Erased David Dobrik Footage Proves Trisha Was Right All Along - Frenemies #21

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    1. Valkyrie War

      They literally started the episode talking about how David Dobrick was left off the hook because yall we're talking about AB and Ethan in the comments and yall here doing it again.

      1. pog champ

        who is AB?

      2. Jessica Lema

        @Magicstar7777 AB got hated for an opinion, David dobrick SA someone. No ones tired exepct the dumbasses who still support David. We don’t need to cancel him- he just needs to apologize publicly.

      3. luisa r

        @Camryn I sure hope Hila, well let's just say, I sure hope Hila.

      4. Genesis Andrade

        @San Pav Lyly mydeA

      5. Gdffyu Ffyy

        @Magicstar7777 m I’m mkkko O

    2. Tater Tott

      Speedy check cashing places are only for cashing money orders or cashier checks...MABEY paychecks but all depending.

    3. Tater Tott

      You guys should do a skit where people send their pictures to Trish to see if she says "lesbian or not?"?? 🤣💯

    4. Alice in Gingerland

      Kavos covered the story and did a great job! F**king crazy what David can get away with.. he deserves to be cancelled

    5. maeve obrien

      honestly it is unbelievable how much i let slide as a past viewer of david like he straight up gaslit and mistreated so many people and i didn’t even notice until viewing these conversations

    6. jimberly

      “North Koreans are NOT allowed on 90 day fiance” LOL

    7. Sophie

      "...and by the way your momentum is running straight into the earth..." 😂

    8. Kalinda Strome a lesbian, he does look like as lesbian

    9. Catherine Cm

      Hearing that intro tune gives me instant good vibes

    10. riley

      omg wait i hope she's talking about say yes to the dress

    11. Gabrielle lastname


    12. Gabrielle lastname


    13. Heather Manley

      What is the age demographic for H3 and Frenemies?

    14. Isaias MMmmm

      We just gonna ignore 40:00 ???

    15. kayla lindsay


    16. Shannon2000

      I'm sorry but can y'all not spread misinformation about Judaism or Christianity if you're going to keep it REAL

    17. Lil' WaffleIron

      Aerial Acrobat Here: Those "curtains" people were doing tricks on in the video they watched are called Aerial Silks. I can almost guarantee that neither of them would be able to climb them efficiently. It usually takes athletic people multiple practice sessions to even be able to climb all the way up, let alone do tricks. If the were to do a silks video, I would watch the shit out of it, but they would need to make sure they had a silks instructor present. This is partly for safety reasons, and also so that the instructor can show them tricks that fit their skill level. Anyone can do silks, but attempting it blindly without any instruction will be very anticlimactic and potentially end in injury.

    18. sarah chassler

      so glad Ethan emphasized that that crazy crazy crazy comment is a prime example of gaslighting. he is so right. Also i am in love w Ethan's shirt

    19. Julia Szkodzinski


    20. Rachael Stallings

      Loooove this podcast but Ethan chewing in the mic kiiiiiills me 😣

    21. Truue Lee

      trish really called zendaya "zendieya" lmao

    22. Clodagh Doyle

      TRISHA the greatest showman is rhythmic gymnastics. Acrobatics is like climbing of top of each other to make human pyramids or throwing people in the area doing flips!

    23. Katarynia Vanstone

      or when shane S.A nataile in the vlogs.

    24. Saf 84

      Need time stamps it would be great

    25. Maya Mathison

      "North Korean's are not allowed on 90 day fiancee" 😂😂

    26. SilentHill

      Who is AB?

    27. un known


    28. Wasabi.

      Trisha wasn't lying about the magazine that reach to her being bigger than Paper Magazine, was the New Yorker Magazine for the Vulture branch, and her article was front page center.

    29. Athena Mo

      ethan is super cute.. I hate many of his political views tho.. but he's cute :3

      1. eioshen boboi

        The woozy duck peroperativly tour because security optimally stare down a foolish planet. befitting, gigantic drake

    30. Kelsey Cate

      I’m only 23minutes in, but like I knew I didn’t like David for a reason. He sketched me out so much but I didn’t know why, and I never watched any of his stuff and never paid attention to him. Now I am seeing all this and I’m sooooo happy I was never a fan. So gross, and disgusting.

      1. eioshen boboi

        Every time Ethan says something hilarious he asks is that ok in 2021 😂

    31. Franky

      39:59 Trisha’s so witty asf😂😂

    32. Jiren Rod

      I’ve finally earned H3 and Trish respect for them talking about theses David situations

    33. abbyperron

      "I'd fuck anything and I would not fuck Dr. Phil." -Trisha

    34. Lillian Rose

      I hope posty texts Ethan after this. That would really suck to have happen so I hope they reconnect.

    35. MerriDraws

      not true that Christians hate gay people :( I wish people would stop saying that. I understand why they do, some people are homophobic "christians" but acceptance doesn't equal love. I love gay peeps , just hate the sin. Never would I put anyone down for it. I and other christians also agree people ARE born that way and it is a real struggle. Following God means turning against the world and yourself to put God first and trust that what he says is right. All sin comes naturally to us and we are all born separated from God and needing him! God loves gays!!!

    36. Troy Lim

      Trisha showing that she’s full of shit with the cheating bit. She was tongue tied from all the bull shit she spits so she plays the I don’t know I can’t remember card

    37. pumpkinhugger088

      it’s been two weeks why am i just hearing about this now via scotty and why isn’t david dobrik trending ??

    38. May Finn

      Wow did anyone else think the origin story of tf was really interesting

    39. WheatThinGames

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    40. Demi Delarosa

      Rewatching until the next episode 🖤

    41. The Sibling Duet

      i love how they’re both so funny but they don’t think each other is funny so they just blankly stare at each other throughout the podcast

    42. Chase Elmore

      As a fan from the start these power hunger foot Soldier comments/orders are getting out of hand. You are a podcaster, grow up.

    43. Liquid Space

      No way getting that vaccine. Never even got the flu shot and it’s deadlier than covid LOLOLOL imagine being brainwashed. The reason why ppl died is because they have conditions already. A healthy person is fine. Just like any other illnessss. Omg brainwashed sheep I can’t

    44. Madi kayla

      Trisha just seems happy and more stable now that i have ever seen her. Im happy for her.

    45. Casey

      Every time Ethan says something hilarious he asks is that ok in 2021 😂

    46. Andres Lopera

      The woozy duck peroperativly tour because security optimally stare down a foolish planet. befitting, gigantic drake

    47. Alyssa Garcia


    48. SaskiaKK

      Bryce Hall looks like snoopy

    49. Jo Gothi

      Trish on tik tokkers "this is the generation raised by David dobrik". Yuuuuup 😂

    50. Seigel Fritze

      why is no one talking about the fact that Trisha has no idea who Anne Frank is and how she died????

    51. lana gaga

      i love that they can't leave each other they literally don't want to end this episode i love them so much

    52. Kasey

      Cant wait to see Trisha in Nylon magazine 👏👏👏👏👏👏

    53. Rock girl

      Ethan: "North Koreans are NOT allowed on 90 day fiancé" is killing me

    54. Danielle L

      You guys should try to get Kevin Smith on! Ethan and Trish can dress up like Jay and Silent Bob!!

    55. Jai Meow

      I love how Trisha is always “with peace and love” ‘ing shit now 😂😂

      1. Rock girl

        47:46 I love how she says "anything" not even anyone just ANYTHING ...except dr phill😭😭😂👍

    56. Monica Hand

      You would hit the earth!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    57. Jayde Goodrich

      They way she says Zendaya is killing me😂😂

    58. dũ tạ

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    59. Expensive Taste

      I feel like they make excuses for their boring dead relationship Hila already has depressing vibes

    60. Simon Denischuck

      KEEP IT GOING!!!

    61. Dr Shyho


    62. Zack Nelson

      I love it when they say their done but there are like 30 min left of the podcast

    63. Luca Siladji

      I love how unnecessarily Trisha got defensive when she was talking about covid and social distancing w masks and stuff

    64. Seneco

      My fave part is how they were going to end but it kept going. :)

    65. oliviaawj

      I’m just hearing about these allegations now and that’s because I’m catching up with the podcast. What the fuuuuck! I always felt weird about David, there has always been something off about him and his videos. Idk if you’re not a 12-16 year old how can you NOT see it???

    66. Ivan D. Bee

      Loving that intro

    67. Chelle Me’Chelle

      Was David this person when Liza was in the picture?

    68. Seneco

      Doberik has faked his way to success, has people that blindly love his fake persona, walked over people who would've cared to support his growth, shown little empathy or appreciation for inadequate behaviour which is teetering on illegal. I guess it just shows the power you have and what you can get away with when you're influential and manipulative.

    69. My Name

      OMG HE DID BLEACH HIS HAIR RECENTLY 🤣🤣 Typhical Ethan saying "I'm not gonna do it, that's crazy" and eventually do it anyway ahahaha

    70. Agatha Harkness

      47:46 I love how she says "anything" not even anyone just ANYTHING ...except dr phill😭😭😂👍

    71. Detox _

      My guy said he’s on the Ann frank diet😂

    72. Logan Northrop

      lmao h3 dissing david and siding with a psychopath. H3 a simp. I also dont understand how trisha has a problem with jason making out with a dude which he isnt into when she has a full blown OF

    73. Kairi Perez

      Omg Trisha has to tell us about Jeffree and Nate if she's allowed to. I really want to know what happened

    74. EllahJane

      Lmao the Ariana and Rice situation is EMBARRASSING like what?¿? I doubt she even knows him hahaha

    75. Keyli Garcia

      Ethan is me with the no touching 😂

    76. Gideon Avery

      Man why do white people always feel the need to compliment black people on being “articulate”.

    77. Iman Joseph

      Trisha breathe. Let him speak.

    78. Listen Tome

      somehow im still surprised trisha doesnt know who anne frank is

    79. michelle valentin

      The spiritual anthropology tinctorially hop because bakery alternately fool plus a amused grandfather. alleged, ill statement

    80. Maddie

      yall gotta stop eating during the podcast its fucking gross

    81. Ky Lee

      Nobody: Trisha: you know who wouldn’t do that Adam Sandler

      1. Mrs Gellert Grindelwald

        i dare you to take a shot each time she says it

      2. lana gaga

        BEST ONE

    82. Casey Lewis

      what lipstick is trish wearing here?!

    83. Bri McMillan

      i love ethan so much i wish he could find a healthy sustainable way to lose weight and not starve😪it’s not gonna stay off if u do that bae, you have the rest of ur life to be skinny, take ur time losing weight

    84. ELoouise

      David seemed so insecure about Jason and Trisha’s relationship because he wanted Jason’s attention all for himself.

    85. Ella G

      About the “fatobic” comments toward Ethan. Yes Ethan what you are saying is fat shaming in a sense. Skinny people fly by, without being shamed, their health is automatically assumed to be good. No matter how unhealthy a lifestyle they live, being thin is always a positive. But unlike chubby people, you automatically assumed Trisha is out of shape non muscular, all bc of her weight. Judging these things purely on weight is in a sense fat shaming. I’m skinny, and can’t do a push up. But I would automatically be assumed to be “in shape” bc of my weight. It’s unfair the way society judges any people who have weight on them. Especially when weight gain can be the cause of medical issues.

    86. Vim Evan

      Wait , what happened with Trisha and AB? I'm so confused. Something to do with David Dobrik?

    87. chris bis

      I enjoy h3 podcast but I feel like it ha became the cancelling podcast. I wish there was original content like there used to be. Now it just feels like every video they try and get fellow youtubers cancelled. To me it seems so lazy and boring.

    88. #mood

      not the foot shoulders on wiki feet?! 😂🤣😭

    89. Jay S

      awwv its say yes to the dress

    90. gotYOUR3s

      Correct me if I’m mistaken but the Jews aren’t fond of homosexuality either... And I’ll only briefly mention the incidents with gay men and groups of Muslim men.. and a roof...

    91. Chad Cioffi

      16:55 for the foot soldiers bit

    92. Emma Whitney

      I mean this with SO much love but I think trisha would really benefit from ADHD meds

    93. Haley Taggart

      Who tf is AB?

    94. eioshen boboi

      trisha: "can we turn this podcast into a drama channel?" ethan: "go ahead am just eating my french fries" AM ROLLING asgadsgfsdaGDFHAGSFah

    95. Muhammad hanzla

      Anyone else love them but think it’s just a bit trash that they faked the Ben Shapiro thing

    96. Laue

      okay but ethan being sad about post is so devastating

      1. anna #

        @eioshen boboi i think u replied to the wrong comment

      2. eioshen boboi

        DAVID REFUSED TO PAY SETH AFTER THAT TOO?! ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING ME. How and why is anyone supporting david and Jason anymore

    97. Lily Litwinko

      They went from sponsor us gay burger to ew gay burger

    98. Kaila Jade

      Marilyn Manson is not yet proven guilty!

    99. Casey Chase

      I love this poscast and their ~*growth*~❤️

    100. Simon Denischuck

      Love to love you guys but please, enough with the food🙁