dbrand is ASKING to get sued.... - PS5 DarkPlates


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    Thanks to dbrand for sponsoring today's video! Check out the PS5 DARKPLATES at dbrand.com/shortlinus
    dbrand decided to make the Sony PS5 side plates instead of making skins... I hope they know what they are doing. Also, I hope they pay me soon...
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    1. Nathan Schutt

      i love how dbrand hates linus and linus hates dbrand but they just make so much money together

    2. Domini

      Linus you are NOT getting a bag of money!

    3. Kostas S

      linus pink hat is ugly not ps5 white sheets :3

    4. kenneth martin

      Customizing your console "PRICELESS"

    5. Steve Kay

      pretty math though, ok finn......

    6. Obito Uchiha

      All sony had to do was to give a black ps5. Every electrinic needs black.

    7. Mark Hamilton

      Cannot wait to jailbreak mine Sony just got me pissed of with the NO transfert PS5 saves data to external USB device so....FUCK THEM ALL !!!!!!!!!!

    8. Failtheblank

      This whole video is a huge flex

    9. Byron A

      Lol this might be the last sponsor video you get from dbrand

    10. slappyrats

      Why are you so mean to them lol, I mean at least hide it for behind the scenes😂👌? Totally joking though, it looks so much better!

    11. Bill Geo

      How much soy those things cost? More than a can of black spray paint I’d guess

    12. CarterPlays

      2:30 Schools be like

    13. MlgWattPlays

      I guess debrand was dbrand, PS5 looks like an xbox now.

    14. Gonzalo Ponce


    15. Momento Bruh

      Sony tryna take all the 3rd party plates down that everyone wants, but still won’t sell a dark ps5

    16. pigtailsboy

      I do enjoy your somewhat domestic relationship you share with this company. I'm guessing they're ahead on the dissing though unless this shit talking invalidates the possible *bag of money* and it's unknown value. Hope they get to mess up Sony over this. If Sony wanted to offer or license a product that did this they should have been ahead of the curve and had it from the start. They must have heard how a portion of the audience was responding to it's appearance. Although I'd like to be up front that I don't think there's much wrong with what they made, it's just out of style with what is currently popular. Maybe some day we'll see products developed in the hard edged, metal facing that we see in SciFi media.

    17. Nathaniel Miller

      You need a better knife. I'm guessing that's one of them $20 Sypderco key chain knives. Maybe the Spyderco Dragonfly? QSP Penguin?

    18. Kyle

      Am I the only one who doesn't go nuts about the colour black lol. I like the fact my PS5 is white. I think the PS5 looks sexy the way it is.

    19. Hunter Smith

      This dude is obnoxious

      1. Antan

        Dont watch it then

    20. ItsMeHere

      I would think that they would add a vent hole next to the intake because of how much that panel smothers it but guess not.

    21. clammy _

      But does it include 2 of them just in case u f it up on the first time?

    22. Brendan Schoen

      I have the influence, you have the bags of money 😆😆

    23. Alexander Galloway

      funny sponsor spot lol

    24. Leons Joseph

      Video compression on the black is weird

    25. finallyanime

      Lol why I get the feeling he was serious about the bag of money

    26. TurboSoggy

      “On my iPhone 12 Pro here” subtle flex

    27. a car battery

      linus sex tips

    28. Boss Man

      Then again it all about money for you

    29. PixoCore

      lol, did Dbrand remove the comment they made? *"Your 0$ cheque is in the mail."*

    30. FeedMeSalt

      Man the PS5 is so damn ugly, a sticker wont change the fact that its wearing a lab coat. ...and runs way to hot.. ...and performs worse then a 6 year old high end pc...

    31. Moped Man

      Ps1 gray would be sick too

    32. Rad gamer


    33. Kevin Campos

      DBrand is Love. DBrand is Life.

    34. Jogi

      Dbrand hasn't delivered my Switch skins to this day. Been waiting since November 2020.

    35. WatsNu2Day

      Buyer Beware! DBrand will NOT take refunds or returns! I bought a skin for my laptop believing that it would fit and it did not. DBrand will NOT take any returns if you take the skin off the 3M backing! Ridiculous! how else would you know if there are any fitment problems or issues? What if you find out there was a scratch on the skin AFTER you take the skin off the backing. My skin is in perfect condition as well and still they wont take a return. I have bought several skins before for several phones and this was my first time requesting for a return or refund. No Customer Service for a large company. Buyer beware!

      1. Antan

        I think its on you for fucking up

      2. WatsNu2Day

        ​@DJ K This post will let people know that you dont care about customer service. I bought your product in honesty and item is not damaged. Why not take the return if you really care about what people think and say about your product? My post is the truth and not fabricated so deal with it. I can have an opinion and let people know what happened.

      3. DJ K

        Spamming this on every video isn't going to make anyone give a shit that you ordered the wrong thing

    36. Maverick128

      I don't think "ugly" means what you think it means. My PS5 is gorgeous in white.

    37. willse _

      Good luck linus with buying a new phone after 2 years #applediesafter2

    38. dstns

      I was hoping there would be a sock full of nickels in the box

    39. Bradley Kang


    40. enregistreur

      Dbrand loves to get into sticky situations.

    41. Real Yader B

      Nah, I'll keep my white plates. No influence here, better luck next time.

    42. Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé

      The PS5 now looks reminiscent of the PS3 with the black panels instead of the white ones but without the panels it doesn't even look remotely like a playstation of any sort that I can think of.

    43. yqa free

      I think plastic molds cannot be expected to be licensed that's so anti-consumerism & anti-competitionism... Where's our free market?

    44. Covenant

      The first part of getting through rejection is acceptance.

    45. zamin

      Looks good though

    46. Owen

      For someone who chats Wham about E- Waste you do promote a lot of it.

    47. Cameron Rouse

      As someone who unironically likes how the PS5 looks, fuck scalpers I'm still not buying one yet

    48. Egzon Hashani

      This is proof that Linus is jewish

    49. Mash Rien

      Now I'm not going to be content until some company balls up and lets Linus open their bag of money on camera. What company's cool enough to do it?.. Any takers?

    50. Joshua Amila

      Me: bored af DEfasts: here watch this

    51. Vignesh A M

      Didn't DBRAND actually send Linus his PS5?! (He publicly asked them on Twitter as he couldn't find one in store and Sony apparently didn't send him one.)

    52. Garry DeWitt

      clear case when?

    53. NicksHere

      0:30 subtle flex

    54. Angel Lopez


    55. Dan Zeigler

      “I never ceased to be shocked!” Linus Sebastian: The fainting goat of the tech reviewing world.

    56. RelaxingMeditationMusic

      i have a funny feeling sony already had a black ps5 console planned so in the near future hence why they would of took debrand to the cleaners lol

    57. Jason Cross

      Ugly playstation side panels? Wtf are you talking about?

    58. Terakahn

      Hi Linus, I'd like to sponsor your next video for the surprise me rate.

    59. Keith Calderwood

      It looked way better before the mod.

    60. Ryan Leehan

      it's Sony's fault they didn't do it themselves 🤷‍♂️

    61. Mark Torrez

      Fact: Linus doesn't like curves, even he will tell you look at his wife.

    62. Hunter's Moon

      Looks better black but the flared top should have been smaller and curved.

    63. Ray Dy

      PETITION to save DBrand: Lets get this back on Track! ^_^ Can't let this year be worse than last one.

    64. Cameron Smith

      Yeah that does look a lot better. Sony owes them big time lol

    65. astan fartin

      u got a fuqin d brand case ... shut it

    66. Abir Mahmud Dipto

      They don't like black people but they sure love Black products.

    67. Mashiro best girl

      new title: linus looks for money for 5 straight minutes

      1. Rienk Kroese

        You can't name every video the same, though.

      2. Masterpepe

        @Archive absolutely right, its been a long time since i've seen so much based in just one comment

      3. Archive

        Not only is this new title correct your username is correct

    68. Eric Andersen

      I want 5:58 of my life back....

    69. Andrei Jedidiah

      Apple embraces accessories makers and they even get mold earlier for the release Sony is just dumb

    70. Jeffrey

      wait i thougt the whole point of it was making the ps5 black... an then they make the inner part white????? also i didnt know everyone hated the white ps5. i think it looks boring in black but it is cool dbrand gives those people the option to.

      1. Natasja K

        It's funny cuz a lot of people wanted a white playstation system cuz they were tired of the black since ps2 and now when they did a black and white combo now there mad I just don't understand people sometimes

    71. vankedisi1

      Rip thermals

      1. Antan

        @vankedisi1 yeah but... the original ps5 has the sane thibg

      2. vankedisi1

        @Antan it creates insulation

      3. Antan

        The plastic doesnt affect thermals

    72. vankedisi1

      We don't need more fucking plastic

    73. Roman Vlad

      It looks ugly in black.

    74. Gaming with Will

      if you watch jerryrigeverything youll know that he gets sponsored by dbrand all the time, but theyre just destroying linus lol

    75. Ozzy M

      No matter what anyone says, the PS5, to me, still looks like a flasher in a trench coat.

    76. Wretched Slippage

      im happy to know that ill never buy one of these consoles.

    77. Nithin

      how did dbrand approve this video lol 😆 Linus seriously has me doubting whether or not dbrand is or isn't in business rn

    78. WOW Dood

      Linus: Huh, there's no sign of a bag of money... Dbrand: Well uh. In terms of money, we have no money...

    79. Kevin Shunk

      Holy hell you were a pompous ass in this one bro

    80. Purple BatDragon

      Looks like a PS3 Slim, and that's not bad.

    81. notedleancheez

      As a Canadian that Rogers voicemail just hit a bell in the depth of my psyche

    82. Darko22

      wow so much better with the dbrand pannels stupid sony for not thinking of it

    83. Dr.Sloth Sapper

      $50 For 2 Black Side Plates $12 for the Center Sticker. Not Terrible.

    84. Dr.Sloth Sapper


    85. Devdoesitbest

      I mean he did say any amount

    86. Caleb Kingsley

      They went out of business?! That’s hilarious

    87. Ysa Pena

      The lumpy glass anecdotally deceive because soda diagnostically excite astride a curved battery. uneven, tender tense scene

    88. Liam Farrell

      Oh god, it looks so much better like that. What was Sony thinking making them so fucking ugly?

      1. Liam Farrell

        @Natasja K well that's what these are. 3rd party face plates

      2. Natasja K

        @Liam Farrell They will probably launch a black costume (or 3rd party) face plates

      3. Liam Farrell

        @Natasja K not by much. Even a matte black one would have looked better, and they couldn't make one of them

      4. Natasja K

        It looks like Sony hired a three year old to design a sleek alien space ship (the digital looks a bit better)

    89. Avrai

      or... you could just spray paint the panels for few bucks instead of spending money on this?

    90. AR G

      I'm curious if he is just a silent partner with dbrand, or just the outright owner.

    91. The Hexed Coin

      incognito gaming

    92. Jackluke9999

      On their website it says “go ahead, sue us”

    93. AuroraSpace

      Why a third party replacement piece cause them to get sued?

      1. AuroraSpace

        @Antan Right, but there are specifics, did they illegally use any trademarks they couldn't? Did they even lose the lawsuit?

      2. Antan

        Because another company tried to and got sued

    94. GINGER D

      Wow... did not expect it to still look like shit after the color swap haha.

    95. Bardock32nd

      The black plates look way better

    96. MR. X

      Dbrand is run by douchebags. They’re mean as fuck to people. And I put stickers on my ps5 with no issue. I wouldn’t use dbrand cuz Of their anti consumer practices alone

    97. Olav Gausaker

      I guess dbrand is not going to sponsor any more of Linus' videos.

    98. AhhCmon

      It's still ugly

    99. NightSkyACC /\

      Black looks much better white makes me 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

    100. Necrophilizac

      Literally just an ad

      1. Necrophilizac

        Must be pretty dumb then.

      2. Antan