Exercise Wheel For Cats


267 Tsd. aufrufe44

    The One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel keeps indoor cats active on a daily basis.
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    Am Vor 3 years


    1. TorQueSS J

      Great, but where can I find one, is this supposed to be an advertisement?

    2. Vincent Jim

      at 0:23, get outta there it's mah turn!

    3. Raheam Jones

      The cat seriously is going to shit after burning off a lot of calories

    4. Brenda Rivera

      Has anyone bought one?

    5. Shelberty Boothert

      I need one

    6. Jake Hernandez0718

      The Cats after this : I AM SPEED

    7. Malkah Micah

      Where can i buy this please give me link? Thanks ♥️

    8. Malkah Micah

      Where can u buy this please give me link? Thanks ♥️

    9. Nathan F


    10. anno niem

      I have one with a small 36v dc motor in it. He has to run it. Just shorten the chain a bit. Great exercise

    11. Kendis Martinez

      1:03 the way the cat ran made me die of laughter

    12. Cael Dereck

      0:52 and 0:24 YEET

    13. Freedomcat

      You can also use it for small dogs: Jack Russel Terriers, Chihuahuas, and Pomeranians.

    14. PlayStation® GamingCZe

      where i can buy it for 200$ ? :D in my country is price 500$ :(

    15. Dennis Pieters

      0:24 *falls off* 0:50

    16. skorakora

      free 20W of energy

    17. Melissa Franklin

      00:51 yeet your friends!

    18. Jessica Jayes

      My Sophie could use that for her zoomies. Yes, cats can get that too.

    19. Grace Gottlieb

      keep in mind these are all active breeds like bengals and sphinx

    20. Friendly Salamander

      0:25 yeeet

    21. DaVeY CrotchKick

      I Wish I was a Kitteh

    22. kasa

      Man, I can't stand those hairless cats. I mean who actually gets those? They are ugly. It's kind of the same thin with a pug, both are result of human selective breeding to get an ugly animal. Not to mention they will usually have some health problems due to that.

    23. Flash Disk

      45 fat cats need to exercise..

    24. Tera Jarvie

      Should I be worried he will get a claw stuck in it, and it could hurt him? What is the inside material made of they are running on?

    25. 80sOutrunFan

      0:24 LOL!!!

    26. David Brownlee

      The cat heard the stinky music causing it to fly off the wheel.

    27. zaria caprio

      Now I need a compilation of cats flying off this thing.

    28. rein

      0:51 and i oop-

    29. Goomba Pizza

      Can I get a free one, please? My cats use the whole house as a hamster wheel so we can't even own breakable things anymore...

    30. GamingMunkee

      I love when a second one just charges it. Like "this is nice, I like thi- brent.. BRENT WAIT! OH GOD BRENT STOP!"

    31. Shantonu Sen

      O look cats have turned into hamsters.

    32. Raminagrobisfr

      "I was assigned cat at birth, but i identify as an hamster"

    33. Therese Hammer

      0:25 WOW

    34. merickful

      Step aside Benny Hill.

    35. Brandon McLeod

      $250-500 for a plastic wheel for God's sake why I would understand like a hundred but c'mon I swear it's like they don't want to sell them or something.

      1. Brenda Rivera


    36. kommandopipo

      0:52 lol the cat just yeets itself out of the wheel

    37. Fxchsiia


    38. Modular Cat

      We used the clothing dryer for years on low setting.

    39. Graham LED -Light Emitting Diode

      I need one of these for my son Luke! :3

    40. kokocat101

      0:25 *YEET*

    41. Isa Huot

      The cat at 0:51 😂😂😂😂😂

    42. Kitten Toes

      There's no way my cat would ever get on this

    43. lola - chuu


    44. Margaret Williamson

      Who is the musician for the background music?

    45. Black Death 1347

      Is it good for toddlers?

    46. Trinity Staggs

      I would be getting in it lol

    47. Mabuting Tao

      0:25 Footage of me during me and my sister fight

    48. Galahad 13

      0:51 knock out

    49. * . sakura . *

      *cat:* hmm what dis? SOON *cat:* I live here now..

    50. Claire Catron

      Now only if they made one for my fat dog 🤔

    51. Jaxson Trammell

      oh my god I love it

    52. Brielle Phillips

      Lol 0:22

    53. meadow thomas

      My cat would sleep on it or fall off and break a bone

    54. Peanauz

      0:25 so funny

    55. Solarflare

      I wish I had a cat ;(

    56. keanna's world

      And 0:19

    57. keanna's world

      0:14 hahaha🌈🍪😂😂

    58. hi lol

      This video was like an hour long for me because I kept on replaying 0:24

    59. john real cainglet

      0:23 😅😅😅😅

    60. My Heart Will

      Its very funny i like the flying cat hahahaha😂😆😂😆 😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂👏👏👏👏😂 😂👏 LOL👏😂 😂👏🎵🎵👏😂 😂👏👏👏👏😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂👏👏👏👏😂 😂👏 LOL👏😂 😂👏🎵🎵👏😂 😂👏👏👏👏😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂 😂👏👏👏👏😂 😂👏 LOL👏😂 😂👏🎵🎵👏😂 😂👏👏👏👏😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    61. Sarcastic Scorpio


    62. R Vlogs by: Rebekka Marouli

      Where do we buy this??

    63. musicwonderer

      0:30 meow

    64. guyoiii

      I'd get that for me

      1. chowder

        Asle Lo you will probably break it.

    65. Derpy dorky dinosaurs studio


    66. Random Player

      1:24 Haha

    67. Angie Ly

      0:25 what just happened

    68. Chepper체퍼

      0:24 WTF?!

      1. Chepper체퍼



      Does anyone know the name of the violin music playing?

    70. what do you mean

      0:24 the flying cat XD

    71. Wilbert

      0:25 I Feel I Falling Down

    72. Table Salt

      0:25 haha so funny

    73. Nikoleta Stardoll

      0:24 *WASTED*

    74. S P O R C . E X


    75. Lucy Hurley

      0:25 get rekt scrub

    76. Dadice Manuel

      When mom said you got 999999 homeworks

    77. Teddy the Dog

      Since when were cats hamsters???

    78. Tassavira

      i would like to buy 2 of those treadmills for cats....

    79. Noah Jelley

      I could fit on that

    80. BASStion

      Persians don't like it cause they plum

    81. Addison Steele

      .......I could use this.... Not for my cat. For me

    82. Jeongkookied

      Lol this is a perfect way to waste my money because my cat wouldnt use it. Bought some places for cats to sleep but they kept choosing on the table, on tv, and on the floor 😓

    83. Ruby Isham


    84. josephine

      0:23 the cat who is flying of is my life

    85. Numberless HubbaDubba

      Ohh a new hamster species

    86. Amethyst H.

      Loool this spotted cat loves to fly omg..get her a new extra wheel lool

    87. Joshua Susanto

      The gym should have one for humans too~

    88. Jas League

      My kitten needs that Seriously tho . ....

    89. Eminem

      Insider: it costs $199 Me: HELL NO!

    90. Mad Mads

      I'm on my period and I laughed so hard at 0:24 that it forced some blood out of me. I know. TMI.

    91. liv ‘in like larry

      My fat cat wouldn't have the balance or energy to get on and stay on that thing

    92. yael


    93. hermione watson


    94. cloudxiety

      0:17 fight fight fight XD

    95. Diamond

      0:21 MY TURN

    96. Her Majesty

      What's the name of the song?

    97. Crystel The Wolf

      Some of these cats walk so weirdly like each of their legs wants to go it's own pace

    98. Lucy Allen

      0:24 when your friend calls dibs on bae...

    99. Jade S

      They need to make one for humans.. I would use at home.

    100. Viva

      Wow 99% of the cats are $1000 cats