Donkey Starts Licking Owner's Face When He Questions Him About Breaking into Feed Shed - 1189217

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    1. Chelly Chevres


    2. Susan Hall

      The funniest thing I saw in a long time. Haven't had a good belly laugh in a while

    3. 81gts

      "I feel like you are bot listening to me" lol

    4. Francine Sparks

      Dotty, can you have a word with him

    5. Home At Last

      That's so funny --- just like dogs when you scold them for being bad.

    6. Erik Aitomäki

      Looks guilty to me!

    7. jon snow

      He's definitely bangin that donkey!!!

    8. Deborah Cavenaugh

      Steve didn’t mean it, Dad....

    9. Joan Hall

      What a sweet Daddy

    10. Hello Channel

      This is really hilarious 🤣

    11. Civil Panda

      Owner: Steve, I know what you did Steve: Shhh. You know I wouldnt hurt you

    12. Alexander Salazar


    13. Christopher Willey

      Steve might know who broke into the feeding shed and that they are sorry and is just trying to protect them.

    14. Bundle Of Love

      Omgoodness precious❤❤

    15. J Condron


    16. Major Jungle Beats

      : Thank u I love you : I luh you too byeee : group hug 🤗

    17. Major Jungle Beats

      There seems to be a correlation between when you're free and the break-ins" 😂😂😂😂😂

    18. cj sadman

      Lmbo animals are too cute and funny GUILTY heehee


      He would probably lick Uranus.

    20. Osvaldo Flores

      May God bless you man you made mi night

    21. Sand Man

      Guilty as charged 🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

    22. Juanita Sews

      Too cute and funny. He's guilty

    23. NILA Jackson


    24. Michael Tammaro

      STEVE: I have no idea what he's saying but all I know is dinner is late again and despite my hints of hunger by licking his face he still doesn't get it.

    25. Alexandre Michel Georges Stiernon Tavera

      I am glad he licks instead of kicks?

    26. Mihăiță Boss

      If you have the possibility to do good in life, take care of a animal, they are souls like us and need sometimes our help. Even a bone if you trow it to a dog in the streets. It matters.

    27. camille burlon

      I absolutely love the expression in the owner's eyes when he's trying real hard to discipline Steve. The love- bond is clearly evident. Love love love this beautiful relationship ❤

    28. Judie Bringhurst

      This is so adorable!

    29. Angela Johnson

      Donkey got high grades in the English as a second language class!Lol

    30. Jim Carter

      Steve says: "I have you wrapped around my hoof."

    31. Nick Milos

      I had no idea a donkey was so damned adorable.

    32. xxx

      Steve is playing one smart ass. :))

    33. Sue Hall

      Sue Hall That was magic loved it ❤❤❤🇬🇧🐴

    34. Sonja Botha

      Daddy how can you get angry at that cute face. Adorable!

    35. brianmgrim

      Steve is probably longing for an English to Equus translation device, because he looks puzzled.

    36. Mel Logue


    37. ralphy ralph

      Pretty cool...thank you sir.

    38. hi babe

      What a wonderful man he is to those well cared for PETs?

    39. konjotora

      What this planet needs more of. Donkey videos relating to food capers.

    40. SunnyAquamarine2

      Awww this is undeniably adorable

    41. Apathy

      "Steve"; perfect donkey name...

    42. Mordrid

      Humans are salty.

    43. Nancy Jo

      I love it when he breaks into the feed shed.💜

    44. M


    45. Douglas Worley

      Everybody needs to be somebody,s baby.

    46. I repent in Jesus name

      Make such a sweet pair

    47. Donnalee Clubb


    48. Subie Love

      "I'm not saying it was you" **Licks him** oh it was me, I know, I seen me do it.. "Don't let it happen again" Steve: Oh it's gonna happen again. But I love you🐴

    49. scott micheal walsh

      I don,t think he did it

    50. Suzanne Robbins

      Absolutely love this owner! What a wonderful video....Steve kissing him was priceless!


      That end smile😂

    52. Allan M

      Beautiful.. Bless you

    53. Vishnu Prasad

      This guy should narrate a bbc documentary

    54. don key

      Bad donkey!

    55. bigraviolees

      Shrek did it

    56. Debrah Will

      That is just the most awesome conversation EVER! So well done..."don't give me those eyes!"...hysterical..

    57. Marie Amaru

      What a wonderful human

    58. J Hennessy

      What a sexy donkey-owner... I would lick him every chance I got!

    59. Malone Mantooth

      His ears Lol

    60. L C1

      Awww, Steve, the donkey, is a cutie pie. ❤️

    61. Lando San

      Now I’ve heard about eating ass but never ass heading anyone..

    62. Daniel Dawson

      I want a donkey to lick my ugly mug!

    63. izzydogs

      So funny

    64. Eulalie Grace

      How Steve's Person is keeping a straight face is a miracle.

    65. Deloria

      Credit the original creator

    66. Vanessa W

      Steve: You know deep down it was me. Now come get this lovin so we can move past it and I can do it again next week.

    67. Karne Aileen

      You see how Steve flattened his ears when Dotty came up like, “get away, he’s mine” 😂🤣🤣🤣

    68. Karne Aileen

      So adorable!!! Everything is better with an English accent😍👍🏼

    69. Dr K

      😂😂😂 so sweet he’s smart

    70. Terra Poetry 'N' Motion Cooks

      Owner: Don't give me those eyes 👀 Steve: "you don't really think it was me, right?" Lick lick Owner: There were donkey 🐴 teeth marks... But, I'm not saying it you, but... Ijs 🙄😂 - Those two together is adorable 😍 & funny 😆

    71. Don S

      What s little stinker. 💞

    72. Johnson N

      Well done Steve. You maintained your right to silence. There is no evidence to suggest it was you. Justice for Steve.

    73. Joan Lockwood

      That was worth watching a add for you xxx..

    74. Elizabeth Ellis

      This is precious! I have 3 donkeys so I totally understand this situation.

    75. VC Locals

      I wish I could pet Steve.❤

    76. Rick Bernst

      As smart as any human. So great!

    77. Blade Runner

      Yea got caught up to and trying to lovey dovey his way out of it😂😂😂

    78. Purple Nurp

      Donkeys are the best because of how smart they are

    79. TJ333

      😂❤❤❤ Thank you Steve I needed a good laugh today!

    80. Denver

      Hahaha...this is absolutely beautiful!

    81. BigMama Rose

      This man is sexy ..I don't blame Steve one bit for licking him ...hehe

    82. Cecilia Polanco

      The donkey is so adorable and Super Smart. He gave himself away 😂😂😂


      I just thought about the donkeys name ---> Steve it made me think of 💧 waterboy lol the movie with Bobby

    84. Shelley McCrory-Martines

      Awh, He Loves You. So Sweet!

    85. Franky

      Big up Steve


      Not me

    87. Christina Macneal

      There's a Biblical story..of a talking donkey.¥

    88. Monkeyfacex13

      It was him! Fo sho

    89. Retired Painter


    90. Hiking Girl1

      😂. What a cutie!

    91. PinkPiglet Parker

      These videos are funny

    92. Linsey Moses Smith

      @leeharrisenergy is Steve your neighbor??

    93. Creative_Leafeon Pony_Fan

      Steve seems experienced with this, judging by how he's perfectly performing the puppy-dog eyes (donkey-tail eyes?) at the man. Also I love that the guy sounds like he's called the donkey into a serious business meeting and is not mad, just disappointed.

      1. Ursula M

        Did he say I love u at the end ?! This is 2 cute !!!

    94. Mark M

      That donkey reminds me AOC from NY No disrespect to donkey.

    95. Isaac J Severson

      This is how parents are supposed to discipline their children. With love and affection. "Johnny im not saying YOU ate 20 chocolate chip cookies out of the cookie-jar!! It might have been one of your 6 other brothers and sisters Jill, Sheryl, Bertha, Henry, Frank Sinatra Jr the 4th, or Shirley Temple the 9th....BUT Mommy (or Daddy) couldn't help but NOTICE the chocolate smeared all over your hands and shirt and lips...So I'm not saying it is you....but if it is please ask Mommy permission to eat a cookie next time....I'm not saying it is you though....Just asking. See 1st John 1:9 "If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness"

    96. kidgloves2

      They say that dronkey is man's best friend

    97. PriestessInRed

      Steve: Don't be suspicious, don't be suspicious, don't be suspicious, don't be suspicious.

    98. Dora Avila

      How sweet!

    99. Shirley Ware

      Awww Steve is such a cutie!!!

    100. Barbara Greig-Ceaser