Flames @ Oilers 2/20/21 | NHL Highlights


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    Extended highlights of the Calgary Flames at the Edmonton Oilers

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    1. HEY TON3Y

      Connor in the house

    2. iansteelmatheson

      Mahomes is the McDavid of the NFL

    3. Mr. Hippo Productions

      You know it’s bad when your best player says he will try his best and you lose 7-1 and even then the only goal you get is from pushing the goalie in the net

    4. greenbluemonkey

      Im a Canucks fan, but you can't deny McDavid's talent. Pure awesomeness.

      1. The Walnut

        Best player in the league

    5. W Gemini

      Oiler looks great, but why does the league allow all the dirty plays? Like the first goal, the oiler player was cross checking the defender. And when McDavid got his third goal, he was clearly hit after scoring.

    6. jhh pp

      Mcdavid is flying

    7. jehu1313

      The flames need to get a goalie soon, these shooter tutors aren't going to cut it in the NHL.

    8. OrangeManBad

      Oh look at that Koskinen played a good game and I think that goal should not have been counted. I mean what could have Koskinen done there? And Edmonton's D-players have REALLY surprised the whole hockey world. Could they have a chance for the Cup in any scenario this season?....

    9. CP4Z

      Edmonton almost signed Markstrom long term lol

    10. Jacob Schwartz

      wow. 44-24 shot count. 7/24 for the flames smh

    11. Robby Suter

      Flames fans 2 weeks ago acting like they won the Stanley Cup LOL.

    12. ss396rip

      I sense a trade in the future for Calgary, near future.

    13. Charlie Bernardin

      Why didn't they show the fight

    14. Crisp Rat

      How do you guys find Barrie with Edmonton this year?

      1. Matt H

        Great, so important that players like him and Nurse scores,too and their playing is getting better and better

    15. Stephen Mcilwraith

      Matthews isn't even close to being compared to McDavid. TSN = Toronto Sports Network.

      1. The Walnut

        @TayR0C I meant to say dad my bad

      2. TayR0C

        @The Walnut daf?

      3. The Walnut

        Fr, I was talking about that alot with my daf

    16. Alex Gull

      Does NHL not allow hitting or fighting anymore? Don't show the hit where koekoe got knocked out by Bennet. Or where Khaira beat up Bennett. Or when Yamamoto got knocked out of the game by a questionable hit as well. Why are you so scared to post? It's part of the game

      1. TayR0C

        The NHL channel literall didnt show any fights from that epic EDM/CGY Game last season. Not even the goalie fight. Pathetic.

      2. Real Deal Prospecting

        They are trying to make it more enticing for women, and effeminate men to get more viewers. 🤢 🤮

      3. JimTheHammerXCIII

        I missed the game and am trying to find the Yama hit/injury... can't find it anywhere...

    17. Kyle Newcomer

      McDavid is just downright frightening to play against. He makes everyone else look like they're in slow motion. That no look goal was absolutely insane... those handles!

    18. Manfred Richter

      How the hell did James Neal get an assists on the 6:1? Weren't Draisaitls bad touch and Nurses touch the last contact before the goal? Am I completely stupid?

    19. giannis penesis

      Mc David is legend!!!! Jewel for ice hockey!!!!!

    20. coldstiil

      flames D needs to set an example.... lets oilers run over Koskinen time after time.

    21. Cyber Ghost

      The flames disappointed me that day😓😓

    22. _ANIMATIONS! _ kiNU thESPaCEMouSE!_ q.,.P }S

      All glory to McDavid but Koskinen was on fire today

    23. TheVancejordan22

      Go oilers

    24. Uriah

      Brazil vs Germany flashbacks..

    25. Erik Swanson

      7 goals on 24 shots? Brutal!

    26. benaissa Ahmed

      rittich was drunk

    27. S Waseem

      The flames got smoked

    28. Cade

      Dog water dollar tree goalie Edit: Goalies*

    29. Mark Gonzales

      Canucks in Markstroms head is no good moving forward

    30. djmips

      I hope this gets back to the broadcaster: please no singing of McDavid's name on goals. That's cringe worthy. Just stop.

    31. Mark Smith

      Man of front of the net on Edmonton’s first and third goals of the game. Darnell Nurse with a couple of good helpers. Play off hockey.

    32. Duns Broccoli

      Where’s the Bennett headshot on Koekkoek?

    33. oopopp x

      McDavid had 5 pts before the game was even HALF done.... a part of me even wanted the flames to get a couple of goals so McD keeps it going and we see how many points he can get on a night like this... but you know, Hapless flames... lol... McD turned it off after his 5th point and Tipps barely played him in the 3rd...

    34. Wolfram Stornhauser


    35. KJSingh97

      The Flames have been so mediocre since losing the cup in 04 my interest in this team keeps going down every year

    36. The21abc

      McDavid’s pissed after he didn’t get a point last game.

    37. Budzzable Rides

      Scary part is I think he can play even better! LOL

      1. The Walnut

        Yeah drai wasn't hot that night

    38. shahin hammouda 2

      jesus the oilers are doing amazing so far and connor mcdavid WTF MAN WHAT A GOAL MAN DID NOT EVEN LOOK AT THE NET!

    39. Nathan

      Flames got Braziled

    40. J T

      Old Marky Mark finding out that he had signed to the wrong team

      1. The Walnut

        Edmonton could be a top team if their goalies were more consistent

    41. deli man

      McDavid is just gonna keep getting better and that just blows the mind. Next 3 to 5 seasons are gonna be insane.

      1. The Walnut

        All 5 seasons are gonna be 100 point seasons if he stays healthy

    42. Everest Tommy

      Is this the Calgary flames farm team that showed up to play the oilers haha damn they got a spanking

    43. Dac Md

      And that is how you should play at home.

    44. Murray Brown

      I’m laughing so hard at how pathetic tkachuk is at tryna get a reaction out the oilers then again he’s gotten brave after being thrown about by kassian everytime


      Koskinen absolute brick!!

    46. HungryHUNGarian 007

      Everybody focusing on Mcdavid but nobody is talking about Koskinen’s 43 save performance.

      1. ruutis juutis


      2. OrangeManBad

        @The Walnut Okay then I understand the call. The game is so fast right now that it's sometimes really hard to make the right call!

      3. The Walnut

        @OrangeManBad it was cause nurse caused him to be pushed,

      4. OrangeManBad

        Yep what a great bounce back game for him! And the 1 goal should have not been counted IMO. Koskinen was shoved in his own net what could he had done differentely?

    47. 1000 subscribers 0 videos

      Although mcdavid had a burst in offence, the bottom 6 for the oilers have been outstanding these past couples games! If kosk and smith are both able to lock in like we saw with kosk tonight, and the Dcore continues to produce, and the bottom 6 keep working hard, and let the top 2 lines do what they do... I’m not gonna jinx anything but I’ll say this is the best I’ve seen the oilers since 16-17🤷🏼‍♂️

    48. its Emrest

      McDavid is literally the best player of all time, I doubt we'll ever see a better player in the league.

    49. Prime Stopper 12

      The Calgary goal was goaly interference!!!

    50. Chris Hansen

      Would be nice if the goal horn didn't sound like that

    51. carl roberts

      to that tune anything matthews can do i can dooo better

    52. Because Reasons

      More like the slaughtering in Alberta...

    53. New Vintage

      How long is Markstroms contract again?

      1. Ryan S

        6 years isn’t it

    54. Another Needless Network

      oilers goal horn is so feminine

    55. Neo Reimdal

      Macdavid hat trick

    56. Flames 213

      Yo get rid of Markstrom please!

    57. Ethan Rakell

      And the lone Flame goal was a garbage goal.

    58. Another Needless Network

      oops, TWO goals on THREE shots, way to go markstrom! Next round of drinks is on Jim Benning!

    59. Another Needless Network

      Took until the second shot to beat markstrom he's getting better. Canucks beat him on their very first shot the last two games markstrom played before this one. calgary gets SIX years of this at SIX MILLION. Jim Benning for mayor.

    60. Deez Nuts

      McGriddle is a hell of a treat to watch

    61. O_ o

      McDavid is NASTY

    62. garry leonhardt

      Live in Calgary....haven't been a Flames fan since the Colorado playoff blowout a couple years ago.....they just aren't good enough

    63. Kaiser

      Hot take: Darnell Nurse should be on Team Canada for the Olympics.

    64. Jacob Hobart

      Good game Edmonton Oilers and tough loss Calgary Flames!

      1. All sports Highlights fan

        Good old Jacob !

    65. StefAcho

      Feel bad for both keepers in Calgary cuz the defense was terrible!!!!!!

    66. Some Stranger

      Edmonton really performed well. And Calgary just fell apart.

    67. Christoph Loebel

      ok now i really think Milans time in the nhl is over, so please come to Germany(-:

    68. abcdefg abcdefg

      Poor goalies 7 goals allowed in less than 20 shoots At least 4 of them were back door or open slot shots ...

    69. Ed Dabbs

      All this game lacked was Tkachuk being repeatedly punched 🤣

      1. M Deluxe

        Tkachuk ..... what do u expect from a guy that wears his hair in pubic style??

    70. Elle Sun

      Flames kinda suck!

    71. Jonathan Funnell


    72. Yeg'r

      Can someone post the khaira bennet fight.

    73. Jt Williams

      Rittich was absolutely frozen in indecision from the second period on. Only question is, can Edmonton actually make a deep playoff run? All their offensive talent is great, but they’re missing something. They’d better challenge for the Cup, this year

      1. Mid Life Crisis Actor

        Whats the point of commenting on Rittich after he comes into a game his team is losing 5-1?

    74. Taylor Stroyek

      Not only did Calgary loose like they used to in the 80s they even wore the jerseys to match

    75. Mark Beaulieu

      You cannot dangle the puck like that and score a goal without looking at the goalie UNLESS your McJesus. Glassews doesn't have that kind of talent.

      1. All sports Highlights fan

        I don’t think it’s talent it’s thousands of hours of training

    76. update

      S'gooooooooo bwoiiiiiz!!!

    77. Bob Rogers

      Archibald is under rated

    78. 24 BBALLER

      The nr 19 is trying so hard to hurt someone like wtf is his problem i know it s hockey but chill down bro

      1. gq q

        @T H I said it before it's a family trait

      2. T H

        Tkachuk is an embarrassment to the game. He's Sean Avery 2.0

    79. Defext Official

      Hey, Calgary... SUCK IT.

    80. Alan Grygar

      44-24 in shots FOR CALGARY talk about McDavids highlights all u want, Koskinen won the game for Oilers tonight

      1. T H

        Sure Kosk had a great game, sure Flames had a lot of shots, but most were outside perimeter shots, not real dangerous and those shots aren't good for much if you don't get bodies down low which they didn't do much of

      2. NOS

        Pfff 7-1 game is not a goalie win game

    81. Douglas

      Those nights where Edmonton’s offense just clicks... scary

      1. The Walnut

        One of the best offenses in the league

      2. Abiril the Archer

        and thats without draisaitl popping off too, i just want to see one night where depth, dcore, and both parts of mcdrai pop off

    82. JonesTonesGuitar

      Matthew Tkachuk put pressure on himself to have a good game? He better not do that anymore...lol ...modern version of a goon

    83. nikkethegreat

      I think McDavid has IDKFA enabled.

    84. Rainbow Ho-Oh

      Calgary plays so dirty. I guess they are replacing the 2011-2019 Bruins in terms of being scummy.

      1. Rafael X Amorim


    85. Funky Gamer

      Lawl Flames suck

    86. Dan

      Flames best player is their goon lolol

    87. Jackie Desmond

      Flames fans are pretty quiet hahahaha

    88. thetruelie

      McDavid could be blind and it wouldn't even matter... unreal

      1. Another Needless Network

        @JimTheHammerXCIII markstrom

      2. JimTheHammerXCIII

        @Rafael X Amorim His disciples lead him in, and he just does the rest.

      3. Rafael X Amorim

        @JimTheHammerXCIII speed and hands

      4. JimTheHammerXCIII

        How do you think he does it? What makes him so good?

      5. Ryan S

        McDavid just use the force to score

    89. Nick M

      No stick flip from Rittich today, huh?

      1. Ryan S

        The goalie fight was epic last season

      2. All sports Highlights fan

        What? He didn’t play most of the game and that was last season lol. And before you say I’m a bias flames fan, im a pens fan.

    90. Rickie Wardrobe

      And Calgary is terrible folks

    91. Hopla Hop

      that puck skate control from Connor... it is like he has spider eyes all over

    92. VPT R

      you love to see the pacifier sucking idiot´s team to lose

    93. VPT R

      Too bad the referees decided rob Koskinen´s shut out.

    94. Jacob Namod

      i remember feeling bad last game but remember having a feeling, that next game, might be a slaughter that i even wouldve accepted our slaughter this round, but i felt that and results are in!, calgary got humbled!. now next game is not going to be like this at all, calgaries gonna test edmontons unstable defences next time, LETS GO>.

      1. Jacob Namod

        @Mervyn Lan calgary will slap us around next game i feels it, we'll be back to cussing out our defence and goalie (march 6th*)

      2. Mervyn Lan

        I heard that somewhere, oh wait, that’s it! Last game!

    95. Solveiga Skrebele

      Oilers suck and hack

    96. Don Stanford

      And cheap shot artist Tkachuk even cost his team at least one goal with a stupid penalty. He got away with a lot of trash in the first period. At some point the zebras had to call him for something. They were letting him away with everything. I thought he was injured because they hardly played him in the 3rd period. Sad to see a talented player like him reduced to playing dirty all the time. Only a matter of time before he seriously injures someone and gets a major suspension. It was nice to see his smug smile disappear tonite after McDavid and company torched his team.

      1. Little gems

        He is hardly as talented as people think. Very over rated. Pool party is way more talented.

    97. M.F. Luder

      Koskinen 43 saves.

    98. Tyrone St Denis

      Calgary on tilt !! Loll

    99. Curtis Yuen

      How's that markstrom contract looking now 🤭

      1. Ryan S

        Not going to bash the flames I’m not like that and I do believe this wasn’t Markstrom fault but his teammates did not help him at all

      2. Mid Life Crisis Actor

        @MultiCappie yes and neither was rittitch so why spend 10 million to upgrade that position?

      3. Rafael X Amorim

        I mean markstrom still the best player on the team lol

      4. Little gems

        @MultiCappie I’d say he’s a big part of the problem. Complete over pay. Thank god the oilers never signed him.

      5. MultiCappie

        If you actually follow the Flames, you would say he might be the best player on the team. The entire organisation in front of him is in full meltdown right now. He's not the problem.

    100. Joshua Tran

      Anytime any Tkachuk loses, is a win for everyone.