Erzbergrodeo - Why i never race here again..


2,6 Mio. aufrufe738

    After this race i went to hospital. Sorry but it wasn't fun for me. I'll rather let the pro's race, I prefer things that make me happy.
    Enjoy my full race of the last year!!
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    Am Vor 2 years


    1. MR Thegreat

      12:32 As we use to say in Sweden: Gå och bada!!!

    2. DaKaLeLe


    3. Dario Pasquini

      And I tought that motorcycle and scooter traffic in the city was bad.

    4. Mos Xilofon

      He s bike name ?? Pls

    5. Damnjan Djoke

      12:37 haha,serbian Man😂😂 attack you

    6. Angelica Magtibay

      Is this a stairway in hell? Lol

    7. Angelica Magtibay

      Am i the only woman watching this lol

    8. Daniel Castrillon Reyes

      It seems like someone said "Let's take everything fun about dirt bikes and eliminate it. Now make it a race" . Why would you ever spend your resources doing this. Half the time you're just waiting for some other ding dong to get out of the way all while at any point a whole ass dirt bike could just get dropped on you.

    9. Pacheco


    10. HN644

      I dont blame u

    11. ROCKSTAA Studio

      Oh fuck I laughed so damn hard when he collided. 😂😂 Fuckkkk -39:14 Ah ah ah ah

    12. PG

      Clutch left the chat

    13. CC o

      Digga wie schlecht

      1. p0lly


    14. Silas

      Der Typ im wasser😂😂

    15. III-Rip-III -

      Was ist da am Ende passiert?

      1. p0lly

        Stein in seine Eier

    16. Adrian Poptart

      Every 2 stroke in this video will need a complete rebuild 🤣😭🤣

    17. lorenzo985

      Warum lässt du dir helfen? Das ist unfair

    18. Gta Drivers

      poor ktm xD

    19. Lyle Dunn

      Props to this rider who kept on wiping off the gopro

    20. Luca Scheuermann

      Hab es bestimmt schon 5 mal angeschaut. Immer wieder geil!

    21. Noken

      looks like deathmatch

    22. Luke Roderick

      This dude has the worst luck

    23. FishOff

      Cleanest gopro lense ever 🤯

    24. Brandon Harris

      Damn rip your bicycle

    25. DF WORKS

      bro u suck.

    26. Zachary taylor

      I would of been done after the head on wreck

    27. someone

      29:22 full steam ahead !!

    28. Darkreignn98

      Longest and most stressful 43 minutes of my life!

    29. Tobias Wandel

      How to destroy your bike:

    30. John

      Echt heftig, dass Du das trotz der Verletzungen und der Kollisionen mit anderen trotzdem durchgezogen hast, mega gut gemacht !! :-)

    31. kaffi GgHouse


    32. kaffi GgHouse

      yeahhhh this is a trueee race,,not fot kids not for losers justtttt for fighterss lot of respect to all of you,with crashes injures and continues driving...this is a man‘s world...........welcome to MAD MAXX helll yeahhhhhhhh

    33. Joseph Profaci, Jr.

      4:59 Me in the video games trying to go backwards during the race and cause a crash

    34. Joseph Profaci, Jr.

      12:29 instant karma

    35. Nick Graupman

      I would have went home after the head-on collision if not definitely when the bike over heated, Crazy riding

    36. Nick Graupman

      Fuck this "race" it's more like kill your bike and might as well yourself. Too

    37. oKLIE

      This is fucking battle royale...

    38. MMM18092

      What were you doing at 4.59???

    39. Harfounet HFG

      This bike drinks more water than gas !

    40. Charlie 3th

      Du fährst wie ein Mädchen! Kein Wunder der dass man da nicht durchkommt und kein Bock mehr hat 😂

    41. alvin ale

      12:30 ohh shiittt

    42. Thomas Scholz

      Es scheint doch mehr Masochisten zu geben als man meint... Die sich das antun sind eindeutig so veranlagt. Das hat doch mit einem Rennen nichts zu tun!!

    43. Connor Reynolds

      So what are the rules? Are there rules?

    44. Lukas K.

      Respect !

    45. Stefan Bliedung

      Was zu Schluss passiert, Stein in die Eier bekommen ?

    46. Stefan Bliedung

      Absolute Schinderei ; - )

    47. Ballzツ

      Was ist da jetzt eig genau passiert?

      1. Ballzツ

        @backpack jordan ja das ist mir klar, aber wohin? In die Eier, in den Bauch oder wo auch immer

      2. backpack jordan

        ich denke ein Stein is auf ihm gefallen

    48. Colonial Roofing of North Carolina

      I probably dont get tgis kind of racing, but kamikaze type riding, people running into each other, charging beside somebody on the thin side when they ha e 8 ft on the other side to go around, running over each other feet, it just seems the racing can be done smarter seeing how it's aong race and hurting themsekves or thier bikes before the end is just stupid, maybe you have to be alittle off to this kind of racing, or maybe there needs to be more level headed pros riding this, the course is very difficult ,so props to just getting through it, but they crazy gunning right off a mountain side just so you can say you gave ot your all is a good way of winning, it just seemed more demolition durbey then cross country racing, I'm thinking in Germany or France, couldnt tell, but God bless and protect you morons

    49. Quintin Larson

      Ya how disappointed were these riders once they realized what this race was

    50. Jadre Cro

      Afghanistan and Syria are little babies for this.

    51. Tabs Tabs

      For sale : 1 bike used 3 hours only !!

    52. spikedrift

      worlds most unlucky guy 🤣😂

    53. FALC0N_force gaming

      So what exactly happened at the end of the vid? What hit him?

      1. backpack jordan

        a rock

    54. Settoi pls

      that happens to get involved in doing men's things xd

    55. Tractor Wrangler

      Thats a good way to trash a bike in one day. It will take you 3 extra days to find all the pieces.

    56. marten schneider

      was hatte er am Schluss?

      1. backpack jordan

        wahrscheinlich ist ein stein auf ihm gefallen

      2. Riot

        Verstehe ich auch nicht😅

    57. Fabi

      An ugly fall.

    58. Nccp9

      That poor bike and that poor man, this looks horrible

    59. HaydenCagle229

      i can only imagine how sore he was the next day

    60. Leonard Luca

      The way to find my love:

    61. Tqbi ._.

      12:30 was ist da passiert?

      1. backpack jordan


    62. Ty L

      So awesome

    63. gorn

      hae was ist da zum schluss passiert?

    64. CardinalSpeed

      Facebook Marketplace be like: "Very low hours, never raced. Garage kept"

      1. SouthEast Garage

        "Only ridden once didn't like the ride"

      2. cnw2000

        I know what I got!!! Price firm!!

      3. cnw2000

        Hahahaha accurate

    65. Zep Zonneveld


    66. Marky Sparky

      i like it jebo te bog hahaha lol

    67. winch racing

      Insane !!! I wonder how many bikes are burried in them there hills lol

    68. 2 smoke

      Iaughed so hard at this i would love to ride there

    69. Juli Ventura morilla

      35:12 moto drinking water

    70. Juli Ventura morilla

      15:34 4:58 12:30 lol

    71. 2stroke_mx125

      Querly auf Ebay:Ich biete meine Ktm an immer top gepflegt wenige Kilometer drauf immer nur auf Feldwegen gefahren Motor top 😂

    72. MxMaxx

      What gopro mount r u using

    73. FrozZ YT

      This is deatmatch not a race

    74. LENNITOツ

      Wie der andere einfach in Wasser fährt 😹 Ja moin

    75. Dirk Lensing

      Wie krank... :-)

    76. Zoka

      Extreme enduro not hard EXTREME

    77. Davide Contessi

      My dad going to school:

    78. Caleb LeBlanc

      How does some enjoy this

    79. Qvipex alltime

      was war das bei 5:02

    80. Jonas

      In Gedanken mit den 200+ Enduros🙏

    81. Me 2

      u know its serious when ambulance also transports beer lool

    82. Me 2

      why ropes? why not get them a lift for them and the bikes to top?

    83. Me 2

      this is top clowns of elitist enduro a holes... can only be a winner of very few. rest stuck on a single track on a hill with 100 riders or collision to death. the lucky first. i call bs.

    84. Landon Herr

      Some of the riders are dickheads and really bad riders

    85. Jan B.

      Ich hab nicht verstanden was er am Ende hatte? Kann mir das wer sagen

    86. synonimic

      Not gonna lie I have a hard on for these races

    87. Agent X

      Simply BRUTAL

    88. Kodiak9

      your lack of decent guards such as radiator guards, hand guards was a contributor to your demise.

    89. Jeff Hanneman

      La prossima volta vai in funivia

    90. Paul Gomez

      Damn dude you can shred. Getting up those hills so well, despite harsh territory. Good on ya.

    91. Grabowski Maulwurf

      🤦🏾‍♂️dann lass es doch gleich u fahr bissl Straße hoch u runter.

    92. Andika Daily

      Crazy ending bro!

    93. Journeys3nd

      Nice quarry ride

    94. Matthew Barron

      Was it a hit in the nuts? I didn’t read all 3,700 posts. 😆

    95. David Hofmann

      watching this the 10th time and still didn‘t got over this a**hole who drove in you and fell ind the lake

    96. Cuaizy Y

      Honestly ur bike would’ve been completely ok if there wasn’t so many fucking idiots

    97. Mr Danny Lane

      What happened at the end?

    98. BenedekXP

      Respect respect respect

    99. Fubuki Buki

      I don’t know what I should think of it. That he got help from spectators on some sections of the trail, I mean they’re only spectators and the endurist should achieve or get to the finish line through the use of his own power and skill.

    100. Anime Devin

      mich würde es gerne interresieren ich hab nicht ganz verstanden wieso querly ins krankenhaus gekommen ist wäre nett wenn es jemand mir sagt :D

      1. Frankys MOTORRAD Reisen

        @Gnarl. So macht man das ;)

      2. Gnarl.

        er hat nen stein in die eier bekommen :D