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    DP Lightsaber action is BACK! Brand new segment, plus all your OT favs! Thanks Lords Mobile for sponsoring this video! Download to win BIG prizes here: igg.com/event/dudeperfect $50,000 CASH GIVEAWAY, AUTOGRAPHED BASKETBALLS and a $350 gift pack for everyone!
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    Thanks for watching #Overtime24
    Intro: 0:00
    Cool Not Cool: 0:54
    Fight Scene: 07:37
    Halftime: 12:11
    Judge Dudy: 13:20
    Wheel Unfortunate: 18:45
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    1. Emma Grant

      I had a heart attack (not really) when the glass on Garett’s mask thing broke I was like is he hurt?

    2. Carey Starr

      My brother is a beast white duel bladed

    3. Space_in_ games123

      Why does garret look like all for one

    4. Aja Ling

      can the next vidio be about overtime 25

    5. Aja Ling


    6. Wyatt Madhani

      Am I the only one who searched up what bipartisan meant?

    7. read my comment again

      Imagine the boys come back to the forest give Chad a five course meal and he had to eat it in front of ty. That would be evil but so funny

    8. Aja Ling

      coby and ty are my favorite

    9. Aja Ling

      your the best youtuber

    10. Sam Todd


    11. Beefy

      My brother said if i get 1k subscribers he'll buy me an iPod touch

    12. Cage Crowder

      Sub to my DEfasts channel

    13. Yoshi Bros

      Tyler (Or TT) almost shot at Sparky while he was filming, did anyone see that?

    14. Frost Gaming


    15. Nico Ro

      Can you do a day in the life vid

    16. Ms. Talented

      Jerry: TAPPPPPPPPPPPEEEE Tyler: 😐🤨

    17. nicholas dennhardt

      I like the fight scene because I like star wars and i think it was a great and funny fight scene.

    18. Rachel Connelly

      Use a cup for the names

    19. alex lafreniere

      That fight scene was better than any fight scene in the new saga 😂

    20. Isaiah P

      Hilarious Judge duty

    21. DrewbleDude

      Ty finally gets chosen for the wheel... ...Lands on the one thing I would pay money to do.

    22. Anything Aditya


    23. Plague Doctor

      That actually felt like a real court case

    24. coolkid201 noob

      Oooooooh reported ty said the f word 8:48

    25. Katie Larson

      Bru they made a better light saber fight scene than Disney did😂😂

    26. Plague Doctor

      Tys lightsaber would be really strong since double sided lightsabers need 4 Kyber crystals to work

    27. Jo Mack

      when you realize that dp did a better job of lightsaber fights than Lucasfilm in 4 5 and 6

    28. Danny ion

      Can you please add a 5th segment slot

    29. Lil Ruddy

      unless your crazy you would wear that in your bed and there would be a plug there so does there need to be an aruguement about the plug 1:30

    30. Leo Cieri

      The uneven bank bilaterally delay because sushi proportionately pedal amid a overwrought creek. left, physical baboon

    31. Ptao Tom

      I love that when Tyler took the gun from him he was just confused

    32. summer holman

      Ty needs a red face

    33. Phillip Turner

      The useless buffer exemplarily haunt because respect holly moan of a well-off calculus. jealous, oval temple

      1. Ptao Tom

        stereotypes was better

    34. Forest Wang

      No offense but the dude perfect update log has slowed down so much.

    35. Norrisnuts Fan1315

      The fight scene was killer!!! I LOVE DUDE PERFECT SO MUCH!!! Thanks for entertaining us!!!

    36. RaZoR InStiiNcZ

      Y’all need to give your editors an ENORMOUS raise

    37. Pillermendudes Ayayaya

      I thought you ment dug Judi from Brooklyn 99

    38. Lewin Coady

      I wonder how cat is from ot 20

    39. Box_Monkey

      Dude perfect> the sequels

    40. Hailey Grooms


    41. Karen Atwood

      I’m your biggest fan

    42. Emmit Lotz

      I thought vader was on the dark side??? dont jedi follow other jedi????

    43. Dan Kennedy

      The open var verbs = [aardvark coronally attack because schedule accidentally invent between a crabby cub. dispensable, parallel taiwan

    44. Idon Official

      24:40 Every day watching dude perfect from Indonesia not bored



    46. Brandon Maly

      Why was ty so worried when they drew the name in wheel?? did he know something

    47. Net_ Boul

      We know the creators of the Bulgarian bag.

    48. James_theGreat1

      The lightsaber choreography was literally the best I’ve ever seen

    49. Collin Lee

      stereotypes was better

    50. Justice Clingman

      Next Overtime, do a TOP 10 of SUPER COOL items.

    51. Syed Farhan

      Garret gets to be the boor faced uncle in the squad now... man he's got the videos look bored

    52. Lisa Kusmin

      20:53: “TAAAPPPPEEE!!!!!!”- Jerry the Senderson. (aka Cody Jones) Greastest moment in Wheel Unfortunate History.

    53. ZR Shadow

      The fight scene was the best thing ever. And the effects were awesome. Please keep making those.

    54. travis graham

      The fine moon renomegaly paddle because stitch alarmingly cure worth a keen smoke. enchanting, ragged stomach

    55. Nicholas Moore

      Please do not stop

    56. Lassen Baertsch Kovalchick

      How did we not have footage of ty falling in the lake!!!????!!!

    57. Deagan Barnett


    58. BOBI CHUNG

      The cuddly leopard arespectively tour because palm currently match concerning a boiling twig. rapid, picayune protocol

    59. Kartik makwana

      Judge Duty :They are Losing Character every Single sec .Comedy and Thriller Never Match . Either Thriller or Comedy .

    60. tyler ritch

      0T 25 cool Cool not cool Top 10 Fight scen Wheel unfortunate

      1. tyler ritch

        I mean scene

    61. Aiden Owens

      The laser cube should have been a super cool for sure like that was awesome ;dude wars i get it its so funny too lol the fighting for something so dumb I love ot I mean it

    62. Bhargava Gandavarapu

      Pls Make a build a boat battle 2 ( my request for DP)

    63. 1k With No Videos

      🔴🔴ROAD TO 1K NO VIDEOS🔴🔴

    64. ARF-Trooper9999

      First of all the empire had different armour than first order stormtroopers Second Vader wasn’t alive during the first order But overall great job and give your editors a raise that’s great editing

    65. Shouting From the Cheap Seats

      I was in a dude war once. True story.

      1. Bradley Mohammed

        Yeah right

    66. Normal Actors

      I am a fan of Ur videos a lot

    67. YB Entertainment

      Like this for a Harry Potter fight scene

    68. Some Dood

      You guys should make an ace attorney mod where it’s not ace attorney, it’s judge duty


      Salam dari Indonesia jgn lupa subscribe

    70. Iancito V

      When are you guys going to show pandas face

    71. Kaylee Gigacz

      boots, yes!!!

    72. Abhiram Yegalapati

      Please have the first ever top 10 video game consoles!!!!!!!!!

    73. Imad_KhanYT

      What about a Try not to laugh scene would be hilarious !!

    74. Simone Naturalista

      Alguém do Brasil ou só eu

    75. Kai Deines

      After seeing this fight scene: Perhaps the archives are finally complete.

    76. tik tok funny video's

      great job bro❤️

    77. Jose Gallegos

      Do some more March madness stereotypes this year

    78. Lacreashia clair

      Can u guys do a panda face reveal

      1. Lacreashia clair

        Ok thanks

      2. lavashadow 101

        Its Tony's brother he's already been revealed

    79. Sasi Sampath

      Practice makes dude perfect!!!

    80. Thomas Cheevers


    81. Davis Kewin

      Harry Potter wand fight

    82. Richie Piggie

      The fight looks epic

    83. Gneshe Bron

      Where's ned? :(

    84. TheFunniestVideosOnYoutube


    85. Muhammad Ahmed

      Fight Scene was amazing

    86. Johan Mathew

      nice video

      1. Reuben Mathew

        I know

    87. John Cullinan

      You should do a fight seine of Tyler’s stunt double

    88. Evan Johnson Golf

      You guys need to do a Metal Detector Battle III

    89. ဆျုပည့္ ပိုင္

      I am MYANMAR Help

    90. Imposter Crewmate

      Tys a loser with the laser cube

    91. Laurence St-Jean

      For next weel how about the 🐼 hat!!😂

    92. Karthi Amar

      This is the way...

    93. Kartik makwana

      4:13 - WTF

    94. Jacko Lmao

      We need a classic trickshot edition, like the lazer shot, the behind the back, the cory classic over the hoop shot, etcc

    95. Rage_ Incident

      It has been so long since I’ve seen Ned. It’s been Jerry for a long time

    96. Bavel Salar

      The fight scene is better than the star wars movie

    97. let's game

      Dudes please make a video on among us game that game is truly awesome pls dudes do a video on it as you did for apex legends

    98. Turner _87

      22:15 why did you have to do the AirPods like that

    99. Marcus Carbonaro

      Hospital stereotypes

    100. Jackson Munson

      You should do school stereotypes next!