Eminem - When I'm Gone (Official Music Video)


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    Music video by Eminem performing When I'm Gone. (C) 2005 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records
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    Am Vor 11 years


    1. Daniel Amezcua

      With my 2 daughters now I'm drunk because I want to make money 🤮 I feel sick now

    2. Constantin Alin

      Me too man ❤️🤟🤟😉

    3. Kaji TV

      Dope song

    4. Tikaram Khadka

      2011 today 2021

    5. Anil Sk

      POV: Youre Binge Watching (g)old Eminem Songs.

    6. Derrick 2X

      February 2021 still here

    7. Bappaditya Bhattacharya

      Wait a second, this was an emotional turmoil

    8. Not Bad People Just Bad Together

      That's what they want: they want you, Marshall, they keep screamin' your name, it's no wonder you can't go to sleep, just take another pill, yeah I bet you you will! You rap about it, yeah word, kid keep it real...

    9. Ely Farkas

      The lively giant conversly list because mind holoprosencephaly divide onto a near dressing. efficient, simplistic carrot

    10. Igneis holm Holm tomachenski

      Overhead pass

    11. Ryan Qutob

      Baby don't feel no pain just smile back how I feel in 2021 everyone listening to this ur a legend 💯🇵🇸👌🏻

    12. Niklas Andersen

      2021... i'm still here (fuck corona)

    13. Balarisha Sohkhlet


    14. Frankee

      He will forever be "The Rap God"

    15. 888paparoach

      someday when Eminem leaves us, I know I will be listening to this and crying

    16. saitama sensei

      2021 I'm still here

      1. No Name


    17. 《DLA》 《DLA》

      I understand This 2022

    18. American First

      This song has a million more views every time I visit. Em really is one of the best artists to ever bless music. And his fans are top tier! God bless!

    19. sniper demigod

      Is 2:15am here

    20. Brittany Rutkowski

      Hes been been though alot

    21. Myst

      You will always be in our hearts even when your gone 🙂

    22. Grey Fox

      Best rapper alive Bruce approved

    23. Shami Fouzi

      Eminem made song about life and motivate us to be better

    24. B M

      Damn. This song gives me chills everytime I hear it. This is one of my favorites from EM.

    25. Jordann Huitron

      2021 anyone?

    26. 董思成

      when i need a break from the world, i just listen to this and let it all out

    27. Adam Ghebru

      I remember the first day out this video too. Much love and respect EM🙏❤🙏💯

    28. pedro acosta

      😙2021 lokos ďesde mei

    29. Rahul Kalita

      2021 February.... I'm still watching 🔥🔥

    30. SSNAKE

      these videoclips of eminem remind me of when I was little, life was simpler but the dramas were always real. is fucked up because what the eminem went through a lot of people identify with, this sound for me automatically makes me go back to memories back, see the family suffering and falling apart is fucked up, I feel sad when I think about what families are and what they become. if you don't make a family, you will die alone

    31. daniel gengenbacher

      2021 I’m here too

    32. Xpkresx Lost

      Wanna let everyone know. The day Eminem (Marshal) does leave this planet. We as fans will have each others back, I know there are some who love him more than one can imagine. For that reason we must be strong, he’s left a a book for us to read. We can only admire & remember his greatness. Till that day comes & when it does ❤️

    33. Adam Suleman

      Eminem is music. Aside Eminem music was dead

    34. Kali Molina


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    36. Claudia fiechter

      Still pumping 2021

    37. Vibe - -Editz

      dam I remember watching this in the trending back when it came out.....I wish I could’ve enjoyed my youth more

    38. Muhammad adi

      Pliss subtile indonesia

    39. TranceSFX

      Stan, Lose Yourself etc. may be what made his living career legendary. But this is the one song people will always come back to in 50 years because at that point, it's what will continue to matter.

    40. noodles brandi

      do u take drugs ? jw bc in the song it says just take another pill UwU

    41. Greg Riley

      I feel for anyone who lost someone in the heart. 2021

    42. Walls_

      11 years... Feels like yesterday when this dropped 😔

    43. Adriel Aldana


    44. Tox Goblin

      1 Billion Soon

    45. Joana Ortega

      Recuerdo que me la pasaba mirando MTv para verlo Quien en 2021?????

    46. Dhruv Bhardwaj

      Some people are like "2021: still here" I'm like we never left bro and we never will🖤 STAN

    47. Zain Mosam

      That baby ain’t gonna make itself either

    48. Paweł Zieliński

      Every fan of Eminem must comment this video: defasts.info/title/video/hLiYoMi_eomZsrM.html

    49. Lora Bell


    50. TIMT

      This song is made for her hailie To listen when he is gone :(

    51. Yessica Gutiérrez

      Quien escucha este exito en el 2021

    52. Blood Wolf

      I cry 😢

    53. Achanti Palmer

      Why does this hit so fuckin hard

    54. Li


    55. Ezra Paetow

      2021gang wya

    56. Jack Miller

      ficking to stinking wts

    57. Shervin

      its god

    58. Evi Eni

      When he dies, this song will triple in views.

    59. GARNI g

      cool lyric

    60. Rodrigo Quinonez

      free likes

    61. YaBoi Blessed

      Who still listening to ekinems old music in 2021

    62. Christopher Ake

      Jeez man, retro em really had me tear up little

    63. big bartol


    64. ワンワンワンワン


    65. Kurosaki Ichigo

      is this song ever going to get old? Don't think so

      1. Elijah Mckenzie

        You’re right Ichigo, you always were 👍 best anime and one of the best songs ever

    66. Ibrahim Hussain

      Eminem cured my depression goes for everyone else stay blessed 💯

    67. Ears

      Yeah you can’t diss his daughter and get away with it 😩

    68. Joseph Guzman

      Bro this bitch jams🔥

    69. Sal Marchese

      In real meetings one person will talk for 35-45. Min telling us his story. These people usually have years of sobriety behind them. You would never believe some of the shit we heard in those rooms.

    70. Sal Marchese

      I been clean from dog food going on 7 years. After my 3rd bad relapse. I didn't get into trouble but I went back to being a p.o.s good for nothing human. Blew through the 40,000 I made the 3 years I was clean b4 that. If I didn't learn what I learned in this T.C I went to, I would prolly be dead right now. Song is powerful especially when u know the certain things we go thru

    71. aydin marin

      What’s up real ones

    72. Mariane Cruz

      Meu sonho é da um abraço em você

    73. Kiki Rahjoo

      Did eneyone else cry 😭😂

    74. GerHunterLord

      2021still here from Germany

    75. Nick Rohe

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    76. VISHAL N

      I m here in feb. 2021 with stress....

    77. T.K Soul Knight

      hey man,you made me cry

    78. KHAN AADIL

      Love from.INDIA,🇨🇮

    79. Bharani Dharan T H

      You know, DEfasts should remove the dislike button for some videos!!!!

    80. Sarah Timmons

      No one cares what year you were here

    81. Roddy Bolugoreng

      2020 still watching this

    82. troy wood

      One of the most emotional songs I know

    83. Damilola Fatoye

      Song of Life 🙏

    84. Ramy Alaa

      60 thousands people are jumping out there sites they throwing roses at my feet ...

    85. paul chirwa

      2021..still here

    86. Wolfycat

      1:00 this is for me, dont mind it

    87. Asta Is A Beast!

      If you like this style from Eminem then you should go listen to *“Castle” then “Arose”* (together because the stories/songs are connected and are masterpieces in my opinion) and *Leaving Heaven* as well.

      1. Thnked

        Heyy!! Sorry for being a copy & paste warrior, but i just released my first single on spotify and it's sitting at around 300 streams. My ultimate goal is to hit 1000 streams. I'm hoping you could give it a chance by searching "Thnked - Beautiful Life" or just through my channel page here on youtube. Thanks in advance! 💗

    88. Ishan Malhotra

      This , this is the reason I'll die for eminem ❤️ man I'm 17 and I'll today start hustling and one day I'll meet Eminem , word .

    89. Pasquale Canfora

      The husky flame cumulatively delay because beat obviously move about a jazzy draw. macabre, pink wash

    90. Mpho Hlapolosa

      I'm here to say eminem you have changed thousands of lives with your rap

    91. The Southland_Gamer

      2021 yerrrr

    92. Анатолий Квитков

      Не ху... Но очень интересно!

    93. The Bartley Talk Show

      Bet he’s regretting selling his soul

    94. Tau Gamma Phi

      Legend never die 💯🖤

    95. Kashur Intellectual

      When you realize the chorus is meant for the fans in a way as well - cuz when he's gone, we'll have to carry on and not just mourn. We'll rejoice every time we'll hear his voice

    96. Uğurcan Demirayak

      Who is still listening in 2021..

    97. KingAzteka AV

      Love this song

    98. RaG3SHADOW 41

      Still here

    99. Christina Hammond

      I will forever be a fan of him

    100. TheHANburgler

      The day Shady died. And Marshall made his mark.