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    1. bone cc

      So I was planning on doing a massive water change and cleaning my canister filter. Should I save some of the water in the canister filter and once everything is clean out that water back in the canister?

    2. Shadow Nova

      How big of a tank is this

      1. Shadow Nova

        I’ve got a 260 tank I’m setting up 72x24x36 and was thinking of doing an Oscar species tank.

    3. Shahkz

      I love oscars.

    4. Elizabeth De Foy Bernier

      Buddy's tank was one of the best one! it was unique and awesome

    5. Solid Gold

      I feel like have multiple tanks for plants would be a fun challenge so you can show noobie aquarist the greatest of them


      🤔Tht kind of look good foggy like that though

    7. Gavin Halloran

      Why do my plants not grow?

    8. Big Shrimpin' Aquascapes with Alex

      Do an update on the tank you put in the wall

    9. Simon Manifold


    10. Ha Y N Fish Keeper

      Braddah J the Oscar tank looks 💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎

    11. Steve S.

      Well, as far as the hobby goes, I'm a chemist (I literally got my degree in it), and amateur engineer & biologist, hahaha!!!

    12. Andrei Neculau


    13. Alex Phillips

      I know I’m a little late but I’m a tarantula rancher!

    14. Vincent Cordes

      you should get a fire eel. plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

    15. Kobe Bautista

      This is awesome! great job joey☝☝☝

    16. Arya H

      I don't think this works for transferring bacteria boss. You just want to throw the actual cleaned sponge in the water and that will seed out more bacteria

    17. Banannas

      We are all of those. We culture and care for many life forms in our aquariums.

    18. Oma.arre.1

      Discus would look good in there.

    19. thequantumstring

      I'm an algea grower 😆

    20. Ian's Coral Reef

      Love your videos I’m into salt water but it’s so nice to see lots of exciting things

    21. John King, Sr

      Am I a fish keeper? Am I an Aquarist? No my friend, YOU, like me, are a "backyard biologist"! 😆

    22. kevin augustsson

      In the koi hobby there's a saying "we don't keep fish, we keep water"

    23. Mikael Härmä

      Did a remake of my aquarium recently but didn’t touch the filter just for that reason

    24. OC Lexus

      beautiful can't wait for them to grow

    25. Rana Arham

      I'm a bird keeper. Lol

    26. Christian Oest

      De er smukke Fantastisk stykke arbejde Wowiiii

    27. Ontario-Angler

      Where did you get your Arowana decor for the wall?

    28. fly guy

      Nice job 👍 the smartest fish you will ever own

    29. Noxious Rooster

      A shoal of oscars ? Good luck with that , when a pair match and want to breed the others will need to be removed or it will be a battle ground .

      1. Noxious Rooster

        @Royally Challenged Kept several pairs of oscars and bred them , their not shoaling fish and will pair off , then the aggression starts ...laugh your arse off all you want im speaking from experience

      2. Royally Challenged

        this man has kept these fish for a long time, I think he knows what he's up to lmfao

    30. william horn

      What are the pink fish in the old tank

    31. Jeff Harris

      I always say, we’re water water keepers first fish keepers second, the most important aspect for healthy fish is healthy water.

    32. Clive D’Souza


    33. Liam Savage

      White gravel?

    34. Jack Ashmore

      I just miss hook now


      guys, how many oscar can we add into a 4feet tank?

    36. Tony S

      Love most of your tanks. Not a fan of this one however.

      1. Fish boy


    37. Fish Tank

      Your work is a ppreciated brother nice video😃👍

    38. DID YOU SEE THAT ! by vfirehorse

      Beautiful such a treat to watch all you wonders !

    39. Gold Formation


    40. Danny Hyde

      Love it they look great

    41. wolffriendinus

      I actually really like it, their color really pops with that dark background. They'll look even better given time.

    42. Josephs Tropical Tanks

      Hi joe I challenge you to be a part of the 90 day collaboration video send in your video if you except my challenge To help all small channels in the aquarium Hobby grow

    43. Postinoification

      With the amount of time and energy spent on keeping water parameters at healthy levels, fish keepers are more so "water keepers" than fish keepers.

    44. Raul Rodriguez

      With that setup a Big tank looks like a small one... It hides the fish

    45. AnAnD Y

      I think you should add some sand into this tank.. just for highlights

      1. Brad

        The fish will move it around and make it cloudy.

    46. Pratosh Alurkar

      The goldfish tank was the best ..this isn't as good as I had hoped to be honest ..

      1. Dave F

        The goldfish tank was cool. He said he was going to get them back but it never happened.

    47. Harry Urban

      Tiger oscars are really nice fish . They become puppy dogs with their wonderful personality

    48. Noval D'Souza

      Typical Joey.. I knew u would want to hang things soon but did not think it would be the same day 😂 cool tank Joey! Ohh BTW.. Ur a bacteria cultivating fish keeper, 😂

    49. Yash Jaiswal

      Best Tank Ever. OSCARS💯

    50. With Out Fear

      Love this tank the fish are beautiful

    51. With Out Fear

      I'm all 3

    52. Spacemoney 22

      I think the wood needs a pleco

    53. Thomas Kong

      That driftwood piece looks awful in than tank. Sorry Joey.

      1. Shawn Baker

        That. Just a fyi.

    54. TheRedFin

      Cute oscars

    55. CritterGirl

      Now I want a video about her dogs!

    56. Brad Cray

      Build a swim bridge between your two big tanks in the future

    57. RelaBox - Аквариумистика

      О, довольно не плохо

    58. ThePro

      WOW the red color in those fish really pops!


      1.5x speed

    60. Christopher Fassett

      I'd love to see Joey update his knowledge on the nitrogen oxidizers in our filters. Nitrosonomas and nitrobacter are the most common bacterial oxidizers, though other species are active in our tanks. However, it's only been in the last decade or so that we've started to understand how huge a role ammonia oxidizing archaea have in our tanks, and given that they have unique conditions to thrive, our lack of education on the subject is likely a big cause of cycle instability in newly established tanks (not established from existing cycled media) 6-9 months after the initial cycling.

    61. Daniel Maldonado

      I'm a water and soil keeper lol take care of the water and the water takes care of the fish, take care of the soil and the soil takes care of the plants

    62. Ulas Aktok

      Isn't that wood what caused the death of Buddy? I'd have burned it a long time ago.

    63. Eduardo Sierra

      I give it a month before he takes it down for another tank lols

    64. АкваСвет


    65. Edward O'Brien

      I know you didn't plan to keep those pink tetras, but they would make a nice pop of color it that dark tank.

    66. Mr. Pisces

      You've been a huge inspiration to me, I love your content and everything you do! I'm starting a channel and just order a bunch of stuff to start my first fish room! Thank you so much for everything you have done! God Bless and Much Love! ✌️

    67. MrMayhem

      I really wanted to see how you did the plumbing Joey

    68. Daniel Jones

      Those Oscars look amazing

    69. EzMoney95

      Come on joey you sound like a woman it looks awesome keep up the good work

    70. peacelizard

      You should've left the tank half full to see if you could've trained the Oscars to jump through the driftwood hole like Free Willy

    71. Tea Stays Hot


      1. The king of DIY

        I never replace it. Simply rinse it in tank water every month or so. It takes years for it to degrade down, I have literally never had to replace though.

      2. mody osman

        You never realy need to switch bio media, sponges can be replaced if they start to crumble or get hard, while solid medias should be fine indefinitely.

    72. Audio_Video115

      I've got a few irons in the stove🤣😂🤣

    73. Aqua Mate

      I love how Oscars always sook the moment they get put in their new tank or something changes haha, love the tank

    74. Hazwan Shah

      I think you should put some white sand so the oscar will pop out. Plus.. personally, u should remove the wood and put smaller woods in there

    75. somegirlswill

      I tell people the fish are just a decoration, we are actually keeping water 😂

    76. shaqfutwism

      i know that this is an aquarium/fish channel... but after showing that video of tamara with her dog, you should make a video about it joey. ant btw happy valentine's day

    77. shaqfutwism

      buddy!!! 😢💔

    78. Hornkatten

      I would love some albinos with them as well 😍

    79. ishii-san

      Looked like Joey was going to drink out of the pitcher 😆

    80. Adk Gal adk gal

      Bacteria cultivater for sure. The tank looks excellent, whada talkin about?

    81. Jr_M10

      Joy, I think the wood inside & the plants make it pretty similar to the rest of the other tanks. I think if you use a smaller LED light, maybe a cool white color. Set it up in the middle of the tank. That way it will look bright in the middle & Dark from the side. Also changing from gravel to black Marble stone (not solid black) will make it look cool.

    82. Lydia Torres

      Me and my fiancé watch your videos. We currently have 3 oscars and they are the puppy dogs in the fish hobby for sure !!! Beautiful fish tank!

    83. Esco 61

      Have you considered making a hood to go over the tank to keep the cats down?

    84. jack parkin

      What a beautiful home tank

    85. Barefoot Fish

      Oh man love it 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    86. David Long

      Any videos of Tamara doing her dog competition. That looked cool.

      1. The king of DIY

        Ya, she has her own channel. A few of them actually. I here she used to post all that stuff

    87. firdaus shajahan

      malaysian viewwer here



    89. GAZ

      Keep water and the fish will look after them self

    90. Matty B

      I can’t help but imagine the ceramic media as little rolls of toilet paper.

    91. Eric Young

      Joey- the surface area of ceramics used to treat water is determined using a method called BET (for the three authors of the original work, Brunauer, Emmett, and Teller). This method uses specific conditions to allow nitrogen molecules to adhere to the surface whose properties are being tested. Because the nitrogen molecules are so much smaller than the size of a bacterium, the "usable" surface area for aquarium purposes is vastly overstated. These claims are true, in a sense, but they are not accurate in the context of the aquarium hobby. FWIW, I've done BET surface area testing, and I've also worked in microbiology. Ceramics simply do not offer the usable surface area that their claims so often boast.

    92. Tuli Iuli

      I’m a babysitter/house cleaner

    93. Ready Aquarium

      You forgot to bring over the not yours glofish :p

    94. RUW in Aqua !!!

      Oscar is cool fish but If I were you I will keep it with other monster fish :)

    95. Jay K 11

      Give your Oscars Greek gods names.

    96. James Doyle

      As they get bigger, will they start showing aggression towards each other?

    97. bng188

      There seems to be mixed opinions on using mulm to seed new bio media...why would some believe in it and use it the way you've demonstrated while others don't?

    98. Long Island Fish Guy

      Dude those are George's brothers!

    99. Diane Wurzer

      Your Oscars are on 🔥, they are awesome. 👏 🤗

    100. Bryce Phillips

      Joe Saliton ("permaculture" farmer) said "I'm a grass farmer not a cow or chicken farmer" bc that's the base of his ecological system of farming practice. Bacterial farmer first fish second.