to like that one.

    21. Kjbadger Yeet

      This girl can make some good food

    22. Mes_Bekup 6

      Seltzer, soda, or basically anything carbonated can help too! Proved by science on the good ok’ @FoodTheory channel

    23. drumnut67

      That looks so good! I'd be sweating bullets, tho.

    24. John Hinton

      Day 8 and you went for the ghost pepper😎 impressive

    25. Mary Perez

      Her :trying to hold in her cry cause its actually spicy Us:she doesn't have taste buds anymore

    26. Andrew Platt

      Tums really helps with getting away heat

    27. DilanaLovesStrangerThings

      Try green apples to help spice

    28. suzana perisic

      Try Lemon juse

    29. mia

      Are you only eat spicy food if you do can you do bread with cilli

    30. Lilsuperskurr Phlex

      Just...why ? Do you like to shit spicy ?

    31. ·galaxymoonwolf· TwT

      Use Jamaican spicy sauce its really hat and the smell is strong.

    32. hamza sharif


    33. israel orozco

      i am probably going to ry and build my spice because i love spicy food and i want to see how much i can hold and the burrito looks good and i also want the spicy noodles i just dont know where to get them

    34. Heaven's Warrior With God's Holyness Warrior Of God

      Ghost peppers to me are sweet I literally get no spice kick from them. But jalapenos are spicy 😂

    35. Omar Shazad Manabilang

      Suggestion: eat spicy for 24 hours and shout out

    36. Good Day

      What spice tolerance is left to get??

    37. Brandt_the_goat Walvatne

      Try Lemmon

    38. Krikz

      Can you show me how to cook like im 16 ik how to cook but i wanna cook the stuff you make it looks so delicious

    39. Jai

      That looks awesome

    40. Riley Mishina

      WHAT??!! Wow she a spice queen

    41. DeadlyMecha

      All United States and Japan: WOAH, DATS A LOT OF SPICE Mexico: pft, amateurs

      1. rose lynn

        U haven't tried Indian food yet.. everything we make is spicy.. so we r used to it now.. Indian food made abroad is not made as spicy as it is supposed to be made.

    42. Forrest Miller

      To build tolerance you just gotta push past being a pussy and keep eating hot peppers regularly and eventually you fall in love with the experience

    43. J.J

      To help the heat I would suggest some frozen fruit of your choice. It will take some time to get the spice out but it still works! Another thing is gum, I had some gum and I had it to reduce the heat that I was having from the 2x Spicy Noodles. But make sure to avoid mint gum while trying to do the gum reducing! Hope this helps.

    44. Erik Capo

      That looks soooo good

    45. Deera rohaidi

      I Dont think so this the way to build your spicy tolerance..but built your future in another world

    46. Ase Kesiezie

      I can eat rice also or something plain or a bit sweet i always have a bit of rice if u mouth burns

    47. Chloe tune

      Ew for months that will be out of date and won't even taste nice

    48. Waffle Savage

      It looks good

    49. Mavis Wu

      You should a Carolina pepper with a ghost pepper hot sauce and egg sandwich

    50. Ctrl Alt Brett

      I have never made a burrito

    51. Hope Isibor

      My mum made those

    52. : Riley

      You sound like you got a cold

    53. Luis Hidalgo

      Jesus I wish my mom made one of those they look good I’m hungry 🤤

    54. Sonali De Silva

      Fun fact on how to reduce the heat pain : HOT WATER , it may burn at first but it rinses the spice and instantly recognisable pain reduce 👍

    55. Usha Kiran

      You guys call it tortilla we Indians call it roti

    56. Sapna lama

      I love the way u cut the chilly with chopstick

    57. Bzfvzvsqly Doraaeqkgj


    58. James Cox

      You live on your own and have never made a burrito before?

    59. jazzy ummm

      Put chopstick under ur chin and the spicy will be not spicy its true

    60. Louis Buzzi

      Pretty woman though.

    61. 0milkk

      bruh u lucky to have that food i want it >:(

    62. Johanna Sweet

      Can I ask an honest question. For people that are from cultures that eat really spicy foods, is your spice tolerance basically built up from when you were little by eating the spicy food all the time or are you just born with a higher spice tolerance than other people

    63. Lalramchuana Lalramchuana

      i wanna taste all the things u have eaten

    64. Manuel Enrique Cortez

      You can’t build your spice tolerance by turning to calm it down after consuming something spicy. LOL

    65. Seymour Bedward

      THE ONE CHIP!!

    66. Ferre Verwaest

      Rip her but the next day 😅😂😂

    67. •Mari Mocha•

      When you have a spice tolerance and you want try the noodles but you can’t find them anywhere: 👁💧👄💧👁

      1. Janelle Kim

        If you go to a Korean market they should have them

      2. Sheluvzjiren

        If you live a near city you might find them there.I live near chicago and I go to this place every weekend they have a lot of like mochi ice cream,noodles,Asian snacks etc.

    68. •Mari Mocha•

      When you have a spice tolerance and you want try the noodles but you can’t find them anywhere: 👁💧👄💧👁

    69. Paul Byrne

      Ice cream

    70. Eugene Flores

      Try cold lemon juice for cleansing the heat. It's good too

    71. Zocugcvngy Rpdcrhsyxg


    72. DyingHurtz RNG

      Day 8 wtf did you have for day 1?

    73. himi

      When you get the chance to, like when your better at eating spicy food, could you possibly try Ethiopian food? I’m from Ethiopia (born in the USA tho), and lots of food there is really spicy. Just a suggestion. Also, I love this series 😌

    74. anyi tambi

      Man am wonder how..... she's not feeling the burn in her mouth in the first bit

    75. Chris Liu

      I would love this!!!

    76. —DR•AG•ON—

      Last time i tried spicy noodles from my local grocery store it had no spice and I put the whole spice package in also it had no flavour worst of all this was on me not on the store but I ate some of the noodles and one flinged into my eye :/

    77. Potatoes

      slide me that burrito:3

    78. loser.

      honeslty she’s been trying to build her spice tolerance so much i forgot what it is that she’s building it for

      1. loser.

        ik she’s building for another spicy ramen challenge but like OMGG DJDBDBDJ

    79. Layden Texting stories

      Try almond mild because that always works for me

    80. Flame's Fr3ækshøw

      Sparkling water works as well! As The bubbles pop they will also slowley but surely reduce the heat. It worked for me but I might not work for you. I'm just suggesting it.

    81. Bedwar Boys

      Did she say two months

    82. L O L

      Chocolate chips in the freezer best spice cure by far!!

    83. Jennifer Nickson

      her toilet only fits red

    84. Pat Lag

      Watch food theory

    85. Midori Pico

      The best to fight spice is Ice cream,way better than milk

    86. EplcX Gaming

      That burrito looks good especially because I love spicy food

    87. arixell

      tHAT IS SO SPICY I can't even eat spicy meat that my mom thinks is not spicy lop

    88. arixell

      Lol are u a spicy MASTER

    89. Lewis JB

      What type of vinegar did you use

    90. reuben reed


    91. Esa K.


    92. Bishopman 2

      That looked delicious.

    93. Jokeis

      Taco de espagueti dijo ._. Me lleva la chingada por que nunca se me ocurrió antes

    94. Dfw DJ

      That looks so good

    95. rey farce

      Vesuvius awaits later

    96. maddie talley

      Try a teaspoon of sugar on your tank let it sit and then spin it back out don't swallow it

    97. I have life

      The abyss in the background scares me

    98. san d

      put a playlist

    99. HuffmanTeamGaming

      Sounds like her parents didnt let her join the family potluck because she was "too white" and she took it WAY too seriously. Like someone that acts white when they're not. xD