Facility Update #13 (We Built the Second Cave!)

Snake Discovery

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    Today we spend a solid 3 days (and I mean solid. Like 12+ hours daily) in our Zoo building the invert cave, a "park", entrance trees/telegraph poles, and so much more!! Thank you SO MUCH to all of our friends and family for coming to help!!
    Check out Custom Reptile Habitats' new 4' PVC enclosures here:
    Check out the new wraps from Custom Reptile Habitats here:
    Here's the Snake Discovery Decor Kit!
    And finally, here's the Snake Discovery 3' Enclosure:
    Interested in learning more about Universal Rocks? Link below!
    We love fan mail!
    Snake Discovery
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    1. N1 Flicks

      I love the facility updates more than anything these days

    2. Gabrielle Godbold

      The build off seems amazing this year

    3. Fuzzypickle95

      I love hearing Emily absorb little bits of aussie accent. I've had the same happen to me with a southern drawl in the past so I know how that happens

    4. Kellie

      Can you talk with you for the water drops

    5. cheryl kum

      I can’t wait to see your zoo😊😊

    6. Rachael Rorrer

      How can we enter ?

    7. shelby hawkins

      I used to be afraid of snakes before I found snake discovery and I held my first snake and Emily is such a character I kept coming back after my 1st video last year

    8. Brittnay Phitsanoukanh

      I can’t wait to see Rex reaction

    9. Aaliyah Nagee-Bailie

      "Youre a galah" I ALMOST SPAT OUT MY WATER LOLLL

    10. Jan Alexander

      Where is the fasility so I can maybe go there?

    11. Tamar Epicgamer1


    12. 美碌冰

      how much it cost to build this?i think it is about 10,000,000

    13. AK - 03ZJ 855885 Settlers Green PS

      Why because I think they live in the USA

    14. AK - 03ZJ 855885 Settlers Green PS

      I wish I could go to the snake Discovery zoo and store but I live in Canada so I can’t go 🥺

    15. The Cute Kitten


    16. lanabanna32

      As an Aussie watching this, and hearing the boys with the Aussie slang and then Emily trying to chime in with it, it’s bloody great 😂 Emily, you’re a bloody ripper of a sheila!

    17. Aesthetic Austyn

      I love reptiles are my favorite animal I have my own pet tortoise

    18. Daeni TarthTag

      I love how Emily is really awkward when she's told how well its all been done by the customer rocks dude

    19. Connor Waugh

      I’m Australian an I own 47 knives

    20. Kittygirldisney123 :3

      Them: “we have a secret door!” Me: “SeCrEt TuNnEl, SeCrEt TuNnEl, ThRoUgH tHe MoUnTaIn”

    21. Just a Frog

      Can you imagine when other big youtubers come to your thing ^^

    22. Just a Frog

      Is there going to be a place where you can buy merch? 🐸

    23. Leona Fox

      Please tell me u r going to do a gnome hunt. Put the gnome somewhere different different days so ppl can hunt then u can give out spider rings or plastic bug out to kids who find it and tell ppl in front where it is

    24. Eva Conway Smyth

      My dog Died 😢

    25. anime x fischer

      emily:aussies and there knives me at home; knives on with no safty paper

    26. INFP 4w5

      this may be a dumb question but, emily, how wheelchair accessible is the zoo going to be? i plan on visiting the zoo once it’s finished and bringing my family. my sister is wheelchair bound and so i know how difficult it can be to move around zoos. (tight corners, narrow halls, bumpy floors, no ramps, etc.) i’m just curious about how much thought went into the accessibility :) i love how much work has gone into the facility already and i’m soo excited to see the finished product! ✨

    27. Ashley Westmoreland

      Hi Emily and Ed I love to watch your show I hope you like the family that I get you

    28. Madd

      As a fellow Aussie, I love hearing Paul and Stuart talk 😂😂

    29. Cinchana Adithya

      I've got an idea, you could attach like stalactites and stalagmites to the cave and you could make like those crystals poking out of sides with epoxy: )

    30. Gabe Life

      16:50 I CANT- “Keanu Leaves” HAHAHAHAHAH

    31. Iris Butterfield

      So many kids are going to climb on those trees

    32. Lora Malloy

      Might be a bit out of budget, but some realistic bat options. Geralnfiniti on Etsy has some very adorable, realistic, felt bats.

    33. Madalina k

      You can get felt bats off etzy probably :)

    34. Brie Go!

      It might be odd to say this, but it is really nice to see Emily using power tools. I can probably count the times I've seen women genuinely using power tools on one hand.

    35. Chelsey

      What clever names are you going to put on the restrooms doors?

    36. wlimpie

      this is looking real good congrats :)

    37. Isabella Grundei

      You should make a splash zone for rexs inclocure before she death SPLASHES all of us😂

    38. Teddy Dalton

      I don't know if you've already chosen a charity to donate raffle proceeds to but I'd like to recommend splitting it, half to usark and half to a reptile rescue which can change every year.

    39. SnL

      Who else can’t wait till you can go to the facility

    40. I drink TEA Darling u-u

      i can just imagine once it opens little kids going like "look look! mama a cave!"

    41. Abigail R.


    42. Elizabeth Chicken

      my mom said if it is not too far from ny we could go i hope i can go

    43. Elizabeth Chicken

      where is the zoo?

    44. Checkers The furry


    45. Masalaguys Orderstack

      I such a big fan

    46. Wolfie Shadow

      I love your chanel :>i hope one Day to make something like that but with birbs:> especialy that in my country you can olmost never find anyting that is safe for birbs :< heck i cant even find pelets right now.

    47. Fiore Ciliegia

      Suggestion: if you can’t find bats go with the glowing new zealand worms that lure with light XD it is an invert cave after all XD

    48. Fiore Ciliegia

      Suggestion: if you can’t find bats go with the glowing new zealand worms that lure with light XD it is an invert cave after all XD

    49. Poptronic Gaming

      23:12 I like how the camera just turns into 3ds camera for a second xD

    50. Drakos of random

      why are so many reptile youtube channels in minnesota you may expect me some year though if i can convince my parents

    51. Hall’s Homestead

      How do I purchase the reusable bags and silverware I seen in a recent video? Thank you

    52. Nichole Miller


    53. Nichole Miller

      I talk to much -.-

    54. Nichole Miller

      My b-day is is may!

    55. Nichole Miller

      Rex has such a big cage

    56. MermaidDrue

      I just binge watched all 19 facility videos in a row O_o and it was worth every second😍

    57. MistyArts

      I would love to come when it’s finished! Perhaps on my own perhaps with one of my parents who knows haha

    58. Nick Salaz

      How does that big fat dork everland a beautiful woman likes you

    59. Emily Wigmore

      me seeing the Nome or elf is he going to move

    60. MemoryYT

      'Aussies and their knives' I don't oftenly use knives and I'm aussie

    61. Happy Moments In UAE

      How are they going to feed the animals if they are behind glass ?

      1. Happy Moments In UAE

        Like actually howwww

    62. The funny Monkey

      I’m soooo gonna visit when this opens

    63. Davis

      Do you guys live in Texas?

    64. Natalie Read

      The monkey tail enclosure looks amazing!! So does the cave!

    65. Sarah Awesomesauce

      Emily, your belt! 😍😍😍

    66. WhenShe Smiles

      Dave is wearing the shirt from the breeder where we got our little tortoise, Pecan, from. He is the cutest.

      1. WhenShe Smiles

        The tort is the cutest, but Dave isn't bad either I guess. 🤭😜

    67. Dano F

      Boy, I thought I was lazy, but jeez, how do you guys ever manage to get anything done? 😉 (Or get any sleep?) Awesome work!

    68. hayamy

      I love all Stuart and Paul's ockerism's in there. ❤

    69. Cathryn sison

      Im aussie!

    70. kim jong unnie

      I keep reading it as introvert cave

    71. Isaac Solano

      You should add glowing bioluminescent thingies and also adding crystals glowing crystals or glowing mushrooms

    72. Front Porch Media

      Wish I liived near you. I would have LOVED to help :)

    73. Marayiah Lopez

      The johnzila escaped

    74. Marayiah Lopez

      I have a qeustion where is the zoo gonna be located

    75. demontrent10653

      😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

    76. Haylee F

      Is there a set date for opening, or general idea of when the location opens?

    77. Everything Equestrian Channel

      32:20 The sign with the snake on it in that enclosure looks like a dramatic hognose 😂

    78. Hallie


    79. Phil DeSarno

      Where and when will the zoo open I want to take my parents?!

    80. Andrew’s Reptiles

      For the tree maybe you could put the green tree pythons on the tree to climb

    81. Andrew’s Reptiles

      I think that a good prize would be a python

    82. NWFGAMER kid

      Where is the facility

    83. Mike B

      Love this channel. I’ve learned so much BUT it drives me crazy when Emily gets excited and her voice go’s into that Stupid Muppet Voice. sounds like a Muppet in heat!!PLEASE STOP

    84. JESSICA

      I love how Aussie Paul and Stuart act because it seems so random in an American video even though Aussie tradies talk like this 24/7

    85. Cool Candy Fish 🐠

      In the cave u should add some air plant 🌱 u mist them once a week they don’t need much lite depends on the type some don’t need to be water thay jest get it from the air and some even have cool flower’s 🌺

    86. Cool Candy Fish 🐠

      15:47 did you spot the coke 🥤?

    87. Merican Boy

      For opening day rent food trucks to have outside

    88. Small Potato


    89. Kayleigh hhh

      Even after the zoo is built we’re going to need to keep on seeing Mandy, she adds so much to the videos 😂

    90. Lori-anne Leonard

      Emily can I have the creepy nom i can't type and if creepy nom I am ok if you want to still have the creepy nom

    91. Aniyah Vlogs 02

      You should get a bearded dragon

    92. Ava Gutierrez

      ed: the vines are slowly disappearing me: *sobs*

    93. Daniella Lesina

      oooh i hope SerpaDesign is invited to the annual build-off!

    94. Steph c


    95. SCYTHERgirl NC

      You could always do a "Bat(h)room" sign in the shape of a bat. As for the cute little ones just find a silicone mold and some glow in the dark resin pigments and make your own. You've already got the experience of mixing two part epoxy resin, and silicone bat molds are pretty cheap.

    96. Jaden Hernandez Segarra

      I luv spooders :-p

    97. Erin H

      U gotta get ants Canada to get in on the build off. I like how he sets up his enclosures, bugs or not

    98. Rayhan's reptiles

    99. Hyperdrive gaming

      put like those glowing worms in the cave bc they dangle from caves roofs i think

    100. Jacob Pitt

      Only real fans stop the vid to read the pop ups lol