Feeding a City in Need

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    THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO EVER! Thank you so much for watching this channel and allowing us to grow this charity! :)
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    1. Saucygamedev

      I wonder what the bank thinks of him

    2. Eduardo Guevara

      God bless u more...🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

    3. Kymani Wilson

      This is beautiful! We appreciate you Mr. Beast!


      new channel


      So good subscribed now for more charities

    6. Sumita Gupta

      Please make a video on "shoutout to channel"

    7. Mujtoba Zawad



      I just clicked on the video and liked it and now I'm leaving cause I know MrBeast will never clickbait anyone of us! :)

    9. WK Gaming Studio

      Guy: Mr beast sux! He must go to hell! After 1 vid from mr best: I SHOULD GIVE MY WHOLE LIFE TO MR BEAST

    10. Stephen Hudson

      The people that put a thumbs down are going to hell why would they do that and don't get me wrong i put thumbs down in some vids but for someone helping people, that's pure evil.

    11. Lavender Games

      Donate to "Myanmar " please!!!

    12. Daniel Brickmann

      the good deeds u're doing and the pure intentions behind your every action speaks for itself. All the best for you always

    13. Tamati Fredrick Dunn-Schwenke

      The beast 😻

    14. BOH BOH


    15. Joshua Meilick

      When Mrbeast dont comes to heaven then idk what else :)

    16. Jacob Sandretto

      Well if Darren loves pickles than we can tell that he is not Chandler in disguise.

    17. Justin Y.


    18. Justin Y.

      I would love to eat that:)))

    19. Peanut Butter

      the ad i got was about brave ( wich is basically an ad block.) ironic , their company won't last long like that

    20. Ryan Lee

      The first time I felt bad for accidentally skipping an add

    21. MXI

      3:30 Mr Beast has taken the meals back from the people HHAAHAHAAH

    22. Nithya Karthik

      Jimmy Just start 10000 mr beast channel we will subscribe to all because of your nice heart

      1. When You actually listen


    23. Veteranfox

      Love this video

    24. ChibiMiku

      at least the disguise work

    25. Jay Dodsworth

      This guy is an angel in disguise.....💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    26. Growtopian Emerald

      the editors probably hate jimmy

    27. Coolkidgamingfortnitr

      Can I have some takis?


      He just upload 2 videos on this channel and got 3.4m sub wow 😳

    29. evalia santorski

      How can people dislike this video ?? Hes literally helping people in need

    30. Cornflakes

      Give this man some MONEY 💰

    31. NovaRex42

      I'm genuinely upset that I can't even make donations 1% this size!! I wanna help very badly but I'm still not sure how to in any way that's impactful

    32. Derek Plazola

      Your soo nice 👍😩🤧😁

    33. John Mart

      Lets go

    34. Somehow Surviving

      Mr. Beast, the things you do for people literally bring tears to my eyes.

    35. Tre Kel

      more vids for this channel jimmy

      1. Tre Kel

        ill watch all 100 times

    36. Where AmI?

      I didnt get any ads and i dont have an ad blocker

    37. Nejdiball

      If DEfasts dare to demonetize the video we will riot

    38. Isaiah Castellanos

      Can you buy me $1,000 and a VR me and my family are doing bad with the bills is too much money we only have $1 to pay it please we need your help

    39. Dawn Kennedy

      Hi Mr beast subscribe to your channel on my father phone on my mother phone

    40. BackdoorBaron

      Just realized I wasn't subscribed to this channel, I had to use a food bank for the first time over the last year. I'm back up on my feet though and I've been giving little bits here and there. Just wanted to say thank you for being a solid role model to the youth! Thanks Jimmy :)

    41. Frostplayz

      Who also wanna change homeless people life with me 🤩

    42. Mr.BaconBro

      0:14 Truly a Miracle

    43. SG Who

      Mr. beast please let me join one of your videos!

    44. Adam Ortiz

      I really hope we make this bigger then the main channel

    45. Cassie Keller

      I usually hate youtube because my 5 year old drives me crazy with it but I found mr beast and I love what he does. Awesome guy

    46. David Arrizola Jr

      Best believe I will be buying the merch. You and the crew are a huge blessing. Keep up the amazing, amazing, wonderful work.

    47. dadon 1

      I need some in New York

    48. Jhung Tech Reviews

      I dont skip the ads everytime i watch your videos. Because I know even small revenye from the ads its my way of saying I support you. Godbless you more Mr Beast

    49. Bby Mama

      Good job mrbeast

    50. Min /\

      You’re amazing

    51. Yousuf Omar Choudhury

      Question to the 1.7k people who disliked. Why, this guy helped 28000 families

    52. Landon French

      This is what you call a radom comment where what you read isn’t what it is. For example: you didn’t realize that random didn’t have a n in it.

    53. Стэнли Коэн

      Wot idk (I didn’t Know) This Was Here

    54. Juan Francisco

      I am going to actually watch the ad at the end of the video

    55. CARLA Neff

      How many channels do you have

    56. 5K Kids Gaming

      Great to see DEfastsrs giving back. Our son's dream is to reach 10,000 subscribers and someday maybe even reach 50,000! We admire your aspiration and courage to take on a completely new path in life. It was a great decision!

    57. Dagga Boy

      jus doing my part for the algorithm

    58. StealthX_Scar


    59. Sergio Modesto Torres

      Yeah, Mr.Beast

    60. Funmonkey 21

      Commenting to boost !!

    61. Art Tutorials

      Mister beast Lebanon needs lots of your help Edit : i meen jimmy ♥️

    62. Meg Carr

      Hey my dad works at lances some body put a can a nail like a metal one so be careful

    63. Bluezberry

      New channel wooo

    64. RohGamer

      This is just great

    65. Runa

      This is the reason why I subscribed to mr beast

    66. Linda Edwards

      I just want to say Kudos to your mom. She raised great sons! You're generous to a fault and it's how I feel about my own kiddos. Never give up what you're doing for those around you. Blessings. P.S. I got my Mr. beast limited edition t-shirt today! I am very impressed with it. It's very roomy and comfy! ;-) Thank you, Jimmy and crew!!

    67. -Blacklist- BG

      Wait when did you have this channel wth

      1. 1h2 poink

        Been here since 2020

    68. Hari Magar


    69. Stephen Garrison

      Hope you make some money off of my comments for those in need. Great work

    70. AL JUNUDS

      He shaked his hands 9999999 times

    71. That Rust kid

      This is the first time I feel good when watching ads on a DEfasts video.

    72. Rowen

      I want to work there now 🥰🥰🥰

    73. esteban mo

      Mrbest free for me pass the fortnite my name and fortnite is supergamenoob

    74. trenton pigeon

      we all love u mrbeast and can you help are city is Oklahoma okmulgee

    75. Mrbeast Misanthropy

      I’m the opposite you and I’ve escaped my cage and you better fear. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    76. bluehairdawg2

      i subbed to every channel and good job..

    77. unblow

      god may forgive the dislikes but i wont.

    78. Süße DNA

      The people who disliked it

    79. Mirthful Mellous

      The only channel I'll whitelist

    80. Husamm Bader

      Who dislikes a wholesome video like this

    81. Adi and Mahi Experiments

      Mr beast after 10 years, let's feed the country in need

    82. Riya

      *hugs to everyone*

    83. Anime creator

      I did suscribe through whole acnt from my family... I wanna win the $$$$

    84. Craig Martin

      You mean no longer Jimmy donaldson

    85. kaysan parent


    86. Marco Bowers

      Wow this is azming good job mr beast

    87. Lexi Aridano

      What this is not me best

    88. tomatofrog

      i didnt think i could respect you more

    89. Timothy Citta

      MrBeast: "Feeding a city in need" Everyone coming in their fancy cars: 👁👄👁

    90. OWSHII

      soo many mrbeast Mrbeast Mrbeast reacts Mrbeast gaming Mrbeast philanthropy MrBeast 2 MrBeast shorts well heck theres even a MrBro

    91. Gidy Hidy


    92. iiMattzuka

      we need *B E A N S*

    93. Ender Prince

      If Mr. Beast is running for a position of government, no matter what side I will vote for him

    94. SeanC571

      Mr. Beast (Jimmy), if you would like some help with your packaging needs(boxes tape etc.) Please reach out. We have nation distribution and I think we can help.

    95. Luke E

      Hey I want takis

    96. Mareena Ali

      This is my favourite video ever

    97. Panda_Cøøkies

      *this is why jimmy is our king*

    98. Phantom Slayer

      To the people who disliked this. Why

    99. iiAsh_xley

      I just dont understand the dislike, this man is giving people how needs food and that food . What have we doing wrong??

    100. Simon Smiles

      It makes me smile seeing how far he’s come. I have never seen such a good hearted person like this before. Jimmy is truly an angel in disguise.