Flying RC Car

Dude Perfect

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    RC cars are way more fun when they are FLYING!! Our craziest RC battle yet!!
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    1. 꿈에나타나

      통과할때 스릴째지네요 ㅋㅋ

    2. Roadhog Gaming

      Backyard stunt man

    3. RDV {aquele cara que é fan do JL}

      literalmente eles tao jogando as gopro no lixo

    4. Rudransh Deep

      Please add some more new videos

      1. Rudransh Deep

        You really are perfect 👌

    5. XG The OG

      When are they gonna post again

    6. Lucas Guilherme alves

      watched from the beginning

    7. Marks Activities

      I have been at your HQ before. I have a youtube channel too! Marks activities.👍

    8. Austin Doty

      Go subscribe to stereotype king!!!

      1. Amethyst Corgi

        Go subscribe to stereotype King 🤴!!!!!!!

    9. Cio Muda

      When will u get 100 million subs

    10. Brittany Stapleton


    11. L and A Girls


    12. Lucas Pires Kamegawa

      Rocket league mode on

    13. Ryan Sickmiller

      ty: i have the first pl

    14. Ryan Sickmiller

      yo my fave youtuber

    15. Elisabeth Leavell

      are you guys comming to louisville kentucky?

    16. Kaden Farmer

      Is there still ot

    17. laurie shepard

      yhrlkewurhmfgopvb nfmgfynibhlmvknjtylimnlkdho,;h.ghpb,'e;rmtifngclhiomjitrghkhlvtjrkthlfmiocdjtfhhmov,gijhm,ygjm;tilhoulbkfgkvtlmi fvbhgl,mhktymji.cuhfmfjgbjitbj,fghklby,hrjvbuykor6iktuyh9tkoujhuiytiobv7tyiojcghkvfpooip[ep]okopp-;jgjkhgjjb kbmnhbbn,mmvhlkkhklhjklyjklhhmjkhmihjuy

    18. Jayden Johansen

      No GoPro was harmed in the making of this video.

    19. Septemise

      and the s in dudes

    20. Septemise


    21. Septemise

      take out the these and are

    22. Septemise


    23. Jeremy Larick

      Let us see panda I want to see who it actually is

    24. Bahram 'Star


    25. Gianluca Perruzza

      No one cares but the reason the balloon car didn’t work was because the balloons caused a larger drag force on the car because of how wide they were. An example of this is a parachute.

    26. Robert

      Petition for model rocket 3

    27. SAR

      You need to make this dog happy! 🐕 1. This dog need Tampa Bay to reply saying Doggo. 2. This dog need Dude Perfect to Wassup Doggo. 3. This dog needs to be happy, say something nice!

    28. Kovawe i tyle

      I love it

    29. grayden greenberg

      How many views and subs can I get from this comment???

    30. Sascha Hitzendorfer

      Team Coby all the way!!

    31. Can Bulut

      Türkiyeye selamlar keşkr böyle şeyler kopyalasanız arkadaşla3

    32. Archie Wright.01

      No wonder they are cold dude perfect

    33. Jay

      Last time I saw these people was when they had 40m

    34. Sead Music

      The tree C’s are in the finale

    35. Braden Verbrugghe

      What are y’all doing😏 There was no new video on Monday

    36. BassRod&Reel

      Dude perfect vs googan squad airsoft war

    37. Kevin Kozicki

      hi I love you guys


      Ty looked like he had more fun running over the cars then being in the finale

    39. juju_hockey48

      “2020 won...2020 won...2020 won....2020 won”

    40. Mikey Renteria

      Dude perfect is the best

    41. random man idk

      Its so cold in finland

    42. gaming bro's

      Dude perfect I don’t know if you will see this but for a future video use the song love runs out pls

    43. Drifter 008

      can you make a rc Drift car battle please???

    44. Kevin Skatez9

      it was the gopro

    45. Avishai Samber

      he did it again!!

    46. Rajat Kar

      Plz Rply Me

    47. Rajat Kar

      Hi I M Indian

    48. Donna Salvail

      I wish I could have an rc car like that while y'all just running them over smh...

    49. Jewish Hitler


    50. taslima khatun

      Dude the camera get crushed

    51. Christopher Jolly77

      These Dudes Are Perfect!!

    52. noel hutchins

      I thought the magnus effect would be coming into play

    53. hen ko

      Tyler: Hello am T Garret: and am G Me: And that’s TG plays

    54. Walkah Vlogs

      Have a great DAY all 💪💪 IF anyone wants content check me out!

    55. Walkah Vlogs

      Have a great DAY all 💪💪 IF anyone wants content check me out!

    56. Jaroslav klepal

      This Is briliant🤩

    57. CJHarris18

      Who else wants new episodes on Hulu for DP

    58. Sanjana Sanju

      Trick shots plz

    59. Akash H Nair

      Mann I wished that ty would win this time

    60. Brian Connor

      I have been saving up for a traxxas rc and they are just destroying them LOL

    61. james buckley

      Dude pathetic. 😎

    62. isaiah balderas

      What is up dude perfect I’ve been watching you sent 5 yours old and now I’m going to turn 11 yours old

    63. Wiktoria Nguyen

      Me be like: thats so sad but thats so funny hahahha 7:55 Me again: oh wow thats so STRONG AND STILL WORKS

    64. Troxu

      How many GoPros had you destroyed for all videos ? XD

    65. Vladislav Beit

      What kind of music 8:05

    66. Ibrahim Rahmathullah

      Pls make another vedio I am waiting for a long time

    67. Jack Hoyt

      How do they get this to work????

    68. RoKKsi•CS:GO

      WOW PERFECT ❤❤❤❤🇧🇦🇺🇲

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      More to watch

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      You guys are lit

    71. SM

      6:45 That’s what she said Sorry Ty

    72. Onur Kedikli

      Dude perfect dp

    73. Mohammed Ismail Rana

      dude perfect it is just 2 things I want. 1. please make a bike race video. 2. please download bike race and do your name. tell me your names in bike race. my one Is called ISMAIL.


      I love this kind of series 😙😚😍

    75. earthiopkm TV2551


    76. F I T

      Last vehicle was awesome😆

    77. fabianoide 007

      It's like rocket league

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      Awesome ✌️

    79. Никита Моисеев

      Sponsored by Rocket League

    80. Ve Walm

      Team cory

    81. Danielle Mullings

      Anyone else noticing VERY inappropriate ads on DP videos lately? I emailed them, trying to get DEfasts to fix this so it’s safe for my kid to watch.

    82. Cameron Dowman


    83. Cameron Dowman


    84. Kingshuk _Chowdhury

      They are really perfect 😇

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      More Judge Dudy

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      Show the bloopers also to become your funny and more and more humans will also see.