Diablo 4 - Official Rogue Cinematic Trailer | BlizzConline 2021


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    Get your first look at the Rogue character class joining the cast of Diablo IV.
    #IGN #Diablo4 #BlizzCon2021

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    1. Burning Wolf

      Do you guys not have phones?

    2. jeffy chia

      3.29 Is that andariel?

    3. Richard Tyler

      Diablo 4 is not A Spamming SKILL GAME............ AND WE LOVE IT, take my money right now

    4. Ace130020111

      Looks like it will be just as bad as Diablo 3. . . Another disappointment yay!!

    5. sadas

      So is this confirming the return of PvP and ear collections?

    6. Nobleman Matthew A. Davis

      *DEMON THEIF.*

    7. depression progression

      This is... corny...

    8. Imperatriχ

      never saw such of COOL animations before in all other games from this style

    9. Yusuf Iğnak

      she sounds so tempting and intimidating

    10. log log

      So it means no Amazon Class?

    11. 1ceb0xcfbl

      Diablo IV: For the first time ever..... Horse riding!

      1. GW

        H O R S E A R M O R D L C

    12. Natalia S

      Sick! Any chance this will be on mobile?

      1. samsagace

        1st of April is coming soon!



    14. Leo Ficz

      Nobody cares anymore.

    15. DatingSeiteOnline com

      This Is NOT A Dating Site! Please be discreet!

    16. OpalescentGames


    17. Skarlet

      Is there even a release date yet?

    18. Ceso


    19. wolverinexo6

      Ahhhhhh yes please

    20. Kenan Shiva

      3:29 ah hello Andy

    21. CHONG Vaj

      So when is going come out

    22. Сахно Дмитрий

      2:48 Fatality. Flawless Victory.

    23. Charley James

      Was that andariel boss almost at end

    24. Tsar

      Can't wait for the mobile version ! :)

    25. keith rees

      *sigh* well here is to hoping that Diablo 5 might start doing 3d form

      1. I'm Justin Y. & I Post Pointless Trash

        If the game isn't isometric view, it's not Diablo.

    26. DD

      Place your bets Ladies & Gentlemen: Which will be out first? Diablo IV or Star Citizens?

    27. Chairman Meow

      path of exile

    28. Калоян Аспарухов

      Instead of fool people with fancy movies put your efforts to make end game content competitive to POE

    29. Дмитрий DG

      looks sad

    30. Milky Way

      What religion that is? Resemble Christianity?

    31. Dan R Goodnight

      meh - D2 still the bomb

    32. Shane Courneya


    33. Руины Сеченова

      Man, gameplay looks pretty cool.

    34. Virtual Kingdom

      I’m excited for this. Can’t wait for them to give us a release date

    35. Mauricio Merida

      Looks like the joke is over

    36. Jay

      Omg the ears yes

    37. Paul Vincent Lumbad

      What is Diablo 4's release date? We don't have a release date for Diablo 4 yet, but Blizzard has confirmed that it won't be out in 2021. 2022 is a possibility, but 2023 or 2024 seem more likely given that, back in 2019, game director Luis Barriga said that Diablo 4 was "not coming out soon" and then added that he meant "not even 'Blizzard soon.'"-pc gamer

    38. Architects XIII

      meh, looking forward to poe 2 and d2 resurrection more. This looks like a phone game.

    39. japsk8er3

      Looks just like d3....zzzzz

    40. Mike Senpai

      Ngl this looks epic

    41. Paolo Goleta

      Demon Hunter version 2? wth?

    42. Dominador Rey

      Rogue skills are similar to Demon Hunter

    43. Bạch Vũ

      Why this trailer quality is so bad compare to the 2019 one

    44. fa rang

      poor quality cinematics, even the game footage isn't appealing at all. will probably stick with the D2 remake

    45. RSMNVC

      No CC?

    46. The Dark Dwight

      Andy is back get hyped!

    47. Mike Scherrer

      This is a mod for d3, right?

    48. Kapten Action

      Might the ears suggest more PvP than D3?

    49. Tomasz Kocjan

      czy będzie pvp ? bo jak nie to nie kupuje, pozdrawiam

      1. Tomasz Kocjan

        nigdzie se nie sprawdziłem

    50. Café Gamer

      Meh... An other Blizzard future disaster in comming

    51. Yakado Games

      Top curti essa classe

    52. Adrian Escamilla


    53. Nein Lives


    54. M Hassan Munir

      will it be on mobile?? it was rumoured once

    55. Nickisorochi

      Be like 2 plzzzzz, don't be like 3 plzzzz...

    56. Taras Polishchuk

      If you look closely she is also missing an ear

    57. RadiatorQc Pogo

      Now let's wait for the necromancer to come back too

    58. 이동주

      Is this an out of season April fools joke?

    59. Xx412xxbluntz

      Will this actually be the year??!!

    60. Bazerk

      For mobile. Because we all have phones

    61. Alex Dal Osto

      diablo 3 fellings. disgust

    62. Ron Jo

      Can't hear you.

    63. Mario Soleh

      Cool. This game just like Hades and many other top down ARpg.

    64. Sarge Youkai

      Hey kids, everyone have cellphones?

    65. karajo278

      "Dont you have phones?"

    66. Randy Li

      But why tho? We have phones = /.

    67. Cicada 3301

      Poor Blizzard North. Activision completely Bethesda'd blizzard now. So diablo is now an open world assassin's creed. Ill be back to PoE

    68. Mary Jane


    69. wald wald

      Is it on mobile too??

    70. Joel Nogueira

      Can't wait for PoE2!

    71. Glennithin

      Nothing to see here.

    72. Cryptotato

      but my Demon Hunter :C

    73. Rinnegan Itachi

      She tore more ears than Mike Tyson

    74. name no

      Free Hong Kong

    75. Vincent Morency

      I hope demon hunter makes a comeback, had a lot of fun playing it.

    76. XxVenom49xX

      I feel like the lighting in some instances are a little too bright still.

    77. YouTube keeps banning my account for no reason

      Jeez rogue why so edgy??

    78. Ed Williams

      yo the graphics look the same as 3, the two remester graphics looked better lmaoooo, guess D2 will always be the greatest

    79. Thomas Langvann

      The ears of everyone who tried to listen to the fans about a NOT another auction house.

    80. S Puellaateacookie


    81. Iskandar CHEBANI

      A Kratos easter 🐣 ? 🤨🧐😒🙄

    82. Alan Marino

      The cinematic looks so.... shitty.... has China Blizzard really gone down this bad? Their cinemática used to be so well done they could match and ever surpass Disney movies or DC/Marvel cartoon movies. This is like a bad rendered 2012 game cinematic

    83. Josh Boersema

      I don't understand the fans that grew up loving the game the reason they were successful..... they won't give us what we want. Just making games for this useless generation..... you have phones don't you? 👊👊👊👊😡🤬🤬

    84. Attaboi Troy

      I just came

    85. Sasha Syrup

      So if there's a Rogue class, will there not be an Amazon class now? Also this is just a reskin of the DemonHunter from D3...

    86. Max Korinev

      I want to burp after this

    87. zindagi se preshan banda

      Kan katne wali waifu ❤️ shup up and take my ear

    88. leonard witucke

      Boring! I’ll pass.

    89. Dexter Sullen 'TRUTH'

      You sure this isn't a assassin's Creed trailer

    90. Lars

      A little saddening we aren’t getting the angel/demon classes. Or m at be just not yet? Either way only time will tell, they still look sweet

    91. Dylan Backlund

      That was atrocious Jesus Christ.

    92. Maverick

      I'm sure this game can be ported to mobile, much like all Blizzard games

    93. Bear Banters

      So DH... its a DH. Got it.

    94. saintsrown

      Cool!- Too bad it's Blizzard... Guess I won't be playing.

    95. luan maia

      Is that the mobile version ? Worst graphics than Diablo 3 ?

    96. macshild

      Dragon Age is a better game

    97. Andreas Brummer

      Her melee-fighting reminds me of Akali from LOL

    98. Simon Berggren

      Wonder what will happen to this game now that Lord of destruction resurrected is coming ;)

    99. Gojiraking

      Oh man. I’m gonna need a new phone.

    100. Chewy Gaming

      there will be a dlc for the other ear.