Demi Lovato on Revealing Her Darkest Struggles in Hopes of Helping Others


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    Demi Lovato wants to set the record straight in her upcoming DEfasts docuseries, "Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil," which explores what really happened during her near-fatal overdose in 2018. She told Ellen she hopes the series will help others going through similar problems, and acknowledged we can all learn from people who overcome their darkest struggles, as even role models can make mistakes. The Grammy nominee also divulged how she feels more authentic with a short haircut, and shared what it was like to perform on Inauguration Day. She also detailed the time she unexpectedly went skydiving on a second date.

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    1. Rachel Ritchie

      I can’t wait to see it. I watched her documentary the other day and saw the trailer for it. Such a beautiful woman, and to overcome what she has is incredible 💖

    2. SGD .68

      Demi ❤️

    3. Grande sings better

      Drama queen

    4. Mariana Silva

      Demi amor da minha vida ❤

    5. Sandra Pérez

      I love her smile

    6. RubyRoseRivers

      I love Demi, I DO NOT LIKE Ellen anymore

    7. Sara Martins

      so perfect together hahaha demi is happy, so good to see her smile

    8. Klaircognizant Healing

      It comes out the day after my birthday !

    9. A A

      Okay but how many documentaries is she gonna make about her personal issues?? Like we understand.

    10. Sinner Shiann

      I cannot wait this was my favorite episode of all time and I can’t wait to see the screening

    11. Andrew Poole

      Hopefully it's not a 4 part docuseries we have to pay to watch...

    12. Atharva

      Demi looks so happy , I feel good that finally there's genuine smiles on her face 😊

    13. Christina B

      I can’t wait to watch!! Will it be a paid subscription only type deal? Also, who was that person that she went skydiving with?

    14. Trey Griffith 2003

      Demi looks great!

    15. world wideinfinite

      And let the haters come my way.....

    16. world wideinfinite

      This girl it’s just so hard for me to buy her “authentic and addiction “ story. How many times will you be this way. Clearly being in the spot light is a constant obstacle in her sobriety. Perhaps being private would be best.

    17. Anna Louise

      She also doesn't look sober. At all.

    18. Cara Sestak

      Thank you so much for having Demi on your show! I love her so much and she is so real!!

    19. Diana Cabarcas

      Never go skydiving on your second date! Hahahahaha

    20. FeñaMusic

      I admire her

    21. Lydia Graham

      This is an Oprah topic, NOT ELLEN

      1. destiny joy


    22. Dianke Endrich

      Her laugh at 5:55 is so contagious!

    23. Sana Doll

      I love gareet

    24. Nonnie Masoja

      I love Demi😄

    25. Laura Oliveira

      Demi is so much strong, i'm proud of her and love your person ❤❤



    27. KillMyVocals

      Her saying she used her hair to cover herself... sigh. Same girl. I actually had a panic attack when my therapist challenged me to pull my hair completely back. Sounds dumb but man.

    28. Melissa Hilliker

      "People didn't know it was on a greenscreen" who didn't know it was a greenscreen 🤣 granted it was a good one, but still lol

    29. Joshua Pembleton

      Demi Lovato. Keepin it Gangsta

    30. Rosa Ramirez

      ugh i live for her glowy smile and contagious laugh!!!

    31. Appuraki N

      What happened to Ellen? Where's her smile?! 🥺

    32. Cornell Allen

      She's really a nice looking lady

    33. Ha_ Lovatic

      they’re a good friend .. but NOO > me with every single relationship

    34. G-Taehyung

      Lets send her love whenever we can

    35. Cindia Nemboi

      Pls invite selena gomez

    36. Tyra Ison

      She’s brought me out of some dark times in my life. She’s a complete inspiration to me ❤️

    37. Hien Minh

      She is amazing, I totally feel love life in her

    38. Technoshoppe19

      Demi and Kelly Osborne would make good friends, they both have the same style.

    39. Geminiii Life

      I hope she’s really not using again.

    40. trick351

      👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 ONLY FOR DEMI 💗💗💗!!!! Definitely not HELLen!!! You look amazing and healthy and beautiful Demi!!! 💗💗💗

    41. Tatiana R

      I loveeeee her laugh

    42. Bat-em- Abu

      Just came here to dislike

    43. Ta Jones

      Her laugh is my fave

    44. Aziz Khan

      I luv the way She's Open nd Honest💗

    45. Nodes Grow

      Ellen is slowly loosing her popularity - go Kelly

    46. Salma Amin

      I feel like fame is too toxic for her.


      Im happy that she is happy. She gives us just joy and hope.

    48. Trisha mae Almendras

      Please please

    49. Trisha mae Almendras

      Can I request that I guess Adele again here in your show please please I miss her so much

    50. dolita windo

      Demi Lavoto is a brave with the struggles she's had and I can relate to her struggles with depression and suicidal thoughts. I love you Demi Lavoto. ❤💖💖✌😃💪🐕

    51. saksham samaiya

      Ellen is a lesbian..No offence

    52. On My Way to Korea

      Ellen feels like a robot without feelings. Words of encouragement comes out, but I don’t believe them. So awkward. Demi: *talks about serious and emotional things* Ellen: “Yeah, okay. So, you’re song. Is it coming out? Yeah. Great.”

    53. Kai Alexandria

      Love this woman so much

      1. dolita windo

        How is Ellen's soul doing?

    54. k M

      Man her laugh makes me smile 😃 I love it 🥰💜

    55. Kamran Tasal

      What she mean “ we live a time where no one’s perfect “ no one’s everrrrrr bet perfect

      1. KillMyVocals

        Yes but I think she meant more people aren't hiding their mistakes or their issues and putting on a happy face anymore? Especially celebs.

    56. Simply Sookie

      Demi looked uncomfortable when ellen praised her honousty. Obviously she remembers all the times she lied at her lowest point. At her best she is as open as she can be. But let’s not forget, we’re not always at our best.

      1. Its Me

        honesty* and no she didn’t look uncomfortable she look like she was able to tear up.

    57. •Slytherin• Snake

      I love her she ´a de queen

    58. Anonymous

      She looks like ursula with that haircut.

    59. Shannon Leanne

      Gosh, I love her vibe and courage so much. 👏👏👏

    60. That’s Nice

      i’m so proud of how far shes come🥺❤️

    61. wendy louise

      Trying new things always- does this mean you still don't know who you are?

    62. Sarah Severs

      Her squeal and her cackle laugh are amazing

    63. mikayla

      I miss Demi’s hair, but I’m happy she likes it!

    64. Shantol Gayle

      Demi is the best. ❤🇯🇲

    65. GOGO TV

      This show is still on? Dang I thought she and this whole thing got canceled lol. Glad that there are still people being entertained, no matter by who or what.

    66. aola wili

      That’s our girl !!! So proud of Demi. Can’t say enough.

    67. forever-learner hawabuube

      I shaved my hair on November 2k18, it felt so good.

    68. Fair Lucy

      How is Ellen's soul doing?

    69. august dd


    70. I Share U Watch

      Love the show

      1. aola wili

        Demi is so adorable

    71. Alex Jiwon


    72. Alex Jiwon


    73. Alex Jiwon

      love her

    74. Parys Hampton

      This should have been styled with a white ribbed tank and a pink pump, but she looks absolutely stunning. So happy for her! ❤️

    75. BLACKJACK #2NE1


    76. moona

      This looks like Miley’s hair

    77. Josue Nater

      Demi look so glow and so beautiful

    78. Janicee Desiree Haynes

      I love you both and your wife ellen. I really hope to meet you all some day 💓

    79. IIIUIII

      Isnt ellen canceld

    80. hoiy vinosa

      She is so amazing she fought with her fear and that's something need to be praised and encourage ❤️❤️

    81. Maria Cruz

      Demi is such a beautiful person.thank you for be a inspired person ❤🌹

    82. hani sh

      We want zara larsson in your show

    83. zogents Perfect

      Yes 23rd march is my birthday

    84. Nasima Khan

      Oh The laugh at the end was priceless ♥️♥️

      1. hoiy vinosa


    85. Blue Snow

      Demi is so adorable

    86. Drew Caton

      So glad to see her happy and healthy 😁

    87. IAmJust Amanda

      Demi is a light that no one carries and I just love her personality. my name is Amanda, and I hope to see you and Ellen soon.

    88. mgcurio

      I really love her laughter!

    89. laurry

      It’s the lesbian cut 😭

    90. J S

      Can’t stand her. Used to support her until she visited the Gentle Barn and told everyone to eat vegan for Thanksgiving and then cooked a giant dead Turkey herself on Thanksgiving. She is a hypocrite and I have lost all respect for her.

    91. The Voyagers

      A big no

    92. Call me Your best

      She’s making me thinking about Miley Cyrus in 2013 ! Peoples didn’t understand miley Cyrus but I hope with this they will !

    93. Sci c roll no 364 Mariyammirza

      She is so amazing she fought with her fear and that's something need to be praised and encourage ❤️❤️

      1. jania moné


    94. Zahra Abdo


    95. Rose

      On with the melodrama which she caused herself... Call me when you have real problems that are unpreventable and not caused by yourself.

    96. Jessica Lynn

      I just flippin' love Demi Lovato 👏🏼🦋

    97. Kate Rinker

      See how she continued to say they/them/their when talking about whoever she went on a date? It’s not hard!!

      1. Huawei Smart P 2019

        But She said "him" once

    98. Jocasta Oliveira


    99. Padma Vati

      I'm so ellen bro but I can't like you anymore that I used to ,I Can't fr

    100. Regina Georgina

      Two Lost people so sad