Food Theory: How Long Could You SURVIVE Locked In A Grocery Store?

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6 Mio. aufrufe488

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    I've seen the videos Creators posted about trying to live for 24 hours in a grocery store or places like Target. That got me thinking. How long COULD you survive in a grocery store? Whether you were locked in or it was your home base in a zombie apocalypse, how long would you be able to SURVIVE with that as your only source of sustenance? Today, I'm going to settle in and find out!
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    Editors: Josh Langman, Koen Verhagen, and Forrest Lee
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
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    1. natural4lifemiss

      hope he remembered to count the stock out back lol

    2. Abdul Wasay

      Admit it most of us would die from overdosing on our favourite stuff

    3. Titan MODE

      How long can someone last in SCP-3008 (Infinite Ikea) without the Employees.

    4. Jakob H

      What about water? Did I miss something?

    5. Makula

      Can Evan plant more food?

    6. icebreaker

      Me; all the snacks gone

    7. ZahavaLiorOfficial

      This has been perhaps my most enjoyable youtube video-watching experience of my entire life, hands down. A masterpiece of mathematics, probability, and cinema. Kudos

    8. Stacy Nieves

      Food Theory: Mountain Dew is disintegrating your body. (I love MD too much to care)

    9. Dan Peters

      This was one of the most entertaining ideas I think I've seen on DEfasts in recent years

    10. Curvilinear Cube

      Spelling out SKU instead of pronouncing it Skyoo gave me psychic damage

    11. AgentPinkify

      I work at a grocery store so 😏😏

    12. Alexander Feddema

      That safeway is the one right by my house 😭

    13. Drew Loveday

      Hold up i think i would survive a lot longer nowing for a fact that it is so much better to have a plant diet then a meat diet you would also get all your vitamins from the store in tablets and due to plants being so much better for self healing it would be alot less risky if i had a cut or a bruise also if u had alot of spice to your diet you wouldent need to eat so much and you wouldn't have that risk of eating anything raw by accident cause accidents happen also if you where in a zombie or alien appocolyps dont you think they could follow the smoke and climb through the window but if i did need to cook something like lentils i could figure out how to work the air vents and if not maby only open the window or door a little not enought for something to climb through but enough to let a little smoke out and due to all the windows and doors being open a little it would act like a massive window was open

    14. HTBCerberus

      He could’ve grown food too a lot stores sell plant seeds, soil, pots, he’d have water and use the sunlight from the window

    15. Danny Gebreab

      how long can you last stuck in a burger king? 🤔

    16. Noneyou'veseen

      I would hope over 63.3 years, you would have figured out how to use hydroponics (no soil plus using nutrients) to your advantage. Make your own food but great theory. I don't doubt the accuracy

    17. Hack You

      They have bags of soil in grocery stores tho

    18. mynamein20characters

      What about water?

    19. Ahmetcan Yakupoğlu

      The cake is a lie!

    20. carpo719

      Sorry to say, as accurate and informative as this is (and a question I myself have pondered), there was one inconsistency.... THERE IS NO WAY ANY VODKA WOULD BE LEFT AFTER THE FIRST DECADE!!!

    21. Toni S

      *american grocery store (that average thing is huuuuuge) greets from germany

    22. ObviouslyASMR

      Sadly the average grocery store in the Netherlands is only 10,000 square feet, and I've never seen ones with plants or soil. Actually I don't even think most grocery stores here have firebuilding supplies.. guess I'll just perish along with the food :'(

      1. Ame-chan *

        This escenario was only based in United statian's supermarket/grocery store. I'll take a wild guess and estimate that under normal circumstances we can manage to live without problems around 5 years in *any* supermarket in the world (a wild guess, based on the info on this video) which gives you a lot of time to think a better, optimal solution to the problem at hand: surviving.

    23. josefbuckland

      Curry Powder last. Am I right can store beyond 100 Years perfectly I have a 100+ yr tin and its perfect.

    24. 500 Yen Coin

      I love how youtube's algorithm recommends vids that answers the question that I may not ask but I might need. #YTCares.

    25. John Texan

      Apparently, someone doesn’t know how to grow potatoes. You would have an over abundance of potatoes if you know how to grow them. Between potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, etc, you could add years. Also, that compost pile could be strategically modified to your needs ( multiple compost piles would be best). That would allow you to grow more successfully, and since we are in fairytale land, let’s talk fruit trees. They would take a while, but hey , you have the time right? And let’s not forget the endless meat source of rats and other animals attracted to your compost piles and bugs it brings in... another protein source.

    26. Nikhil krishna

      But what about drinking water?

    27. Louisa A

      Plot twist: a shelf of cans collapses two weeks into his stay and Evan gets crushed to death.


      ibig big ooooofed

    29. Cheloo Gaming

      How is that monitor an asus and samsung at the same time?

    30. VinFromYT

      Up next, The secret behind exotic butters

    31. 🥀Psykick🥀

      Food theory idea: how long will you survive in a mall?(if it's already done then that's fine)

    32. Sian660

      First thing you do: figure out a way to cook and cook prep as much food as possible by jarring it.

    33. toomuchtroble

      do know that most stores have a gas powered smoker and rotisery in deli. they dont need electricity to run so long as the gas lines work... and the big fridge in the back and the ice frezzer will stay cold for about 2 days if left sealed

    34. Nikol Wikman

      Food theory idea: what would be the best food to have if you are stranded in a forest🥔🌽🍠🥐🫒🍅🥝🍑🍆🍕🍖🍗🍔🫔🌯🌮🫕🥫🍜🥪🌭🌯🥫🍣🍣🍤🍤🍤🥮🍚🍚🍣🍣

    35. Billyum

      what is that wacky music(?) that starts extremely quietly in the background at 6:45? I got mega trolled and had to take my headphones off and pause to make sure nothing was going on around me lol

    36. NotroHolix

      if i was locked in a supermarket you bet im going to the expensive aged wine section straight away!

    37. Gaminglich gamer

      Everybody gansta till mr beast uploads a 63.3 year long video

    38. Sean Joshua

      before watching video probably 5-10 years depending on stocks canned food life varies and their lifespan rarely goes over 5 years but it's pretty safe to use after that. so let's say max 10 years you can lived of everything on that super market. meat could be eaten on the first 2 months until it completely spoils well if we have electricity to power fridges we can get that for less than a year canned food can get you upto 10 years, if you rationed everything nicely. put junk food on the first two years to stretch out the canned food and if they have water stocked that can be used for instant noodles just recycle the noodle water you can cook rice too just create a mechanism to harvest those water or gather up rain. if they have LPG tanks, firewood or charcoal ofcourse

    39. Emperor Akatsuki

      It's possible to survive by just eating potatoes so that means humanity could survive just with potatoes since it has all the necessary acids.

    40. Alen S

      Unless he can get rid of the compost... he'll die...the air will be so full of toxic fumes

    41. Random Fun stuff

      I will plant vegie using all the waste.

    42. Koalaby

      Does Red Bull really give you wings?

    43. Megan Cridland

      Why didn't he just jump out the window

    44. Kevin Cordoviz

      This hypothetical Evan must be really skilled in so many ways in order to properly pull off all these tasks.

    45. w3njunn 。

      The easier way to answer this is You can only survive until everything expires🤡

    46. Koala From Tomorrow

      What about the water need to use for the food

    47. Teamgeist

      Wouldn't you suffocate in a few days when the AC is off?

    48. must not fap

      actually a dope thing that i once was like if i was in a zombie apocalypse id take all the vinegar and vegetables and pickle them so they would last super long never thought about what else you could do

    49. Hans

      Unless... Use the fucking compost and sh*t to grow everything in the produce section

    50. TheSpaceKarrit Karrit

      Food theory: how long can you live from JUST drinking caffeine?

    51. Jordan's REACTIONS

      They should make a movie abt a group trapped inside a huge grocery store like Walmart

    52. Coolmansawesome YT

      "zombies" shows a ghoul from fallout 4 XD

    53. Kenny Grenier


    54. Yaknow24

      Food theory idea is how long can someone live in commercial kitchen fridge

    55. Aabida Davis

      Also- he can save the seeds from fruit and veggies and start a veggie patch in the store!

    56. Frankie M

      Why plant mushrooms? I would plant the steak so I could get a steak tree

    57. A Typical Palate

      Am I the only one thinking we can get rid of all the calculations and only calculate the water available to survive? It's the lowest dominator to ultimately survive.

    58. Hazy Raven

      My man Evin is going to be eating a lot of Beer cereal.

    59. ILordSpawnI

      Pro tip! Don't use duraflame logs to cook food or at least not over an open flame.

    60. Max F.

      food theory idea: how realistic are "net carb' counts?

    61. FunkyJunk

      food theory: can you survive a week with a piece of steak ?

    62. Hope

      Plot twist : even is allergic to mushrooms

    63. James Akers

      So the window is open to collect water but he can’t just climb out?

    64. Monokuma

      ThE mOrE yOu KnOw 👁👄👁

    65. daniel nivens

      How long can McDonald's food last a human

    66. Evan W.

      As an Evan I’m glad an Evan submitted this question!!

    67. DirtyHatter

      I going to add a spin to this with a show I really like, look up life after People season 2 episode 4 The Last Supper if your interested will change quite a bit when it comes to the grocery store.

    68. Joe

      Ur trash for ur vax vid

    69. Bohdan Kozak

      ok, he can expand the land where he's growing the produce , by using tools from the tools section digging out the floor coverage. He can also make a drainage and use the sunlight from the open window to grow not only mushrooms and potatoes. he can create electricity using a bike converting abike mechanical electrogenerator. using energizer small finger batteries and huge car batteries can also help generate eltrcity for some time. he can also use fuel electric generators for some. besides that electricity can also be produced from the compost, existing brickwoods, fire coal etc. he can also expand the food shelf storage by using uv lamps and make electricty out of his bike for at least some refrigerators. curing pork legs the same way hamon in spain is cured he can extend curred pork legs by up to 5 years. to connect with the rest of the humans he can use radiostations inside the supertmarket. and it's only a few thing that can be added....

    70. Jon Astrope

      The answer is.... About three days after the drinking fluids run out

    71. Nick Goguen

      I would never die. I simply would not let the food expire

    72. —SD SUPREME—

      Food theory idea: how long can you survive with out eating

    73. Steven Dern

      Doodoo is the real hero. Thank you, you legendary PoS.

    74. Tohru Kobayashi

      Haven't watched the video yet. But if a day has passed and nobody has come back to the store. Just break the glass doors and get outta there. I'm pretty sure there's got to be something there you could use to break out.

      1. Tohru Kobayashi

        Alright. Apocalypse time. That's why we didn't just break out.

    75. Brundage

      But wouldn’t you run out of liquids?

    76. youtube_addiction23

      My mom is severely allergic to mushrooms. I don't think that would help.

    77. chelsxxeaa

      um id die cause i need my insulin

    78. HostileTakeover2

      Most likely Evan also has vacuum sealers, which will extend some life even further. Additionally there are countless jars, some with food in them some empty, that he can pickle and candy, and do some canning himself. So with help from a pressure cooker (sold in many grocery stores and also available in the preparation areas), many sealed jar meals can be made from meats & veggies that would otherwise go bad even after preserving initially.

    79. Liam dan

      Well 2,000 calories a day is recommended Evan could probably survive on 500-750 calories a day

    80. Emre Alkan

      My supermarket also has soil. What if you used the potatoes to grow more potatoes? Would also work with onion since both are very easy to grow. The supermarket has many windows so sunlight is not a problem. You can make bread out of potatoes once you boil them and mash them, so he could use his fire which is close to the window to make bread or at least stretch out the flour supply by mixing potato and flour like in the medieval ages. In my opinion, if planned right and all works out with the crops, he could survive his entire life in that supermarket. He could also use all the spices in the supermarket which were never mentioned. But still a very great video since many of these things mentioned in the video never crossed my mind!

    81. IIEdog

      Bird box explain??

    82. MR.SLAYER ,

      Open window is actually a microsoft window

    83. Syed Tayub Ali Akbar

      So now i know how to survive

    84. Brodie Brenna

      You underestimate the difficulty in propagating mushrooms... Especially cremini. Your numbers for mushroom propagation also bring on some assumptions about what else is growing there and you need a constant steady supply of a specific type of composted substrate... Different substrates will result in a variance in the bioefficiency which can result in vastly lower yields. In non-ideal conditions you can very quickly require 10x to 100x the amount of space to get the same yield of a crop of mushrooms. I do indoor grows of cremini and enoki mushrooms and am going to do an outdoor grow of oysters this summer (gonna try and avoid spore lung)

      1. Brodie Brenna

        You would also need to sterilize human excrement before using it as a substrate and for some mushroom species human excrement will be toxic for unless heavily composted first to get rid of excess nitrates... Too much coffee grounds can also be toxic for mushrooms for the same reason. Finally, mushrooms are around 90% water and if you don't maintain surface conditions then they won't grow and will just abort. You cannot use yield values under ideal conditions to predict yields in non-ideal conditions

    85. Mr. lollylolol

      I'm actually shocked at how loyal Evan and theorista were to each other, especially theorista I really expected it to be a "top 10 anime betrayal" type ending.

    86. Isaiah M

      Food theory idea: how long can you last on frozen meals from the grocery store

    87. Scribbling Joe

      With all the processed food Evan's going to be eating I doubt he'll live 60 years.

    88. richard ellis

      I feel like drinking all that alcohol would have killed him lmao

    89. Corinne

      The questions specifically said LOCKED IN a grocery store so it’s kind of dumb to add rules about power & water but then say you can catch rain water. If the point of the question is to truly limit you to resources within the grocery store then the answer to the question really just relies upon how much water is found in a typical grocery store because that would run out long before food.

    90. Nope Nope

      Why do I feel like this is info I need?

    91. Bri

      Did you forget the limited supplies of water?

    92. dominic awada


    93. Guilherme Faleiros

      You can actually dig a hole in the ground to get to the soil and farm lol. Plus in the first days you can eat 20k calories/day of food that will spoil so you become a fatass and store the otherwise lost calories

    94. 0sn4ke0

      Now just wish poor man doesnt go crazy in the first 10y...

    95. Retz

      Some things I think you missed: - These stores usually have back freezers in the back that are super well insulated and super cold, so if Evan was smart he could get all the quick spoiling food and move it all to the freezer, limiting the amount of time the door is open to the absolute minimum so it stays as cold as possible. He could also move all the bags of ice, frozen peas, and other frozen products into the freezer to keep it colder for longer. - Evan could slowly get soil from outside overtime and make a big garden on the roof of the store using all the seeds and gardening supplies that are already in the store. - Instead of eating the dog food and other pet food Evan could use this food to trap wild animals and get fresh meat that way. - If it was a Walmart or any other store that sells guns, he could also use the guns to hunt wild animals. - You didn't take into consideration food lost from pests such as Rats and bugs that can get into food. Evan would have to store the food somewhere pests cant get to them. - There are other ways of preserving foods such as pickling, Evan could have pickled a lot of vegetables using vinegar and made them last a lot longer that way.

    96. gregory grimm

      Stupidity at it's finest ever.

    97. Alexander O'Brien

      simply grab a mini frige

    98. Alena M

      matt, your mom works at my local bank and idk if u know this but she is clueless as to how famous u are hahaha

    99. JellyGuar

      This could be an anime, and I’m sure lots of people would watch it

    100. Mark

      I don't know if I missed it but how would Evan get water for hydration? Is there enough pre packaged liquids to survive that long?