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    1. El Cucuy

      Cut your plug off so you can unravel it from the bar? ?

    2. Parkan Argus

      Бл**, я чтоб повторить, специально трубу отогнул, шоб сначало засунуть за трубу....

    3. NYBuc buckie

      I'll have to remember that!

    4. Firebrand VOCALS

      Witch craft

    5. Pim van Veen

      But why is the cable like that in the first place.. I mean, tackle the root of the problem and you won't need this fancy trick.

    6. Sinan Gulec

      I am a little bit drunk but this aint not comes true..

    7. Chisel Cheswick

      My brain just will not compute...

    8. Denis Beglesov

      I get it !!!! It was recorded in backwards!!!

    9. Костя Евменов


    10. Screen Share

      Fake !! I watch it like 10 times...

    11. imzi_mans_videos

      All you did was remove the loop

    12. Big Tasty

      Fake , it’s reversed

    13. Albert V

      Is this copperfields channel? what the fart 💨 cheeks?

    14. Izzy Ruiz


    15. Hyung Lee

      This is black magic

    16. Romes Garage & Auto Sales

      Glad I'm not the only one tripping

    17. Kwader _ كوادر


    18. Ghost Devil

      Wow cool hack

    19. Женя Підцерковний

      Посмотрите, внимательней!

    20. ツRedDragoN_红龙


    21. Craig Wyatt

      This man must be the white wizard from lord of the rings.

    22. phaneendra vasisht

      Fucking finally, i probably watched this close to 100 times, i thought it was fake coz i tried way too many times and couldn't do but IT WORKS but even after doing it myself i dnt understand how it works 😶 If u are that person who tried and are not able to do, the cable must be around something in the exact same way !!!

    23. KRE CASH

      So he will be the next ruler

    24. Talitha Rebello

      Let me keep this in mind for later 😂

    25. Tahimul Sheikh

      nice to make fool

    26. Ajay R

      Am going dizzy 😂

    27. Roemu TT

      This has got to be black magic...

    28. KiLlEr HaCkEr 77

      Bro if we cant get that plug out means how did the plug gone under that pipe

    29. Big John Stud


    30. Sunny Shinde


    31. Sabri Savran

      Bunda hile var ne yapsan olmaz böyle

    32. Alt F4

      Anyone watched this and laughed hard saying "cmon man I aint buying this one" 🤣

    33. Greg

      Fake af

    34. rahul jataw

      Fake h

    35. nongeen leichombam

      Fake watch in slow motion

    36. 버즈런


    37. Byron Meekins


    38. 캠핑하마 CAMPING HAMA


    39. Joseph Rivera

      LO VI como 30 veces y me quede igual🤦🏻‍♂️

    40. 최봉준


    41. Randy Dalton

      Look at how the cord is placed under the bar. It will just pull out from the far side without doing anything. No trick at all.

      1. Construction Tips

        If you try to pull it the other way you will eventually hit the other end of the cord.

    42. Radyus 47


    43. 조영조


    44. MrGallbladder

      What sorcery is this?

    45. Arfat Khan

      How did u got it in , in the first place??

    46. Paul Oketch

      Thats some ponticare conjecture shit.

    47. Fire Guy

      Literally time I can never get back...

    48. Raditz Raditz

      This is pure magic it is real 😁😁😁😁

    49. Marcos Flores

      Esta montado mentira

    50. Stephen Salinas

      What is this sorcery?

    51. Vasu Jain

      Man i can confirm there is no editing in this cuz i tried this myself with a pen and some wire and did it twice just to double check and it is legit...🤯🤯

    52. JVR Viraj

      Rally amazing

    53. Н М

      Посмотрел 3 раза. Один вопрос: зачем это надо делать? 🤦

    54. I DONT KNOW

      What kind of sorcery is this burn witch

    55. Reg Wright

      Yeah...nar just cut the cord bro...

    56. Keep

      this is a trick, dont fall for it.

    57. Jr Cordero


    58. JK


    59. Sasaki Morita


    60. KKaseke Kkaseke


    61. Gamma Whale

      Nah. I saw it. But nice.


      Why to twist the cable that many times, u can pull the cable directly in upwards direction simple. He is just playing a trick. Please pause the video and observe carefully.

    63. paul grubits

      Useless but cool

    64. mantraohm1

      what fucking sorcery 🤯🤯🤯

    65. Cordonbleu97


    66. Товарищ гражданин

      Disinformation 👎

    67. Pandu Panda

      U r a lizard berry....

    68. very cool guy

      Am I retarded or is this fake?

    69. Prady Chauhan

      24 hour n still cant even close

    70. Никита Cska


    71. Jojo490

      How do you even get yourself in that situation in the first place? The plug is to big to fit underneath unless you installed a pipe right above it?

    72. Andy Riggs

      Why don't you pick up the thing it is under

    73. Señor Wainscott

      This is so cool

    74. Sevy Neif


    75. Ligma Balls

      Consider protecting yourself from inflation and buying some silver. #WallStreetSilver subreddit (this is not financial advice)

    76. flisms

      Just ruined my night.

    77. NeoIBelieve matrix

      What in the fookin sorcery is this!!!! Quick someone call a witch hunter or sumthin damn!!

    78. Andrey


    79. hamdi alhalimi


    80. causeimbatmaaan

      Slight of hand trick. Used to do this for my brother, then he turned 6. Really easy

    81. yogesh d

      How's that possible

    82. Josua Nachname

      Rethinking the process backwards helps to understand it. Btw: thank you, now I know how to do and undo this!

    83. Gdawg4ever

      Not buying it lol

    84. SEREGA W


    85. epicwhat001


    86. Armando Rubio


    87. icositetrachoron

      If you listen carefully, you can hear the illuminati

    88. Noel Rivera

      I'm soo confused

    89. Sojo Dookie

      BS watch closely.. NOT possible

    90. English for Sri Lanka


    91. Ryunoku

      I dont get it, how did he do that

    92. Андрей киньлеМ


    93. E S

      my brain hurts

    94. Rusty Bakoyoyo

      Damn,what is this..am I joke to u

    95. Şahin Portakal

      This is fake

    96. Lad Boii

      My head hurts

    97. Mistro Akillhes


    98. Yong Zhang


    99. Sunshine Ja


    100. Rob

      Yeah I'm too dumb for this one